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Kappy.....the Nigie babies are so CUTE!  :wub:    You're really a farm now.  Course I loved to milk them...once the first doe and I got used to this milking thing.  It is an absolute regular chore but ...mmmmm, good milk, cheese, butter ...


Did MrMiki get to come home yet?  :pray:  


Good to hear from you, Jeepers.  Your saga just keeps going on and on.  What of the NEW furnace?  Glad to hear your health is better.  Vegging out at the hotel is probably just what "the doctor" ordered.  I don't know if your doc did but....sounds like a good plan.  Get well!  :hug3: 


Little Sister....you seem to have more energy than 4 of me.  Goodness!  But I agree with your urge to do all this while you still can.....can.  :canning:


Mother....sprouts.  Haven't even thot of that this winter.  We have all the stuff and seed.  :feedme:   Thanks.


MtRider  ....AWOL from my bed at this hour...  :offtobed:   Just a bit restless tonite and ZERO* outside.  :frozen:  

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Good morning! Was up at 4:15. Not sure why.
Will walk first.
Wash rugs.
Give one dog a bath.
Shred some cheddar cheese for salads.
Not sure if DH is getting out of hospital today or tomorrow.
Handyman should come today to help with weather proofing doors, one window and some back porch repairs.


@Jeepers, I am looking forward to the day when your current house is sold and you are all moved, settled in and you are well!  

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I brought DH home yesterday afternoon and got the Walmart trip done just before he was ready. He is so glad to be home! Nurse will be here this morning to teach me how to do the IV antibiotics. 3 times a day through Saturday.


Today, I may walk--only getting up to 47 today.
Should walk dogs--we will see.
Bible study this evening at 6:30

Yesterday, I was on my feet and on the run most of the day. Today, rest a little.

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I had a friend of DH's volunteer to do some things for me yesterday. He gave me his discount rate. Fortunately, I had my badly needed new toilet and parts already waiting in the garage. He got it done in less than an hour. It felt good to get something accomplished. He said he is going to try to come by more often. That would be wonderful since he is honest and works hard. Maybe I can get some stuff fixed around here. This is the toilet in my powder room. It started leaking almost a year ago. I was able to turn it off back then so I didn't have any water damage. I told him to let me know if he saw any tools he wanted when I die. I am trying to plan ahead and I would like to help out folks like him if I can. He also picked up my pine straw under my trees. He said he pays 5-6$ a bale to buy it so it helped him out too.

I need to go to town, but I've gotten to the point where I hate to go anywhere. The dinner options are getting pretty slim so I better get to it soon.


It looks like everyone has been so busy around here.  I really need to get myself in gear and accomplish more.


Love the little goats.  Reminds me of when we used to have Sally.  She thought she was a dog.  She would sit on the porch swing with the granddaughter.  They would go back and forth and both fall asleep if they were there long enough. Sweet critters.


Miki I hope your hubby continues to improve.

Stay warm and safe ya'll

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Momo, it's good you are getting things taken care of. So much more damage can happen if you don't. BTDT. :sEm_blush:

Glad you have a reliable person helping you too. :hug3:


Miki, glad you got your DH home. May he continue to feel better! :hug3:  


The insurance guy came yesterday. I'm thinking it was his first day on the job. LOL. My contractor couldn't believe it. He was here less than an hour. He didn't ask me any questions. Just jotted down what all I said. Contractor said he should have taken measurements of the rooms etc. He did take a lot of pictures though. He didn't have any real answers. Said he had to turn the info in to his boss. :wacko:  I'm just hoping no one else has to make an inspection. It makes me nervous. They are in control of my money for repairs.


He said the insurance agencies are so jammed up it's unbelievable. They had to bring this guy up from Texas to Ohio to work. He said he had two other houses he did that day before mine. He said he was supposed to go up on a roof of one house but there was snow up there so he wasn't going up. Well alrighty then. 


I also discovered some of my light sockets don't work now. So as it stands I need HVAC, plumber, electrician, demo team and a reconstruction team. This is going to take forever. I'm still trying to clear the junk out of here. At least they are going to clear out the stuff in the basement...supposedly. There isn't a ton of stuff down there but it is all wet and heavy and there is no way I can do it. Will be nice if they take the old washer and dryer too. I'm going to ask them to take EVERYTHING. We'll see. 


