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17 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I wouldn't have one of those separate ones either. Mine is built into my Kindle Fire.


I could see where they would have a place in a senior home. Alexa, call 911. Or Alexa, call my son...emergency. I'm not quite there yet though. 

My Apple Watch will ask me if I'm ok if I fall down.  If you don't respond, it'll call 911 and give them your location.

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3 hours ago, Littlesister said:

CG that might not be a bad thing.  Help on the way when you need it. DH needs that.


Yeah, there's a few stories running around out there.  Apparently one guy's Dad fell down while he was out jogging and it notified him and called 911, and because he had it set up where he could see where his Dad was located, he was able to meet them at the hospital.  

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I remember seeing a roomba funny once. These people had a dog that had to potty while they were gone. The loose kind. He couldn't hold it any longer. Later in the day the roomba came along. "It" hit the fan...literally. 


I'm assuming it was true. So heads up if you have a roomba and a dog. 

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Reminds me of a sign I saw in the grocery store. "Hydropanic Tomatoes"  Every time I saw it I chuckled a little to myself. Finally I saw a guy stocking the produce section and told him there was a panic in the tomato section. He looked shocked. I said come here and see this. I showed him the sign and told it had been going on for over a month. We both got a good laugh over it. Next time I went in the sign said, "Hydroponic Tomatoes".  Yeah, I'm a buzz kill.

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