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Unusual Spread of Monkey Pox -- might be human-contagious mutation

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I know I've posted this before but I don't remember where. It's very interesting and a little scary. It refreshes every 5 minutes. 

Global Incident Map Displaying Outbreaks Of All Varieties Of Diseases



People coming into contact with monkeypox are now being advised to quarantine for 3 weeks

May 23, 2022 7:16 AM EDT


Health officials in the U.K. and Belgium have introduced three-week quarantines to prevent the transmission of monkeypox, as the disease continues to spread across Europe.


In a document published Friday, the U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA) advised people who have had close contact with an infected person to self-isolate for 21 days.


No one in the U.K. with a confirmed or potential case of monkeypox is required to self-isolate by law.  


According to the UKHSA, "high risk" exposure to the virus could occur via contact with a patient’s broken skin, mouth, nose or bodily fluids, but it could also happen through contact with contaminated clothes or bedding.


High risk contacts include sexual partners, people who live in the same house, or anyone who comes into contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids, for example via a cough or sneeze, officials said.


As well as isolating for 21 days, people who have had this level of exposure to monkeypox are being told to avoid contact with immunosuppressed people, pregnant women, and children under 12 where possible.


They should also be offered a smallpox vaccine, ideally within four days but up to a maximum of 14 days after exposure, the health body said.


To date, the U.K. has confirmed 20 cases of monkeypox, with health officials expected to announce more confirmed cases on Monday.


Elsewhere, Belgium became the first country in the world to implement a compulsory 21-day quarantine for confirmed monkeypox patients on Friday.


High-risk contacts of monkeypox cases in Belgium would not be required to isolate, according to local media, but their condition would be monitored.


Belgium confirmed its first three monkeypox cases on Friday, with the three patients linked to the Darklands fetish festival, which took place between May 4 and May 9 in the Belgian city of Antwerp.


“There’s reason to assume that the virus has been brought in by visitors from abroad to the festival after recent cases in other countries,” the festival’s organizers said in a statement on Friday.


“The Risk Assessment Group of the federal government has asked Darklands to inform its guests about these infections.”


Monkeypox has an incubation period that can range from 5 to 21 days, according to the WHO.


The virus, which can cause symptoms including fever, headaches and swollen glands, causes a rash that starts as raised spots which blister and fall off.


Most countries have said people with confirmed cases of monkeypox should isolate for 21 days, with the U.S. CDC advising monkeypox patients to isolate until all crusts from the rash are gone.


As of May 21, 92 confirmed cases and 28 suspected cases of monkeypox have been reported to the WHO from 12 countries, including the U.S., Australia and Germany.


Portugal, Spain and the U.K. have the highest number of confirmed cases so far, each having reported between 21 and 30 confirmed cases to the WHO.


No fatalities from the virus have been reported.


Speaking in Geneva on Sunday, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the world was facing multiple public health crises on top of the COVID-19 pandemic.


“We face a formidable convergence of disease, drought, famine and war, fueled by climate change, inequity and geopolitical rivalry,” he said.


Health authorities in the U.K. and France have said the disease is usually “a mild self-limiting illness,” with patients generally making a full recovery within a few weeks.


There are two strains of the virus. The milder West African strain, which is the variant currently circulating in Europe and North America, has a recorded fatality rate of around 1%, experts told Fortune last week.  


Monkeypox virus outbreak: Three-week quarantine for close contact cases in U.K and Belgium | Fortune



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Dr Malone saying I shouldn't be worried about monkeypox makes me several times more worried about it than I was before.  That guy knows how to blow a horn.   


The current outbreak of monkey pox in Africa has been going on since 2017.  It travels around in Nigeria, Congo, and countries neighboring the Congo.   As previously mentioned, the version in the Congo is about ten times more likely to be fatal if untreated.


The first imported human case in a traveler from Nigeria to the US was reported on 15 July 2021.  The second time that an imported human monkeypox case was detected in a traveler to the US was in November 2021; that was in a traveler who developed a rash in Lagos, Nigeria, then traveled to Istanbul, Turkey and then traveled on to Washington DC before getting diagnosed and isolated.  In addition to these two cases, between 2018 and December 2021, six importations of human cases of monkeypox were reported in non-endemic countries in travelers from Nigeria to Israel (one case), Singapore (one case) and the United Kingdom (four cases).


Before it was considered a sexually transmitted disease, the longest documented chain of transmission was 6 generations, meaning that the last person to be infected in the chain was 6 links away from Patient Zero.  This included someone getting infected from doing the laundry of an infected person.  


Cases of monkeypox in endemic countries between 15 December 2021 to 1 May 2022




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I have just started to read up on Monkeypox. So not commenting at this time. Don't really need anything else to worry about right now as I have enough going on. I am watching it and will take precautions as needed, but right now I am just going to read up and see where this heads and what it will lead to. Though it does seem a bit strange that first Corvid and now this. Something as I have said in the past stinks and it's not good. 

