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The housekeeper came by to check on me and was not happy.  She rousted me out of the bed, made it, and boiled a quartered apple.  She told me to drink the resulting "tea," which I suppose is pectin water with a little sugar and maybe some malic acid in it from the apple, once it cooled some, and to add the juice of half a sour lime (Mexican/Key lime) and a level spoonful of bicarb if needed after.  I never heard of this treatment, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

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I hope you are feeling a little better today @Ambergris!  Stomach issues are no fun.


Yesterday, I walked first.
Stopped at thrift store to donate some of my purging efforts.
Went to Aldi, but didn't spend much as all their coolers had died overnight. Hopefully fixed by now.
Stopped at Walmart next door, since Aldi was a bust.
Came home and put away.
Prayer meeting cancelled because tornado alarm kept going off.


Today, I will walk and then walk dogs.
See dentist to get paperwork going for deep cleaning teeth.
Purge office shelves.
Bible study tonight.

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They used to make vinegar from apples.  The housekeeper is skipping the fermenting step from a very old recipe.    Boil your peels and cores, strain and add 1T sugar per cup liquid.  Ferment about 2 weeks. Add as much salt as will dissolve into it and this was a very old Gatorade type recipe used for centuries for dysentery.  To serve it you add one large spoon to about 1 cups (2 gills) of water.    It was used for both dysentery and cholic.  

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Hope you feel all better soon Ambergris! 


My big order of seeds came today, plants to follow. Have my new silage tarp and getting gravel to put in bags to weigh it down this weekend. I also need to get some seed starting trays and seed starting mix. Ceiling painter still hasn't come back to finish the job and has stopped answering my texts, no voicemail and not picking up my calls...hoping he is just out of minutes and had another job but really annoyed at the lack of communication and the continued mess. 

In any case I'll give him another week and then if he doesn't contact me I'll finish it myself and let him know to pick up his stuff. Just don't have the patience for this....

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I talked to the insurance adjustor two days ago. He said the amount of time going by without any progress is unacceptable. No sh*t Sherlock. I told him if social services and adult senior services knew about my living conditions, they would be all up in someone's butt.  Just saying. They offered me temporary housing. I'm going to take them up on their offer when demo/remodel starts. I'll just be in the way here. Will probably spend a week or so in Indiana. 


So today ServPro came out :D. They were great. Two guys arrived at 1:00pm to have a look see and for me to sign e-papers saying it's okay for them to bill insurance. In the mean time one guy went to the basement to start packing junk up to get rid of. I don't know how much they will take out. All of it I hope. What they don't take I'll pay 1-800-got-junk to remove. It all has to go one way or another for me to get out of here. The other guy got busy moving stuff around on the main floor and started putting up plastic barriers for dust control. 


They also do the tear out. I didn't know that. I thought they only did junk removal. They will come back tomorrow to work in the basement and bring in some drying equipment and a dehumidifier for the basement. Better late than never I suppose. They said the kitchen cabinets will need replaced because water soaked up in them. If they would have gotten the drying equiptment in here sooner...


They said they knew for sure some of the carpets will need replaced. I'm hoping all of them will. When all of this first started, my dream come true, as far as resale value was concerned, was a new furnace, water heater and new carpets. Everything else other than wall and ceiling repair, that is going to be extensive, will be a bonus. 


At first they said the actual pipe repair was on me. They changed their mind because of the major freeze. Then they said they don't cover the cost of any mold issues at all. They changed their mind on that because they let it go so long it was sort of their fault. My living conditions have been pretty rough, especially since I was so sick in the beginning, but it might be worth it in the end. I hope. 


They, too, brought up world events. Will mention about that in the private section. 


One of the guys told me that they have a number of houses worse than mine. Dang. 

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Seems I have a lot to catch up on.


Ambergris, hope you are feeling much better now. 


Jeepers, you have a mess on your hands. Hope they get it all fixed soon. 


Becca Anne, hope you get your ceiling done soon.  I am thinking about painting my hallway and foyer myself. With my hands like they are I just hope I can do it. 


