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Mt RIder sure glad you got your phone working and figured out the issue!

Poor kid! Glad he's getting the right treatment now Littlesister!

Jeepers and Momo and everyone else thanks she's sleeping right now and has been very subdued since we got home from the vet but I think is doing as well as can be expected so far. I got a lot or laundry and other things done while she was at the vet


I was going to go to sewing tomorrow, may still go but have to make sure whomever is in the house keeps her 4 paws on the ground. I want to finish cutting out my baby quilt for grandbaby so I can start quilting it. He's due end of May so I have to get busy! I'm going to also focus on decluttering paper tomorrow I can sit with the puppy and do that while she rests and still get something done.


I ordered some grow lights to get my seedlings started and those should arrive Sunday so super excited to start my tomato and pepper plants. I have never tried to use grow lights just seedlings in the window which almost always die so curious to see how these go. Mostly i direct seed but wanted to try this out to see if I can extend our growing season a bit.


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Becca Anne....the secret to grow lights is to keep the seedlings just below the grow lights.  As close as you can without leaves touching the light.  Plants in the window mostly get spindly cuz they're straining for adequate light.  I also put tin foil around the plants to reflect the light from all directions.  Eventually some plants will be bigger and smaller.  Adjust the shorter plants with things under their containers to lift them up.  Then the light is still almost touching all the plants. 


Eventually I put a fan there to blow on the seedlings after first true leaves come out.  Not hard and not full time.  But it helps them to grow thicker stems to withstand the REAL weather outside when transplanted.  As soon as possible, I start getting them into real sunlight...an hour or so at a time.  Everything is gradual. 


MtRider  ....it's been so long since I grew babies... :lois: 

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We went to see Ginger Billy comedian last night at the comedy club here.  It was a very late but fun night.  


Today is housecleaning and I need to go through the garage furniture and see if I have a twin bed for River or if I need to buy one.  

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Good morning!

Yesterday, DH and I ran to town. Lowe's, Aldi, O'Reilley's, Dollar General, Thrift store.
Also, made appointment for deep tissue massage. Hope that helps the pinched nerve in my shoulder.
Came home and made sausages stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. I have to wrap and freeze half of them as I have bloodwork coming up and don't need to be eating anything to raise cholesterol.

Rescue removed the live traps yesterday. I went to check the area last night and the last pup is still there. Had eaten all the food left and growled at me. LOL I'm glad it is alive and hope they come up with a plan to save it. Probably put out the traps again.


Today, I will go to a rummage sale this morning.
Get all copies of important papers- or originals- to put in safe deposit box in case our house disappears.
Make banana pudding for DH.


@Becca_Anne, I am going to start growing micro greens as soon as my book gets here.  That is the first real indoor growing experience for me.

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Thank you MtRider! I am planning on running a small fan in there too. I have been watching tons of youtube videos on growing seedlings and joined a FB group so I'm hoping with everyone's coaching I can be successful. I am mostly going to focus on those plante that have a much longer growing time to ensure I have a shot at a harvest like eggplant and onions. My onions look to be doing ok . It's been so mild I am hoping I can get everything out in the garden right before I go away for a month and let my DS take care of it while we are away so I don't have any huge hopes we will get whatever we get. I will put landcape fabric with holes to keep the weeds down and remind him to water and check on them. This year I'm really banking on getting my perrenial plants in the ground and going so if thats most of what I get I think I'll have to be happy. Plenty of growing season after I get back but it will already be hot so will have to count on my fall garden for the cooler weather crops if the spring planting doesn't survive. I won't be here to eat a lot of it anyways since we will be in Oregon the month of June.


Miki o sorry your shoulder is sill hurting I have always had good luck with massages helping so hope you get some relief.

Euphrasyne glad you got a night out on the town sounds like fun :)


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Becca Anne, you will love the grow lights. I have had lettuce all winter long. Going to start cherry tomatoes in the aero garden later today. Time to start a new plot of lettuce in it also. So will be doing that today. Need to change the water soon also. 

Cleaned the bedroom and kitchen early this morning. Taking a break and having a cup of coffee. Going to deep clean the den in a bit. My shoulder is doing better but it is not from a pinched nerve but from my neck. I wonder if a deep massage would help that. 


