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Euphrasyne is right.  Hunted meat is NOT free.  For all the reason’s she lists with the exception of the beer in our family.  Not to mention the work and time involved to harvest it and process the deer yourself.  It is over a hundred dollars if you have it processed. No, it is not free but when all the necessities are prorated over several years it does become cheaper. Then there are the rewards of knowing they can provide a quality protein for their family and they are helping to support all wildlife.  


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True it is not all free. For them they just bought ammo as they already had the guns. They processed the meat they caught themselves so no having to pay for someone to process that for them. So basically, from what it cost then to all the rules and regulations they have now, it didn't cost them much to go hunting. I would think now if you owned the property and had to have a license to hunt on your own property now plus all the other things such as special hunting clothes and things it would cost a lot more now. Old days were much different than today.

I didn't include the time it takes to process your own meat as to me it was just time and not actual money being spent. 

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2 hours ago, euphrasyne said:

Hunted meat isn't free.  The 2A items, bows, arrows, hunting licenses--it costs more than it should.  Don't forget all the 'hunting clothes', scent spray, beer, deer blinds, etc. 


For my grandpa, it was the cost of a shotgun shell. So, to him it was all but free. He never bought a license for on his own property. He always said, “I’ll shoot all I want! They’ve been feeding on my corn and alfalfa all year.” So I guess he also considered the loss of some of his crops as a cost also. 

Now, my DS2 is a different story. He does put money into (deer) hunting. Blinds, stands, cameras, clothing, plots, gas, bows/guns/ammo, licenses, etc. (no beer). Also for DDIL and DGD(12)... and DGS(6) and DGD(4) when they’re old enough. But he loves it and it’s also a hobby that does provide food. It’s a family tradition that is being passed down to the next generation to respect the land and animals it provides to us. 

Then there’s small game— both sons hunt... mostly rabbit and squirrel, some turkey and fowl. They don’t put all that into it— just licenses and ammo. 

We all fish. Licenses and bait. Everyone has their own boats/tackle. DH and I have the cost of a gas motor. DS1 uses a trolling motor. DS2 uses a kayak. 

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1 hour ago, Mother said:

they are helping to support all wildlife.  

Management is a huge part of hunting and something that many of younger hunters don’t truly understand. 

My grandpa lived through the depression. I remember all the stories about how country people had family from the cities just show up to stay with them. My great grandparents had family from Detroit with them. They hunted... A LOT! After the depression, my great-grandpa and grandpa would NOT take a doe. Bucks only. The deer population had been decimated. For over 70 yrs, my grandpa would not take a doe. Only my youngest uncle and my DS2 knew that my grandpa did start taking a select few does in the last 5 years of his life. The deer population has exploded in the last 10+ years. Yet, he still felt the need to *preserve* the herds. Nobody else was allowed to take does on his property... only him. And he didn’t let others know that he did. 

After my grandpa passed and my DS2 decided he wanted to start hunting again, he, my uncle and myself had a discussion— I wanted him to take does (me not knowing that my grandpa had started to). The deer on the farm are overpopulated. They’re tearing up crops, gardens, getting hit in the roads, etc. We don’t allow coyote hunting because at least they take fawns to keep the deer somewhat in check. Boy, was I surprised when I said that I wanted 5 does for every one buck, and uncle and DS2 just smiled and agreed. This year, we are doing 3:1 because EHD was a problem 2 yrs ago. It cut numbers a bit... but there are still too many. Oh... and every other buck has to be a *management* buck... there are some funky ones out there. 🥴

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Here the cost is the ammo, hunting licenses  (different things require extra license/cost) , gas to get to the land, field dressing gloves,  whatever we wrap the meat in.  We don't do beer and the clothing spray.   All the laundry stuff here is already unscented due to my allergies.  For the most part, the clothes and guns are one time purchases.    Some things wear out and need replaced, like boots and gloves.   The meat grinder was an expensive purchase years ago, but it paid for itself after butchering 2 deer.  One of DH's challenges with hunting is the time to do it.   We had an excellent VHS tape about butchering.   I think we bought it in 2004 or so.   We think we threw it out when we got rid of the VCR.  I should have wrote down the title.  I think it was from some place in Wisconsin.  

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Around here for fishing you need a license. But for seniors you don't. So fishing is almost free. Still need bate. And then only have to replace hooks and things once in a while. My DH made his own sinkers when neighbor gave all his stuff to DH for making the sinkers. I no longer need a license, but GS does. I still have all the fishing equipment. I don't hunt but once in a while I will go fishing on a pier or something.

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The cost of fishing, for me, is irrelevant. It is my peace and joy. It is my HAPPY PLACE!! 🎣  :hapydancsmil::cele:

I could fish every day! As long as it’s not cold or windy... but light rain is fine. :happy0203: I am even happy to be woke up early to go fishing. (I’m a VERY grouchy not-a-morning person.)

Y’all wait til next spring/summer/fall... I will drive ya nuts with all my posts of fishing. The refrigerator freezer in the garage is dedicated to fish only... and it is FULL!! :yum3:






















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Wow, Necie.  Those are great pics!  I really like the one with fried fish on the plate!  :feedme:  


I've gone crappie fishing with my Wisc friend a time or two.  Unfortunately, fish laugh at my approach.  :buttercup:   I did catch a great northern up in the Boundry Waters of MN.  Even then, DH (newly wed) had to keep paddling the canoe for trolling.  Still have a pic of that somewhere. 


Loved sitting on one of Maui's shorelines, eating the fresh caught/fried fish that my Hawaiian friend caught with a throw net.  He was teaching DH how to use a throw net but not sure he'd remember now.  A skilled throw can shape the net as it lands to take into account rocks, etc in the water so as not to leave ANY tiny opening.....yeah, the fish will know and dart out from under the weighted net.  Our friend had done net fishing for decades. 


MtRider ....ach....I miss Maui.  Love water....fresh or salt!!!  :bathbaby:    ...hmph, bigger than that!

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That is some great fishing, Necie. And the turtle as well.  The fried fish look yummy. 


Next year I am hoping to go out to the James River pier to catch some stripers. 


Can't wait to see you catch for next year.

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In all the places I've lived, you have to have a license even if it is on your own land.  My family was avid hunters and some of them have been on the outs with the local game wardens.  There can be serious consequences....everyone should choose their comfort and risk level.   I think the various licenses are BS, but a family member lost his job over some game trouble.  

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euphrasyne, that is terrible to lose a job over a license.  All I know is that back in the day my grandfather and uncles did not need a license to hunt as long as it was on their own property.  That was many years ago outside of Lynchburg. After my DH turned, I think it was 70 they told him he didn't need a license to fish as he was over 70. He was told that when he went to buy a fishing license years ago. 

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