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  1. Ambergris

    And now H.Michael?

    It's awful just west of here. We have been so lucky.
  2. Ambergris

    And now H.Michael?

    My son is noting the difference between our reactions and obsessions. He went through a typhoon in Okinawa, but he hasn't gone through a major hurricane in civilian buildings. I suspect we will be reading the same page a lot more for the next one that comes through here.
  3. Ambergris

    And now H.Michael?

    I came home from a retreat Sunday afternoon to find the bread and water shelves cleaned off. Went for gas and found the regular place shut down for the night. Went out Monday mid--morning (called it an early lunch at work) and took 40 minutes to get gas--got it then only because they put up signs saying nothing but 93 octane was left. My first major hurricane in a double-wide trailer, so I did a little scurrying and hand-wringing, but the track has shifted now. We are still in the cone of probability, but really right on the edge of it. Did I mention I left my blue ice packs at the lake?
  4. Ambergris

    New Canning Book

    The University of Georgia has had meat-canning info posted for years, as have some of the desert states. My problem is that canned meats have ...un-meaty textures.
  5. Ambergris

    Winter 2018...Persimmon Report...uh, what?

    Yes. The knife is pretty distinct. The fork usually isn't.
  6. Ambergris


    Sweet potatoes are a lot easier to dehydrate if you cook, mash, and dry like fruit leather.
  7. Ambergris

    3 EZ steps ... ?

  8. Ambergris

    3 EZ steps ... ?

    Swim goggles. Why have I NEVER thought of that?
  9. Ambergris


    The nurse doesn't carry canned pumpkins to dose him?
  10. Ambergris

    Multipurpose for common items

    Panty liners are good bandages too. Not as good as Kotex, but way better than most options.
  11. Ambergris


    We can only grow one round of spinach here because it gets so hot for so much of the year. So I use sweet potato leaves instead. Except in salad, where they'd be too tough.

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