GS is still sleeping and more than likely won't wake up before 1 pm. That seems to be his usual time with working nights. He is supposed to go back to work Sunday night. The prednisone seems to be working. And he is funny. Can't sit still for 5 minutes on that stuff. But if it works that's fine. But he needs to get back to work. 3 weeks out is a long time. But he is not the only employee that is out of work from this mess. His job is having it rough with all the workers calling in sick. But at least GS is on temporary disability so he will still get paid. The disability is through his work. As soon as he is back at work I am going to go ahead and wash his sheets and clean his room. though I just washed his sheets I want to Lysol the whole room down. Need to get rid of his nasty germs. It's been a long 3 weeks with him home and sick. 

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Littlesister, make sure your GS changes his toothbrush often too. Son had mono in high school and the doctor stressed that. Back then it was called 'kissing disease' and in his case, it probably applied.   :grinning-smiley-044: 


I remember  (here we go)  during basketball games the guys would be on the bench and have one of those big Blo Pops in their mouth and when the coach sent them in to play, they would pass off the sucker to a girl in the bleachers to 'use' and then take it back when they sat back down. I saw it even more during Track and Field meets. It was a thing. I told him he'd get sick from doing that but they were all doing it so what did mom know.  In Cross Country they were too busy running. LOL.  I miss those glory days of his high school sports.  :unsure:


It might be a pain and inconvenience at the time to go to all of their events, but remember, that it is time well spent and the memories years later will be worth their weight in gold! I was hit in the face with that while I was going through some of his stuff packing it up after the house flooded. So glad I went to everything and that I saved all of his trophies and ribbons. We still often reminisce about all the kids we got to know. Many of them still live in his town. And we have a few laughs at some of their escapades. I even saved his little Cub Scout uniform, scarf and hat...aw.  Finding those things so many years later was a really nice surprise. It will be all over again when I show them to him. At the time I didn't realize how important it would be. I fall into dumb luck more often than not. 

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Jeepers my daughter had mono in her teens. She and 2 of her friends bought a huge drink and shared it. One of those friends was the one that had mono but didn't know it at the time. She ended up in the hospital. 

GS has already just changed his toothbrush and thank you jeepers for the reminder.  GS doesn't have a girlfriend so it wasn't from kissing a girl. At work, it seems they use each other's vape pipes. He won't do that again. I am sure that was how he got it. But then bronchitis on top of it didn't help either. 

Got the den cleaned up today. I forgot how much dust a fireplace could make and the wood stove is no exception. But all cleaned up now.  I started on the kitchen also trying to reorganize some things. I have a small table that my DH made in high school that I had sitting in the den. I now have that in corner of the dining room and have the dehydrator on it. It is out of the way and I can use it in that corner easier. I needed the counter space in the kitchen and the dehydrator takes up to much room on the counter. But at least it's out of the garage. Now I need to find the box that my grinder is in and get that out to set up. Not sure where I will set it up yet as it hooks to the counter. Just need to set up where it will be convenient to use. I have a lot of nonelectric things I need to get out. One is a blender that has a pull cord to use it and another one that is for chopping that works the same way. It has a pull cord. I have tried both of those out and they work great. 

Cooked up a pan of chicken legs for GS as he will eat that for a snack. At least it gets him off junk food for a while. 

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Good grief I hope his whole work will learn never to share anything that goes in your mouth from this. Glad he's feeling better Littlesister! My grow lights came today so now I just need to figure out how to mount them to my shelving unit. Should be able to get that all set up tomorrow and start those pepper and tomatoes :) Also finished piecing the baby quilt top so it was a fun day


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Becca Anne that is a beautiful quilt. I know it will be well-loved. You are putting a lot of work into that. I am wanting to make a jean quilt, but need to finish getting the house back together from the construction. I can't do much with the room I have decided to set up for my sewing and craft room as right now I have a kitchen table and some other things sitting in there until GS gets his apartment. The kitchen table and some other things in there will be going with him that he can use. 


And yes, I do hope GS's place of work has learned a valuable lesson. 

