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Supposed to be 66 here today! Tomorrow- 76. Tomorrow will be my outside planting day!
This morning, I will walk first.
Wash sheets and blankets.
Clean out and re-organize office cabinet drawer with office supplies in it.
Prepare seeds, etc. for planting, tomorrow.

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I will have to let GS know about that for when he gets his apt. or he can just have his stuff sent here and come pick it up when it's convenient for him.

I got all the canned beef washed up, labeled, and put away this morning. Did some dusting in the den as the wood stove does create dust. So that is an almost everyday thing around here when I use the wood stove. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. It is cool outside 49* but not too bad. I'm taking it easy today. Going to check on who has clementines on sale as I want to can some. Canned fruit in the stores now is crazy. So going to start back canning what fruit I can. Maybe do the apple pie filling and peach pie filling to start. But fruit needs to be in season so I can get it cheaper. Strawberries should be coming in soon. I want to go strawberry picking but they closed the one on Bennett's Pasture Rd. And now I have to find another place to go picking.

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Dr office called. It seems I have a UTI, and I'm on the correct med. I kinda knew that Monday. I don't think it is getting any better. I think I'm going to need one more round of meds. I usually do. She said to call back if I do. Do another sample in a month if I don't. Maybe they are listening to me. Doctors need to stop being so stingy with the meds.  :pout:


I feel so bad. I can't eat and I can't drink. Taste bud issues still. Covid destroyed them. My tongue feels like a fur coat. I'm weak, nauseous, shaky and faint (sounds like a law firm :D). I had a half a sandwich yesterday and a 7-Up. Didn't finish the drink. I don't know if I even had anything the day before. I am trying to force myself. I really am. But food and drink tastes so bad. Everything. Even water has an after taste.


The bank FINALLY took the payment so the two charge cards are ready to be closed and the two new ones opened but I don't know if I can do the transactions. Took them five days to move money from one account to another. I fear I'll either pass out or throw up if I go there. I have to go out and start the car. It's been in the 20's here and I don't need a dead battery too. It hasn't been started in about three days. I'd like some soup I think. But I don't think I could make it through the store upright. I'm trying to drink Gatorade now.


It's all because I'm dehydrated. I know because the skin on my arms and hands is all wrinkled and like crape paper. And because I'm not drinking. Sigh. I never thought I'd say these words but I wish I had an IV drip. It dawned on me last night that, that is probably the reason for the UTI. They also said there is blood in the urine. Crimony, what next. Leprosy? 


I'm just moaning and groaning and feeling sorry for myself right now. It will pass. I just wanted to vent.  :sigh: 

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Jeepers, you need to drink as much water and electrolyte water or Gatorade. You can pass out from being dehydrated. Take care and get a second dose of the antibiotic to make sure you get rid of the UTI.  :pray: for you to get better. You have really had a rough time with the house and now being sick. 

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:pray:  for Jeepers!!!  Wow....you are having a rough season, girlfriend!  I'm glad you mentioned Gatorade.  I've been having some weird thing about water for a couple months now.  I love our well water.  Been here for decades.  But ...my mouth is also dry and water doesn't taste right.  ???   Then I began on lemon Gatorade at someone's suggestion and....that tastes good to me.  I hope you can have the same affect so you can get more liquid down.  And other stuff in it. 


Mom is being encouraged to drink more to bring her BP up.  [that's new....she's always had high BP ]  But it appears that she's "a quart low".  Sounds like you are too.  And yes, UTI needs lots of fluids to flush that out.  :hug3:   Gotta be hard to have a gazillion things coming at you at once!!!  :(   Try to focus on just one or two things that are immediate and will bring you into a better place.  Hydration and your meds....might be all you can handle.  [need some food tho too!]  We're all praying and rooting for you, friend.  :cheer:  


Yay, I remembered and successfully drove myself to the Women's Bibles study this [early] morning.  I only got to about half of them in this session.  NICE to be among women again.  All friends and most neighbors have changed....moved.  :sigh:   But half of the church ladies are the same.  Getting to know the other half.  Need that now that our years of eldercare are over.  Well, still long distance ....encouraging Mom and just enjoying our evening chats like always.  [ trying not to imagine my world without that evening chat with Mom....] 


