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  1. Hello, everyone. I've been gone from Mrs. S. For a long time but when my long time friend, Dee told me about her post she encouraged me to come check it out. I'll start by saying that Dee and I are within ten days of being the same age (hint, she's the oldest LOL) and though the years have been kind to her they have been rough on me and I'm even more slowed down than she is. Still, with all that, I feel very strongly the need to stay prepared and have kept up with some prepping but of a very different nature than before. My diet is very fresh plant strong and what meat we do eat is grass fed, pasture raised, and organic, all things difficult to stock up on. Our other, non-electric and etc preps are all in place yet but food stocking is no longer easy. I'm starting to find ways around that but being unable and unwilling with my age and health issues to do much food processing I'm always looking for ways to prep for my special dietary needs. Our livestock consists of one goose who can't make up her mind is she's a human or one of the barn cats which are our only other livestock. She is so tame she isn't even useful as a watch dog LOL! She does give us fifteen or twenty big beautiful eggs .....in the middle of winter and sometimes late in the fall! Did I mention she doesn't know she's a goose? I wonder how many people on the site have quit prepping because of age or infirmity or if, like me, they've found or are trying to find different ways to prep than what they did when younger. Don't get me wrong. I firmly believe that everyone should be prepared, young or old. I admire those who are able to prep in the way I did in the past. I would still be doing it if I could. Survival forums, even prepping ones all seem to be geared towards the young and able. I often have the feeling that people have the idea that if they are old or ill they will be the first to die in a survival situation but I strongly disagree with that. We "old" preppers have learned a lot through the years. We're tougher than we look and when push comes to shove I believe we wouldn't just lay down and give up. I know I wouldn't but I WOULD like to be prepared to have a fighting chance so I have the time to help the younger generation learn about survival even if it's first hand. That means prepping differently but it doesn't mean not prepping. Has anyone else found the need for a different form of prepping? Nice to stop in again. This used to be my internet home. I give a big hello to all the members I knew and all the new members. Please don't stop being prepared. Hugs all
  2. Thanks Philbe. I've used zucchini and summer squash for a long time as a pasta substitute with tomato or other sauces. I have a french fry cutter that I use for them when I use them this way and I'm very careful that I just barely cook them so they stay a bit firm in or under the sauce. I've used a potato peeler on them as well but instead of cooking them I've sliced them right into bubbling hot sauce. They cook nice and fast that way. I like your recipe too, can't wait to try them that way too. Oh, and yes, I use the inside portions in other recipes too. Not much goes to waste here either. LOL!
  3. Thank you for posting this Wormguy, I have been waiting for this for a long time. I am mostly grain free but when I DO have grain I want to make absolutely sure it has no gluten in it. This will be a real boost to celiacs and perhaps make their diets easier to manage.
  4. My old,old 2G computer is so slow now I can't imagine putting any other books besides my own eight or ten on it,,,,but at a thousand book capacity I really should consider a Kindle. I'm thinking/wondering now about a combination techno-gadget that is portable, has wireless internet capabilities, downloads books, does wordprocessing, makes tea, and does dishes tooooo!!!!
  5. Sure wish I HAD a kindle. I'd like to read some of those books listed. A side note on being lost. Years ago, when I was teaching our son a survival curriculum, we learned that you are rarely 'lost'. It suggested you set down if not in immediate danger and even if possible to build a fire as fire represents 'home' to most people. Then you are to take time to think about whether you really are lost. Normally you know what state you are in at the least. You often know what part of the state and perhaps even the general area. You are generally not as much lost as you are disoriented to your 'home'. You still might not be able to 'get' home by yourself but this one step will calm and quiet you, a much needed state to decide what course of action is best. One of the things I taught our son with that course is to be observant. I had him set outside and make a list of everything he saw. Then the next day I had him do it again, this time writing down everything he saw that wasn't on his previous list. The third day we did the same and he came up with things such as worm tracks in the dirt. Then we did the three day thing for what he heard with his eyes closed with me writing the list for him. He was in sixth grade at the time and today is one of the most observant people I know. It has helped him not only in his hunting and fishing skills but also in his work and daily life. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised at what is in your world. Thanks for the tip, Mt.Rider. I'm going to have to see about a kindle.