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On 5/22/2022 at 5:14 AM, Jeepers said:

Midmightmom, the funniest part of that post is,  "America's favorite, most trusted doctor, Dr. Anthony Fauci"

Evidently I didn't get that memo.   :008Laughing:



Consider the source -- The Babylon Bee!!!  :lol:

Make sense now???   :coffeescreen:


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Monkeypox In Three More Countries

The Czech Republic and Slovenia reported their first cases on Tuesday. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has became the first Gulf state to record a case of monkeypox. 

In the UAE, health officials announced a case had been detected in a traveler who had recently visited west Africa.  Authorities also say they are "fully prepared" to handle any outbreak.

 There are now 237 confirmed and suspected cases of monkeypox outside Africa. 

Germany has ordered 40,000 doses of the Imvanex smallpox vaccine.  Anyone already vaccinated with a smallpox vaccine years ago should have existing immunity, German health officials said, but the new vaccine is safer than the old one.

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Here is a rather concise explanation of monkeypox by Dr. John Campbell, UK. He has almost 2.5 million followers and is certainly less political than our own healthcare providers. It is endemic in Africa, which accounts for most of the cases recorded around the world. It's more prevalent, and begun, in the homosexual community due to the mode of transmission. He gives many great photos of what to look for and the duration/symptoms of the virus.



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According to the UK Health Security Agency there are 79 cases to date in the UK, with figures due to be updated on Thursday afternoon.  One case in Wales, one in Northern Ireland.  UK cases do not count in the chart below, and would bring the total to 197


  European Union

Confirmed cases  



Czech Republic  





The Netherlands 









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Here's a thought:  Wales has described monkeypox as a "mild and self-limiting illness."  Soon this won't even be something worth making an appointment to see a doctor about.  And then the weaponized smallpox, which looks just like it, starts spreading...

Interestingly, monkeypox survivors would have an edge in that scenario.  There just wouldn't be enough of them to help.

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Ambergris, that’s a terrible thought but exactly what I have been thinking.  

I almost died from the smallpox vaccine.  I had been exempted by my doctor because I had severe eczema but when I was a freshman in high school an incompetent nurse who had not checked my records insisted I line up along with other unvaccinated students (it was the law, don’t you know?) and receive it.  I knew nothing about being exempted and given no choice, I did so.  Despite my mom’s dedicated care the vaccine spread all over my body and for over two weeks they expected me to die at any moment.  I was so ill I remember little of those weeks but I well remember the recuperation afterwards which took weeks longer.  That ‘multiple vaccination’ was the beginning of life long ill health.  The good side is I should never get smallpox or monkey pox, ever.  

They stopped giving the vaccine here in the US in 1972 and supposedly the WHO had eradicated it from the world by 1980 except for the laboratory strains that were kept.  The vaccine continued to be produced for use with monkey pox and for cases of bio weapon warfare.  It is definitely not beyond conceivable believe that it would be used as such.  Anyone younger than fifty was probably not vaccinated.  If smallpox IS reintroduced seniors might be the ones with the advantage. 


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This world has gone crazy.  Wars, famine, pandemics or plandemics, spread the wealth, speech?  Yes, careful what you say. gas prices, EMP's, yes, it is a possibility. And they want to cut off our natural gas as well. Deisel is in very short supply, and we all know what that will lead to. Stores and more cut off from supply chain. It just goes on and on. Even our retirements will shrink in more ways than one. But remember taxes will not go up. Yeah, so much for that one. Real-estate tax, personal property tax, car insurance all went up due to inflation.  And if that is not bad enough, I just got back from neighbor's house. Her GS threw a rock or something against house and it bounced and broke driver side window. Totally busted it out. And when she called Chev. to see about a new window, it will be 3 months. Can't find clear plastic bags either. So, we figured out a way to cover with black bag, but she can't drive it like that. Another neighbor suggest plexiglass that can be cut to fit. At least she would be able to drive it. But rain is coming again, so her DD went to get a tarp as the bag is on good but don't want it to blow off. I could go on and on, but I think everyone has a clear picture of what is coming down the pipes. As for me, I am just doing my thing. Can't get house back together yet, so sitting during the day after doing what I can do and reading Bible. Haven't even had the TV on in several days. Watching some news but not much right now. Needed a much-needed break from the news and the Texas school shooting was the last straw. So now the gun did the killing and not the person that went into the school and pulled the trigger. But from what I heard, they shot and killed him. So at least it saved the taxpayers money for a trial, but they will use this to take our guns away next. Though they have been trying to do that for a long while anyway. Like I said it will never end. 

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US has over 20 "presumed" cases in seven states.  There are nine "confirmed" cases.

When did that happen?  Is it not news?

As of yesterday, May 26, there's a woman in northern Virginia (who had traveled to Africa) who has it  She's the first Virginia case known.

Not all the US cases have explanations, such as travel or contact with a known infection.

Virginia joins California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Utah, and Washington State.




Friday 27 May 2022
The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has detected 16 additional cases of monkeypox in England.

The latest cases, as of 26 May, bring the total number confirmed in England since 7 May to 101.

There are currently 3 confirmed cases in Scotland, one in Wales and one in Northern Ireland, taking the UK total to 106.