I think I burned out my brain.  I am a complete basket case.  I have lost more things in the past 3 wks than in the last 3 months.  And Word Search is a fun new game I play every time I open my mouth!  AND the other really fun game:  WHAT IN THE WORLD DID I DO WITH THIS THING...AND THAT THING....AND ...  :gaah:   


My new hearing device [not a personalized  $ hearing $ aid $ ]   :grinning-smiley-044:   But an ear piece and a tiny box to amplify into the earpiece.  Used it this morning to hear the ladies at other end of the table.  Works pretty good but I have to pull it outta my ear if someone closer to me is talking adequately loud.  LOL   Then I couldn't find it.  Did I get it home?  All day, keeping an eye out for it.  :cheeky-smiley-067:    FINALLY found it...in a creative spot to keep it safe.  OK...I will keep it there but sheeesh!  


AND YAY....I did get at least a "square foot" of organizing done in the bedroom today.  And vacuuming.  I may dig out of all this stuff from mom's someday. 


MtRider  ....course I'm a bit late for bedtime ....AGAIN!

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Thank you ladies! Everyone here is so sweet and caring.  I am trying to drink more. I need some more Ensure for nutrition. Last night I had half of a big cucumber and it wasn't bad. Plus it has a lot of water in it too. Also a hand full of Cheerios. I still haven't made it to Wal-Mart. Hope the car starts. I need a paring knife and Ensure, more cucumbers and some soup. 


They screwed up my hotel reservation. Of course they did. One person said I'm all set for another month and another said I need to check out today. I'm not worried about it. They have to keep me here per my insurance policy and the adjustor already approved it. Plan A is they get their act together. Plan B is I pay and they reimburse me. Plan C is I go spend a few nights at the house. I have options. It won't come to that though. It's just that other peoples careless screw ups can really cause undue stress on someone else. I'm going to use that line when I get to talk to someone. I'm disgruntled. I have been since Christmas. I sort of want my life back.  (Just got a text. Hotel is all straightened out. It was an automated text sent. Another hazard of computers doing a humans job. I caught on to this new fangled texting thing just in time. :grinning-smiley-044: ) 


The UTI is still hanging on. I took the last pill today. I have a call in to the doctor. I told them I needed two rounds to begin with. Sigh. Hopefully I will get six more pills by tonight so there won't be a missed dose. But it is getting better though. I just want to get it completely knocked out before is spreads to my kidneys. Or any where else for that matter. I looked it up. Cipro causes nauseous. That probably explains that. I can deal with that for three more days as long as I know what it is and that the end is in sight. Rx, and meds in general, and I don't play well together. Thank goodness for Dr. Google. 


I can do my charge card switch over on the phone. That's good. I don't think I could have waited in line at the bank that long, I just need to wait for some incoming calls, so I don't miss them, before I can get it done. 


And they finally got a date for the final (I hope) inspector to go through the house. I think the contractor is more anxious to get this going than I am. He is really pushing them. Probably because he isn't getting paid for doing nothing right now. No wonder contractors don't want to work with insurance companies. I don't have to be there but I had a couple of questions. The contractor knows what they are and said they have already been addressed so it is no problem. So, I may or may not go. March 27th. I have taxes done.  March 28th. I have lawyer.  March 29th. I have insurance dude. April 5th dr. appointment. I have never ever been this 'popular' in my life. :008Laughing:


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I don't ever want to be that popular, @Jeepers.  Yikes!  I know you can't do it right now, but I recently started making switchel (like gatorade, but without the coloring and chemicals).  One day (or minute) at a time, lady!


