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    Homeschooling Mama, 2nd Amendment, gluten-free (celiac), gardening, genealogy, reading
  1. out_of_the_ordinary

    Old Pine

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  2. out_of_the_ordinary

    Thank you all for your prayers over the last 9 years

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  3. out_of_the_ordinary

    Update 05/22/18

    All of the threads and posts in the 2nd Amendment part, under private forums, are showing up when I am not logged in. I usually don't log in unless I'm going to post or reply; that's why I noticed it.
  4. out_of_the_ordinary

    Happy Birthday........................

    Happy Birthday!
  5. out_of_the_ordinary


    Mt Rider, for your family.
  6. out_of_the_ordinary

    Grey Cat Garth

  7. out_of_the_ordinary

    Lastest Update 04/24/18

    Thank you, Annarchy!
  8. out_of_the_ordinary


    DD's dentist appoinment went well. They were fine with DD sitting on my lap in THE CHAIR (cue scary music...I'm not passing my fears onto her, but I can share that here. I do not do well in THE CHAIR.). The hygentist was super nice, showed DD every tool and explained what it did. This was just a cleaning and there were no problems. I was a bit concerned they'd give us a hard time because everything I've read and the pediatrician says you are supposed to take kids to the dentist as soon as the 1st tooth comes through (My thoughts: really?? While she was teething, there's no way she was going to let strangers poke around in her mouth. And they expect babies to cooperate?? See, the dentists must like crying!) Anyway, this dentist said unless we saw problems with her teeth, age 4 is just fine. DD did very well. As soon as they were done, and I set her on the floor, she took off for the door. Me: Stop, where are you going? DD: The waiting room. Me: Why? DD: I'm leaving. That's the way out of here. Praying for you all. DD climbed up on me and is trying to type, so that's the end of my post. I do read everyone's posts, and pray for you all, I just can't always post.
  9. out_of_the_ordinary

    Long time away

    Glad to see you back here!
  10. out_of_the_ordinary


    Praying for you all. We've been having snow flurries. I'd rather the air be full of snowflakes than pollen. DD's first dentist appointment is today. She's fine with it, so far. I'm not letting her see how nervous I am!
  11. out_of_the_ordinary

    Off to the ER...

  12. out_of_the_ordinary

    Pacemaker Needed

  13. out_of_the_ordinary


    Thank you.
  14. out_of_the_ordinary

    DH in hospital

  15. out_of_the_ordinary


    Recipe, please?

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