  6. Michael, sorry I'm so late in seeing this. DH and I make 'raw' kraut all the time. It doesn't last long enough around here to keep it a year but I know it will keep months. We both love it and so does my Mom. We make it with both red and green cabbage and each has a bit different taste. We simply add two tablespoons of sea salt to a medium head of shredded cabbage and pound it until the juice starts to run, about ten minutes. We then pack it tightly by pounding it into quart jars, leaving one inch head space and put on a lid. We let it set, like you did, for three days at room temperature, making sure to set the jars on a plate as it will sometimes overflow as it works. We also have to watch the lid as it will sometimes bulge and we open the jar enough to let out the pressure. It will taste salty at first but as it sets a while in the refrigerator it loses that and the taste becomes like true kraut only, as you say, nice and crunchy and fresh tasting. This is actually the same type of recipe used in the past to 'put up kraut' in big crocks 'down in the cellar'. The longer this sets the softer and stronger it will get but it's still all good. Some recipes call for caraway seeds and that's really good too. You can actually use this same method with many different vegetables. See Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions for lots of ideas for both vegetables and fruits. It's strange how we've lost these old time preserving ideas. I know some of the lost recipes are because of safety reasons but I wonder sometimes if we aren't safer with these types of recipes than our home canning ones. Happy krauting...
  7. You deserve it Drumrunner. That is WONDERFUL news. Still keeping you in my prayers. By the way, One of your CD's changed a family member totally around. Thank you so much for giving them the oppertunity to open their eyes.
  8. I'm so glad you are doing a bit better, Snowmom. Please, though, if you don't get well in a short time get in to see that Lyme doctor. The faster this is treated the better the outcome. Sure wish I had one of those doctors near me, I am encouraged though as I got an appointment with the Functional Medicine Doctor finally. It's not until September 10th as he has so many patients but at least I was accepted. Perhaps that means he believes he can help me. I'm continuing the prayers for you, Snowmom,
  9. Yes to town first. Lyme Conneticut where so many young people were being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis until the mothers started to protest. Unfortunately, even there the mothers still are fighting doctors. And labs near by, look up Plum Island and Lyme disease and see what you come up with. It's not pretty. Mt. Rider, you are SO right when you say that IF you DARE to continue to be sick after a doctor treats you, for anything that is, you then become a liar and are either sent out the door or are told they have no clue and send you some where else where the same thing happens. I sure hope your friend continues to improve and I'm sincerely glad she HAS gotten the help she needs. You can tell her that for me if you will, please. Twilight, I wondered if that was a mispelling. Ledum is a pretty good homeopathic remedy for bug bites and such I find it interesting that most doctors consider homeopathics a non-medicine, safe for anyone to use as there is no more medicinal help in them than sugar pills but the first time I took it was in a preparation for something entirely different yet it gave me the herxheimer reaction that I get with antibiotics. Sick as a dog so learned really fast to take it cautiously. I much prefer herbs, homeos, and natural means for healing. Now if only I could just get all my knowledge and training put to use in healing myself I'd be happy. Like Mt.R's friend's doctor, Lyme disease is one of those spirochetes that has the ability to hide out from most treatments and strike again at will. In fact, it's very much like the Syphilus spirochete and the CDC actually recommends THAT be treated with long term, sometimes life long, antibiotics. Hmmm sounds a little bit like I know what I'm talking about, doesn't it. But truthfully, this is one disease I wish I didn't HAVE to know as much about. Like your MS, Mt.R, knowing about the disease doesn't make it any easier to live with. Hugs to all who are dealing with these and other conditions. And Snowmom, please let us know how you are coming along.