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Had a horse ride today.  Windy and Chill!  :frozen:   I dressed warm enough but I am starting to feel AGE in my knees.  They're in a mostly bent position in stirrups but moving up and down a bit.  When I go to dismount - They Is Stuck!  Ack!  Won't unbend.  DH was waiting and came to help.  This place has the best mount/dismount arrangement I've seen.  You step off to a platform that is level with the stirrups.  There's a barrier pole on the other side of the horse so it can't sidle away sideways and drop you.  Like a chute with enter and exit.  Sometimes I can swing the far leg right over.  Today...not so much.  


I've been drop-down TIRED since then.  Can't wait to go to bed.  But it was therapeutic, nonetheless.  :cheer:  Not making any big plans for tomorrow.  :grinning-smiley-044:   


It's so nice to drive the car into "town" cuz we don't use a quarter tank of gas!  Had to rob the bank..account ....to pay for the work done on the car.  But money well spent!  Cuz some of the work sounded quite important to the running of the vehicle.  Glad we could do that cuz it didn't need a new transmission.  :amen: 


MtRider  ....bedtime can't come soon enough.  :offtobed:



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Worked in flower beds this afternoon. Cleaned the kitchen early this morning before Church. Other than that not a lot today. GS went back to work. Hope this evening will find him doing ok. He is still coughing a lot and is very tired. But hopefully, once he's back into his routine he will get his strength and energy back. It has been a long 5 weeks for both of us. He has 2 more days on prednisone. So hope that takes care of it.

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Was up early this morning and just waiting for the weather to hopefully warm up. It's 40* outside now. I want to at least get all the flower beds cleaned out and be able to get things together to start planting. GS said he will help me get those last 2 azalea plants dug out as they are both diseased. I would rather just take them out and not try to save them as I need that space to extend my herb garden. 

Otherwise, I will just work on the house today. Still some organizing of office things I need to get done.

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That quilt is so pretty @Becca_Anne!  Something I never learned to do. 

Yesterday, was Church first.
Walked dogs.
Finished moving ebay clothes that DH wanted to keep to list. Moved to appropriate place. We have so much more room! Donated So much clothes to a Church rummage sale. DH is much pickier in what he buys, these days.
Made oatmeal for DH's breakfasts.


Today--VA clinic for labs for DH first.
Have laundry started.
Need to look through some filing.

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Beautiful quilt…


Trying to get stuff done before I go to TX next week & bring MIL back.  Phone calls, for preparing for her to come.


Pulled/cut weeds…. 20 gallons, before the garbage pickup…


The gravel we had put in our driveway, seems to be working, I’m not driving through a foot deep+ mud hole..  thank God.. cost a bit, but is worth it.

Put ironite and grass seed in the lawns…. Neighbor sprayed his weeds with poison…. Storm barked at him, an hour later, I thought he was going to die!!!  He couldn’t walk, barely breathing, falling over…..  we did first aid…. Washed his face and feet, gave him something to drink, held him…. He was shaking and almost convulsing….  Thankfully, he recovered….  IDK…. All I know is it scared me…!!!!!


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DH thinks he got a “spicy fly”. A honey bee sting.  No swelling, but a lot of the similar reactions.  IDk … just very concerned…

Gunner got one, when we were at the lake, his whole side of his face swelled up, I found the stinger and pulled it out….. He runs from bees now.  


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Thank you everyone I am really enjoying making the quilt. Jeepers I plan to hand quilt it along the seams, then will do quilting along the figures edges and the leaf rings I think. Keeping it simple but also enough to make it sturdy. It's been years since I made one. I am learning a lot at the quilt guild. Those ladies make some amazing works of art with fabric. 


I had a great day today it was so warm and the Magnolias around town are in bloom :wub: Took a quick trip at lunch to an apt for one of my family members in Mt Vernon about 30 min south of here so had a bit of a nice drive and got out of the house. The painter guy that has been ghosting me finally showed up to clean up his mess and get stuff set up to finish his job. He supposedly is coming back tomorrow to actually paint. So maybe it will work out after all. In any case it no longer looks like a junk pile in that room which is a big relief. I will be so glad when this is done.


Mt Rider glad your horseriding set up is so safe to mount and dismount. And glad your car could get fixed.


