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Littlesister   :hug3:


Well. I'm back to square one with the house again. For the past two days the sump pump ran continuously and there was still about 2 feet of water in the basement. And I noticed it's getting a little colder in here. I called the contractor. He came out with a master plumber. It wasn't the sump pump running. It was the water softener spewing out water. A lot of water! All that water has made the new furnace stop working. HOPEFULLY, after the water recedes (and it is) the furnace can be restarted. Pray it isn't ruined. They also had to turn off the water because of all the condensation building up in here. It is bad. All the windows and mirrors are steamed up. Everything is still wet and getting worse. The hold up is 1. the water and 2. getting the insurance mediator in here to say what they will pay the contractor to do. 


The itching is a lot better. I'm spending the next couple of nights in a hotel. I'm going to buy a smallish suitcase to make it easier to go to and from a hotel. I just have shoulder tote and it gets heavy. 


I'll be glad when summer gets here. At least it will be hot and dry. :rolleyes:

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Littlesister It's really hard having family living with you that didn't grow up under the best guidance. I had my cousin and her son move in with us a few years ago and eventually she moved out and left him with me, and I had to ask him to leave after he turned 18 as he wouldn't stop swearing all the time and had no plans. He went to his dads for awhile and then landed back with his mom and got a job. Wasn't my kid but I still felt bad asking him to leave even though he wouldn't abide by my rules. I am not having anyone else not my own child live with us anymore. Have also had my daughter's friend live with us when she was in HS and that worked out ok but had ups and downs with her smoking pot (not inside my house) but I cannot abide the smell even just on others clothing so I really understand why you want him to move out. Hugs.

Midnightmom I hope you can reconcile with your son. 

Jeepers hope your rash calms down soon being that itchy is miserable. Access to good medical care is really hard right now in so many places.

Miki I hope your husband recovers soon! Praying

Annarchy so glad your washer works so great! I went back to a top loader and works so much better than the front loader I had before.

I've been working a lot and will be working even more due to my counterpart leaving in 2 wks (I will likely have to take on some of their responsibilities) and the repair on the ceiling has been coming along nicely. Plaster is gone and drywall is up and taped/1st layer of mud on it. They are letting it dry overnight then will sand and do another coat tomorrow. Holes in the other rooms are patched. I feel like it will look really good when done. I bought a nice medallion for the light fixture which they are putting in for me as well. I'll share pics when it's all done.

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Miki, praying your DH is doing much better and will be back home soon.


Jeepers, glad the itching is getting better.  Just hope your house is going to get repaired soon. Seems you had a bit of a setback. Hope it didn't mess up the furnace. 


Annarchy,  Glad you now have a great washing machine.  I need to get one that doesn't have that agitator in the middle. Can't wash the bedspreads or mattress pads in it.  Have to use my neighbor's washer for that. 


Midnightmom, I hope and pray that you and your son can reconcile and get things patched up again. 


Tonight is my GS's early night. He was home at 10;30.  Gave him the contract and told him to read it. Don't think he read all of it but did sign it. Told him he had to pay off his car, get the new one and then save up again for his apartment. Told him this is his last chance. And I am moving the date to move out to July 1st as it was March 1st, and I should just kick him out on that date. But I am giving him his last chance to get it together.  So, he now knows I don't care if he has a car or the money for an apartment he will be out of here on July 1st. No more chances as he used up his last chance. Also, in that contract the pot stops. Though I know it won't. So told him the smell in his room best disappear and all of this is on him. So will see what happens. He will not follow through on anything.  I told him the other day I was putting the house up for sale. So tonight, he wanted to know where I was moving to. Just told him out of VA and left it at that. 


Got tomato soup made and ready to be canned tomorrow morning.  Warmer today, so cleaned out the wood stove and cleaned the glass. Filled up the log holder in den and then went out and refilled the log holder to bring into garage. I have almost gone through half of the wood. So at least this is giving me an idea of how much I use during the winter months.  Want to get at least 3 to 4 cords of wood before next winter. Guess I will need it when they cut off our natural gas. Still don't see how they can do that. But I won't go there.  They are now trying to take Newsmax off the air. This is really getting out of hand. 