I stayed in a hotel last night. I had some plans of just lying in the bed watching flipping through the TV channels and sipping my macchiato  and vegetating. But I could not get warm. It was like my bones were cold. I snuggled down in the bed for warmth. Didn't drink my macchiato and didn't even turn the TV on. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 9:00am the next morning. I just had time to shower and check out at 11:00. 


Oh, did I mention my refrigerator went out too? Crimony. It had nothing to do with the flood. It was acting wonky before I went to Indy the last time so I expected it. Since they need to replace the kitchen floor, or at least re-linoleum it, I'm going to wait to get a new one. Will use a countertop one for now to keep drinks cold. I can use it in Indy in the garage...whenever. 



I don't want to jinx anything like the last time but... I have heat! 

Contractor got it running yesterday while he was here. Just in time for the next big cold wave. I was running low on firewood too. Since I don't have water, I don't have anything else to freeze up. At least that's the plan. :D

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I finally saw the new doctor today. The girl who does the vitals and charting was a pain in the arse though. We all had to wear masks and her back was sort of to me and I kept telling her I couldn't understand her with a mask on. I know it's mostly my hearing issue but I kept telling her every time she asked me something. Dang woman, get a clue. 


I liked the doctor just fine. I told him up front I have problems hearing through a mask and he spoke up. I like him just fine. He put me back on all of my meds pending a blood test. I have to make an appointment for that at the hospital. He seems to think (as the other doctor at the clinic did) that if I get back on my meds I'll start to feel a lot better with the dizziness, nausea etc. Blood pressure was 190/110. It's always high. He was not happy. I need to work on that. :sEm_blush:


One thing I liked was he said he would start with one BP med (I was on 3)to bring it down slowly to help to keep me from passing out or becoming more dizzy. What I didn't like was he doesn't prescribe Ambien or it's generic. He is going to try something different. Pffft.


One thing that confused me is why are they so busy? There was only one other patient in there. In two weeks I have to go back for a BP check but I have to go some place else to have it checked. I didn't get that. Why not go back there for a routine blood pressure check. I couldn't let it go. The nurse finally told me it was because of short staffing issues. Too short to take a blood pressure reading? When the office was nearly empty? Things sure have changed. 


He wanted to refer me to an allergist because of my antibiotic issues. I told him maybe later. I want to get my meds under control first. I didn't mention about the house but I want to get some resolution with the insurance company first too. I just don't want to add more stressors and add another can of worms with allergies etc. What ever I'm eating now is suiting me fine without adding a bunch of weird stuff to contend with. I'm tired. 


All in all it was a good day. 

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Kappydale, Love the Nigie. they are so cute.  


Miki, glad your DH is home where he can rest much better now. Still praying for a fast recovery. 


Jeepers, try to get some rest when you can. Sounds like you are in for the long haul on the house. And now the fridge. Do you think water got up in the motor or was it already getting ready to quit?  Glad you got to see the doctor and I really hope he gets you back on track and your B/p down. 


I off here for 2 or 3 days and already missed a lot. I will catch up when I can. 


I have been on a canning frenzy. Got 18 pints of eye of round canned up. Made succotash and canned that as well as sautéed okra. Thinking about making more soups. They are a fast meal when I am too tired to cook. Might need to start looking for more pint canning jars. I am really going through them. 

Dehydrated corn, butter beans, and mixed veggies from freezer so far. It has been a busy few days. and going to get busier. 


Haven't been keeping up with the news either. So not sure what is going on at this point and I really don't think I care at this point. But I was told by a neighbor that we may be gearing up to go to war with China. Hope they are wrong on that one. But anything is possible at this rate. 


Tomorrow, I have to pick up my prescriptions from Harris Teeter. So will look around at the sales and see if there is anything I can add to my pantry. Though I think I am ok. But never hurts to look around. They aways have a couple of baskets of reduced items they are trying to get rid of, so will look at that to see what they have. Sometimes it's a dented can of something or vitamins that are getting closer to going out of date. Dented cans I will use up though as for longer term I won't trust them. 

