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  1. Ambergris

    Saying hey yahoo all

    Soo good to know you all found your way home. Just please don't get lost again. We miss you.
  2. Ambergris


    I know. My old rule of thumb was that 1/3 of the counselors you meet will be toxic. 1/3 will be useless or mildly helpful. You have to keep searching until you find one in the final third--because that counselor will save your life. We sure found a lot in the two-thirds.
  3. Ambergris

    Reminiscing Wagons Ho!

    My clean-outs, the four-inch-diameter pipes coming straight up out of the ground, with square projections on the top to allow unscrewing the caps, have all been right outside the house, between the nearest toilet and the septic tank. This is for plumbers to use. There's also an access hatch for the honey truck to use. The tank lid itself will support only shallow-rooted things like grass and mints and such. Try to avoid trees that might pry up the lid to get to moisture inside. The green place in your yard during the dry season is your drain field. That's where you have to be really careful about planting.
  4. Ambergris

    Surviving an epic snowstorm and power outage

    Here, we actually gauge community damage and recovery by what Waffle House is serving. If they are selling limited menu, cash only, no coffee, your area got its teeth kicked in.
  5. Ambergris

    Reminiscing Wagons Ho!

    My life was so weird during the Wagons Ho that I really could not commit to it. In retrospect, I really missed a lot.
  6. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    DTG used to live a little south and east of me, so much of his information was either dead on or just a little too tropical for my climate. He has moved to Central America someplace, but still has a lot of videos and articles I can learn from.
  7. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    Thank you! This one is new to me. Have you watched any of David The Good's videos?
  8. Ambergris

    Reminiscing Wagons Ho!

    This is my year for the big garden. But you know what they say about when man proposes...
  9. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    That was in the days of miniskirts.
  10. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    The purple-pink Korean azaleas give me the creeps, have ever since I can remember (and I remember being terrified of them when my head barely brushed the bottom of my mother's skirt).
  11. Ambergris

    Just wanted to say Hi

    Hey, Zzelle!
  12. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    Also, several dozen pomegranate cuttings have been set in cups with home-stirred potting soil to root, along with some rose cuttings. ROSEGARD!
  13. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    So I paid a deposit on a new bush-hogging crew and 12 hours later the first guy--long missing--called and said he was ready to come back to finish up. Crew Two did not show up. That's three full days missing without responding to messages. Crew One is making great progress. The heavy duty weed-whacker has been repaired, the back yard is being whacked, the banana ring has been dug and the bananas all planted, the compost bin (in the center of the banana ring) has been set up, the potatoes and elephant garlic have been planted, some of the azaleas have been destroyed, and the gravel is about to be shoveled into the dip in the driveway.
  14. Ambergris

    Grey Cat Garth

    Made an appointment with yet another crew to bring out their machinery and blitz a couple of the overgrown nooks and crannies. They will be here Tuesday, which I am taking off work. Nothing got planted today because neither Crew One nor Crew Two showed up. At. All. The rose and pomegranate cuttings did get trimmed and put in cups of water with dilute rooting hormone, one labeled cup per kind, and stashed in the screen porch. I'll add dirt tomorrow.
  15. Ambergris


    Is there any way to keep this box from automatically inserting one of my prior posts when I try to make a new post?

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