I got some great news today. I am going to be a great grandma. DGD no. 2 is having a baby due in mid-October.  Too early to know if it is a girl or boy yet. Though she thinks it will be a boy. Guess I need to get busy.  Her DH is going into the coast guard soon. So, he will be in boot camp for 6 weeks and then off to York town for 4 more weeks of training. They are going to move back to NC and live with DD while he is gone for 10 weeks. 


I got the turkey all canned up and put away as well as the rib eye beef that I canned. All put away and working on the rest of chest freezer now. DGD wants me to make more Veg. beef soup. So maybe that will be the next thing I can. Will see when I dig deeper into the freezer. Was hoping to have the freezer emptied and cleaned out by end of today. But we had 2 days of 70 plus degree weather and I started cleaning out the garage. got rid of a load of stuff. Now it has turned cold again so will start back on the canning. Funny how weather decides what I do around here these days. 

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Congrats on the new little one Littlesister!


OMG. What a day. ServPro came back this morning. What workers they are! I don't know what all they are moving out in the basement. I didn't go down there. But they have taken the ceiling down in the hall/entry way. They also tore out the carpet in the two biggest bedrooms and the hallway upstairs. I will probably get one other bedroom carpet removed because it buckled from the condensation. Not sure about the other bedroom. I told the guys if my insurance doesn't cover it I'd do it myself so it all matches up stairs. The guy said if that happens he will take out the old carpet for me for free. Part of the living room carpet has been removed. I assume the dining room carpet will have to be replaced too as the living room and dining room are really one big room. No way could they match it.


They got rid of one of the old bathroom vanities in the downstairs bathroom. Yeah!  It was big and ugly. Hopefully the one in the upstairs bathroom will come out too. It's just as ugly but no water damage so probably not. 


Monday they are coming to take out all of the kitchen cabinets. :o  I didn't know I needed new cabinets. I needed a new faucet and a new garbage disposal from a few months ago. They said to not worry about it because it would get ruined in demo so they would replace it. And if they break the old Formica counter top, they would have to replace that too. I am happy.


Don't get me wrong, I know I will have to pay for all of this from a check they will write me. It isn't like they are going to magically come in and pick everything out and set it all up for me. I'll have work with a lighting guy, plumber, cabinet people, carpet people, painters etc. after the reconstruction is finished. I'm not going top of the line! But it will all be nice and new and updated from 40+ years ago. And clean.  :sEm_blush:


The other thing is one of the guys spent the first half of the day with me working on the garage. That is mainly so we can store some stuff from the house out there. It's packed. But we got so much done and they hauled away a boat load. I'll probably still have to call 1-800-got-junk. But it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg now. The more I help now, the less it is going to cost me in the long run. One guy said he lives local and would be able to help me if I needed it on down the line. I don't like to feel like a user so I'd pay him. Anyway, it's nice to know there are people I could call when I'm in a jam.  



But wait there is more...


I told one of the guys I want to get rid of some of my furniture. He asked what I would take for it. Are you kidding! I told him how the furniture bank up here wants to charge you to donate. He said his daughter is having a tough time and has no furniture at all. I told him if he moves it out she can have it. I don't know who is happier. Her, him or me. 


I worked my butt off today. I know they will do all of the removal etc. but the more I do, the faster it will go. And they can't throw anything away without my approval. So I have to be there watching anyway. I am pitching stuff! I can not begin to tell you how nice these two guys are to me. One guy said they have over 700 houses to work on in my area alone since Christmas and some multi million dollar businesses too.


My adjustor said they would put me up in a house during all of this and I probably will when the reconstruction takes place. But I was more valuable being here to help get rid of my own crap and making decisions. Also in helping pack things up and getting stuff out of the way. Today I'm going to empty all of the kitchen cabinets so they can start right in on Monday. 


Last night I dropped three jars of spaghetti sauce on the floor and they exploded everywhere. Even went up under the cabinet. It looked like a crime scene in there. Guess I'd better warn them. :D


I know the reconstruction will go a lot slower. They will have to take more time with it. But it will be the dim light at the end of my tunnel. I guess the turning point will be a flushing toilet...gasp. And actual hot water. :0327: That will be like living large to me. 



