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  1. Just thinking how often it takes five minutes to find my shoes and keys alone. I'd spend the extra buck per key to put copies in the pack. Also, if I still had kids, I would keep a couple of pair of cheap strap-adjustable sandals in their sizes as well as a sturdy pair of sandals in my size tucked in. How often does a kid's missing shoe derail your morning routine? With one kid, I had to start keeping a pair of loud and ugly Goodwill shoes in the trunk for when a shoe disappeared between morning checkover and school dropoff. This made his shoes stick to his feet much better, by the way. I say that, but there have been many years when I only owned one pair of shoes in my size. (Do as I say, not as I do?) Also, keep socks and undies tucked in always. That, I did manage.
  2. Ambergris


    A lot of it. My dad went from half the day in a wheelchair some thirty years ago to being the oldest gentleman in last week's ballroom dance. And that's with several strokes since.
  3. Ambergris


    The somebody/something is the three points for orientation. Helps keep from getting disoriented too.
  4. Ambergris

    Gas leak

    No kidding! 😆
  5. Ambergris


    We2, my dad says he was prescribed dancing to deal with vertigo and loss of balance after a stroke.
  6. Ambergris


    Few drops vanilla in the grounds.
  7. Ambergris

    Old Pine

  8. Ambergris


    I like McD's coffee.
  9. Ambergris


  10. Ambergris

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    Camp toilet. People can look away.
  11. Ambergris


  12. Ambergris


    Was it Saxon who had an article about "your brother in law the pediatrician" being unable to handle his place in the group because he was shell shocked? The think is, most fecal flights are not a single torpedo but a series of shots one after another after another. Think of being punched in a sore spot, many times, but somehow you keep hoping the last one was the last. Like being too poor to pay a ticket and getting your license suspended and not realizing it, and then getting jailed and/or losing your job because you've been driving on a suspended license, and then getting evicted and then losing custody of your kids because you are living on a friend's couch. Selco keeps saying this, as do those Venezuela bloggers. Wow, has this topic drifted. But we need to think these things through.
  13. Ambergris

    Urban Survival Course by Selco

    My maternal cousins were usually my best friends growing up. Now I'm seldom in contact with more than one or two of them in any year, unless there's a funeral. When my grandfather remarried there were six of us cousins and five of them cousins. We never got close. I knew my second cousins better. But yeah, they're far away and sometimes I really miss having them to talk to and compare notes with. I finally found out which prison my closest boy-cousin has been moved to, so maybe I will go see him this fall.

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