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What Is/Was For Dinner?

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Toast. I don't feel well.



Awwww, I'm so sorry. I hope it's quick and not hard on you. :bighug2:



That thing we had got passed around to everyone, except lilDD escaped it.



I fixed a packaged rice mixture that was broccoli cheddar, and after it was cooked I mixed in leftover chicken, a can of cream of chicken soup, and sour cream. Topped with additional cheese, it was pretty good! I shared it and the last of the pumpkin pie with bigDD's family. Apparently the little guy now LOVES pie! ;)

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(((((((Ambergris))))))) Hope you are feeling better.




Hope you don't mind but I copied it down.

Not a problem, that is why I posted it.


We had left overs last night, French Dip


Roast thinly sliced on buttered toast.

1 cup of bullion sprinkled with dried diced onion and pepper.

Warm the meat a few minutes by soaking in the boiling bullion before making the sandwich.

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I have a marinated sweet/sour pasta salad started for supper. Then I plan on making some kind of sandwich, and another side dish. Might be grilled ham & cheese, but I'm not sure yet.



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Had some dental work done .. making some chicken noodle soup and a buttermilk pie for dessert.

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I hope your dental work heals quickly and well.


I brought home a really expensive cup of good chicken stew from a restaurant. It was delicious. The rest of the family had peanut butter sandwiches.

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Earlier in the week I cooked rice for the dog who had an upset stomach.

So last night we had rice with minced meat and India spices. Green salad with vinaigrette. And I caved in and bought chocolate mousse with whipped cream for dessert.

Tonight we´ll have the few potatoes that were not planted but surfaced spontaneous. I hesitated cos january 2010 I buried my BFF´s cat in that spot :grinning-smiley-044: Cat is 2 foot deep and the tatters were literally on the surface so they won´t have been in too close proximity with late Herman the cat.

Still half a white cabbage in the fridge and a bit left over from the minced meat. Will make coleslaw with walnuts and raisins. The walnuts to beef up our protein intake cos it's just a few spoons of meat.

The walnuts were traded for a jar of plumjam :grinning-smiley-044:

Small bit of rice left, might turn that into ricepudding.

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Ouch Ambergris, that is a long time to live on soup. Hope you get things fixed soon enough.


We're having potatoes, pumpkin and onion from the oven. All grown in our handkerchief-sized garden.

Oh rats, remember now I forgot to put rosemary. Hopping outside to add that.

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Ambergris, we are living the same life right now. I had dental surgery months and months ago, got my jaw broken in the process and lived on nothing but liquid stuff for a couple of months. Jaw is healed now and going back for a second surgery tomorrow. Ergo, I am making bean soup today. Looking toward a couple of months of nothing but liquids. Luckily we juice a lot.

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LindaLou and Ambergris, as a sign of solidarity we've had soup as well today. Well, actually it were the left overs from yesterday. Added stock and pumpkin, cooked and pureed the whole thing.

Tasted rather good.


It must be awful to have to live on liquids for so long. Hope you manage to keep up the calories cos the soup diet is known here to lose weight.

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I made two Old-Fashioned Cream pies today. So we'll have grilled sausages on buns (hot dog-sized), potato chips, and some other kind of veggie to be figured out. With, of course, pie for dessert! :D


Beautiful weather to have a fire outside! :campfire:

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We are still eating crockpot beans and collard greens also frozen leftover chicken soup. Our neighbors spend more in 3 days on food than we do in a week for everything. They eat out every day. Wish I had that money to stock up with!

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