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Cheese-making threads

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Cheese-making threads all in one place for you to explore this subject from Mrs Survival... listed from most recently posted to, to the earliest ones.


In some threads, you'll have to scroll down to find the cheeses.




"Draining cheese" (video how-to)



"Make Fresh Ricotta Cheese"



"First time I ever made cheese., How long is whey good for?"



"Your favorite cheese recipe; Please share."



"Making Cheese?"



"Homemade feta cheese"






"cheese making revisited"



"Does anyone make their own cheese??"






"making rennet"



"Versatile Powdered Milk"



"Goat milk recipes"



"Powdered Milk Recipes"



"Just one gal. of milk!" (vinegar cheese)



"Powdered Milk.....!!!!!!!"



"Using left over Sour Milk and Cream" (Cottage Cheese)



"cheese making"





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I grew up on a small farm until I was like in the second grade

Mom had a milk cow

She made her own butter and cheese

The cheese was so good.

I remember the taste even today

I thought churning butter was fun when I was little

Mom had the old fashioned kind of churn

Of course, I didn't have to do it all the time

That was hard work. to make butter.

I remember my Dad's Mom finally got her a new electric churn

Mom didn't care for it though. hugs pinkroses

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Isn't it funny how sometimes we don't like to do things in a "newfangled" way? I'm sure your Dad thought he was getting her something SOOO helpful! :)



I was up waaay too late last night trying out all the old links in the cheese threads and making sure all the old info was there. (I have a personal kitchen archive that goes partway, but some of the mid-range stuff still got lost in the moves. I'm relieved to see not much is missing!)


When I get all of the cheesemaking links in this thread, I'll delete my "bumps" and allow them to rest back where they were. Unless, of course, they get more posts, which is fine. Ask questions!


Then we'll have one comprehensive list of all cheese-making threads at Mrs S.



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Cat, could we make this thread a sticky, so we can find all these great links all the time? :)

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