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  1. Ambergris

    9 incisions, Ouch

    That was a good deed. No point having to go back half a dozen times if you can get it done at once.
  2. Ambergris

    medical testing - ugh

    I had this surgery because my nerve to the arm was over 80% squashed. It did me so much good. Then the next wreck happened...
  3. Ambergris

    No TP required

    I remember my great-aunt's outhouse, with the catalog under a piece of wood to keep it dry. And the water-bugs between the pages. You got a page and scrubbed it against the piece of wood to soften it and take the shiny off, and then you used it. And then you used another and another, because you could never get clean.
  4. Ambergris

    If it hit the fan today....

    They were in those bottles for a good eight or nine years.
  5. Ambergris

    If it hit the fan today....

    My beans fossilized in plastic soda bottles.
  6. Ambergris

    If it hit the fan today....

    Veggies, yes. We have room to grow lots of them now, and a perfect 10+ month growing season, but neither DS nor I can handle the physical work right now. Best I could do is make a deal with someone who didn't have room or seeds, but did have the ability to work. One thing I found out about dried beans, especially old ones: they digest a whole lot easier if soaked with a bit of baking soda, even if they won't soften. They get soft in the pressure cooker (be careful of foam!) without soaking. But if they are not soaked, the digestive effects can be noticeable down the hallway.
  7. Ambergris


    Annarchy, looking back...are you familiar with jimson weed, flowers and burrs?
  8. Ambergris

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    Staple #2 is much easier to apply than stitch #2.
  9. Ambergris

    Weird things in your first aid kit....

    Sanitary napkins. The wrappers can seal a sucking chest wound and the pads can absorb blood or other wound drainage. A skin stapler, because it hurts less than stitching and gives a tidier result. Hard candies, for blood sugar. Other stuff.
  10. Ambergris

    Gardening Through the Winter

    One trick I suspect you already know is to pot up a pepper plant, cut the top back a lot, and bring the pot inside to protect from cold. It will sulk all winter, but in March it will be a foot or two high with a huge root ball, raring to go.
  11. Ambergris

    EDC purse kit.

    You know how businesses take the handles/knobs off their outside faucets to keep homeless people and mischief-makers from turning the water on? A water wrench lets you turn on those faucets.
  12. Ambergris

    Happy Thanksgiving To All

    Welcome back home.
  13. Ambergris

    Don't trust the ad!

    Saw a Black Friday for an item that normally costs $200, give or take twenty depending on the strength of the currencies. On sale 40% off. Just $201. What a deal.
  14. Ambergris


    Jeepers, have you tried diuretics to lower your BP?

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