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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed four locally acquired cases of malaria in Florida and one in Texas, marking the first time in 20 years that the potentially fatal disease has been contracted from mosquitoes in the U.S.


- For the first time in 20 years, the US has detected multiple cases of malaria in Florida and Texas. What's interesting is that the cases were locally acquired, meaning the five people who were infected got it from local mosquitoes, not from traveling abroad. The disease has claimed over 691,000 deaths in 2021 with most of the cases occurring in Africa.

Luckily, it's not contagious between humans, so it can't be spread like a cold. But the CDC recommends everyone avoid getting bit by a mosquito by wearing loose fitting clothes and using insect repellents that contain these ingredients. You should know that DEET isn't recommended for children under two months old, and lemon eucalyptus oil isn't recommended for children under three.

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I have a mosquito soap called mosquito beater, I use it in the mornings before going outside and again in the early evening if I am going out.  I heard about the ones in Florida but not Texas. I hope to see the mosquito guy going through the neighborhood again this year. But so far no sign of them. I don't know what they use but they put a huge fog from back of truck while slowly driving down each street. They tell you not to go outside while they are spraying. 

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Heard early this morning that the mosquito trucks are starting to go through other areas that are being hit the hardest right now. They said that if you have honey bees to cover them up and those that are allergic to stay indoors. They said the rain has caused a huge increase in mosquitoes this year.  

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...four locally acquired cases of Plasmodium vivax malaria in Sarasota County, FL and one case in Cameron County, TX. There is no evidence to suggest that the cases in the two states are related.  All patients were promptly treated at area hospitals and are recovering.

Most malaria cases diagnosed in the United States are imported, usually by persons who travel to countries where malaria is endemic. However, locally acquired mosquito-transmitted malaria cases can occur, as Anopheles mosquito vectors exist throughout the United States. In 2003 there were 8 cases of locally acquired P. vivax malaria identified in Palm Beach County, FL.

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On 6/29/2023 at 4:46 PM, Littlesister said:

I hope to see the mosquito guy going through the neighborhood again this year. But so far no sign of them. I don't know what they use but they put a huge fog from back of truck while slowly driving down each street.


My DH used to work for the telephone company - not sure if it was AT&T at that time or one of the "Baby Bells." Anyway, he was working there at a time when you could still dial "0" and be able to talk to a real live person! He worked "Information" (4-1-1). He told me this story about how one day he got a call from a person who wanted the phone number for the "skeeter baters." He had no idea what they wanted! I think he had to ask a few questions and he was finally able to figure out that they wanted the phone number for the "Mosquito Abatement Dept." :P :24: :rolleyes:

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I don't even know if they have a phone number. Around here it is controlled by the city. They spray according to where the worse of the mosquito population is. Yep, Cranny Island is awful. One of the worst areas to live around. that is where the Coast Guard base is. Hope the Grandkids don't try to find a house in that area.  

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They confirmed two more cases in Sarasota County in Florida.


I don't know if these will work or not. Probably not but they are cute for kids and made with eucalyptus oil and can be stuck on clothing. I bought a package anyway. 

Amazon.com: BuzzPatch Mosquito Patch Stickers for Kids (60 Pack) - The Original All Natural, Plant Based Ingredients, Non-Toxic, DEET Free, Citronella Essential Oil Insect Patch, for Toddlers, Kids : Health & Household


And when they don't work, some of these:

Amazon.com: BUZZPATCH Magic Patch Itch Patches - 27 Patches - The Original Natural Itch Patch - Insect Bite Patch for Mosquitos, Ticks, Midges, Sandflies : Health & Household


Yeah, I'm 'that' grandma.  :rolleyes:



SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The Florida Department of Health has reported two more locally acquired cases of malaria in Sarasota County.


The two additional cases were reported the week of June 25 to July 1, according to a report released on Thursday. Sarasota County’s total is now at six locally acquired cases.


Malaria is transmitted through infected mosquitoes. Both Sarasota and Manatee counties have been under a mosquito-borne illness alert since June 19.


Residents throughout the state should take precautions by applying bug spray, avoiding areas with high mosquito populations and wearing long pants and shirts when possible - especially during sunrise and sunset when mosquitos are most active.


In Florida, Malaria is transmitted through infected Anopheles mosquitoes. The cause of malaria in these cases has been identified as the Plasmodium vivax species. Effective treatment is readily available through hospitals and other health care providers. Individuals in this area with symptoms of fever, chills, sweats, nausea/vomiting and headache should seek immediate medical attention.


The department advises the public to remain diligent in their personal mosquito protection efforts by remembering to “Drain and Cover.”

   DRAIN standing water to stop mosquitoes from multiplying.

   Drain water from garbage cans, house gutters, buckets, pool covers, coolers, toys, flowerpots, or any other containers where sprinkler or rainwater has collected.

   Discard old tires, drums, bottles, cans, pots and pans, broken appliances and other items that aren’t being used.

   Empty and clean birdbaths and pet’s water bowls at least once or twice a week

   Protect boats and vehicles from rain with tarps that don’t accumulate water.

