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I do love me some Johnnie Taylor's 'Last Two Dollars'. :busted:

And I always tell Alexa "Thank You" too. Can't help myself. 


Dang it Midnightmon, now I have to see if Alexa will play Johnnie Taylor's "Last Two Dollars."  :008Laughing:



Yep, she played it for me. 


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Alexa Report.
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Do any of you get really really close to the mic when you speak to her? Like she can't hear you unless you are right in her ear.  I always invade her personal space. 


Jeepers:  Alexa, play Beast Of Burden...please. 

Alexa:  Back it on up Jeepers and consider a breath mint.

Jeepers: Alexa, who has breath mints on sale? Thank You! 

Alexa: No need for a sale. Just get some.

Jeepers: Thank You!

Alexa:  Sigh. You're welcome.

Jeepers: Okie Dokie. Thanks! 

Alexa: Sigh.

Jeepers: Excuse me Alexa, did you say something? 

Alexa: Silence. 

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And now I know why I don't have any of them.. they don't shut up.  And they don't understand what you are asking.  I'll stick to the old way of things. It's called a computer.  Which by the way will only give you the information it wants you to have.  Then it will track you for the fun of it.   Duck Duck where are you.

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