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I try to eat. Food tastes horrible and makes me even more nauseous. I remember how it used to taste so good. I'm drinking Ensure. I am losing a little bit of weight though. Not enough to notice but I keep hoping my pants don't fall down at Wal-Mart. I could end up on one of those weird Wal-Mart shopper Youtube videos. 


I know they stopped reporting all of the food fires and explosions. This week Tyson announced that they are laying off in Arkansas and Virginia. Around 1,700 workers will go on the unemployment line. :(  It wasn't Headline News though. 

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On 3/16/2023 at 11:14 AM, Jeepers said:

I have never ever been this 'popular' in my life. :008Laughing:


That's what I've been feeling like ever since I opened my big mouth and told doc I'd agree to look at the MS/neurology issue.  Oye!  Then when I see her in April....THEN what's she going to want?  But I really am glad she'll have several things to look at even before the initial appt.   { what have I started? }  But then....it IS time.  The MS symptoms have increased and are more persistent.  But will I agree to any of the current meds????  Probably not.  :shrug: 


Kappy.....LOVE your farm structures and occupants!!!!!!  Didn't like your 'neighbor' snooping around.  :darthduck:   Do you have security cameras?  That would be good for furry intruders too.  Or evidence.....but then as former officer, you'd know that already.  This ole world is gettin' kinda sketchy.


Becca Anne.... I'm glad you're having better luck with your seedlings!  Home grown seedlings usually can be more sturdy than those on sale.  And you get to pick the types you want for your area.  Walmart has generic, I think.  Nothing generic will grow where I live.  :lois: 


Miki...I'm going to try to make switchel.  I have a recipe in a small emergency home-made recipe spiral notebook.  Just so I'd have some basics if we'd have to Rip N Run from here in forest fires.  I've been drinking Gatorade and homemade sounds less expensive and you know what's in it!  :sSig_thankyou: and Midnight for ideas on ingredients to choose from.


Annarchy...  :pray: for safe and happy trip home tomorrow! 


I AM GOING TO BED EARLY TONITE!!!!   :buttercup:   ....it's already 10:30pm.  :gaah:   But tonite my R arm/shoulder aren't in spasm.  We'll see.  No horse ride tomorrow  :(  but ...we've had snow for 2 days.  Thankfully not much but 4" today.  Fluffy and ground is warm so it will all melt.  I hope.  


MtRider  :wave: 


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Mt. Rider, I know what you mean about starting up with a doctor again. Sheesh.


This room looks like a pill factory. First one BP med then two. Then cholesterol med then prediabetes then two vitamin bottles and a thyroid med. There is a sleeping aid that I won't take and something else over there that I can't remember. He wants me to see an allergist, get a mammogram and do a stress test. I sort agree with the last two but can they wait until I get a house to live in in case I need some kind of after care. He hasn't mentioned a (can't think of the word. Something like colostomy but that isn't it.) Crimony. I'm sure not bringing that one up. To think I couldn't get in to see him for a month and how excited I was to finally get in. Well, that thrill is gone. 

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2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Grade A large eggs were $1.98 a dozen.

Our Walmart sells them for $4.42/doz! Some of the other stores are even higher. :(


2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Normally, I like sweet tea at McDonalds. It is $1.00+$0.08 tax. It has been $1.08 for as long as I can remember. Tonight it was....$2.16 for a large Sweet Tea! One drink. It doubled in price.

I got used to the $1.00 for any size drinks too. Feb 1 the prices went up to $1.29/drink + tax, still any size. :bev:



2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Filled up the gas tank at $3.26 a gallon. 

Our Safeway gas station sells regular grade for $4.09/gal. I pay $4.19 because I use a credit card. Gas may be slightly cheaper at the AM/PM, but they don't have attendants who will come out to the car and pump it for you - a benefit of having a handicap license plate or windshield hang tag. :thumbs:


1 hour ago, Littlesister said:

Frozen foods are really bad here. Just mostly empty shelves for frozen potatoes and veggies mostly. 

Maybe the shelves were bare because March is (supposedly) "Frozen Food" month? I haven't noticed any sales on frozen foods locally though. :sigh:


21 hours ago, kappydell said:

Newer, bigger "chicken Palace" for the 15 full size chickens we have coming.  Notice the 6 foot tall livestock welded wire fencing reinforcement on sides for predator control.  It is also buried down 6 inches.


That's a lot of zip ties! :blink:   Better buy a lot more now because they do have a tendency to break when left out in the weather.


As for me, I purchased several heads of cabbage at 38c/lb today. I am hoping to get it chopped up and into the dehydrator. (Just got a new 6 shelf Cosori)

Being St Paddy's day, they were selling a LOT of it. So much in fact that they were not bothering to take the large outer leaves off of them. Do you know how hard it is to find green cabbage w/ those outer layers??? Almost impossible! I snatched up a lot of the leaves that other customers left behind, and I also did them the "favor" of removing the outer leaves from a lot more of them. Why, you may ask? I have grandious plans of using them to make stuffed cabbage rolls for the freezer! My IHSS worker is here tomorrow and she can do most of the standing at the sink cleaning them etc. I will probably also have her cut the heads up into "slices" for the dh. Standing for a long time really hurts my back and makes my legs ache so I count on her for most of the "grunt" work. She is only in her early 20's so she's getting the benefit of learning how to can and preserve a variety of foods as she help me. (So far we've canned "ugly chicken" & chicken soup, plus she got her hands "messy" when she helped me make up a gallon jar of sauerkraut to ferment.


I put an aluminum baking sheet under the Cosori for better air flow because I didn't know how well it would stay cool resting on those cardboard boxes.

The other pic is a side by side of the new machine next to my old 4 tray Excaliber. What a difference! (there is more space between the trays in the Cosori) 


IMG_20230316_170650280.thumb.jpg.648bd4fc81b49a15bc7e7bf6ce76effb.jpg     IMG_20230316_170838322.thumb.jpg.d702d073c725aeac1358482114e83abe.jpg

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 I was surprised at the price of eggs at Meijers too. Oops they were only $1.89   egga | Meijer


I'm missing all of the great sales. I wanted to dehydrate some cabbage too. Really good in soups. And I wanted to get some corned beef to can. Not this year.


One thing I noticed is that I can tolerate Sierra Mist drink. The only drive thru that I know who sells it is Taco Bell. Sometimes, not always, they give me a free drink when that is all I order. It has happened to me at, at least three different locations. Don't know why but I am thankful for it. Maybe they don't want to ring up just one item?  :shrug:


Meijers frozen food veggie section has always been rather sparse but this was awful. Nearly an entire door section was empty. 

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Good morning!
Will walk first.
Bake cookies from my stash of homemade frozen cookie dough. Cookies are for a friend's 71st Birthday party this afternoon! Should be fun.
May work on purging and re-arranging laundry room cabinets and shelves.




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