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Oye.....everyone is under such struggles these days.  :(    Pressure cooker set on HIGH lately?  Praying for all of you...with all the issues.  :amen:  for Annarchy's washer!  I'm never getting rid of mine either.  My mom hates the new ones.


DH and I had a big day "in town" .  Lot's of places to pick up one or two things.  GOT to get this laptop backed up.  Somehow I've had it a year or more and never backed it up.  :faint3:  Now have a thumb drive.  Tomorrow...if my brain will work. 


I finally got back in to dermatologist about this "skin tag" thing that grows in the corner of my L eye.  She took it off a year ago with that superCOLD stuff.  It grew back.  It tore off while I slept in Oct...and it grew back.  So finally got in to her again.  This time she dabbed on some lidocane and snipped it off...then cauterized it.  Smell of my flesh burning.  Oye.  Will send the bitty thing into lab, JIC.  


Didn't hurt til lidicane wore off.  Tues $10 pizza so that was our plan for supper after this long day.  I took a Nuprin right away and soon took another one while waiting for pizza.  OWWWWWWW.   Doesn't help that it's the same eye that I bashed into the stairs a few wks ago.  The skin thing was right near the nose.  The stair-bashing contact point was lower eye ridge bone all the way other side.  They joined hands and IT ALL HURT!   All the way home.  Thankful that the Nuprin finally kicked in so we could haul all stuff and dog up the stairs.  Set oven.  Toss in pizza.  Eat!  Whew...  


BTW.....now that same L eye is all swelled underneath the eye and purple/red....again.  "Black eyes" seem to be a contest between my mom and I.  Sheeesh. 


Bedtime and I'll need another Nuprin.  Even glasses [to see computer screen] are hurting.   Hoping this will not keep me awake....hope to attend Women's Bible study regroup tomorrow.  ....or not.  Hope to find a ride if I can get myself there this time.  We'll see.


MtRider  :offtobed:    :pray:   ...stay safe, y'all!

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We sure do all have our struggles @Mt_Rider!  How is your mom doing now?

Somehow, I missed that you got a new washer @Annarchy.  Always good to have one that works well.

Try to find a minute for yourself @Becca_Anne.  Sounds like too much responsibility to me.

Not sure how I missed that your rash is better @Jeepers, but I'm glad it is!


I may walk first this morning.

Go see DH and help him in shower.  He doesn't want to ask nurses.

Aldi for fruit and veggies.

Thrift store to donate stuff.  I went crazy cleaning and then decluttered a couple of kitchen drawers.  I will hit a couple more today.

Home and sweep house.

Not sure about Bible study tonight.  Puppies are used to someone being home at night.  I may skip it.


DH is taking longer to respond to IV antibiotics this time.  I will see how he is today, although he thinks he will be there a few more days.

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Mt Rider sorry your eye is ouchie and hope it heals up well.

Littlesister glad your GS signed the contract hopefully all of this will have the longterm effect of him growing up a bit more.

Miki hope your DH improves and can go home soon. Hospitals are helpful when you need them but not the most restful environment.

It snowed a lot last night so workers didn't come today I told them to stay safe it was pretty slick out there. So it's going to be a bit longer until we are done. Just keep reminding myself it's the long term that matters and thankful I have a way to work out of the dust upstairs.

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Got the tomato soup canned. While digging in chest freezer, I found a lot of different veggies I had bought on sale a few months ago. So will be dehydrating them hopefully tomorrow. Just kept busy today. Will some beef tomorrow but want to do something different than just canning the meat as is. Checking the canning books on that for recipes. 


Made up a new contract for GS. Made him read and sign it.  Told him he best get his car paid off, get his new car and have an apartment by July 1st and that this will be his final warning. I will not say anything else to him. He is on his own to get this done. the contract also states that if he does not have an apartment by July 1st, it's too bad because he is getting out of my house July 1st no if's, An's or butts, you are moving out. As for the smell in his room it is also in contract the smell is on him and he best make it disappear. There is a lot more in it and it is posted on the fridge, and I have another copy. Both were signed by him. I just hope he gets his act together by then as it will be hard to kick him out on street, but I know that come July 1st that is what will happen. 