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8 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I worked my butt off today. I know they will do all of the removal etc. but the more I do, the faster it will go. And they can't throw anything away without my approval. So I have to be there watching anyway. I am pitching stuff! I can not begin to tell you how nice these two guys are to me. One guy said they have over 700 houses to work on in my area alone since Christmas and some multi million dollar businesses too.

Are you still taking advantage of being put-up in a hotel? I would think it to be safer once the carpeting has been pulled up, etc.

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I'm probably going to a hotel tomorrow night. I need to clean up. :rolleyes:  I can go there anytime I want. I have a large $$$ cap on how much I can spend. I didn't know it but it adds up over time the longer you don't have a claim. I've been here 30+ years without any. I'm going to get them started on setting me up some place more permanent soon. I just have to get with the contractor to get a lock box on the door for them. 


You are right Midnightmom, it does feel funny walking on the subfloor upstairs. A little off balance in an odd way. I don't know if they will have to remove the entire subfloor in the kitchen area or not. Guess it will depend on if they can successfully scrape off the linoleum or not?


I spent most of the day cleaning out kitchen cabinets. I did it myself so they can start right in taking out the cabinets tomorrow morning. Because they came and worked on Saturday, I have my days all messed up. I thought I had two days to do it instead of one. They would do it all but I got rid of six trash bags of junk that they will take away for me. I'm being ruthless. It helps that I already have kitchen stuff already in Indiana so I can pitch the duplicates over here. 


One of the guys came over on his own time today and got rid of some more stuff in the garage that was bagged up. He also took my sons old bed and dresser. Mattress' and all.  Other than a big desk and a rocking chair, that room is clear of furniture. I think he is going to take all of the heavy furniture from upstairs. Tomorrow while they are here I want to work in the littlest bedroom in hopes when the inspection guy comes around again he will see where it has buckled too. 


I could have never done this on my own. Never.

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DH's oxygen machine died a couple of nights ago. Had to hook him up to a big oxygen tank for overnight. They replaced it the next day. That's the only excitement we have had. That alarm was loud! Just as we were going to bed. Sigh


Today, I will walk first.
Take my car to mechanic for tune up.
Take bill that I have already paid to hospital to dispute as they just billed full amount again.
Do laundry.
Purge office shelves.
Call and set up tax appointment.


I'm so glad things are moving along with your house @Jeepersand that you have a place to escape to when needed!

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Been canning all day. Waiting for pressure to go down now. Then will clean up and get ready to start again tomorrow morning. 

Dusted while canners were on and did a few other things I needed to do. 

Otherwise not a lot going on right now.  Will just be glad to have the chest freezer emptied. 


Jeepers, seems from what you have been saying about the house that it might be a blessing in disguise. Definitely could get a much higher price when you sell it. And found a way to get rid of things through Servpro. That is a huge help for you. 

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I hate to say it but I think you are probably right Littlesister. I suppose the suffering through no heat and water will be worth it in the end. But what a trial it's been. 


Just the furnace, water heater and water softener alone cost the insurance around $8,000. Plus new carpets (some I might have to pay for). And at least one bathroom vanity and maybe two. 


Today the two guys took out the upper kitchen cabinets.  They had two helpers who did the carry outs. They bagged some more stuff from the basement. They said they have 1-2 more days for demo. I'm thinking at least two. They still have to demo the kitchen ceiling. They did a little bit of the kitchen floor. I don't think they are going to have to take out the subfloor. Looked like the linoleum was scraping up. He is pretty sure he can't save the counter top. Good. The sink will probably go too. Actually, it's going to be like a brand new kitchen in there. 


To be honest, when I was so sick and everything was crashing down around me, I mentioned to D-ex that I was ready to sell 'as is' to the first flipper who made an offer. I wouldn't really do that but it did cross my mind.  


I spent the day upstairs cleaning in the smallest bedroom. It's used as a computer room. I bagged up 12 kitchen size trash bags full and the guys got rid of them for me. I also went through some papers that need either filed or shredded. 


