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    Western PA--I cling!
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    Homeschooling Mama, 2nd Amendment, gluten-free (celiac), gardening, genealogy, reading
  1. out_of_the_ordinary

    The CAMP Fire

  2. out_of_the_ordinary

    survival medicine books

    I bought the 3rd edition. It has more than 100 more pages than the 2nd.
  3. out_of_the_ordinary

    Making the Best of Basics

    Thanks for the input! I ordered it.
  4. out_of_the_ordinary

    Pray for my mom...all of us

    Sorry to hear about your kitty.
  5. out_of_the_ordinary

    Making the Best of Basics

    Thanks, Kappy!
  6. out_of_the_ordinary

    Making the Best of Basics

    I've saw this book "Making the Best of Basics Family Preparedness Handbook". https://www.lehmans.com/product/family-preparedness-handbook/ I was wondering if anyone here had it? Lehmans lists the table of contents. Several of the chapters would not be useful to me (celiac disease, food allergies). If you omitted the chapters dealing with most foods and recipes, is the book still worth it? Or is it common knowledge?
  7. I saw this book package, sold by Lehman's https://www.lehmans.com/product/how-to-survive-without-the-internet-library-set/ It includes: Lehman's Source List for Hard-to-Find Items Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game Book Country Wisdom & Know-How Book Herbal Antibiotics Book Encyclopedia of Country Living Book Wildwood Wisdom Book When Technology Fails Book Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them Book Museum of Early American Tools Book The Doctors Book of Home Remedies Storey's Basic Country Skills The Foxfire Book Set I have most of these books. What's your opinion?
  8. out_of_the_ordinary


    Happy Anniversary, Annarchy!
  9. out_of_the_ordinary

    another non-electric clothes washer option

    Here it is on An American Homestead site. https://anamericanhomestead.com/lavario-portable-off-grid-clothes-washer-video-review/ I'm glad they tested it out and showed it. I wanted to see someone that wasn't the manufacturer use it. Now I'm really interested. It doesn't do well with squeezing the water out, but other than that it looks like it would work better for me than the breathing plunger washer.
  10. out_of_the_ordinary

    free lessons from Wallbuilders

    The link above doesn't work. I don't see where I can edit my post, so I'll try the linking again here. https://wallbuilders.com/chw/lessons
  11. We have one of those breathing washer plungers. When we went a couple months without a working washer, it was too much for me. I just don't have the strength. I'm wondering if this might be another option. https://lavariowasher.com/
  12. out_of_the_ordinary

    survival medicine books

    This looks interesting. It will be available next month: Altons Antibiotics and Infectious Disease: The Layman's Guide To Available Antibacterials in Austere Settings https://store.doomandbloom.net/altons-antibiotics-and-infectious-disease-the-laymans-guide-to-available-antibacterials-in-austere-settings/ I recently noticed a 3rd edition of this book is out. The Survival Medicine Handbook Third Edition: The Essential Guide for When Help is NOT on the Way https://store.doomandbloom.net/the-survival-medicine-handbook-third-edition-the-essential-guide-for-when-help-is-not-on-the-way/ (If this should have went in the book section, feel free to move it. I wasn't sure where to put it.)
  13. out_of_the_ordinary

    free lessons from Wallbuilders

    American Christian Heritage Week lessons https://wallbuilders.com/chw/lessons/# I printed these out. I'm picky about what history books and other resources we have in our home. I know Wallbuilders is always a safe, accurate source.
  14. out_of_the_ordinary

    Winterizing An Air Conditioner

    I welcome winter as there will be no pollen. It's been a very rough allergy year for me. I like the white stuff (I won't use the S-word, Jeepers) for Christmas, only. Otherwise, a dusting to an inch. I like to see all the animal tracks in the yard.
  15. out_of_the_ordinary


    Annarchy, I'm sorry for your loss.

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