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  1. Beautiful day yesterday, looks like today will be pretty nice too. For the next couple of weeks, we will be going out to do summer pruning. Did maybe twenty baby trees yesterday. The work is going faster than anticipated with someone else holding the loppers. It's pretty easy to pick a spot and say "cut here." And with these trees, it's not too hard to choose the cutting point.
  2. I have liked all my Harmony House orders. They are not packaged for long-term storage, but you can make jar-meals out of them (and a few pantry items) and pack those for the long term.
  3. Ambergris


    I used to help a lady make black walnut tincture, and it's almost the season. When the kids visit between the Solstice and the Fourth, have them pick a bucket of green walnuts about the size of a peach pit. For every half-gallon jar, chop at least a dozen (up to two dozen) walnuts and pour a quart of shine or vodka over them, then throw in herbals (dried kumquat or orange peel, thyme, rosemary, coriander, what-have-you) shake hard, and set aside. Applejack is a very expensive alternative to the vodka, but if you've got it it works really well. Leave untouched for maybe three months, until about a month into the school year, and then strain, add sugar water and a little blackstrap, and rebottle in quart jars. Run through a water bath, label jars, and set aside for a year. We didn't have gloves, but if I did this again, I would wear them. The walnuts did things to my hands.
  4. Ambergris

    Lose weight

    Great job! Baby steps, remember.
  5. That is so good to hear, Zzelle.
  6. We have done hurricane drills, but mostly only 36 hours at a time and not in the most miserable weather. Here lately, we've been getting several days of blackout every summer from hurricanes, and it's amazing how much more interested my sons are in spending money on things they do not want to use.
  7. I once had an uncomfortable date that got more so when he pulled up at a secluded, wooded spot by a lake. I said, "You know, they never found Jason's body." Sometimes I kind of miss that guy, but he needed someone other than me. Back to the topic. I have never thought, beyond the time it took a nightmare to fade, that my family and I would be snuffed out. But the yips? Oh, yes. Soon after we moved in to this place, DS1 went out and said he was leaving the gate open (the battery on it was acting up). I heard voices outside, and a snatch of music. Pretty soon, I found out that not only is this house shockingly devoid of secluded places to reach without going past a window, but that I would be quite visible reaching that secluded spot because of the little bug-lights the former owners had left in every room. Plus the little red lights on the electronics. Later, I found out that when a certain neighbor was on his back porch, anything he said was channeled with peculiar clarity off the shed and toward this end of the house. But until then, the snatches of conversation, the coughs and throat-clearings, and the bits of radio music really bothered me.
  8. Mother, have you tried adding a quarter teaspoon of potassium chloride added to this? It's used in baby electrolyte solutions.
  9. It arrived in a battered box that had clearly been opened and taped shut again. I filed for a return. They said no returns or refunds. I complained They issued a refund. Whew! Now I can get the one I had intended to get.
  10. I am SOOOOOO ticked off! I was flipping back and forth through various pages to get the best mix of generator features. Got a solid option: powerful enough, quiet run technology, dual fuel, and electric start. This morning got notice it was shipping, so I checked my balance. It was $150 or so too cheap. Checked the shipping paperwork. Wrong item. Checked what I ordered. Wrong item. Has only one of my four required features. But it's shipped. So I have to wait until it's delivered, tell Amazon I ordered it by mistake, ship it back, get a refund, and then order the right one. Serves me right if I have to pay for return shipping.
  11. I go through a lot of white vinegar for cleaning, too. I hope to be able to switch over all the cooking and a lot of the cleaning to home-grown citrus over the course of the next couple of years. Several of the sour varieties are everbearing, meaning I get two to three thin pickings a year, and hopefully this kind won't be bearing in the same week as that kind. If it does, well, I have a freezer.
  12. Good luck! Medial deltoid and lateral triceps, my massage-therapist online buddy thinks.
  13. Pee works better. Unless you're a vegetarian.
  14. We tried a few of the Styrofoam cooler thingies, and none of them worked noticeably. Better off leaning against that jug of ice. The misting systems feel good if you have a fan going too, but actually the fan alone feels almost as good. I'm talking about in our humidity, of course, which seldom drops blow 60%.
  15. Took my shoulder to the doctor today. He gave me two muscle names, one with delta or deltoid in it, and one with tricep in it, and told me I had partially torn one or both of them. No wonder my chiro got to the bottom of his bag of tricks without clearing up the problem. Next step is to visit my old friends at the orthopedic center for MRI and possible surgery. Probably happened in one of my falls.
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