I was going to the hotel tonight but I'm so tired all I want to do is crawl in my own bed with the heating pad and Advil and chill. Which is what I'm doing.


I can not begin to tell you how nice those guys from Servpro are! 

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Jeepers so glad they are taking good care of you. I really hope you are able to sell your house for a lot more once this is over. In any case you are making great progress on the decluttering! Glad you are taking a night at the hotel to get good rest.


Nothing too exciting going on here but I did get my office and also my sewing room organized this weekend. Really happy with my new spaces.

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Whoa, Jeepers!   :bouquet: I've been thinking all along that this should be a MAJOR blessing....when it's finished!  After watching the house renovation shows the whole time I was with Mom, your renovation should drastically increase the value and attraction to your house!  Covered mostly by insurance.   :hapydancsmil:  You've been paying big time in health issues, sweat labor, and discouraging MESS that used to be your home.  But with your other home and grandson waiting....you'll come out of this just fine. 


Now don't go pushing so hard that you get sick again!  :tapfoot:     :grinning-smiley-044:      :hug3:    Don't worry....I'm saying the same thing to myself with my battle of health this season.  Oye!


Tomorrow is MRI of my spine.  Next day is another assault of SNOW in the CO Rockies and around us.  I DID get to RIDE Saturday.  :bounce:  It's been 3 wks and wow....it certainly shows that I MUST RIDE or need 2 canes to shuffle around this tiny house.  The difference is drastic.  Unfortunately, I'm so worn down by now....even riding cost me the day-after with extremely low energy.  Today I'm ....ok.  But I'm still in that battle to return to MY NORMAL!!!  Couple days/nights I've had such sore aching muscles/joints that I've needed meds.  Beyond Nuprin.  But....if I CAN get rides from both ranches...I can catch up.  :pray:


DH is really struggling too.  His reinjured back is not really healing.  Been a year and a half.  He does too much lifting, bending, and ....sitting in a vehicle is the worst.  Yesterday he tried to put in a new part so the wiper blades on my truck would turn off.  He has to use the truck next week while car is in for OTHER repairs..... TRANNY not needed so we have $$$.  :amen:   But the constant wipers going drives him crazy.  So he's twisting around under the dashboard....  Yeah, like THAT helps his back!  AND it didn't fit so return to the auto parts store...again.  :buttercup:  I'm more flexible by far to fit into such spaces but I was flattened by fatigue.  Sheeeesh!  


Miki.....yikes!  The O2 went out?  So glad you had a backup!  Preppers Rule!!!  :thumbs:  


LittleSister...I wish I had your ability to do so much!  :canning:   :dusting::dishes:   :shopping:   ....whew!  You Go, Gal! 


Glad to hear you're making progress, BeccaAnne.  Even if you have to do it yourself!  Aren't we ladies proving that as much self-sufficiency as we can possibly do....WE'RE DOING IT


MtRider.... :offtobed:     G'nite y'all!

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Trying to catch up on reading, here.  Wow, everyone has been busy.


Praying all is well with everyone, given the circumstances.  God knows. 

I’ve been swamped…


Year end accounting, business reports, meetings, taxes, & customers, (the proposed bans have ppl buying everything they can afford. ), springtime yard work, trimming trees, pulling & cutting weeds, preparing to send DH to TX this month.  Just one thing after another.







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Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day! We don't celebrate because we don't use extra money if not necessary.
Today, I will walk first.
Walk dogs.
Purge office shelves.
Cook venison roast with vegetables in instant pot.
Supposed to start raining this evening and continue the next couple of days- then get cold again.


9 minutes ago, Annarchy said:

preparing to send DH to TX this month.

I hope you will have a tiny break if DH is going to TX instead of you!

13 hours ago, Jeepers said:

But what a trial it's been. 

I'm sure you will get through it and glad that you have competent, friendly people to do the work!

10 hours ago, Becca_Anne said:

I did get my office and also my sewing room organized

I am still working on my office.  I love even the small achievements!

6 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

But I'm still in that battle to return to MY NORMAL!!!

I surely hope that you and your DH can get back to a semblance of normal, soon!