Littlesister glad it is warming up where you are too. So nice to get outside and get hands in the dirt :)


Miki glad you are making progress with your de-cluttering. I need to do my closet I can barely see what shirts I have in there which is silly since I have lots of shelving on the side which I am not using well. I think I need to go back to sorting my clothing by spring/winter I had gotten out of the habit but I think that would help a lot.


Annarchy thank goodness your dog is ok now. Always so scary when pets are in distress like that. Hopefully it was just a bee


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Yeah, Annarchy.  Scary!  Don't think I've had a pet react to bees or anything like Storm did.  I'd be :runcirclsmiley2:  Vet is a long ways away.  How long will MIL stay this time? 


Great your painter came back, BeccaAnne!  Hope he paints now!  These work guys set up too many jobs and when one is going sideways, the whole pile topples over. 


:pray:  for MrMiki with the lab results! 


:pray: for LittleSister's GrSon.  Get that boy back to health!  So he can help is dear Grma!!!



As I thot, I wasn't able to do much today.  Hope I can get more regular riding now that spring weather is [temporarily] here.  In May last year we got about 16" of snow.  I was with mom and we just watched it collect and then crash down from tree limbs.  Pretty but ...MAY!  We've been warm-ish but WINDY.  That's normal but it takes away how warm it would feel.  I should be better tomorrow.  I should be able to get to our Women's Bible study Wednesday.  I've missed several. 


MtRider  :offtobed:    ....kinda late again tonite.  :sigh:  




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Will walk first, today.
Going to town to get a one hour deep tissue massage. Yay! Hope it helps my shoulder and hip from my fall a few months ago. Supposedly, I have a pinched nerve.
Then lunch with some friends.
Come home and walk dogs.


Still one pup in drain and people keep messing with and moving the live trap that was set.  I still have hope.  Will be taking Peanut Butter (the ambassador of joy) out to the area a few times to see if we can coax the pup out to play.  I will grab it if possible.

@Annarchy, I wonder if your pup's distress is from the poison?  It sure affected some of ours.

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Annarchy, have a safe trip.  And have some fun while you are gone. 


Mt. Rider glad you got to go riding and had a safer way to get on and off the horse. 


Miki, I hope that tissue massage helps your shoulder. 


Becca Anne, I can't wait to see a picture of the finished quilt. I know it will be so cute. 


Left the house at 7:15 to take GS back to the doctor. He is on light duty till he sees the doctor next week. So he really can't do his job as he works on heavy equipment and when he gets dizzy he can't be on that. So now has a doctor's note for light duty. He went to work Sunday night and was on equipment about 20 feet up when he got dizzy. If he passes out and falls off that would not be good. So back to the doctor this morning for light duty and no working on heavy equipment till next Tuesday when he sees the doctor again. This is getting crazy. I am afraid he will lose his job if this keeps up. Though I doubt they can fire him for being sick. Seems another guy there is getting sick now and said he was going to the doctor. Something is definitely going around that warehouse.

Yesterday I was able to spray the yard for weeks but only part of it. I want to get that finished but too windy right now. That should be dying down soon though. And hopefully, warm up more so I can work on flower beds some more. 

Right now I would rather be working outside than inside. Need to just get out for a while. I feel like with GS being sick and the cold winter months, I feel I have been cooped up for too long. But the weather is warming up now. So will be able to get out more.

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16 hours ago, Becca_Anne said:

Miki glad you are making progress with your de-cluttering. I need to do my closet I can barely see what shirts I have in there which is silly since I have lots of shelving on the side which I am not using well. I think I need to go back to sorting my clothing by spring/winter I had gotten out of the habit but I think that would help a lot.


Decluttering! Something I need to do - actually more like organizing the clutter! My hip and back have been hurting/aching for a couple of months now - not sure if it was weather related, but it seems to be calming down now so I can more, but still have to be careful to not push myself so much. I still use my wheeled walker to bring things in from the car when I've been shopping, but I don't necessarily bring it all in in one trip. Non-perishables can live in the trunk for a day or two with no issues so out there they stay! I just have to make sure to bring that stuff in the day before I go shopping again so I have room for the new goodies.


