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H1N1 Outbreak

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I got this in an e-mail from the LDS folks.




AVOW: Another Voice of Warning Newsletter Dec 21st 2013

Please feel free to forward this notice to all of your Family, Friends and Associates.


You are receiving this e-mail because you downloaded a free copy of the LDS Preparedness Manual from www.ldsavow.com



Nationwide H1N1 Swine Flu Outbreak


On December 19, 2013, AlertsUSA issued the following Flash message to subscriber mobile devices:



Health officials warn of H1N1 swine flu outbreak. Half of rptd cases in Houston area have died. Cases rptd from FL to AK. Take your flu precautions seriously.



What You Need To Know

On Thursday of this week AlertsUSA subscribers were notified via text messages to their mobile devices that public health officials were warning of an H1N1 Swine Flu outbreak emerging across the nation. While not yet at a pandemic level, a majority of those cases are the same strain of the virus which caused a global pandemic in 2009. At the moment, Texas appears to be ground zero though new cases are being reported across the U.S. and Canada.


It is expected that case numbers will dramatically increase over the year-end holidays as families and friends gather. Be careful. While not as deadly as the the H7N9 bird flu virus, H1N1 is still particularly dangerous.


Readers are reminded that in the 2009-2010 pandemic, the CDC estimates that 61 million Americans were infected, more than 200,000 were hospitalized and in excess of 12,000 died.


Public health experts unanimously agree the number of deaths is likely much higher as many would be attributed to various complications resulting from the flu, not to mention the less than reliable nature of lab testing methods. Some studies have found that only 10% of patients who have swine flu have positive test results on the rapid flu test.


It is also important to note that unlike most strains of influenza, H1N1 does not disproportionately infect adults older than 60 years. In fact, in a typical year, 90% of flu deaths occur in those over age 65. With H1N1, approximately 60-80% of deaths occurred in those under age 65.


Even in the case of previously very healthy persons, some develop pneumonia or what is known as "acute respiratory distress syndrome" or (ARDS). The pneumonia caused by flu can be either direct viral pneumonia or a secondary bacterial pneumonia. As such, it is recommended that doctors and clinicians be extra vigilant for its onset, including in younger, healthy patients. Those whose chest X-ray indicates pneumonia should be considered for both antivirals and antibiotics.


In addition, those with serious H1N1 infections often suffer kidney damage, including complete renal failure.


As is well known in medical circles, recent case-control studies show the yearly trivalent flu vaccine is only about 56% effective in reducing flu risk, and that number is for people with good health.


Statistically, that is similar to a coin toss, and a far cry from the panacea of protection often promoted in the print and broadcast media.


Risk Mitigation


We remind readers that despite being informally referred to as "swine flu", the H1N1 virus cannot be spread by eating pork or pork products, as is the case with other influenza viruses. Regardless, cook your food thoroughly.


Swine flu is typically contracted by person to person transmission, including respiratory droplets, so you would be well served by steering clear of sick individuals over the holidays, even to the point of politely declining the dozens of obligatory cheek kisses, even if you have had a flu shot. If you are sick, stay home or otherwise practice social distancing for the safety of others.






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Seems like this is a version that does not target the older folks [65+] as usual, judging from 2009.


Also, this article says it's a fairly good match for their 'guess' at strains they chose for this season's flu shot.




Okaaay.....personally, and this is just the opinion DH and I hold, I don't go anywhere near a flu vaccine. Along with this information, I just received an update for our church's prayer chain One of our ladies gladly reports that after four days in the hospital, her dh is home and getting better. He'd been put on the prayer chain cuz he suddenly could not lift his arms, and walked like he'd had a stroke. They gave him a round of steroids and he's improving.


It was decided that it was an adverse reaction to the flu shot. :(



MtRider -- everyone chooses which risk to take but know that both offer risk, unfortunately!

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There is also the usual cedar fever going around. Allergic reaction to mold and pollen and usually hit this time of year. I have it with a deep chest cough and bronchitis. I have not been anywhere since mid October and have only seen one neighbor since then and that was outside. So I know it isn't flu or a cold.

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I was one of the confirmed cases of swine flu a few years back....I sure don't want that again!!, I don't think I got out of bed for over two weeks, the headache was so bad I couldn't lift my head off the pillow....I hope it's not like that was

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I had some type of flu a few years ago. Nearly everyone around here had it but the rest of my family didn't. It was awful. It was three weeks before I could eat without nausea. I would eat anyway because I lost 8 lbs and when you weigh 120 and are 5' 8" tall, you can't afford to loose much.

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My mom got swine flu [who knows which one] back in the '60's and reports that she's never felt so sick in all her life....except when she had both small pox (yes, the real stuff) and scarlet fever as a child. :fever:


DH is fighting something right now. (NOT good timing) So we're throwing everything at 'it'. Immune booster, nutritional boost, sleep, etc. Usually, he can fight it off in about 24 hrs. Usually. Some of his patients have had bad colds.....


MtRider - praying for a healthy Christmas :pray:

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Rant on: Not sure which strain, but it's what provoked the death by pneumonia of my first husband. We had been married 42 years, and he had brain surgery & disabled for the last 26 years of his life. The caregiver that I hired to help me by being there during the day didn't take a flu shot "because her son was allergic to eggs" ... and guess who brought it home to him! Mountain Man and I'll take our chances (if that's what it's called) with flu shots. We're not young enough to be fussing around with that type of sickness. He's had pneumonia three times in the past 15 years, and the flu every year...until I met him and insisted he take the "flu shot" and a pneumonia shot. He's not had either since. The flu has killed millions throughout the world. I really get angry when I walk up to a cashier who's handling my money/change and my purchases and they're so stuffed up they can't talk or they're sniffing so much you wonder if they've dripped anything on any of the surfaces. They tell people to stay home...but they don't! Gotta have the money! It's only when they get so sick they're pewking their shoe laces up that they give it up, call the doctor, and then...stay home in bed. Add together what the doctor charges, the medicines prescribed, and the time off work, and the other's they've contaminated...they've paid alot more out than if they'd just taken precautions to begin with. Take your chances if you must...but stay home when you catch a cold/flu and don't be so generous with others. Rant off...

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Thanks for the prayers, Mt Rider. Few days inside and I'm feeling better today. Lovely cold sunny day and it would have been perfect working outside except I didn't want to make the bronchitis worse. I am really allergic to that mold and pollen from the cedars.


I haven't taken the flu shot in many yrs and the last time I had flu was in 76. Remember it well. I was in nursing school and my boy friend gave it to me. If I had known he was that sick I wouldn't have gone on that date with him. I wound up in the hospital with pneumonia. These days I avoid crowds and make sure to wash my hands frequently and I never touch my face when I've been out in public without washing my hands first.

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I just talked to my D-ex and he said he heard there were 4 different types of flu (virus') going around where he is and the flu shot isn't good for three of the four strains.


I haven't taken the shot since 1999 (yep Y2K blush). Oh, I just lied I took one about 4 years ago because I was going to help take care of my cousin who was very very ill. I did it for her benefit. It isn't for me right now but I don't blame anyone who does take it. If I was very ill and I thought I should have it, I would. If I knew there was another Spanish Flu type pandemic in my area...I'd take it. Ya do the best you can and pray for the best. I still don't want it though and will hold out as long as I think is prudent...for me.

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