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  1. out_of_the_ordinary

    Got some news....with difficulties

  2. out_of_the_ordinary

    Saying hey yahoo all

  3. out_of_the_ordinary


  4. out_of_the_ordinary


    Kappy, which Adelle Davis books do you recommend? I like to keep a book wish list going.
  5. out_of_the_ordinary

    US History books

    The National Center for Constitution Studies books aren't textbooks, just regular books. As much as I can, I'm mostly using a real book approach to homeschooling, so books like those are wonderful. I'm reading (there's 2 stacks of books between the bed and nightstand) the God's Plan for America series by Peter Marshall and David Manuel. So good! The first one is The Light and the Glory, the 2nd is From Sea to Shining Sea, and the 3rd one is Sounding Forth the Trumpet. The time period for the 3rd one ends in 1860. There's also a set for young readers (originally called "for children"). I think the age range on that is 10 and up. I typically avoid anything abridged or "edited", but did purchase the younger reader set. It is interesting that by reading books that do not omit God and faith in history and people's lives, I then very much notice it missing from other books.
  6. out_of_the_ordinary

    4 requests

  7. out_of_the_ordinary

    Possible RA

  8. out_of_the_ordinary

    US History books

    Sale at National Center for Constitutional Studies https://nccs.net/collections/christmas-specials Those are some very good sale prices. I already have all of these. I remember reading The 5000 Year Leap and thinking it was the best US history book I had ever read. National Center for Constitution Studies is one I the places I trust to have accurate history. Another is Wallbuilders. Most of these books we had for several years before DD was born. DH would buy them for me for Christmas and birthday gifts. After DD was born, I then bought the rest of them for our home library. Anyway, even if you're not homeschooling, these are just GOOD history reads.
  9. out_of_the_ordinary

    The CAMP Fire

  10. out_of_the_ordinary

    survival medicine books

    I bought the 3rd edition. It has more than 100 more pages than the 2nd.
  11. out_of_the_ordinary

    Making the Best of Basics

    Thanks for the input! I ordered it.
  12. out_of_the_ordinary

    Pray for my mom...all of us

    Sorry to hear about your kitty.
  13. out_of_the_ordinary

    Making the Best of Basics

    Thanks, Kappy!
  14. out_of_the_ordinary

    Making the Best of Basics

    I've saw this book "Making the Best of Basics Family Preparedness Handbook". https://www.lehmans.com/product/family-preparedness-handbook/ I was wondering if anyone here had it? Lehmans lists the table of contents. Several of the chapters would not be useful to me (celiac disease, food allergies). If you omitted the chapters dealing with most foods and recipes, is the book still worth it? Or is it common knowledge?
  15. I saw this book package, sold by Lehman's https://www.lehmans.com/product/how-to-survive-without-the-internet-library-set/ It includes: Lehman's Source List for Hard-to-Find Items Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game Book Country Wisdom & Know-How Book Herbal Antibiotics Book Encyclopedia of Country Living Book Wildwood Wisdom Book When Technology Fails Book Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them Book Museum of Early American Tools Book The Doctors Book of Home Remedies Storey's Basic Country Skills The Foxfire Book Set I have most of these books. What's your opinion?

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