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Mt. Rider, your DH didn't need to reinjure his back. Hope it heals fast. Hope you get your energy back soon. 

I wish I had the energy to do all that I am doing. I am pushing myself to get things done. Though tomorrow I am taking the day off. Have to go get lab work in morning and I want to go to cemetery tomorrow as well. Today marks 2 years since my DH passed away. Sad day.  Yep, he and his mother both passed away on Valentine's day. His mother passed in 1981 and DH in 2021. 



Miki, just glad you had a spare for your DH till you could get the other one taken care of.  Makes us think about things we really need in an emergency. 


My canners are screaming to give them a break. So tomorrow they get a break. I need to clean up kitchen again before starting back canning again on Thursday. Not sure what I will can yet. digging through freezer to see what all is left. I do have more things to dehydrate as well. My daughter said I will have enough food for the apocalypse.  Told her I will never eat all this food and I was canning so she wouldn't starve since she refuses to stock anything or can food. She said she would never eat all that. She will have help. It's called grandchildren. And it seems like a lot but it's not really. Might get through a year without ever going to store again. Or at least as long as I plant a garden every year. Not sure how many more years I will be able to do a garden before my health goes downhill any further. 

Been working on garage on the warmer days. Yes, there is a floor out there. I found it. :laughkick:I got rid of a lot of mess out there and GS said he will help me this weekend on it if weather permits. At least he is now trying after I jumped on him about my being maid service for him. And that I was going to charge extra for that maid service. Guess he thought about that. He cleaned his room and his bathroom also. :hapydancsmil:


Jeepers, try to get some rest. I know what construction is like. And with you moving on top of that I know you will need that rest. 

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Gearing up to get somewhat caught up...the Laser surgery went awesome!  Sight restored to it's original vision after the cataract surgery  20/30.  Do have problems keeping   my right eye (dominant eye) from taking over! LOL   They will do the right eye in March.  So funny...not painful at all, just weird!  He said "I'm going to be shooting holes through all that "scum"...and so it was ping, ping, ping about 20+ times.  Had to think of lids sealing! LOL  Post op is the 24th for this eye. 

One of the vision tests that they always do, used to have a house that you focused on...this time it was a BALLOON!  Talk about me chuckling! 

Yesterday was a happy day for me and Abby-girl.  I sang and danced because I could see so much better and she just got happy because momma was happy, and when I sang scriptures, she stood watching me and wagging her butt! As for Bootsy the cat that adopted us...he's spoiled too!  Came to us a squawling, skinny youngster...now he rules the neighborhood!  Can't bring him inside.  Me and cat dander don't mix!  Plus...he doesn't get along with Abby.  Hubby built him a very well insulated house on our covered front porch, which he loves...but is terrible at keeping house.  He pushes out the straw and then leavesw it!


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Yikes…packed up DH, MIL’s frozen bean soups, and sent him off around 10 am.  Got a call at 1pm.  He was stuck… traffic inching along on the south side of Tucson.  Tucson is only an hour away from home!?!  

A truck crashed early on the 14th… hazardous material, driver deceased, overcome by the chemicals ….“Shelter in place” issued for a mile radius….

However, according to the CB scanner, another accident happened further down the road with a 5 hour wait…. He turned around and came home.  I called MIL. He will try again tomorrow…..  I guess he won’t be going to the CoC meeting tomorrow…..  

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Good morning! It's going to be a rainy, stormy day here.
Will walk first.
Take ebay photos.
Make molasses bran muffins.
Maybe continue work on office shelves.

Have a great day, you all!


12 hours ago, Annarchy said:

He will try again tomorrow…

Praying that your DH has an easier time than yesterday!

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We got a little over 5.5" rain yesterday and last night. Now it's chilly.
Ended up making double recipes of molasses bran muffins and jalapeno cheddar cornbread, yesterday. I was restless and that is when I bake. I will freeze half of both items today.
Not sure if I will walk or do video today as winds are about 15-20 mph and the high will be 47.
Will go to lunch with a friend.
Pick up graphite at hardware store.
Get a blower motor resistor put on my car so I have defrost again.
Otherwise, just try to stay warm.

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