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On 5/26/2022 at 1:25 PM, Dee said:

That's how I feel this year about canning green beans Darlene.  I'm planting them, just in case, but I've also bought a bunch of cans in case the world doesn't come to an end.  It's so much easier.

I can’t believe you said that lol because that has been laying heavy in my heart too…


I need I need I need to plant more beans and potatoes. 

I caught the omicron variant, probably from the stupid dentists office, and have been worthless for a week. Very frustrating but thank the Lord we are MrsS and I have all I need to fight it. I’m feeling a little better every day and am hopeful I can finalize the garden this weekend. 

Beans and potatoes. I don’t know why the Lord has laid those 2 things so heavy on my heart but I even went out to the garden on Saturday to plant a few more beans. Not a lot but at least some. 

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12 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

I have the New England  cheese making book. I haven't made cheese in quite a while,  but I just bought  some cheddar  cultures and  rennet.

I need to refresh my stash of that too. 

just in case. 

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I’m sorry you caught the C-crud, Darlene, but glad you are recovering.  We stopped at our farm store today and I went to buy extra garden seeds just to have on hand and for planting inside this winter.  I was shocked at how few veggie seeds they had left. They had flower seeds but not even as many of those as normal.  Seeds at this store are usually available until August first but they will be gone long before then I’m sure.  Another indication of just what we are facing. 

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On 6/1/2022 at 6:11 PM, Mother said:

I was shocked at how few veggie seeds they had left. They had flower seeds but not even as many of those as normal.


We had lunch with friends after church today and the were surprised at how many veggie plants were still available at the local farm supply stores. They were running late on garden planting and figured that everything would be gone. Not too many Victory Gardens, I guess, this year.  :0327:

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Homey, I sure hope we find more veggie plants when we go this week.  I want to pick up a few I didn’t get started in the greenhouse.  There was very little variety when we went last week.  They told us they just weren’t getting them in.  Might just have been too early?? But we were told they didn’t expect more seeds.  I’m not sure how to interpret this.  :shrug:

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I've begun breaking into my stash of frozen American cheese and have discovered that it freezes amazing. Someone had shared that they found that the cheese would stick to the wrapper, and I think it depends on the brand that is used. I know that Velveeta does that, but the Kraft singles I bought froze and defrosted amazing. There was no change at all in the melting consistency after thaw either.


Something to make a mental note of :)

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I have never tried to freeze American cheese before but will now try to do that. I don't use a lot of that, but I do like to make grilled cheese sandwiches sometimes. And yes, GS will not eat a grilled cheese sandwich. That boy is too picky for me. Just don't know what to feed him anymore. He was always picky but never this picky. It has gotten worse. So, I will only freeze maybe 4 or 5 packs of the cheese since I will be the only one eating it. I do freeze a lot of the shredded cheese though.  

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