Speaking of goodies: I was in WMart the other day because I needed to get a M.O. for my rent, and pick up some dog food, and paper goods (wanted to get TP so I wouldn't have to dig into my stash), but I always "cruise" all of the aisles while I'm there. Thank you WM for the power carts! Anyway, I was checking out the chicken because I wanted to make up some soup, and Holy Moly- I found 10 lb bags of chicken drumsticks that had been marked down for clearance! They had been reduced to $4.28 each! That's 42¢ per pound!!! You bet I bought them - almost all of them - total purchase 40 pounds of chix!!!  :cele:  And I did it knowing that I had no room for it! :rolleyes:

(Have you ever done that???) Well, I moved a bunch of stuff around and found room for them in the fridge. :hapydancsmil:


Today my IHSS worker was here and we packed up 20 lbs of those drumsticks into FoodSaver bags - 4 per bag. They are now living in the same shelf space in the fridge that the bulk bags were in, and I STILL need to find room in my freezer for them. Maybe I bought a few more days of freshness before they actually have to go into the freezer. :)


When she comes back tomorrow we will raw pack some of those drumsticks into the pint & 1/2 jars that I bought at the Grocery Outlet when they were on sale. :canning:   And, I mustn't forget to use some of them to make that chicken soup!  :lol: :cook: :yum3: 


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I can’t believe I typed this all out and it disappeared.  :gaah: My computer has been acting wonky lately though. Figures. I’m doing it first on a Word document and copy/pasting over here this time.





Anyway, it is starting to get depressing at the hotel. Even though I have things I need to do it isn’t the same as doing it from home. They make it too easy here. Everything is taken care of except for food and laundry. They would do the laundry if I set it outside the door. Nope. I’ll wash my own undies thank you very much. They have washers and dryers here anyway. I really don’t have that much laundry. They come and thoroughly clean the room and restock it every five days. More often if you ask. I don’t. I have a nice fridge/bottom freezer so I can stock up on food. It really is nice but…there’s no place like home.


Yesterday there was a big golden retriever in the lobby. It was beautiful. It came toward me and I noticed it had a vest on. I asked its people if it was working before I approached it. They said, “No, go ahead and give it some lovin” So I did. Boy howdy did I. Such a nice dog. You could tell it was well trained and socialized. Very polite. Made my day really. My big ol therapy dog for about five minutes.


The house is in a semi holding pattern for now. The insurance wants to send out another field adjuster to look things over. The first time they did that it took over a month to get one up here from Texas to do the job. So, contractor said it could be three weeks before they can get in there. They all say the same thing: They are swamped with work and there are no workers willing to work. That I can believe. It seems like they didn’t expect the whole thing to cost this much. Oh well, it is what it is. They should have gotten in there sooner. I told my adjuster that they had better do right by me money wise since I’ve been good and so patient with them. Probably didn’t mean a thing but I felt better saying it. The contractor has submitted an estimate so far of $96,000.00. That didn’t include the furnace, hot water heater, sump pump and water softener that they already paid for. There are a couple of other things I want him to check too. They didn’t remove the bathtub and there is a parquet floor in the dressing room/walk-in closet area that is only half removed. If they can match it up, fine. But I don’t think they can. No one can really believe how bad it is until they see it. And Servpro just kept demo-ing and demo-ing walls and floors.


I got all of the locks changed except for one garage pedestrian door. I can’t get to it. There is too much stuff piled up in front of it. I have a lockbox on the front door so when the reconstruction guys start I won’t have to come out every morning to let them in. Right now one key will open all of the doors except that garage one. Sort of like closing the barn door after the horse got out, huh. I found a couple of pieces of jewelry missing and a crock container. It was about a 4-gallon size. I had plans for that. I was going to put an artificial tree in it for the front porch decoration at the Indy house. They also took my two Bug Out Bags. Not that it really matters. I’m already bugged out. The bags were nice though.


Thank God the basement is cleared out and de-molded. There was a lot of stuff down there and some really heavy items of furniture. No way could son and I do that. Before the flood, my plan was to call 1-800-Got-Junk. It would have cost me well over $1,000. Just to get it empty. Probably closer to $2,000. It was awful. And half of the garage is empty now too. I think son and I can handle that. Although there is a garage attic to contend with. Sigh. So, the Got Junk guys are still an option. Just not as severe.