   Maintain swimming pools and keep appropriately chlorinated. Empty plastic swimming pools when not in use.


COVER doors and windows with screens to keep mosquitoes out of your house.

Repair broken screening on windows, doors, porches and patios.


COVER skin with clothing or appropriate repellent.


Clothing - Wear shoes, socks, and long pants and long-sleeves. This type of protection may be necessary for people who must work in areas where mosquitoes are present.


Repellent - Apply mosquito repellent appropriately. Always use repellents according to the label. Repellents with DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, para-menthane-diol, 2-undecanone and IR3535 are effective. Use mosquito netting to protect children younger than two months old.


Two more malaria cases confirmed in Sarasota County (mysuncoast.com)

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I used to live in Clearwater in the late 50's early 60's. Pinellas County.  We used to hear a lot about encephalitis way back then. They called it sleeping sickness if I remember correctly, but I think that is a misnomer. 

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The Canadian Press
Tue, July 18, 2023 at 7:13 p.m. ECT
SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) — A southwest Florida county has document a seventh case of malaria, state authorities said.

The Florida Department of Health reported a new locally acquired case of malaria in Sarasota County during the week of July 9-15. That's in addition to five cases last month and one case in May.

Sarasota County and Manatee County directly to the north have been under a mosquito-borne illness alert for nearly a month. The area is located on the Gulf of Mexico, just south of Tampa Bay.

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Just hoping this doesn't spread to other states and that Florida can control it.  My father's family was from florida. It is where he was born. We used to make a lot of trips to Florida during the summer months when I was young. Last time I went was to visit my younger sister and the mosquitos would carry you away. They show no mercy. 

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On 7/19/2023 at 1:47 PM, Littlesister said:

Last time I went was to visit my younger sister and the mosquitos would carry you away. They show no mercy. 


Iowa on HOT SUMMER NIGHTS.....  :runcirclsmiley2:  just when you want to play with the lightning bugs!  


And northern MINNESOTA Boundry Waters....and 10,000 lakes!   Oye!  Dont' think I could go back to that. 


This is the first summer I can remember seeing mosquitoes...and we have a big pond.  :scratchhead:   I may even have a mosquito bite!  Thot it was from my almost fall on the steps but it kinda itches and is swelled....not scraped.  Hmm....


MtRider  B)

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We are having more of a problem with mosquitoes than usual this summer. But we also have neighbors that leave standing water all over their yard. That will draw them and they will not empty the mess in their yards. Plus my nextdoor neighbor has an above ground pool that she just finally got it cleaned out. Her husband can't help her with it anymore due to his health and she had to learn how to clean it up and put the chemicals in it.  

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On 7/21/2023 at 2:05 PM, Mt_Rider said:

This is the first summer I can remember seeing mosquitoes...and we have a big pond.

We have a small spring fed pond with only a few fish and lots of duck weed in it.  We use Dunks.  They are a biological mosquito control that doesn’t harm the animals or etc.  They are donut shaped and float on the top as they slowly dissolve.  We use pieces of them in my self watering grow boxes, in our fountain, and in any area that might get water in it.  The pieces can even dry out and then still be usable when they get wet again.  We have voracious mosquitoes here and these really do help. 

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Mother, thanks for the reminder on the dunks. I was throwing those across the fence into the standing water from neighbor behind me. It was hard to work in the garden and yard because the mosquitoes were so bad. It really does help to keep the population down. Need to check to see if they are doing it again. they have an old bucket and trash can turned on it's side from where I pushed them over to empty water and then took the end of my shovel and pushed them away from fence line and up into their yard as far as I could. They are still on their side now but have been moved closer to the fence line again.  Will check that this evening when I go out to water gardens. 

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Note my emphasis--this is unrelated Malaria.


A case of locally acquired malaria has been confirmed in Maryland, the state Department of Health said Friday. The person was briefly hospitalized and is recovering at home.

The agency declined to give more details about the person except to say they live in the Washington, D.C., area. They did not have a history of recent travel outside the US or to other states where locally acquired malaria has been reported. Nine cases have been reported this summer in Florida and Texas, the first in the US in 20 years, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Dr. David Blythe, director of the Maryland Department of Health’s Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Outbreak Response Bureau, said at a briefing Friday that the new case involves the parasite Plasmodium falciparum, which can cause more severe illness than the strain in the Florida and Texas cases, P. vivax.   EMPHASIS ADDED 

Marylanders who have unexplained fever or other malaria symptoms such as muscle aches, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea should check in with their health care provider, Blythe said.

Malaria spreads through bites from the Anopheles mosquito. Most Americans who catch it do so overseas in areas where the disease is more common, such as in Africa. In the years before the Covid-19 pandemic, about 2,000 cases were reported annually in the US, mostly travel-related, the CDC says. Maryland has about 200 travel-related cases each year.

“We have not seen a case in Maryland that was not related to travel in over 40 years,” Maryland Department of Health Secretary Laura Herrera Scott said in a news release. “We are taking this very seriously and will work with local and federal health officials to investigate this case.”

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