I have been going through a lot of things over the past few weeks. Getting things more organized. I am making a list of all the things that I need. These are things I am very low on or do not have but need. All are nonfood items. If I buy any more food, it will only be hard red and white wheat berries. I would like to try to build everything up to last at least a year and try to maintain that. 

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I helped DH with a shower in hospital, yesterday.  He had pretty rough breathing afterwards.  I hope they keep hime through the weekend, so he doesn't end up having to come right back.  Give him a chance to breathe normally.


Today, I have to run to local grocery for chicken and sweet potatoes for dogs.


Make DH's bed after washing sheets, yesterday.

Walk dogs.

Cut carrots for dog treats.

Declutter a few junk drawers.

Hope to go to Bible study this evening since I skipped yesterday's.

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4 hours ago, Ambergris said:

Miki, how do you prepare the sweet potatoes?  I would just dehydrate them enough to get them leathery and get rid of the stickiness.

I dehydrate  them  in the  oven on 225 degrees for about 4 hours, turning  once  or twice. The  pups and I prefer  them  crispy. 

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Miki, I pray your DH gets better soon. 


Got all the food put away that I canned. And the veggies I dehydrated all put away as well. Got the last of the boxes emptied and everything put where it needed to go. Finally glad to see the last of those boxes out of bedroom. Need to make a trip to Good Will in the morning. 


Watched Newsmax for a bit as I wanted to catch up on what is going on in the world. Not looking good. Said there is a Russian nuclear ship just off the Atlantic coast. Not a good sign as they also said that after the world meeting in Switzerland that they have moved the doomsday clock to one and a half minutes to midnight. Closest we have ever been toward a nuclear war. 



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Praying for Miki's dh!!! 


Praying for LittleSister's GS.....that God will enlighten him on the word "maturity".  Still acting like he's in junior high. 


My eye ...not really hurting now.  Just really want that skin tag thing to stay away this time.  Still looks purple and spots of cauterization. 


I've had a real blessing this week.  As some of you remember, years ago I used to lead the women's Bible study at my small mountain church.  Eventually I was struggling and also the needs of my folks had increased.  The church ended the Bible study....tho I don't know why that happened.  Still a lot of ladies coming but older ones were passing too. 


So during the past 5+ yrs, many things changed in my life.  Many friends got old and cold....and moved to warmer climates.  Some passed away.  Some retired somewhere closer to their kids.  Meanwhile, DH and I focused all my available energy on my folks needs.  No regrets but now that my dad's passed and my mom's moved away....DH and I look around an realize....hmmm, no one is here anymore.  :scratchhead:    We spent Thanksgiving/Christmas with just us and not really a big deal.  But....tho we get on with each other very well, we do need some socialization.  ;)  or we'll turn into a couple of old hermits on our mountain.  And it's not the right time financially yet to move back to Maui.


THEN  :)  my church started up the Women's Bible study again!  :amen:   I managed to drive myself there....  I'd gotten more review of driving this summer with Mom.  I have driven alllll sorts of big and small - private and commercial in my former life.  So driving highway for a few miles shouldn't be a big deal.  I do worry about having a fatigue or heat meltdown tho.  But I even managed to get gas in truck before arriving.  


It was wonderful to see that half of the ladies present are ones I know so well from all these past years.  The other half were folks that wonder who I am.  They're new since I dropped out of sight - except for those on the Prayer Request Emails that I've continued to run.  It was a meet N greet this week.  Then begin next week.  I may have a back up for getting home if I fade out.  Someone will get me home. 


I'm very comfortable with living with not much social life.  But zero social life.....I did want to change that.  Even tho this will cost me energy that hasn't really been fully restored.  { ..... like my knees collapsing to the floor earlier today}  Well, that's still to be expected.  This isn't a Bible study with lots of homework....GOOD!  Not able to handle a lot yet.  But this....is a good thing!  This...is a GOD thing!  :amen:    I'm excited! 


AND  ....shhhheeeeeeeshh we're cold w/o pellet stove yet.  Assume getting the part is a lengthy process?  Have been down to ZERO for a few nights and MINUS 13* last nite.  Down comforter in the rooms that are holding heat.  Left the [rotten] furnace up to 80* and at NO point did it feel like even 65* in here last nite.  This morning was freezing!  :frozen:    INSIDE!   [not quite literally .. ]  But DH finally remembered we have a rather inefficient space heater in basement.  Turned that on this afternoon and it feels normal.  Still wearing layers of clothes but comfortable. 