I really need to get the outside of the house done too. It has also been neglected. All of the paint is flaking from all of the wood areas and has been for years. It needs painted. Also, the metal soffit and fascia and shutters need painted. And the front door. The two posts on the porch holding up the porch roof need attention too. They will either need replaced or hopefully a wrap around sleeve thingy (can’t remember the name) will solve that issue. I’m hoping I can skim off some of the inside repair money from insurance and use it for the outside. They pay the money and how you use it is up to you. Some people actually take the money then sell the house to a flipper and walk away. Totally legal. When it first happened, and I was so sick with bronchitis and covid, the thought did cross my mind…for about two seconds. I just don’t know who to call for that sort of work. I could probably get the porch posts done by one guy and the painting done by painters. Don’t know yet.


The lawn guy is available for this spring. Good. One problem solved. Since I won’t be there to pay him every week like before, I told him I’d pay him a month in advance. I don’t want to lose him. He said he has customers by the hotel and will gladly stop by to collect the money each month. He likes that I pay in cash. All the same to me. He is also going to take care of the weeds and shrubbery planting this year.


I’m finally getting all of my banking wrapped up. I got the new account set up, only for insurance purposes, a week or so ago and the checks finally arrived last week. Insurance pays me and I pay the contractor. They took money from a dormant savings account that was getting 0.05% interest and put it in a CD getting 3.75% interest woo-hoo. And they stopped the gift card points deal. Huge bummer! So now I'm waiting to receive my two new charge cards that will give 2% cash back instead of the 1% I’m getting on the old ones. I'd rather have the gift cards. I did cash in $600.00 worth of points before they ended it. They will go to new blinds and curtains at the house. They also made sure my son is on all of my accounts when I die. I really recommend doing that!


He can't touch any of the money right now and has no access to any accounts at all. But upon giving my death certificate to the bank, he automatically becomes the owner of the accounts. You have to do each account separately. That way there will be no probate nor inheritance taxes involved. Both my Ohio and Indy banks and the stock account are set up that way. No lawyers, no probate, no extra taxes and no waiting for years to resolve. Some banks use POD = Payable On Death and some banks use TOD = Transfer On Death. Worth it for your loved ones. Banks do it for free. Just fill out a simple paper. D-ex said I am a banking “typhoon”.  Well alrighty then. 


Attorney's must be backed up too. I have to wait until Mar. 28th to get into see one. I'm getting son on the TOD for the house. It dawned on me that if I die right now that house could set in probate for years unfinished. So with son on the (whatever it's called) he can continue with the contractor getting it finished and then sell it and have the money. If I don’t die, then I sell it myself. He will be like the beneficiary except he won’t have to pay an inheritance tax. Sometimes it's hard to think ahead. Like you don't know, what you don't know. I saw my cousin-in-law go through all of this when my cousin died. They were on the house deed as "And."  Like Jack AND Jill. That little word AND cost him over a two year wait in probate to get her name off of the deed and a few thousand dollars in lawyer fees. He needed to sell the house and couldn't and it nearly went into bankruptcy while he waited. The death certificate meant nothing in the legal world. This was in S. Carolina. Her death was expected and they thought everything was in order. It was a lesson for me to remove any AND from a will and just use OR. That is if you trust your partner not to run off with the local hoochie momma and sell the house from underneath you. Check your legal documents ladies.  


I was trying to tell the attorney, on the phone, a little about my situation and what and why I needed it. You know I can’t remember anything anymore. Words escape me often. I told her I was dispossessed. Displeased, no that isn’t it either. Disposed. Crimony, DISPLACED! I’m sure she thinks she has a real winner on her hands now. Sometimes if I keep talking the word will come to me. It usually does. Perhaps I shouldn’t say them out loud though. Mums the word(s) Jeepers.


I really want to go to Indiana soon. I miss my boy. The short one. They went to a fish fry the Elks sponsored and he was the chief breader and I missed it. He is getting more and more involved with things and I'm missing out. Not cool. But I have to work around schedules. We'll see. I’ll let you know when I venture across the state line.



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