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  1. North Korea

    Three basic kinds of radiation, as I recall. Alpha is the most damaging, but can be stopped by anything more than a sheet of paper. Some sources say a sheet of paper will do it. Also, it decays fast. Do not inhale it, eat it, drink it, or get it on your eyeballs and it won't hurt you (directly) beyond a sunburn. Beta is next most damaging. It's when an electron is knocked out of an atom and zips off with lots of energy. It burns hard but not deep. Standard wisdom is that a quarter-inch of aluminum will stop it. But! then it produces X-rays, which need a second layer of stuff to absorb them. Gamma rays are what the halving thicknesses are for. Yes, you can combine air distance, books, and beds. One thickness of sheltering material brings your damage down to half what it would have been. Two thicknesses bring your damage down to a quarter what it would have been. I used to know whether three thicknesses brought it down to an eighth or to a sixteenth, but I forget. A thickness is an inch of steel, seven inches of water, two and a half inches of concrete, three and a half inches of brick, eleven inches of wood, and so on.
  2. It's been a LONG time!

    Welcome back! So very nice to see you!

    I'm packing. Closing is in less than two weeks. The lady at the mortgage company says I have the prettiest package she's seen in a while, meaning chances of things falling through are minimal at this point. FINALLY got homeowner's insurance, for nearly twice the initially quoted price. But I have to have it to get a mortgage. The surveyor is going out Monday. I'm filling boxes and DS2 is coming by every few days to move the heavier ones (books!) to the PODS unit for me. I'm finding some things that have been missing for a while. Including a bag of liquefying potatoes.

    Rake thoroughly under the pecan--very thoroughly!--and burn all the nuts and twigs and burnable leaves. The smoke will be very thick and oily, but the fires will be entertaining because the oil spurts all aflame out of the bug-holes in the shells. The ash will be good compost/fertilizer. If you want to mulch for any reason, mulch with shredded pine bark (run your lawn mower over the bark to shred it). Check the acidity of the soil. If it's neutral or alkaline, you might need to check for a zinc deficiency. If the new leaves come in crinkled or bronzed, just add zinc. The first year, remember to collect every single nut you can...get the good ones and later go back and rake up the bad ones. The bad ones will have more than half the hull clinging to them, or will be too light, or will have a perfectly round hole in the shell, or will have a large black oily area. Burn the bad ones to break your worm's life cycle.
  5. North Korea

    Wars and rumors of wars... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/01/13/hawaiians-get-ballistic-missile-threat-messages/?utm_term=.34a184f4f7ee
  6. Coffee....


    Can you grow feijoa there? The petals taste something like cotton candy.

    Re-fence, cross-fence, and map out the features of the property, including keeper trees and patches. Put my potted trees in the ground, except the babies that need extra babying. Hold onto the job. Don't get hurt again. Select a place for a walpini and hugelkultur spots.

    Hm. Keeping this real is going to take some hard thought.

    Ducks. AKA "farm animals."
  11. Hello - I'm back after a break

    Welcome back!

    Sifting through insurance companies. Found one that does manufactured homes, Florida homes, homes over 10 yrs old, and homes out in the boonies. But they rejected me because I have four ducks. Ducks. They're not even specially trained attack ducks. Also, the land is apparently zoned Commercial. I need to look into this, as there are conflicting reports. Commercial is much more valuable, should I want to sell it, but harder to insure. Also, we're looking at freezing temps and possible sleet/snow tonight and tomorrow. I'm wondering whether my avocado and more delicate citrus will survive. Everything is supposed to be hardy down to about 26 degrees, if not rather colder, but that's theory--the wind is not interested in theories. Ducks. They turned me down for DUCKS?

    Went to the lung doctor today. The O2 monitor I wore that one night dipped into the "grab the oxygen!" level three times as I slept, coincidentally about how often I usually wake up. And here I thought it was Nature calling. (And maybe there's a link.) So I get the sleep study in early February, and eventually, probably, some kind of oxygen supplement thereafter.

    Today was shockingly uneventful. Nobody texted or emailed a demand for several hundred dollars. I tell you, I did not budget but half what all these inspections and stuff are costing. But it's gonna be so worth it. Also, I have something really neat arriving on the doorstep this coming Thursday!

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