Already walked.
Took car to mechanic to replace dashboard dimmer switch and hook up a horn.
Got my labs back from doc. Cholesterol down. Yay!  Supposedly I need Vitamin D badly for $15 a month. Nope. I will buy my own for less. Never been tested for that before and I am outside in the sun every day, so I have my doubts. Pharmacist said he thinks the docs may be getting a little kick back. Sounds about right.
Checked what seeds I have for planting in lick tubs.
Still have to walk dogs.
Bible study tonight.

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Thank Miki. And I think you might be right about the Vitamin kickback too. Hummm. The last two labs I had showed VERY low on the vitamin D-3 and the Vitamin B-12. 


I knew this would happen. Every time I start back up with a doctor I seem to amass more and more pill bottles. It looks like a pharmacy in here now. I'd be embarrassed for anyone to walk in here and see it. I would probably look like a druggie or a hypochondriac. 

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Switchel was what was brought to farmers in the fields during hot weather even during pioneer times. The recipe varied by ingredient availability though usually vinegar, sugar, and an herb like ginger. In the Midwest it was often wild ginger.  I have seen recipes in wagon train diaries that used wild herbs, molasses, water, and just a bit of vinegar for the fizz.  

Don’t forget the cranberry juice for UTI’s.  It’s even backed by fairly recent research.  

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Bantam house, outside.  a 10x10 greenhouse, fitted with fending inside to make it a free range chicken greenhoiuse.  They like it in there, ample windows for ventilation.  Banties are now giving usd 1 1/2 doz eggs a week from 5 girls.  Next photo please...inside, showing fencing and very curious birdies.BANTIESCLOSEUP.thumb.jpg.59efe6d6a22bbcb41153e020debe33c8.jpg


Newer, bigger "chicken Palace" for the 15 full size chickens we have coming.  Notice the 6 foot tall livestock welded wire fencing reinforcement on sides for predator control.  It is also buried down 6 inches.  Top will be tarped to provide out of sight, out of mind protection from airborn predators, as well as shade.  One end will be enclosed on 3 sides, with a raised floor to get out of rain.  Mary is making nest boxes, and we are looking for a source of coarse sand (not that polymer crap that clumps, we want ample drainage) for flooring in the banty house, as they have water issues when it rains.  I have seen modified kitty litter type scoops made from lawn rakes and hardware cloth (LOL) to scoop chicken poop to keep the sand nice and clean.  

CHICKENPALACEINPROGRESSD.thumb.jpg.1e06f56bf9586079c80732c88c8e8d34.jpg           Here is hoping you can download these....  Next photos are of the pygmy goats playing around in their digs.  Lots of fencing all put in by hand.  Not bad for two ladies pushing 70, LOL.


GOATSATPLAY.thumb.jpg.36dbac547009ad45349358607e81e095.jpg      Our current spring project (Dishes sure aint never going to get done at this rate, LOL)  Is replacing the greenhouses over the raised bed gardens on one side.  The one we had there tore, and it was cheaper to buy 4 new ones than re cover the old.  Nonetheless, we are keeping the nice sturdy old greenhouse frames.  We can always cover with fencing and use to contain critters, or tarp it over to keep things dry.  AND OUT OF SIGHT....we are getting more and more new neighbors fleeing Atlanta that bring their problems with them.  Yesterday we caught a neighbor traipsing thru the yard, and when asked if we could help him he said...."I just wanted to take you ladies out to lunch". Oh, "No Thanks, we are trying to get some outside work done before it rains again"".   Nope.  More like he was "shopping"  Not that I mind him not having the proverbial pot to pee in,or even being a drunk, BUT he kept asking us for "loans" and rides and such in the past, and Im sure he was dying to see what was behind the covered fence at the front of the house or maybe see what is in our covered greenhouses.  Not that Im suspicious or nuthin'....Dogs barking alerted us.  And he disappeared real fast when we mentioned work, LOL.  We thought he had moved when his landlord died but no luck, he just changed landlords and instead of being next door is now down the road a couple blocks. 