Both vehicles started up this morning...at zero degrees.  Dropped the car off for mech to look at it.  Check engine light [allegedly indicating 4th gear of transmission] went off after all these months of DH working extra client for $$.  He just had to replace battery tho...????  :scratchhead:   Is there a tranny problem or not?   So mech will look at it......after he gets back.  Had to rush his wife into town for appendectomy.  :blink:  Sheeesh!  :pray:  


Life is like standing in the surf zone of the ocean.  Constantly coming and coming...little waves, big waves, occasional  TSUNAMI WAVES ......  And ya just keep timing it and standing firm or diving under till it passes.  But....it's life.  Those who stay well back and sit on the beach...they don't know life like that.  Tsunami type waves might reach them, but rarely.  :shrug:    My place seems to have always been in the ocean and experiencing the waves.  Anyone else feel like that?

wave.png         :darthduck:



MtRider  :pray:  :amen:  :pray:  



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I'm so glad that you will have a Bible study again, @Mt_Rider!  That has gotten me through so much here in our newer home place.  I sure hope you get your pellet stove going soon- that the part comes in.


Thank you all for the prayers for DH!  He actually sounded a little better last night.  He still thinks he will be there through the weekend and I hope he is correct.


Today, I will make sweet potato treats for the pups.

Cut up carrots for pups.


Continue de-cluttering.

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Mt Rider so glad you have your bible study again! I understand the need for some social interaction too. Now that I am working from home it really helps to have something to look forward to. My sewing/quilting groups and my book discussion groups are just enough for me, and 4H for Ben and I feel we are getting enough social interaction for now. 

Miki so glad your DH is improving!

Littlesister  Glad you got your soup canned and making use of all those vegis. I have some pumpkins still sitting in my kitchen I am going to process this weekend. I'm going to make pumpkin bread and put the rest in the freezer for later. I mopped up all the plaster dust in the hall and kitchen, still waiting on the finishing parts of the ceiling he's coming back monday to prime and paint it before mounting the light fixture back up. We are also looking at replacing the trim with crown molding so we'll see if that is in the budget. Otherwise I'll have to wait on that part and save up for it. Tomorrow if quilt guild and I'm going to start working on my new grandbaby's quilt. I found the perfect fabric to coordinate with the panels I picked out and the green matches just right so I'm excited to see how it turns out. I am starting to look at all the seed catalogs and think of spring too so will probably put in an order this weekend and plot out what I am planting.



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Cleaned house this morning, washed sheets, and cleaned bathrooms. Gave up on GS cleaning his bathroom. It's not going to happen. So, I cleaned his as well. As for his bedroom, He can sleep in a dirty bed. He wouldn't wash his sheets and it is now over 2 months since I last washed them. I'm not washing them anymore. Will just keep the bedroom door closed.  He sometimes acts like a 2-year-old. Never off the cell phone unless he is sleeping. 


Becca Anne hope you get that leak fixed soon.


Mt. Rider, hope your eye is doing better and the skin tag doesn't come back.  And glad your Bible study classes are starting up again.  I am hoping ours starts back up soon. They are talking about it but then we haven't really started back fully for our Sunday school classes yet. Everyone is in one room for Sunday School. No real classes back yet like it was pre corvid. I know what you mean about friends at church and for me also neighbors. So many of our church members has passed on and many were friends of mine. Some are homebound and have had several neighbors that were friend of mine that have passed on. Sad times indeed. 


Miki, glad your DH is doing better. Hopefully he will be home soon but not before the lung infection is clearing up well. 


Jeepers, I hope your house is coming along. It is stressful to say the least but will look really nice when finished and will increase the value of the house. That is a good thing. 

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Thanks for prayer and concern, everyone.   Well, mom is very happy to be home so that's good.  But..... I fell hard again today.  The weird thing is, I'm not sure what caused it?  :sigh:


I was dressed very warm for night chores with ducks/geese and walk dog.  Insulated coveralls and neck scarf and hat/gloves.  Had started a load of laundry in basement.  Filled big Reliance jug with warm water for birds.  Came out of the basement door [back half of basement is built into the hill and this side is on ground level.  I was pulling the child's sled off the stack of stuff.....I need that to transport water jug when I'm walking.  DH had my truck to work today while his car is 'in the shop'. 


