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  1. Last week we had windchills that were -25. Temps this week are in the upper 60s and low 50s. It feels like this winter is a rollercoaster of my body trying to adjust to temperatures.
  2. It's the 12.5 Version. That is the 12th Revised edition reprint, April 2013. Mine doesn't have a home vacuum sealer pump in it that I've seen. Now I'm wondering how this compares to the older editions. There's so much information and no index at the back. There are chapters listed in the beginning and the subtopics and what page that is on in that chapter.
  3. Tomorrow's windchill here is going to be -25. I won't be online as I'm going to keep DD and I in rooms that are warmer than the room with the computer in it.
  4. I'm glad that I bought it! The chapters "Water" and Energy and Fuels Storage" are worth the cost of the book alone. There's alot of neat information in it. I've only been skimming here and there. The medical chapter is written by Joe and Amy Alton (authors of "Survival Medicine Handbook").
  5. -1 here this morning. I'm not looking forward to temps later this week.
  6. Kappy, which Adelle Davis books do you recommend? I like to keep a book wish list going.
  7. The National Center for Constitution Studies books aren't textbooks, just regular books. As much as I can, I'm mostly using a real book approach to homeschooling, so books like those are wonderful. I'm reading (there's 2 stacks of books between the bed and nightstand) the God's Plan for America series by Peter Marshall and David Manuel. So good! The first one is The Light and the Glory, the 2nd is From Sea to Shining Sea, and the 3rd one is Sounding Forth the Trumpet. The time period for the 3rd one ends in 1860. There's also a set for young readers (originally called "for children"). I think the age range on that is 10 and up. I typically avoid anything abridged or "edited", but did purchase the younger reader set. It is interesting that by reading books that do not omit God and faith in history and people's lives, I then very much notice it missing from other books.
  8. Sale at National Center for Constitutional Studies https://nccs.net/collections/christmas-specials Those are some very good sale prices. I already have all of these. I remember reading The 5000 Year Leap and thinking it was the best US history book I had ever read. National Center for Constitution Studies is one I the places I trust to have accurate history. Another is Wallbuilders. Most of these books we had for several years before DD was born. DH would buy them for me for Christmas and birthday gifts. After DD was born, I then bought the rest of them for our home library. Anyway, even if you're not homeschooling, these are just GOOD history reads.
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