Spring is in the air.  At least when it rains tomorrow I can (maybe) get some dishes washed at long last.  Eating off paper plates is getting old.  Mary is working on trying to get her doc to write her a disability letter so she does not have to do jury duty...she has multiple disabilities, including PTSD, and she is my chauffer for my eye surgeries and such, and jury duty would certainly complicate things.  Eye surgery cant  be posponed....I was told I had to get it or I would be blind in 6 months.  Now that would truly be "a bummer".  I already have more replacement parts in me than a '65 Toyota and I dont need more "issues",.  Wouldnt you know it, the jury duty is to start 1 week before she turns 70 - at 70 she is exempt from it.   Strange kind of karma around here lately.  Cue the "Twilight Zone" music...da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da.....


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On 3/3/2023 at 9:39 PM, Becca_Anne said:


I ordered some grow lights to get my seedlings started and those should arrive Sunday so super excited to start my tomato and pepper plants. I have never tried to use grow lights just seedlings in the window which almost always die so curious to see how these go. Mostly i direct seed but wanted to try this out to see if I can extend our growing season a bit.


 I have grown excellent transplants under regular shop lights with regular flourescent bulbs.  I just raised the pot trays up to about 6 inches from the light  and dropped them down lower and lower as they grew.  They turned out nicer than the store's transplants.  I had them in an unheated room, so it was slightly cool for them which made them grow slower, but stockier.  I love starting from seeds, I can grow things they stores do not carry.  Special tomatoes, bred for Texas heat, for example, to handle our triple digit summer days.  This years experiment is vining/climbing zucchini, which we will put in the greenhouse we are trellising floor to ceiling.  One side for cucumbers, one for zucchini.  Hoping that will fool the vine borers. It should be a spectaclar sight but best of all productive.  Our parish priest hunts & fishes and supplies several poor families with meat...he said he would take all the excess veggies we had and give them away too.  So we hope to grow a lot, now that we know they will not be wasted.  We will also give him eggs to distribute if those 15 chickens we ordered get too frisky.  We would rather give to someone in need than sell surplus.  I do have to ask my fellow choir members to start saving egg cartons for me though, LOL.

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It's going to be a stormy day here, today.
No walk.
Will dehydrate sweet potato slices for dogs.
Make hummus.
Maybe update password list.


4 hours ago, kappydell said:

at 70 she is exempt from it.   

We are exempt from jury duty at 65 in this State.  Also, if we have any symptoms of being sick at all!


I love your set up for the goats and chickens!  You get your exercise in!

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Squeeeeee!  I love goats!   :wub:  I like to hug them and pet them and watch them and eat them in a stew.  Also goat milk soap and goat based paneer are awesome.  


I  have discovered Skyr.  It is Icelandic yogurt that is thicker and creamer than Greek with less sugar.   It is delicious.  Unfortunately it comes with a delicious level price, so I have to use it in moderation.  DD2 is into everything dinosaur.  I have a dinosaur sandwich cutter I have to use to get her to eat sandwiches and I have to shape the rest of her food as Jurassic things.  Stuffed and plastic dinosaurs cover every surface and she keeps trying to make them chase and eat my stuffed desk goat.  RAWRR!  she actually growls it.  It is so cute.  The new 'sit still happily' movie is The Good Dinosaur.   No songs and everyone has a Texas accent.  I'm more sick of it than Encanto.  