Cutting up meat and hauling wood has messed up my shoulder again. It is hurting pretty bad now. Will take a muscle relaxer tonight and am seeing the doctor later this month and will talk to him about it. 

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Thanks Littlesister. I really miss canning. It's not possible now with no running water. Then construction will begin. Ugh. I have a bunch of canned tomatoes I want to re-can in quart jars. I'd rather have them stored up in glass jars rather than metal cans. I only need about a dozen. Maybe haul them to Indiana.


The fridge is on me. I had a feeling it was on its last leg a month ago. Can't complain too much as it was about 35 years old. I can't believe it lasted that long but we had it before we moved here. We bought it at Sears in 1985. It's a side by side and still looks great. Almond color. Pre stainless steel. :D

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We have that fridge/freezer in almond too, Jeepers.  Still working but it's the basement fridge.  Have [probably older] white model upstairs.  Glad your doc is getting you settled back with meds you need.  Told my doc yesterday that I only need one half Unisom at a rate of less than once a week now.  :happy0203:  I'm downright excited to be sleeping better!  DH did fill the script for ...whatever sleep med.  If things get really tough, I might need it.  I'd like a vacation from really tough tho!  Praying that you get things eventually settled too, Jeepers!


Miki.... :amen:   for your dh to be home.  So much more comfortable but ...I.V. treatment?  Is that complicated or do you have a medical background?  Or does he have a  [pic] line?  Is that the right term?  ....so you don't have to find a vein?  Still.... :pray:  that goes well.  At home care saves a lot of money and is probably much healthier.  

Momo....good to hear from you.  To have a handyman you can trust is invaluable in this era.  :thumbs: 


LittleSister...wow, you're going to have a great huge stash with everything from veggies to meat and soup!  :canning:   I'd love to do that....but then, I'd love to do a lot of things ....  :shrug: 


I did get to my doc yesterday.  Had talk about MS.  She's sure it's MS tho the MRI doesn't show.  She did some blood tests...still just ruling out ANYthing else.  Also MRI of mid and lower back.  I have to schedule that....think I might wait til we get both vehicles worked on.  I am being open with her now....told her of my usual falls without injury.  Just annoying.  But also about 2 recent falls that were more into 'injury' category.  Black eye from missing the stair step, etc.  If we're getting into this, she needs to know the whole story.  New to me tho....  Usually don't say much about my falls and things. ...to doctors, anyway.  :whistling:


We've gotten down below zero every night for past several days.  Sunny days are still cold but feel better.  B)    Got to Bible Study with the women today.  Very refreshing to get out among people again.  DH dropped me off on his way to work.  Another lady took me home....but I told her not to try to go up our icy driveway.  She did walk up with me to carry my heavy bag/purse.  The skid marks from yesterday's near fiasco are still obvious.  We have one spot that is highly dangerous when it's icy.  DH knows now to keep my truck in 4-wheel until he gets out of our driveway.  It's a mess of ice coming up onto the road....but far worse coming down from the house.  Especially if the sun has been melting a nice slick glaze on it...which is what happened yesterday.  Whheeeeeeeeeeee.......yyowza!  :blink: 


OKAY...going to head for bed.  Not below zero yet tonite.


MtRider  :offtobed:

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Good morning!
I will walk first, before rain starts--all day event again.
I will come up with a side dish to serve with spaghetti pie tomorrow for company. A salad and garlic bread, for sure, but not betting that everyone will want salad.
Take care of DH IV antibiotics 3 times.
Make popcorn.
Bible study this evening.


7 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Or does he have a  [pic] line?  Is that the right term?

He has a mid-line.  Not sure what the difference is.  It is a bit complicated (to me).  A lot of steps to follow.  Glad the nurse wrote them all down for me.  So far, so good.  Already did his first dose this morning.


I'm glad you got into the new doc and that you like him, @Jeepers!  Sounds like he  (almost) listens.  What new sleep med is he trying you on?  I hate it when they experiment!


I'm glad that you are getting some canning done, @Littlesister!  And dehydrating!