Something happened....I think I was pulling on something that was stuck...and then gave way.  I was thrown backwards and SLAMMED into the basement door.  That would have been fine but as I hit the door, I heard the screech as it opened.  [shoot!  it wasn't closed all the way to latch]  As it opened, it deposited me with still considerable backwards force, back into the basement.  It had slowed down the momentum.  Next collision was my rear on the cement floor, followed by laying flat down on my back.  Must have stopped the force in time to save cracking the back of my head. 


:scratchhead:     Wha....  What happened?   I was a bit stunned both mentally and physically.  I didn't move but thot...well, I DO have my cordless phone AND the push-the-emergency button necklace.   :0327:   Sheeeeeeesh!  What is going on these past couple months?  2 black eyes and this is the third assult on my poor neck muscles.  Good thing I had tight scarf around my neck...supportive.  But I was feeling the SLAM for sure.  


Eventually I carefully got to my feet again.  VERY carefully got the sled, water, dog, and me down driveway to take care of the birds.  Told them: hurry up and eat cuz dog, sled, empty jug, 1 goose/1 duck egg and I have to get back up that hill and into the house!  Lots of slick packed snow.  But no further slips, slides, or flying backwards into doors. 


Got back inside house.  Took 2 Nuprin  {this is getting to be a habit}  :(   and lay on bed for a while.  This evening it's been ok.  DH can't adjust my neck until tomorrow...or I'll get a monster headache, for sure.  He did rub arnica gel all over my neck/back.  Sheesh, that stuff is COLD!  But I'm feeling ok now.  He'll see what neck damage I took this time.  1st ...the dog spun - hit my chin with her rear and sent my head twisting.  2nd ...the horse dove into a gallop up the hill instead of a slow trot....snapped my head backwards so hard my hat fell off.  Now this.  :scratchhead:   My neck hasn't bothered me in years...due to chiro care.  What's up with this??   Grateful for in-house chiro!!!   :amen:


Can't figure why I can't remember WHY I suddenly was slamming backwards tho...  Musta knocked memory right outta me. 


   ....Dear God, can I please have a boring life for just a while?  :pray:    But yes, thank YOU, cuz tonite could have been a lot worse.


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Mt. Rider, you didn't need that to happen. Glad you are ok. Just hope there will not be any problems from the fall later today.  Take it easy and rest today. 


Speaking of necks. I woke up with my neck bothering me. I think I slept wrong. Got up and took some Advil. Just waiting for it to kick in. 


Walked into den and GS is asleep on couch. Both lights were on in front yard, and I could smell that vape or whatever he was smoking. That must be his new nighttime place to smoke. I had been smelling it fainty in living room the past few days. So will be having another talk with him. He is not going to go out front door. to vape. This is getting to be an issue with him. One I am going to nip in the bud very soon. 

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Today, I will walk first.
See DH at hospital and help with shower.
Come home and walk dogs.
Move a few items to shed.
Do tomorrow's Sunday School lesson.
Make a couple of calls.
Organize vitamin and supplement cabinet.


Wow!  Mt Rider and yikes!  Try to rest today!

Becca Anne, glad that your repairs are still moving along!

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Went through the chest freezer again to see what else I could pull out to can. Found a whole chicken in there, so that is in slow cooker. Will have that for dinner and will more than likely be 3 meals from it. might make some chicken and dumplings for one meal.  There is more beef and still frozen veggies that i will pull out to dehydrate.  I think I will just keep the canners in the kitchen till I get the freezer emptied. I have 6lbs of butter I need to move from the fridge to the freezer. They are in 3 lb. packs each so need to cut into smaller portions for the freezer. Have to dig out my small containers for that. 


Mopped kitchen and den floors also. It is going to be a bit warmer for a couple of days so will be in garage tearing down boxes and cleaning up out there. I need to find a better way to organize stuff out there. It is where I keep my cleaning supplies and such. So just a matter of reorganizing all of it. I need to move DH's work bench and put under a window for the things I will be growing out there. Pricing the grow lights now. Hoping for a good sale. 

