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making vanilla??

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how I make Vanilla...


I get in my car and drive to Mexico.. purchase several bottles, enough to last years. get back in my car and drive home.


>cheesy grin<

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Fritz, this is where I bought mine. I really like the Madagascar Bourbon beans.


I make a simple syrup of sugar and water and pour the hot syrup over the beans in a sterile quart jar. Cap and let set for a few week then use the syrup instead of extract. I use about 20 beans in each jar. I was gonna make extract, but I'm too cheap to buy booze. When the jar is empty put more hot syrup over the beans. You can pour booze over that beans whenever you want and keep refilling the jar with booze.

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I got mine on ebay cheaper than any site on the net...and for about 1/2 price from what this company normally sells them at on their website. Madagascar vanilla beans are thought to be the best ones to get...plus they're fresher...not dried up like what you get in the grocery stores.

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Hello, folks! I came across this tutorial on making vanilla. I know you know how, but the last part is a review of the different beans, and some links to purchase them.

Thought you might find it interesting.


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ArmyofFive4God, I think yours was the tutorial I used last year to make all of my friends jars of vanilla for Valentine's Day (I started it too late for Christmas!)! Everyone loved it and said it was one of the best gifts they had ever gotten. Thanks!

How funny (and awesome) is that?? Thanks for letting me know, & I'm glad they were a hit :)

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PM recieved. I am also responding 'in the clear', thinking others may also enjoy.


In the PM I was asked where the MFE (Monograph on Flavoring Extracts, 1891) was. The sender could not find it in the ICSA's free cookbook section (


I rechecked. MFE is a Librum work (http://www.librum.us) which has yet to 'pay out', i.e. pay its cost of restoration. It has sold eleven of the required fourteen. If/when it pays out, it will be be retired as a free work to the ICSA. Sorry! No, I am not posting this to be 'mercinary', see below. But I do not mind admitting that this is one I would like to see 'make it'.



The free ATOCI (Ascii Table of Contents and Index) for MFE is at http://www.librum.us/atoci/mfe.txt.

Here is a cut/paste of that portion of the ATOCI:

Quality of Flavoring Extracts Sold. 32Vanilla Beans. 33Quality of Vanilla Beans. 34Exhaustion of Vanilla Beans. 36To Make a Good Extract of Vanilla. 38Extract of Vanilla, a, b, c, d, e, and f. 39-42Tonka Beans. 43Extract of Vanilla with Tonka. 44Extract of Vanilla, "Standard". 46Extract of Vanilla without Vanilla. 47

The free sixty day demo version is available for free at http://www.librum.us/stacks/mfe-1891_v12.exe. No reason you can not grab the demo copy and copy out what you want...



A *crude* (stressing the 'crude') scanned pdf version is available at the Internet Archive, (http://www.archive.org).





PS: If you were unaware of the ICSA cookbook project, go on over. No, it is not Librum. The ICSA 'spun off', and has it's own management. Male. The men and the cookbooks are not mixing well. :happy0203: They could really use some help with building ATOCI for their version of the ATOCI search engine. Volunteers are being welcomed.

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