  10. Twilight, I found only one reference to Ludem, a capsule. But I wonder if you meant Ledum, a homeopathic remedy that is considered a standard for Lyme's and other insect bites. I have been using it a long time already. :bighugs2:
  11. Twilight, no, I wouldn't take the steroids they offered. And no, I'm not better by any means. I had the aggressive treatment with antibiotics two years after contracting the disease and have only had ten or twenty days treatments since, each of which helped only marginally. I continue to get worse. I didn't have insurance for years and now on medicare I find it won't cover any of the agressive treatments suggested by some in the Lyme field. I've tried a few of the herbal protocols (I was trained years ago as an herbologist) but found the die-off symptoms too difficult to handle. I have been referred to a Functional Medicine MD. and am waiting now to see if he will accept me as a patient. While not trained specifically in Lyme disease, he IS trained in integrative medicine. They not only try to uncover the disease but they try to uncover the reason the body is not fighting that disease and help the person with all different modalities to regain as much health as possible. It has taken me years to find such a doctor in our area, and this one is an hour away but am hoping I get into see him. Thanks for your suggestion. I am always open to a new approach. I will be looking up Ludem.
  12. Mt. Rider is correct, there is a LOT Of controversy over this ailment. I know all too well. I had a confirmed case in 1996 and didn't know what it was. It was treated with ten days of Doxycycline several miserable months later when I was finally diagnosed officially as only the second case in our county which was NOT supposed to have the disease. And then it was only because I had not only had the known tick bite but also the circular rash which is typical but not everyone gets (I had even taken a picture of it thankfully) AND the required test results. By then I already had the heart involvement in the form of heart arrythmias as well as several months of flulike symptoms and only a very astute doctor recognized it for what it was given the rest of the symptoms. Now, at least, they will treat you for ten days if you have the bite and the circular rash but be aware, many people do not show positive on the first or even later tests as the bacteria is not alway found in the blood. You are lucky that your test DID come back positive, Snowmom. It has all been downhill since that time for me. Pain, back problems that put me in a wheel chair much of the time, worsening alergies, heart abnormalities, overpowering fatigue, periodic dizziness, etc etc. Two years after the initial diagnoses, with no positive test results, I finally had a doctor who treated me aggressively with antibiotics for two months. I felt better for a while then worsened once again. It has been a constant battle to hold on to my health and two years ago I began to lose that battle. I have been tested numerous times with the results coming back that I have a high antibody titers to Lymes but no confirming western blot one, required by the CDC to PROVE you have the disease before a regular doctor will treat you for up to a month as the standard treatment. And in fact, there is no real proof that long term antibiotics will CURE the disease and there have been dozens of different protocols brought out over the years. I'm not sure that anything really has been proven to cure it but it has been shown that people who have it treated AGRESSIVELY at the START of the disease fare much better than those who aren't. As Mt. Rider says, long term treatment, not just with antibiotics but with a totaly protocol of some type, does give some good results but I'm not sure anyone who has had the disease, even early treated, is entirely free of it for life. Please Snowmom, do your research. We do not have a Lyme knowledgable doctor in our area but perhaps you do. You can get that information from several of the Lyme Disease organizations, such as the International Lyme's Disease association along with a wealth of information about the disease. Snowmom, I will be praying for your return to health. I know all too well the misery this disease can bring.
  13. I, too, will be there in spirit. I believe that will be 2 pm my time. Will be praying for healing for you and for strength for the family.
  14. CGA, we must have seen the same online college class. Said there was something like 7 billion people now? That was kind of scary, but then, this overpopulation has been predicted since the seventies if not before. And some said it wouldn't happen??? Like you say, if everyone practiced permaculture in their own back yard or even their front yard, woodland, wasteland, empty city lot, roof top, balcony, along sidewalks, etc, we wouldn't have to worry about feeding everyone. Permaculture is not just growing food though. Permaculture can work in every aspect of our lives. The process can save energy, time, money, the environment, and so much more. Still another way to look at prepping. I've been interested in permaculture for about 13 years and have been able to implement some of the practice into our own property. BTW, A great permacultur site is www.permies.com Some good people there.
  15. Happy Birthday Quilty's. I miss you SOOOOOOOO much. Love ya.
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