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Excedrin shortage

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56 minutes ago, euphrasyne said:

The off brand (equate) of excedrin works very well.   The ingredients are the same and I've used it very reliably for a very long time---(I have bad migraines.) 


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Off brand cheat sheet:

Naproxen = NSAID swelling (Aleve)

Ibuprofen = NSAID pain (Advil/Motrin)

Asprin = NSAID pain and blood thinner (Bayer)

acetaminophen = feaver/pain (Tylonal)


NSAIDS can cause stomach ulcers in people with underlying conditions and are recommended to avoid during pregnancy, but tylonal is *usually safe for everyone.  Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be given in tandem 2 hours apart so you can rotate pills every two hours in severe situations.  ie  2  tylonal   4 ibuprofen  6 tylonal 8 ibuprofen, etc.  

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Although it's VERY bitter, Feverfew is a wonderful more natural "pain" solution.  I just grind it down and put it in capsules (I have my own kit) and down it goes...no problem.  Also...just because...our physician (whom I trust) told us about 3 years ago that a "therapeudic" (sp?) dose of Ibuprofen was 4 tabs and only to be used on a temporary basis.  That Advil and Naproxin type was  3 tabs.  Just remember they cannot be used for any length of time.  We use them sparingly when our natural herbs and spices aren't strong enough. Herbals just take longer to build up their strength.  The one thing I don't have enough of is AlkaSelter's chewable candy type anti-acids.  They work so good and taste good too! 

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I can vouch for feverfew re migraines.


Oh, and I have been told to stop taking the blue pills, which I have been maxing out daily, because they are probably damaging my kidneys.

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I think taking OTC meds is fine as long as you only take them occasionally. They can cause damage over a long time. Also your body can become resistant to them so they don't work as well and you have to take more and more. I take 4-6 Advil a month so they are still working for me when I need them. The doctor told my cousin Tylenol ruined her kidneys. She took a lot of them over a long period of time. :(

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Excedrin was recalled.  Nothing I don't think would hurt anyone. But to much of something in it I think.  And yes any OTC pain product works either through the kidneys or the liver. Tylenol works through the liver. To much can overwork the liver and cause issues. Others are through the kidneys and if not careful can cause kidney failure. Even with my arthritis, I use arthritis creams to ease the pain in my hands and where fingerless gloves so I don't get it in eyes. It seems to work for me. Tylenol doesn't work for me and will not reduce a temp. for DH. So we use mostly Aleve. which is one or two twice a day or we might use Advil. But we only use it once in a blue moon. Not often at all. 

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All medicines, vitamins, herbal remedies, foods, etc work through the digestive system and the kidneys and liver are a part of that.  You just have to consider if what they are doing is worth what they are doing.   Ibuprofen can be RX or OTC.  4 tabs of Ibuprofen as a therapeutic dose is because 4 tabs  OTC = 1 Rx Ibuprofen. The Rx ones are enormous btw.  My DH has a chronic condition with his back/hip and has had to have several spinal injections.  He has to take Rx Ibuprofen daily for years.  I've spoken to his physician and pharmacist extensively about it and it is the best thing for him since it does relieve some pain and causes less side effects than the harder stuff.  He also tried the tens, tried natural, tried a bunch of stuff.  So we stock Ibuprofen for him and the VA sends him a giant bottle of Rx every few months.  


I have several health issues and am not supposed to take NSAIDS because I had GI surgery several years ago.  I also have migraines and Excedrin Migraine (and the off brand of it)  is the ONLY thing Rx, OTC, Herbal, or New Age that works on them.  So...I take the Excedrin rarely when I need it.  Sometimes I use Voltaren gel for my knee and hands.  it is a steroid, but it is topical rather than oral and that works better for me.  I have to remember that even topical things are absorbed by the system and processed through the digestive system though.    


I have a lot of older folks  and people with health issues in my family.  I've had to deal with several medical regimens because I'm more organized than anyone else in my family and they always want me to come in and set up whatever system they are going for.  I've had to set up several chronic condition schedules and I've done home hospice three times--once with a 34 year old.  The takeaway I got is that different things work for different people and it is about quality of life.   Some people have more chronic pain or issues and the quality of life is awful when they have nothing.  You have to do the minimum to maintain a quality where life is worth living for them even if it causes other problems down the road.    I have a list of what works on particular people and I try to stock what is useful in those situations where something is needed.  Whatever your situation is...consider is this worth what it is actually doing?  It might be.  

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I agree with you 100% euphrasyne. No one knows exactly how another person feels and how they rate their quality of life. Everyone's pain threshold is different too. Just because you can tolerate pain easily does not make you a he-man. Just like low tolerance for pain doesn't make you a wuss. It's just how our body is made. If you have to take meds, then by all means take them. Don't suffer needlessly or put your health in jeopardy because of someone else's opinion. 


And yep, all body's are different. Tylenol doesn't work for me. Advil does. And natural herbs etc. do not work for me either. I've tried. I still take vitamins and minerals OTC but I don't know if they really help me. I don't feel any differently on them. But I'm hedging my bet and hoping they help. 


Quality of life is important to consider. And remember, natural herbs are medications too.  

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Has anyone heard of liv 52 or Hemalayen  liv 52?  Also milk thistle? I found out about these when I was diagnosed with having high liver counts.  Turned out it was some RX's prescribed by my doctor. Plus I was taken Advil for neck and shoulder pain. The gastro doctor changed my RX's and I ended up having surgery on my neck, which I now have a plate and godiva bone. I still use advil or aleve when I need it for pain but I also take  the liv 52 and milk thistle twice a day. These are a liver cleans. It will keep the medications you take from building up to a toxic level like what happened to me. Now my DH is having issues with his liver counts being way up and is one reason he is being checked out. So as soon as we know for sure what is going on with his liver, and if it turns out to be the medications he takes. Then he will start on the liv 52 and milk thistle. It will take a good month before you know it is working by how you feel. Some might be able to tell a difference sooner than others but at least a month.  If a time comes where we will not be able to see a doctor for our issues, it is good to know about liver cleanses and other types of medication we need for our health. But at the same time be able to keep from having that toxic build up. 


Euuphrasyne by all means if you need these medications for pain, take them as needed,, just be aware of the side effects and what they can do. A liver cleans like live 52 and milk thistle is always a good thing for keeping the liver working properly.  I don't know of one yet for the kidneys other than cranberry juice, but that does not always work for everyone.  And I hope the name brand Excedrin will be back on market soon.  though I think the off brand was never effected. 

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