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Miki, he wanted to put me on Seroquel but I balked at that. I knew it was for Bi-polar and schizophrenia (sp) and I'm not either one of those. Just the sound of it seemed harsh. He said it is given at a very low dose for sleep issues but I don't think I want it for my first line of defense just as a sleep aid. I'm not saying never. Just not right now. 


He prescribed Mirtazapine. I looked it up. It says it's an antidepressant. I don't really need that but it seems like all the sleep meds say they are an antidepressant. You are supposed to take it every night. I don't want that. What I like about Ambien is I could take it occasionally to get back on track and not take it for a week or two. I don't want to take a med every night. It said if you stop taking it all of the sudden you could have side effects like nausea, vomiting etc. Also it can cause increased appetite with weight gain. And dry mouth which I already suffer from. I don't know. It doesn't sound very appealing for me.    


He said he doesn't prescribe Ambien because it is a controlled substance. Hope he isn't one who never prescribes a controlled substance, They have a place in the world. And he said Ambien can have a cumulative effect. That's why I like it...I don't have to take it often. 


I read the print out they give you. It said to stop taking garlic and CoQ-10 capsules. Also the baby aspirin. If I have to take a statin then I sure want to take CoQ-10. I don't know. I'll be glad to get a doctor in Indiana. By it being a college town over there I THINK it might be a little more 'open'.  Maybe not?


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My insurance adjustor just called. We bonded. :008Laughing:


We were talking about my living conditions and I made a flippant comment about how I felt like I was living off grid. He started in. He said he lives off grid at his family farm in Georgia. Lots of acreage. His parents live on another farm in Tennessee. That's his BOL. We talked a little about prepping and food preservation. Primarily canning and dehydrating. Don't know if I mentioned it or not but my contractor is a prepper too. He went into detail about what he has. There are A LOT of us out there. Anyway, it was a productive conversation with the adjustor. He needs an itemized list from the contractor yet to see what all they will pay for and I have to pay the contractor my deductible. $1,600. I'll put it on the charge card and get reward points back for gift cards. That will be enough to pay for new curtains etc. that the condensation in here caused. Nothing fancy. Just clean and dry. I had just a little ray of sunshine today. 

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What's the first rule of cutting hot peppers?:tapfoot:


What happens when you get distracted after cutting hot peppers?:sigh:



(As an aside, the toothpaste trick works pretty well.)

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Let me just say this. If you think you are going to need doctoring, do it now! Do not wait.


Our system is so messed up. I was looking at the print out again that I got from the doctor yesterday. I need some lab work for med dosages. But it didn't say when or where to go or who to call. Do I need an appointment or just a walk in? I had no clue and the paper didn't say.  Where?!  Fortunately, the doctor office is just a couple of blocks away so I dropped in. They didn't know either. So they took me in a room and did a blood draw right then and there. Fortunately, again, I hadn't eaten yet. There is so much incompetence happening right now. And it took me a month to get that appointment there. And another thing that I found eerie is when I went in, just like yesterday, there were no patients in there. There could have been someone in one of the rooms. I did try to see if the other doors were open. It looked like they were. Eerie really described the place. Too quiet ya know. It isn't that the doctors are over run with patients. The problem is there isn't enough staff just like the nurse told me yesterday when she said I'd have to go somewhere else to have a simple blood pressure read. 


Then I went to pick up my meds at the pharmacy. I realized after I got home that they didn't fill two of them. One was my blood pressure med. They said it wouldn't be ready until tomorrow. That will total a three day delay in the BP med. The other was for cholesterol. I didn't understand what he was talking about. He said the insurance would only cover one pill at a time until my doctor calls in. I have no idea what that means. One pill at a time??? Maybe they are having a pill shortage and don't want to say. I don't know. Who only covers one pill at a time? And I have good insurance. Medicare and a good supplemental plan. Plus Silver Script prescription plan. 


I will be the first to admit I don't know about the inner workings of the health care field. Not even close. But if I was Spider-Man my Spidey-Sense would be going off.  


Right now I'm just glad I'm going to the doctor for med updates that my previous NP prescribed because my confidence level is not exactly soaring. :pout:

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Always wear gloves when cutting hot peppers. I have a pair of clear safety glasses I wear when cutting anything hot. yeah, those ghost peppers will get you every time. 