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"Following the detection of a case in Massachusetts the previous day, the United States on 19 May placed a $119 million order with Bavarian Nordic, with an option to buy $180 million more, for up to 13 million vaccines against smallpox. On 20 May, the US Department of Health and Human Services said the order was part of a standard preparedness effort and not a response to recent events. A spokesperson said, "BARDA has worked with industry to develop and purchase vaccines and treatments for a potential smallpox emergency, some of which may also be used to respond to monkeypox."[53] Separately, Bavarian Nordic stated an unidentified European country had placed an order for "Imvanex" vaccines in response to the monkeypox outbreak."


What coincidental timing!

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Cases per country and territory (outside of endemic African countries)
Country Confirmed Suspected Total Last update First confirmed case
23px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png Argentina 2 2 27 May 2022 27 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Australia_%28converted%29.s Australia 2 2 20 May 2022 20 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Austria.svg.png Austria 1 1 22 May 2022 22 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Belgium_%28civil%29.svg.png Belgium 6 1 7 25 May 2022 19 May 2022
22px-Bandera_de_Bolivia_%28Estado%29.svg Bolivia 1 1 26 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Canada_%28Pantone%29.svg.pn Canada 26 5 31 26 May 2022 19 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_the_Czech_Republic.svg.png Czech Republic 5 5 26 May 2022 24 May 2022
20px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg.png Denmark 2 2 25 May 2022 23 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Ecuador.svg.png Ecuador 1 1 27 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Finland.svg.png Finland 1 1 27 May 2022 27 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_France.svg.png France 7 7 27 May 2022] 20 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Germany 16 16 27 May 2022 20 May 2022
21px-Flag_of_Israel.svg.png Israel 1 1 22 May 2022 21 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Italy.svg.png Italy 12 1 12 27 May 2022 19 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Morocco.svg.png Morocco 1 1 26 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_the_Netherlands.svg.png Netherlands 12 12 25 May 2022 20 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Portugal.svg.png Portugal 74 74 27 May 2022 18 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Slovenia.svg.png Slovenia 2 2 25 May 2022 24 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Spain.svg.png Spain 98 98 27 May 2022 18 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Sudan.svg.png Sudan 1 1 26 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_Sweden.svg.png Sweden 2 2 25 May 2022 19 May 2022
16px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg.png  Switzerland 4 4 27 May 2022 21 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_the_United_Arab_Emirates.sv United Arab Emirates 1 1 24 May 2022 24 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.png United Kingdom 106 106 27 May 2022 6 May 2022
23px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg.png United States 10 10 26 May 2022 18 May 2022
 Total 389 12 401

This table is outdated or otherwise in conflict with other information.  Shocking, I know.

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Quebec combats monkeypox by offering smallpox vaccination.

Dr. Luc Boileau, Quebec’s public health director, said the vaccine will be offered to those most vulnerable to catching monkeypox, including people who have been in contact with confirmed cases. The smallpox vaccine  offers a good chance at preventing infection if taken within four days of exposure.

The smallpox vaccine will be given out to eligible residents starting May 27.

14 monkeypox cases have been tied to Montreal, and all 25 cases in Quebec (including one school child) have been linked to the city’s surrounding area.  Another 20-30 cases are under investigation.


The US and some other countries have called monkeypox a "mild" or "mild and self-limiting" illness.  Canada calls it a "serious illness."


(Reuters) -The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday published recommendations... on a smallpox vaccine that limit its use to only people who work closely with viruses such as monkeypox.

The Jynneos vaccine, made by Bavarian Nordic, will be available for certain healthcare workers and laboratory personnel at a time when monkeypox infections has spread in Europe, United States and beyond.  The vaccine was approved in the United States in 2019 to prevent smallpox and monkeypox in high risk adults aged 18 and older.  CDC officials earlier this week said they were in the process of releasing some doses of the Jynneos vaccine for people in contact with known monkeypox patients.

Officials said there were over 100 million doses of an older smallpox vaccine called ACAM2000, made by Emergent BioSolutions, which has significant side effects.

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California  2
Colorado 2
Florida 2
Massachusetts 1
New York 1
Utah 2
Virginia 1
Washington 1
Total: 12


Data as of May 27, evening. 



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27 minutes ago, Ambergris said:

Officials said there were over 100 million doses of an older smallpox vaccine called ACAM2000, made by Emergent BioSolutions, which has significant side effects.

That is a strange statement.  Are they letting us know that at some point we might be receiving this older vaccine, with it’s ‘significant side effects’ IF we have an epidemic?  And just how old are those vaccines and why did they keep it if it’s not safe?   I know the government has a huge stockpile of medications, all of them periodically tested and found to be safe and effective after decades of what they term ‘proper storage’ .  Makes me wonder if the other medications have “significant side effects”.  

I really am getting more :animal0017:  

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8 hours ago, Ambergris said:

The US and some other countries have called monkeypox a "mild" or "mild and self-limiting" illness.  Canada calls it a "serious illness."


Considering how Draconian Justin Trudeau has been recently, it doesn't surprise me. If "labeled" correctly it could be the reason for a new lockdown - IF he wants it to be. 

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