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Unusual Spread of Monkey Pox -- might be human-contagious mutation

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What does he mean "strangely?"  There's been a monkeypox boil-over in Africa going on since 2017.  Not trying to game out the possibilities would be highly irresponsible.





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Officials in the U.K., which on Tuesday confirmed 179 cases, and Spain, where the health ministry on Monday announced it has 120 cases, are recommending smallpox vaccines for close contacts of those already infected, believing that a vaccine for the related virus given within four days of exposure can minimize monkeypox symptoms.\

Another article says the smallpox vaccine is understood to be 85%  effective in preventing monkeypox.


I was coming on line last night, SusanAnn, to post information from that article, but I got distracted.  Thanks for supplying the link.

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They're talking about renaming it, but I don't think  hMPXV 1, hMPXV 2 or hMPXV 3 or even the shorter MPXV 1, MPXV 2 or MPXV 3  is going to stick.


Arizona 1
California 24
Colorado 5
District Of Columbia 4
Florida 10
Georgia 3
Hawaii 5
Illinois 15
Maryland 1
Massachusetts 7
Nevada 1
New York 21
Ohio 1
Oklahoma 2
Oregon 1
Pennsylvania 2
Rhode Island 1
Texas 2
Utah 2
Virginia 1
Washington 2

US total 113

England 452

Northern Ireland 2

Scotland 12

Wales  4

Total count outside of endemic countries: 2525 cases in 37 countries.

Tally as of June 17.

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Highest numbers found on the west, east, and  south coasts, and in the the middle of the northern areas.  All with major airports and huge populations.   Did anyone happen to notice where the Covid outbreak started in the US? 

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Arizona 1
California 40
Colorado 5
DC 4
Florida 16
Georgia 5
Hawaii 5
Illinois 19
Indiana 2
Maryland 3
Mass 9
Missouri 2
Nevada 1
New Jersey 1
New York 22
Ohio 1
Oklahoma 2
Oregon 1
Pennsylvania 2
Rhode Island 1
Texas 4
Utah 3
Virginia 1
Washington 4

UK 793

Germany 521

Spain 520

Portugal 317

France 277

Canada 210

Netherlands 167

Belgium 77

Italy 71

Switzerland 46

Ireland 14

Denmark 13

Israel 13

United Arab Emirates 13

Austria 12

Brazil 11

Sweden 10

Australia 8

Slovenia 7

Chechia 6

Hungary 6

Mexico 5

Romania 5

18 other countries with progressively lower numbers, including South Korea with one.  If South Korea has one counted, it has probably ... a few more not counted.
As of 6-22-22, 2:00 Eastern 

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3308 cases in 42 countries, by the way.  Up 50% in a week.  But this a minor disease, neither very contagious nor very dangerous, and no one needs to be alarmed.  Move along people.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

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And that from a disease that was rarely heard of except where it is endemic.   Still, if I am understanding it right, the procedures we learned to prevent Covid should protect us from these emerging diseases too.  Shouldn’t it? :ph34r:

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