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What Is/Was For Dinner?

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Left-overs from our Thanksgiving yesterday. Love those easy days. :hapydancsmil: I've had to bring in some buckets of potatoes from the garage. The temps drop into the low 20's at night and I won't pay to heat that area of the garage. Might think about a root cellar room next year with lots of insulation and a light bulb for heat. :laughkick:

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I am making an effort to be healthier again.


Last night was baked haddock with a crumb topping, baked sweet potatoes, sauteed zucchini with onion and beet salad.


Tonight is stuffed green peppers in tomato sauce, mashed spuds for DH, fresh pineapple wedges and asparagus spears.

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Put a couple of nice pork chops in the bottom of my cast iron "chicken fryer" then chunked up some 'taters. When they were near done added a layer of vegetable medley (cauliflower, broccoli & carrots) and put the lid on and let it cook on low for another hour. Oh my...you just can't get anything better tasting than a meal cooked in cast iron. Dessert was a lemon jello that I added some mixed fruit in. :feedme:

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I had a Strawberry Mango salad from Wendy’s tonight. It was good. There are two sizes regular and half. I got the half and it was plenty. But I wasn't real hungry. I wasn't used to that dressing but the more I ate the more I liked it. It's Marzetti’s Honey Citrus Vinaigrette and the citrus was mostly orange. It had nice strawberries but not very many mangos. I wonder if it will just be for summer. The strawberries were really good. I'm trying not to say, "It was a light and refreshing meal" but it was. I’m sure I’ll get it again.


It was a pretty complete meal especially for fast food.


Meat: grilled chicken breast cubed

Veggie: various lettuce types

Fruit: strawberries and mango

Dairy: feta cheese

Nuts: honey roasted sunflower seeds, really good


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