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Despite our plunge into below zero night temps....I've been thinking too about lettuce types, other things we can hang from the porch rafters or the frame of the greenhouse.  Greenhouse doesn't work on our windy hill.  Or rather, the quality of plastic cover I used does not.  Ripped to shreds ...TWICE!  But if we securely hang things, maybe with bungies to stabilize the rocking.  Less chance of squirrels, and other green nibblers to destroy our work.  Didn't really get to participate in the Porch Garden Challenge last summer.  But I've got my intentions pointed that way for 2023.  Neeeeeed some GREEN in my life again!  :lois:     ....as the wind blows across snow and belies the thermometer's claim of 40*.  Hmph!  :frozen:  


I slept ok...slightly raised the hospital bed we have in one bedroom.  DH did the chiro thing later and there was things out of place.  I've been pondering on WHAT happened to slam me into the door...and floor.  And WHY don't I remember it.  Back of head is slightly tender so it made connection to either door or floor...or both.  Is that why I don't remember?  :scratchhead: 


Then another theory:  If I'd lugged the water jug onto the sled....then backed up a couple steps.....and if my heel caught on the board in front of that door......   :0327:    ANY TIME I run into something with the back of a heel, I fall backwards.  It hasn't always been this way.  I remember it starting while on Maui.  MS...I assume?   But that's the only thing that makes sense, beyond extraterrestrial attack.  ;)  But the force required to open that stuck door....still makes that a bit doubtful.  :shrug:  


I made a list of things to talk to doc about next week.  Yeah...we'll talk neurology a bit.  I've gone to the floor [controlled but quickly] twice today.  Just suddenly lose "leg cohesion".   DH was home so I didn't feed birds or walk dog.  I did go down/up stairs for laundry and tools.  I was repairing something


Annarchy....whats happening if you suddenly lose sight of the cursor on the screen?????  Mine just disappeared again.  Does it mean is past time to get this whole laptop backed up on a thumbdrive?  WEIRD...typing blind.  Computer needs to rest and so do I.... Nite all.  :pray: for Miki's DH. 

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Mt_Rider, and others, if you are hungry for greens why not grow sprouts?  They need no light unless you want to’green’ them at the end in a window.  Just a jar, some way to screen the top of the jar, sprout seed, water for rinsing 2-3 times daily and a place to tilt the jar upside down between rinsing.  I usually have one or two going beside the sink all winter.  Ready in a week or less. This week it’s broccoli but I have variety mixes too.  Love them. 

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3 hours ago, Mother said:

Mt_Rider, and others, if you are hungry for greens why not grow sprouts?  They need no light unless you want to’green’ them at the end in a window.  Just a jar, some way to screen the top of the jar, sprout seed, water for rinsing 2-3 times daily and a place to tilt the jar upside down between rinsing.  I usually have one or two going beside the sink all winter.  Ready in a week or less. This week it’s broccoli but I have variety mixes too.  Love them. 

I've never tried to grow sprouts.  I think I will soon!  Thanks!


Try to take it easy today, Mt. Rider!  


Up early to let dogs out before rain started. Rain will be all day.
No Church--staying home in case DH is released from hospital.
Will organize vitamin and supplement cabinet.
Make venison stew.
Stay inside as much as possible! We get the cooler weather starting Friday.

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Didn't get chicken in slow cooker yesterday as it was still frozen solid. So did something else for dinner and have it in slow cooker today. Getting canning jars together to start back canning again tomorrow. Counters are cleared off and things ready to start early in morning. I have 16 or 17 lbs. of round of eye roast that I pulled out of freezer to can in morning. Will be dehydrating more vegetables as well. Mylar bags and 02 absorbers getting low so will need to order some soon. But do have enough for what I am dehydrating now. Don't want to use anymore canning jars for that as they are getting way to expensive now and still a bit hard to get. As much as I hate shopping at Wal Mart, I might make a trip there to check out their prices. Right now, the only place I can get them closer to me is at Harris Teeter and they don't always have the size I need. Hoping to get them cheaper at Wal Mart. Found a 5lb roll of hamburger for beef jerky. Might be making jerky this weekend. DH and I used to make it a lot. And since I still have what I need for it, I might as well use that up and make the jerky.  