Today's plan is to get the van inspected and go grocery shopping with the hubbie since it is his day off.   Office work is to pay bills, plan next week, and make a meal plan.   DH is smoking a 7lb pork butt on the grill with some dry rub I made and gave to him for one of the holidays.  He is almost out and wants more with less brown sugar in it, so I need to research and compose a new recipe for dry rub.  This one featured garlic and paprika heavily along with a few other spices and brown sugar.  He says he loves the flavor, just less brown sugar.  I cannot find where I wrote down what I did though.  :gaah:


Meal shakes--I had GI surgery back in 2016 and tried all the shakes.  Premier Protein shakes are hands down the best.  25-30g protein, all the vitamins and tasty.  I like the chocolate and coffee flavors.  DH likes the banana.  We still drink them.  Even the baby likes them--I give them to her in a sippy cup instead of juice or milk when she is being super picky and not eating properly.  

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Nice set up Kappy! I am just about ready to put together my coop. Have to work on what kind of bigger run I want but I like the idea of the hoop house style so they can "free range" in a bigger area than what comes with the coop. They will be small for a bit and don't get here until the 3rd so will be inside until they fully feather out so I have some time to plan/set up. It's still pretty chilly here so I haven't been doing much outside. Did get some of my seeds started so have tomatoes and peppers and a few other things coming along! Grow lights working well and have a fan going to strengthen them.

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I do not keep chickens, but my Papaw did.  He was wheelchair bound with one leg cut off above the knee and one below the knee so everything had to be super accessible for him.   He had a portable chicken coop.  His looked like a much more redneck version of this:


(562) Pinterest


I think he used an old bicycle for the wheels.  He had a large metal ring on the front of it by the coop part and he would attach that to his electric wheelchair with a chain & clip and just move it one length every day.  

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kappy, you have a great setup there. wish I had the energy you have for that type of work. I was working on the yard this morning as it is nice out today. Getting the area ready for tomato plants and carrots also. Weather permitting tomorrow I will be plowing up the big garden area. I have the seeds and just waiting for the last frost. They said Suffolk was having a frost warning last night but we didn't seem to get below the freezing point. Seems the weathermen can't get it right lately. Might have been the other end of Suffolk though. This is a huge city. I am on the Northern end of Suffolk and what might be in the downtown area might be what got the frost. 

Got a call from Bons Secor. The doctor set up the MRI for the pituitary tumor. So it is on April 14th. I had to change it as they wanted it on Sunday at 8:30 pm. Not going that late. And driving back by myself after 9:30 pm was not going to happen. 

Cleaned kitchen and mopped kitchen floor. Been a long day already.

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GD sent me a picture of her ultrasound. Still too early to tell if boy or a girl. She said she is doing the blood test to find out the sex of the baby. She is 9 and 1/2 weeks along She has a long way to go. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl. And to think when I was having a baby, I had to wait till it was born to find out. The medical field has come a long way since then. 

GS and I went walking through the neighborhood this evening. It's still nice out but going into the 40s tonight. I'm ready to open the house up and air it all out. Time for spring cleaning. And after all the construction, packing, and unpacking the house needs a good airing out and deep cleaning. 

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Exciting time waiting on baby news. We had to wait until birth too find out boy or girl too. If I remember correctly(figure those odds) we had to wait for 6 weeks to see if the rabbit died to find out if we were even pregnant. Poor bunnies. 


I got all of my errands done for the week. Yesterday was Wal-Mart. They had most of the stuff I wanted but not all. Not one bottle of Gatorade. The Campbell soup section was nearly wiped out. There is only a small section of various soups now. I remember when the shelf was three times that size. Pre 2020. I wanted some of the Homestyle Chicken Noodle soup but there wasn't any. I like the smaller noodles. And no frozen broccoli or those steam bags of rice/veggie things. I walked past the toy aisles and noticed how few aisles were devoted to actual toys. Most of the remaining shelves now contain outdoor items. I noticed the same thing last year where most of the toy shelves contained Christmas gift wrap etc. Nothing important but I just noticed. 