Jeepers, I hope he is not a doctor that lost his lic. to prescribe controlled substances. We have a few of those doctors around here.  Glad to know we aren't the only crazy people around prepping. I'm surprised they told you they are prepping. Would be interesting to know what they are doing to prepare. But I don't think they would let too much out of the bag.


No canning nor dehydrating today.  Had to put away what I have canned. Filled the shelving units to the brim and now having to put under the bed. I hate that but it will have to do for now. Cleaned kitchen and mopped floor. Have everything ready to start canning again hopefully tomorrow or day after. Went to Harris Teeter to pick up prescriptions. And then walked through the store. They had some good sales. GS left me a list of things he wanted. I got some things, but he has an I want issue and then doesn't eat it. So, I am not buying for him like I was. He wanted blueberries which is fine, but he hasn't even eaten what is in fridge. This is how it is with him. So, he wants it, he can buy it. His Granddad used to tell him when he was younger that if he orders it, he better eat it. I had to remind him of that and that that rule still stands. No wasting food around here. 


I am thinking about dehydrating fruit rollups again. GS used to love those. Been a long time since I did that.


Bought in the wood from garage and then went out and refilled the cart and bought into garage to dry out. It has been raining off and on past couple of days or so. It will be good and dry by the time I need it.  Yes, my shoulder and arm are killing me again. I need to get the wagon or wheel barrel out of the shed and start using that as it might be easier on my shoulder to bring up to garage. Last 2 or 3 days have been low 40's and going to get colder over the next 2 or 3days. 


Just talked with my neighbor and his father is in rehab. They are bringing him back home as he sat in physical therapy for 5 hours and they just let him sit there. Nothing to drink or eat. Never did therapy on him at all. So, the nursing home is out. They are going to get him help another way. The medical and nursing homes are really starting to get a lot worse. If you do find a good doctor, try to hang on to him or her. They are far and few between. 



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The doctor told me that he had a patient who ended up in ICU because he prescribed him Ambien. Actually the generic. It builds up in your system over time and that's what happened to that guy. Slow release. He just kept taking it and taking it. But I never let it build up. I would take it like a week and then off a few weeks just to get regulated. But now he is afraid to prescribe it...CoverYourA55. One bad experience for him so now I guess he is afraid. There are side effects for everything... 


The contractor saw my buckets of food and told me all about the buckets of food he has too. Also the Mountain House stash he has. He also said he bought a lot of powdered eggs. Both Augason Farms and Ova Easy. And he said he has meds including antibiotics, ivermectin and that other one I can't think of. He showed me about how big the room is in his basement where he has things stored. Pretty big. Said he has a lot of tinned meat too. I noticed men prep differently from women. 


The adjuster said he lives off grid on his parents farm in Georgia. His bug out location is at another of his parent's farm in Tennessee where they live. We talked briefly about the world situation and he said he thought there for awhile last year that he was going to have to go to Tennessee. I don't really know what he meant by that. I just said, "I know what you mean." If he lives in the Atlanta area, I can understand his uneasiness. 


That's all I know.  

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I talked to a pharmacist assistant tonight concerning the cholesterol drug they are holding up. The dosage says to take 1 and 1/2 pills a day. The insurance will only pay for one pill a day but not the half until they talk to the doctor. Pretty lame huh?


I don't know why the doctor ordered that extra half. I never took 1 1/2 before. And especially without checking my lab work to see how much I really need. I waited a month for this? I'm just venting. But I am getting tired of double checking up on medical people. I'm still not forgetting they gave amoxicillin at the clinic. Mercy. Another reason I'm not going to start in with an allergist right now. I can't do everyone's job for them. :008Laughing:

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Jeepers, I do know all too well the workings of a doctor's office and the things they do. Number one is they get kickbacks on medication if they describe it. Doesn't matter if it is the right one for you or not. I went through that with a heart doctor several years ago with DH. he kept putting him on Lipitor. He got kickbacks from the manufacture. Well DH's leg muscles were giving out on him because of it and is one of the bad side effects of it. He had to have a heart monitor test to see if he needed a pacemaker. He failed it and did need one. When I took him back to the doctor, he wanted to up his Lipitor which is for cholesterol. His levels were very low, in the 40's. Trig. where in the 30's.  He didn't need that medication and I told the doctor he wasn't taken any longer. He got really mad and said if he didn't take it, he was not getting the pacemaker. Huge mistake on his part. I fired him on the spot. I told him that Lipitor destroys the muscles and what the hell did he think the heart was but a muscle. Even his PA took up for us. And reminded him that he wanted to do a 48-hour halter monitor test. He told her he wasn't going to do it unless he went back on Lipitor. I just told her that was ok. He was not going back on it, and I wasn't supplying his kickback. We left after I fired him, and I went around to the front desk and had DH sign for his records. We got another heart doctor within a couple of days, and he said DH met all requirements for the pacemaker. He also said he will never prescribe Lipitor, Zocor or Crestor to any of his patients because of the muscle side effects. And he said DH already had side effects because of the Lipitor and I was right to take him off it. He would prescribe pravastatin as it is an old drug but with much less side effects. But that at this point he doesn't need it. When I worked in the doctor's office, I had to deal with insurances a lot over medication. Sometimes an insurance company would decide they were not going to pay for a drug a patient was on any longer and then the doctor would have to work with the patient to find another med that would work for that patient. I delt with one that the doctor spent a good 3 years trying to find a combination of blood pressure pills that would bring this one patient's blood pressure down. He found that combination of 3 different pills. She had been on it for several years and it kept her B/P normal all that time. Her insurance company decided they would no longer pay for 2 of those pills and they won't cheap. I had to call and explain what this patient had gone through to get her B/p down to normal and it was the only combination that would work for her. I had to put up a big fight for her. Faxed over med. records showing the mess we went through to find that combination of meds and she needed to be on that, and they needed to make an exception. Yes, I won that battle, but it was a struggle. 


So, them putting you on 1 and a half pills. That should not be an issue. If you are getting a 30-day supply, then the whole pill would be 30 pills and the half pill would be 15 pills. Insurance should see that and pay for it. Both are the same mg. You are just cutting one in half. It doesn't matter if it's 30 days or 90 days it works the same way. 


Also, the doctor should not be putting you on it till he sees your chol. levels to know for sure how much you really need to take. 

Also, on the Ambien, it sounds more like the patient was at fault than the doctor and the doctor now have cold feet about prescribing it. It can and does build up in your body over time, but it is in the liver. That is why I always do a liver cleanse and take live 52 every day. It keeps the meds from building up in the liver. Not to mention fatty liver that also needs to be delt with. 


DH had the pacemaker within a week of seeing the new heart doctor.


Hope that helps you out on it and how doctors and insurance both work.

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Luigi likes laps.




Today we finished up some supply gathering.  Got the list of when the various breeds of chickens are available at the Smith Feed store...their prices and selection are soooo much better than Tractor Supply!  15 chicken breeds, turkeys, guineas, 3 kinds of ducks.  The lady clerk talked about her chickens with Mary, and now we will be getting a dozen....4 New Hampshire reds, 4 Buff orpingtons, and 4 Anericaunas.....eggs of every color!   We gave our surplus small chicken coop to a neighbor who had captured the chickens abandoned by folks who moved.  He is a good neighbor, and mechanically inclined, and never asks for money when he helps us out with some electrical something-or-other that is having fits.  So we were glad to save him the $250 that that size coop costs around here.  We are ordering a very large fenced chicken run (with roof and partially covered) for the new flock.  We figure 12 hens should supplement our egg supply nicely (we eat a LOT of eggs) with a few extras to share with friends.  Dont want too many though, we do not want to have to spend b ig bucks for an agriculture permit.  So 12 is our limit.


We went out to IHOP for my birthday, and Mary got me 2 nice comfy t shirt style lounging/sleeping gowns.  I fooled around surfing the net for Starbucks copy cat recipes to see if I could find one to duplicate our friends' favorite drink (I did), then went off on a tangent with flavored syrup recipes.  Remember when IHOP had several flavors of syrup?  No more.  Heck, that was half the fun, eating an "exotic" flavored syrup.  Found a great big batch of them.  I will post them over with the recipes.  They should make pancake day much more fun, LOL.  

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