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    Recipe, please?
  2. Busy, busy, busy...

    I don't do FB or any other social media. I don't post often here, mostly because I'm busy with DD. And interrupted constantly. I went to post here, then she told me "Come on, Mama, I'm going to run you upstairs so you can go potty." Well, no, I didn't need to go, but she did. After that, she resumed coloring and I finished washing the dishes, checked on the bone broth, got the towels out of the dryer, brought bills down to mail, and then realized I was getting ready to post on here. The dryer still needs work done on it, but DH is working 6 days/week, plus late days. Things are not going well at his job. Everytime the he calls, I'm holding my breath to see if today is his last day there. We've had to put the house-search on hold because of that. If he doesn't lose his job, I guess this is giving us more time to save money for a down payment and other expenses. Other than the $ aspect, I'm concerned that when he goes to another company, then mortgage companies won't want to give us a loan because he will only be at the new job a short time. God has a good plan for us. Perhaps I'm working on being patient.
  3. Busy, busy, busy...

  4. Free US States Coloring pages

  5. Prayers needed


    everyone! Kappy, try checking back at Lowes near the end of (what they consider to be) the planting season. It's hit or miss, but I've gotten good deals on clearance stuff there. The clearance $1 raspberry bushes we bought several years ago are still good producers. I've seen fruit trees highly discounted then, too. Trying to stay warm here. We've had more spring-like than winter-like weather for the past couple of weeks. Now it's down in the 20s again and my body needs to adjust. Brr! I bought a set of Foxfire books. I haven't read any yet as I'm working through a big stack of books I bought for our home/homeschool library. I see there are 2 more books that are anniversary ones. Are those worthwhile as well? Has anyone read the Little Britches series by Ralph Moody? I've read the first 2 so far: Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers, and Man of the Family. They were EXCELLENT!! There's 8 in the series. I've ordered the next two.

    Happy Birthday, Kappy!! I don't post often, but read the posts and keep you all in my prayers. DD keeps me busy. She's 4 now. Where did that time go? Right now, we're I'm reading the Little House series to her. She's enjoying it very much. It's the books I slowly bought when I was 8-10 years old. I'm so glad to be sharing that with her. We've been looking through the seed catalogs and discussing what to plant when we move. We are hoping and praying to move this year. We've been having a "stuff breaking" month. I'm hoping it's not one of those years. Those type of years tend to be expensive. A pellet stove blower fan, alarm clock, DVD player and my dryer. The same day that DH got the pellet stove running, the dryer quit. Why, when that happens, is it always with a load of towels? Not at all as bad as the 4-5 months we were washerless last year (With my chemical sensitivities I can't use anyone else's washer or the laundrymat; we had to handwash). I'm happy the dryer is running again. Thankfully I have drying racks and clothespins. Oh, I found some awesome clothespins. They're made in the USA and very heavy duty. Two of them hold up DH's heavy wet jeans or a bathroom rug. Worth every penny. I haven't broke one yet, but they are guaranteed. I got the unoiled ones. http://secure.ladyandthecarpenter.com/shop/Clothespins/
  8. K-Mart And Sears Closing

    When the Sears near us was closing, they raised all their prices, so even with the going out of business (whatever) the percentage off was, some of it wasn't great deals. Gotta know your prices. I think alot of people weren't looking at the prices and just loading their carts up in areas like the tool department. Other sections, like clothes, had stuff for a very long time because it was overly pricey. I didn't see it posted here, but did anyone else see about a bunch of Sam's Clubs closing? Apparently they didn't tell anyone ahead of time, just closed them. Even Sam's employees showing up for work were shocked. There's fewer and fewer places to shop.
  9. It's been a LONG time!

    Welcome back!
  10. Happy New Year, my friends!


    -3 here this morning. That's without the windchill. I'm glad we've not been hit with the snow Erie has! Trying to keep the house warm while not so dry has been a challenge. It's the pellet stove and furnace and sometimes a space heater vs. a humidifer and vaporizer (with Vicks; we're all stuffed up). Usually I have a big pot of bone broth simmering on the stove for DD, but with the Christmas leftovers, there's been no room in the fridge for it at night. Hopefully I can get something going on the stove tomorrow. There's the flu going around. An article in our newspaper says people are going to bed fine, and then waking up in the morning feeling like they've been hit with a truck. One of DH's (sick) co-workers came in to work to "get away from his wife and (sick with the flu) kids". I've been upping our Vitamins C and D and garlic. So far, we're healthy. We've been looking more for a new (to us) home. We're praying we can move in 2018 to a home that is right for our family.

    Kappy, that you all are in your home soon!
  13. Hi!

  14. Trying to get this section rocking again!

    We're also homeschooling. DD is almost 4, so we'll call it preschool. Most people around here have their kids in "preschool" by the time they are 2. My DD is also a lefty, so any advice is appreciated. She can print the alphabet, her full name and a few other words from memory (including "I love Mama" ) . She likes for me to write things for her to copy them. I'm not sure if we shoud continue like that or if I should buy something so she learns to make her letters properly now or if we should wait. Jeepers, DD learned her colors by using those jumbo lacing beads (Lehman's sells them; they're made by Holgate Toys in PA). As she'd put them on the string, I'd say the color. So we worked on coordination and colors at the same time. She got the beads a couple years ago and still plays with them. Today she is stirring the beads in a plastic bucket because she's making soup.
  15. Lost My Lunch


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