Going to go through my books this week to check out some things I want to learn to make. Found some of the wax I was going to use for making candles and want to start making soap as well. Checked my ingredients for making my laundry detergent and I am good on that but need some more napa soap. Will check if Wal Mart has it when I go next week. 

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Sorry to hear about your struggles Mt. Rider. Especially concerning health. It seems the older we get, things just happen out of the blue. Sigh. Is your pellet stove fixed yet? Go ahead and back up your computer! My computer wouldn't start the other day and I was in a mini panic because I have all of the insurance info stored on it. What a feeling. Then I remembered I tripped on the cord the other day. Sure enough I had unplugged it and the battery was dead. The first thing I did was to get it backed up. It was 'only' about four or five months since I did it but all of the insurance stuff was new. And important.  


Miki, I hope your DH is well enough to come home soon.  :pray:



I'm missing out on a lot of chat when I'm in the hotel. I just don't like to get on the computer there. No real reason. I just seem to vegetate in front of the TV. I don't watch it at home so it's sort of a novelty I guess. I spend 90% of the time flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch. And I had no idea there were so many medical ads. The insurance is paying for the hotel but thay have a cap. I need to find out what it is. I might need it more during construction. Although I plan to spend a week or so in Indiana during that tine, assuming I'm not needed here.


I'm at home right now. With no heat! I come back to try to clear things out but it's really too cold to work in here. I had the place sort of hoarded with preps and stuff and now it is all in the way. And wet.  :sEm_blush:  I am learning a lot of lessons about the importance of being un-organized. 


I went over to my insurance agents office on Thursday and told him about my living conditions and that if something isn't done soon, the house is going to further deteriorate from the moisture. Today (Saturday) a guy called and made an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. I knew it took them about 2 weeks to send out a mediator but it was going on 3 weeks and I didn't want to get lost in the mix. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. He said he had another house around the corner from me to do the same day. 


Then the next day, (Wednesday) I finally get to see the doctor. I am feeling much better now. So I guess I'll mostly be going for blood work to start. I will mention shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea and taste bud issues too.


I'll be back in the hotel Mon. and Tue. nights in preparation for the mediator and the doctor the following days. :rolleyes:  I was going to get my hair cut last week but to be honest, the weight on the back of my neck from my hair helps to keep me warm-er. Kinda pitiful, huh. 


All things considered, I am doing pretty well. Adjusting. 

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mario and luigi




WIN_20230129_22_54_20_Pro.thumb.jpg.e12f45b7f225fc561f1eba34fcbcfde1.jpg     <<<< This is Mario.  He is 4 days older, already climbing all over 




WIN_20230129_22_57_40_Pro.jpg        <<<<<<<<<<<  This is Luigi. A little younger, a little shyer


Both are 1 week old, sit on our laps to bottle feed and live in a doggie kennel inside til they get a little size on them.  We have discovered that doggie pee pads work great for lining kennel and spreading over laps at bottle time.  The dark spots on their heads are where they were disbudded.

Mary wanted one more (so that we would have a total of four) but our seller offered two for one pricing.  He has 40 young males to sell, all kinds of colors.  All Nigerian dwarf males.  He keeps the females as he sells goat milk.  He showed me how to disbud, and next week he will band the others he sold us several months back and teach us how to trim hooves.  He's quite a nice guy.  


Chicken coops have not arrived yet, but we located a source to purchase the additional birds we want without having to ship them.  Planning on cross barred and buff orpingtons.  4 more of each.  Then that is ENOUGH already, we will have to start working up the garden soil for spring planting.  Winter garden was a wash out (literally, lol).  


Miki you need to try sprouts!   Alfalfa are quite easy, and they are a popular stand in for fresh lettuce on sandwiches and all.  I keep alfalfa seeds on hand, as well as mung beans to sprout.  They are a little harder, but ever so much tastier than any frozen or canned ones.  I got hooked on them at a Chinese restaurant my husband and I used to go to...they had them on the salad bar....Mmmmmmm!  I like them sauteed too, and mixed with mayo like coleslaw.  They have a nice crunch raw, and are tough enough to stand up to cooking.

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