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What Is/Was For Dinner?

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I'm a menu planner and am always looking for inspiration and these days whatever I cook has to be economical. I spent some time today reading through some of the links and posts and was wondering...what are you serving up tonight?


Tonight we tried a new Kielbasa and Sauerkraut Casserole with mashed potatoes and garden carrots from the freezer. The casserole came out a little too sweet for my liking so I don't think I'll be adding that one to my recipe box.


How about you? :feedme:

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:ashamed0002: I'm letting everybody get their own from leftovers.


I just realized that I've had 2 coffees and a pastry in the entire day today. I have to get something better. :shakinghead:

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Cat, I hope you ended up eating something last night!


Tonight we're having a Skillet Chicken with Gravy that calls for potatoes and carrots. I have both white and sweet potatoes but need to check to see which ones need to be eaten first. If the whites need to be eaten first I'll follow the recipe, if the sweets need to be eaten first I'll just add the carrots and bake the sweet potatoes. I'll add either a tossed salad or a side of green beans.

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Mt. Rider - how about a Lettuce Wrap with some Guacamole and Salsa? Or maybe Creamy Cilantro Sauce (an EatingWell Recipe that we LOVE and can post if you're interested)


Or maybe just on top of a salad with a salad dressing of Salsa and Sour Cream combined?


I've never done Low-Carb and most things I've thought of have carbs. :huh:

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Amazing that I've never eaten it before because we love Mexican food but I knew it was a steak dish so I looked up a few recipes. It doesn't appear to be hot at all, mostly just a meat marinade consisting of some kind of citrus, Lemon, Lime and/or Orange, and traditional spices like garlic, cumin, etc., then grilled but nothing I would consider "hot". Now that I'm more familiar with it, It actually sounds delicious and I want some!



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Is carne asada supposed to be HOT spicey?

Sometimes it is. I make it but not hot.


You can use it in burritos: Bean, cheese, and carne and/or sour cream, or carne, diced potatoes (takes some of the burn out), diced onion & scrambled eggs.


In tacos, enchiladas, or anything as a garnish.



Tonight we are having, a pot of pinto beans, Mexican rice, red chilli cheese enchiladas.


Made the enchilada sauce a month ago and froze the left over. Pot of beans will make another meal of bean soup before I crush them for re-fried beans.

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Quinoa with stir-fried mushrooms, lentils, tomatoes, black olives, sliced garlic, scallions, and eggs, with feta and a bit of cider vinegar sprinkled over the top.


Next time I'm going to try barley instead of quinoa. It's much cheaper, it tastes better, and I have a reasonable grasp of what "a serving" means.

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Wasn't feeling so great last night so it was plain baked chicken thighs and a salad.


Tonight I splurged and spent the money for a couple of Italian Subs from Walmart. I used to buy all the ingredients seperately from my local grocery and make my own but I can't do it anymore with the price increase in deli meats and even come close to what Walmart sells them for. :(

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Ambergris -- If your quinoa tastes bitter it may need to be rinsed before it is cooked. Quinoa tastes much better without it's natural, bitter coating of saponin. Just a thought, in case you want to give it another try.


Tonight's dinner was an avocado, re-fried beans and rice on millet and masa harina flat-bread, with fruity lemonade.

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Thank you, Lau3Turtle. I rinsed it but perhaps not well enough. It had the same sort of tooth-scraping near-bitter taste I get from pecans. As sensitive as I am to bitter tastes, I think I need a lot more sauce or a lot less quinoa.


For the soup, I chipped up chicken thighs, garlic, and onions, and browned them together. Deglazed the pan into a pot, and added a can of chopped baby corn and half a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, and while it thawed a little went out in the yard and picked up garlic chives to mince in, ginger to grate in, and two stalks of lemon grass. Mixed up enough white sauce from powdered milk to bring it together. I had planned to freeze the leftovers in cups for lunches, but even with the sandwiches there nothing was left over. Previously, I've made this with a can of cream of mushroom soup, a can of chopped baby corn, and some chopped leftover chicken, but I wanted something a touch racier because school's starting and we can use the immunity boost.

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Well, we used the carne asada meat. We fried some and DH tasted it. Then we rinsed some off well and fried a couple bits. I tasted it. Chew, chew, chew....and then an incindiary device went off in my mouth! Hyiyiyiyi!!! My tastebuds are arranged so that I taste HOT very easily. Whoooooeeeee, waaay off the chart HOT!


I had hamberger while DH munched happily on tortilla, meat,fried onion and green pepper. :rolleyes:


MtRider :o

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slow cooked pork chops in beer. i have beer in fridge from my husband and I don't drink it, so i have been using it to cook with. it tenderizes and adds a certain twang that is quite tasty. More than bratwurst benefits from it...i suspect beer is the 'secret ingredient' in the local restaurant's extremely popular all-you-can-eat beef tips & mushrooms in gravy (served over mashed potatoes). (Makes me hungry just to think about it - )

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Found some new recipes over the weekend and for fun tried a spin on Pillsbury Cheeseburger Pie last night. One of the reviewers said it tasted like a Quarter Pounder so I thought, hey, why not. I didn't have the crescent rolls so I added potatoes instead. It was OK. Nothing we'd eat again but it was fun to try.


Tonight is a new found Mexican Casserole. Subbing Refried Beans for the Beef and making it Burrito style instead of messing with all the layering.


ETA: Wowza! :knary: Sorry about the "heat" Mt. Rider! I hope your taste buds recovered!

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