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  1. Ambergris


    Looking at the finances glumly. I kind of over-spent this month.
  2. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    The beau came by this morning and cut down the half-dozen gorgeous jasmine bushes in full bloom. Had to happen. The satsumas that were here when I arrived are very unhappy plants, and jasmine carries tons of pests and diseases that affect citrus. Still...jasmine... On a brighter note, topped the tallest citrus (cut down some of the branches/trunks that went way above my reach). Let the regrowth begin!
  3. Ambergris

    Lastest Update 04/24/18

    I see the tiny goats pic on Chrome.
  4. Ambergris

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    I've marked out the ground where my two ramps will go. Just need the money.
  5. Bullets travel faster than sound, and echo strangely. Short people like me are at a great disadvantage when trying to see through/over a crowd. Treat a stampeding crowd like a rip tide. If pressure allows, cut across at right angles to the flow. If pressure is too strong, go with it until the pressure lets up. Once I actually lifted my feet and let a crowd carry me.
  6. Ambergris

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    Before I moved in to this place, I had the carpets ripped up and vinyl flooring put down. Looks nice, and is much easier to keep clean. Welcome back, Deb!
  7. Ambergris

    Prepping for the “Golden Years”

    Oh, mannn,--has mine changed! In two years, I will be surrounded by food unless the ambrosia beetle or something hits hard. So food-from-outside focus has turned to carbs, particularly carbs that are easy to fix like dehydrated cooked angel hair pasta and various kinds of rice. I have seeds of four kinds of rice too, though, and will be experimenting with planting those. I gave away the dried beans that were still good, and ground the oldest ones to add to the scratch feed. Once there's an actual garden, it will have corn and lots of beans as well as the nightshades and crucifers and all. Canning, which I really can't physically manage right now, is giving way even in my thoughts to easier ways to put by, including fermenting, freezing, and dehydrating. The pressure canners are in the barn, not the kitchen. I don't need fruits and vegetables to last a very long time because new food will be coming ripe every week or two. Get this! I have a freeze dryer, but it was delivered to the wrong building. To get to the place it needs to be, it has to be carried down some stairs and up some stairs. Which I can't do. Which DS1, who lives with me, can't do with HIS injured back. I can't do anything except stare at the box and read other people's comments to store up some secondhand experience for later. I am working to get the back area back into a condition that I can call a pasture, so I can put some meat out to graze. First step is bush-hogging and grinding up some of the water oak saplings and overgrown wisteria vines into wood chips, which I can spread with mycelium and plant with nitrogen fixers. Actually, bush-hogging is second step. I've already scattered seed of sorghum, buckwheat, iron/clay peas, clover, and a few other items that should be nice and bulky and juicy in three weeks when the bush-hog comes through. Lots of chop-and-drop organic matter and nutrients. Give that a few weeks to settle, and if it's not too hot to breathe I'll scatter more of the same seeds. Plus black sunflower seed, if I can find a bag small enough to lift that doesn't cost a fortune per ounce. I understand this is a three-year project. Until then, I have barn stalls to clear out for producing manure and single-meal protein (cavy, bunny, poultry, worms). I am still working hard to try to regain the ability to walk home. I can't do even a full mile without crying all through the last quarter mile and paying for it for days, but I can do a half a mile several times a day. Minus recovery time and time to search for water, it'd be a two/three day hike home from work. I need to be able to make it in one day (meaning one night in summer). My chiro looks at me sideways when I say I need to be able to walk seven miles. He's not going to say it's impossible because he's already seen me do things he didn't at all expect. I have a clothesline again, a really conveniently placed one on the back porch right outside the laundry room. But I have no ability to lift a wet garment up to it. Lowering it to waist level is on the list. The shower chair is something I never expected to need, since I've always been a bath person instead of a shower person, and who can't stand up for five minutes? Now that shower chair is my best friend. It has been ever since the day it took me more than twenty minutes to climb out of the tub (by which time I was all sweaty and stinky again, of course). Walking sticks are stocked here and there and everywhere. When I need it, I need it suddenly and badly. Bug-out never was a top choice for me. Now it's dead last choice.
  8. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    The rose cuttings arrived and I didn't do anything with them.
  9. Ambergris


    My rose cuttings came in, probably okay at the time. But one thing and then another happened, and they all died in their shipping pack on my table.
  10. Ambergris


    The beau gave me an electric chainsaw for Mother's Day, and DS2 gave me a promise of labor hours.
  11. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    I recently ordered two batches of plants off eBay and forgot to put my new address on them. The mailman caught one and hand-delivered it to me, but the other might spend a week in the transfer station. The one I got was mostly very tender plants from Wellspring, the home of the two-inch-high starter plants. When Wellspring plants take off, they REALLY take off. Wish me luck. The one my mailman didn't catch was rose cuttings from southern Louisiana, which has climate challenges very like my area's. Wouldn't it be nice to root enough cuttings to replace every poisonous azalea in this yard with a lovely shrub rose? The roses in place include at least two "knock-out" shrub roses. I've ordered cuttings of a Buck rose named "Quietness" and an unidentified cherry-red shrub rose. I'd like to order one called "Marmalade Skies," but not on this paycheck (or next paycheck). I guess I need to keep watching for sales of cuttings, which are very cheap. After all, if I'm going to name the place Rosegard, I do need to fill it with roses.
  12. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    Should be getting a dozen rose cuttings this week. I'm probably going to lose most what I've left at the old house. It's getting harder and harder to go out there and see anything worthwhile, despite there being furniture and all. This is as much emotional as physical. I don't want to be there anymore. I hear the late DX's voice everywhere. "Look at this, Babydoll..."
  13. Ambergris


    Irish Spring, the original green scent. If you hang it with a disposable cup over it to keep the rain off, it lasts longer.
  14. Ambergris

    2018 April/May Free Ebooks

    Wow, is the writer of that prepper's guide arrogant and misinformed. He rants about all the water on the ground after Katrina, and nobody able to clean it to drink. Um...it was heavily contaminated with petroleum distillates. That stuff is something of a challenge to remove when you have no electricity or specialized equipment.
  15. Ambergris


    😶 In some states, taking a telephone out of a person's hand can be considered an act of battery. Might want to check your laws.

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