Today I went to my town to get a prescription filled. There wasn't any for me. @#$$% doctor. The store had a few things on my list so it wasn't a total loss. But the prices... :0327:


While I was at that end of town I stopped in Meijers. They are always well stocked, comparatively. Oh my, they had so many empty shelves. The freezer case where I get most of my microwave (no stove or oven here) food was nearly empty. That store was pretty bad. This is a Friday night when all of the shelves should be full. Grade A large eggs were $1.98  $1.89 a dozen. The normal ones. Not the fancy cage free organic ones. A guy in front of me had 12 dozen. I counted. Among all three stores I think I got enough food for the freezer to last quite a long time. Especially eating only once a day. But boy was it expensive.  Oh and the children's OTC meds were very low too.


Lots of times while I'm out I will go to a drive-thru just to get a drink. Dry mouth and dehydration plague me. Normally, I like sweet tea at McDonalds. It is $1.00+$0.08 tax. It has been $1.08 for as long as I can remember. Tonight it was....$2.16 for a large Sweet Tea! One drink. It doubled in price. Taste buds haven't allowed me to eat there in about a year now. Now I'm not drinking there either. $2.16 for one large sweet tea with extra ice. I would have hated to see what a meal would have costs. Dang.


Drove by the house and got the mail. I didn't even go in. A package had arrived that I was expecting. It was small enough that it fit in the mail box. Glad of that as it didn't have to sit on the front porch any time.


I would have taken more pictures in the stores but, as usual I was weak and nauseous. I got some OTC nauseous meds so maybe they will help. I bought some mint gum at Wally World but I'm still struggling to get it open. It is tightly wrapped in plastic with no pull tab. Guess I'll have to gnaw into the package.  :rolleyes:  Filled up the gas tank at $3.26 a gallon. 


I walked in the hotel with grocery bags all up my arms and a girl looked at me odd. I said. "Grocery shopping for the week." She laughed and said. "Welcome home Miss ----." I think I'm looking my age. More and more people are putting the word Miss in front of my name now. And this ain't the south.  :24:


                               Wal-Mart Soup                                                                           Meijers Children's meds

image.jpeg       image.jpeg



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Jeepers, some of our stores are starting to look like that now. And to top that off, there is a coffee factory down from where GS works. Well, it caught fire early this morning. I just found out about it earlier this evening. So I guess coffee will be going up in price again like it isn't already way too expensive. Does this make how many food manufacturing plants mysteriously burnt down? I am sure it is far beyond the 120 that I know about now. they don't put it in the news much now either. But this place is local here. So couldn't be avoided by the press. It was in the Suffolk News Harold but not sure about local news or VA pilot as I stopped getting the paper.  Frozen foods are really bad here. Just mostly empty shelves for frozen potatoes and veggies mostly. 

Since GS is off tomorrow I am going to take him with me to the gas station to fill up 2 gas cans and the kerosene can. Want to get that done before the gas goes even higher. Just have to remember to put the stabilizer in it. After I get some bills paid off I am going to buy more gas cans to fill up as well as get more propane tanks. I also want to buy an outdoor cooker for canning. I am looking around at some now that say they are recommended for canning.


And if you are only eating one time a day that could be partly why you are getting nauseated.  Jeepers, you need to eat more than once a day. At least eat breakfast and dinner. 

And yes I forgot about waiting for the rabbit to die. 

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On 3/16/2023 at 6:35 PM, Jeepers said:

Cranberry juice! :misc-smiley-231:

I forgot all about that. :sSig_thankyou:

And I forgot about it again when I was at three stores today!

I only like it ice cold. There is an ice machine mere yards from my door. :sigh:  

I can do this. Especially since my dr. didn't write another prescription. That Jack...rabbit. :D

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Quick, in/out… I will try to read up on everything when I get home….


In TX, got the veh. serviced, all good, went to the store got meats, rib eye, uncut 15 lbs, New York steaks uncut & hmb 90/10% for 1/2 the price at home…DH fixed stuff at home… major….door handle broke & heater quit… he’s such a sweetheart…will be bringing MIL with me, tomorrow morning, going home, for a month or two.  Hopefully, we will miss the weather….keeping a positive attitude….

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