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What Is/Was For Dinner?

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My husband made steak (chuck-eye, my favorite), chilled it, and sliced it cardboard-thin. Piled it on saltines for me. Had it with pumpkin/potato soup and a fresh-picked satsuma. Oh, was it good.

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My husband made steak (chuck-eye, my favorite), chilled it, and sliced it cardboard-thin. Piled it on saltines for me. Had it with pumpkin/potato soup and a fresh-picked satsuma. Oh, was it good.


Ambergris! What the heck is a satsuma? I saw them the other day at the fruitstand and they looked like limes so I passed them up.

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Last night we had spaghetti...made the sauce with fresh onion & garlic & bell peppers, ground turkey (we don't do beef), and canned tomatoes, spaghetti sauce & tomato sauce. Added home-dehydrated basil and parsley from the garden and let it simmer for an hour. Served over thin spaghetti, and I had enough to send home with a friend who was visiting since she's been super-sick with bronchitis for a couple of weeks and is still really tired from her illness. I agree with Cat -- cooking makes my heart happy, because it's a simple and fun way to provide for the family and friends that I love so much! :) The best part is when my DH walks in the house after a long day, smiles contentedly and says, "Ooooh, the house smells SO good." :)

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LOVE this time of year!

Cooking up a storm as we are busy and I can have more than 1 thing going and NOT heat up the house!

Yesterday it was pot roast in crock pot, baking potatoes for -well Baked Potatoes? zucchini slices drying in dryer.


Today I made ham hock and Barley soup, have Stew going in the crock pot, boiling chicken brest strips (use this weekend),Dried herbs this morning now have apple slices in there. Scalloped potatoes if I have time if not then that is what I will do on Saturday when we get back from doing a Dollhouse display for a local Church.


I Wish Lori would coome home so we can go to the meeting (at 5:30) - the house smells so good I want to open things up and taste with a big ol' spoon! LOL


Now I am here drinking tae and havng a cookie or two.


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Hope nobody cringes here but...I had left over veggies and bean soup, and to go with the leftovers I cooked up onions, garlic, and red and green peppers in olive oil (okay, with just a little butter for flavor) and then (since we stocked up on a ton of it while it was cheap) sliced 2 cans of Spam and grilled the Spam on the barbecue. It was delicious. (Okay, in reality I could only kind of mash it up to taste it). Of course, I grew up on fried Spam sandwiches and Spam and eggs so I love the stuff. DH will eat it but it is not his favorite until he tasted the barbecued stuff.

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Last night we had spaghetti.


The plan was for herbed chicken. But I forgot to take the chicken out to thaw before I left to go shopping. Remembered about halfway to the store. As we live rurally turning around and taking it out isn't an option, so I think about Plan B.


On my shopping list from Safeway is four chickens, because they are having a BOGO sale. Thinking we'll get done early enough Plan B becomes to sub one of the whole chickens for the breasts I was going to use. As the day progresses, I realize we won't get done early enough for that. Add to that, that Safeway is out of whole chickens for the BOGO sale. All they have are drummettes and wings. Umm, no.


Plan C becomes to grab a sale ad, because they have a deal for $6.99, where you get a pop in the oven meal, garlic bread, and ice cream. I had forgotten to bring my sale ad, and you need the coupon for it. Go up front to grab a sale ad, and they are out.


Get busy shopping and forget to formulate Plan D.


On the way home, after 4:00 pm, realize I have no Plan D and stop at little local market to find something...anything. Find canned Hunts Spaghetti Sauce on sale, know I have pasta at home, grab some hamburger, come home and cook quick dinner. The Hunts Spaghetti Sauce wasn't bad-we hadn't had it before.


The chicken is thawing now for herbed chicken tonight. Need to take some stale bread out of the freezer for bread crumbs.

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Supper will be scalloped potatoes with ham [now in crockpot for 1/2 hour more]

had leftover roast beef (supper the other night) sandwiches - but was too tired to make the soup that was going to go with that?

Monday is chicken stew and maybe make some ham and barley soup out of the ham bone?


Here is a hint for saving money- -

I was going to get a ham hock ($4.85) to make soup but right next to it was a 'ham chunk' with bone in for $5.99).

So I put back the ham hock - got the ham end instead!

and when I got home I sliced 1 inch round slices until I got down to where it was near bone (and fatty) - Got 6 slices that way . . .3 meals!

cut a chunk off the bone part that was mostly meat - that became the ham in tonights supper of scalloped potatoes with ham !

the bone and extra meat will be the soup

AND I had chucnks left over to use for Breakfest for a few days and all the little pieces I put into chopper to make ham salad for sandwiches!


So would you spend $4.85 for 2 meals of soup?


get the better deal at $5.99 and get 10+ meals of of it?

Now to me THAT was a good way to spend food money! :bounce:



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Great job with the ham Michael! I try to do that also.


My first loaf of gluten free bread is interesting. I used corn flour as that is all I could get and afford. I know most folks are near real groc. stores and Walmarts but we are not. I just used my regular bread recipe and added three eggs and then clear gel/mixed with the flour. It looks like cornbread (in a loaf pan) and is the consistency of cornbread but tastes like regular bread! Kinda looking forward to trying other types of flour with this recipe.

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A fresh-picked avocado and fresh-picked persimmon sliced on some fresh-baked sweet-potato bread with crumbles of nitrite-free bacon. Picked-yesterday calamondin lemonade.


Yes, chewing that set off my tooth again. But at the moment it feels worth it. :)

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Simple Stir Fry: 1 lb beef stew meat, cut to 1/2 inch size; 1 lb pkg mixed carrots, broccoli & cauliflower that were aging in the refrigerator; a few extra carrots, sliced; sauce of 1/4 c soy sauce, 1 1/2 c beef broth from bouillon, and 4 TB cornstarch to thicken. Made enough for 3 hearty eaters, served over rice. Extra rice made on purpose to freeze for a quick fried rice in a couple days time.

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Last night my husband made a yummy beef, veggie, barley soup. Perfect with the cold rainy weather we had. Especially for him when he came in from hunting. I made some bread to go along with it and it came out good, but I need to "tweak" it some.


I was watching Top Chef Just Desserts and one lady made Parker House Rolls with cheese and other stuff in it but made it as a loaf rather than as rolls. I made it like you would for the rolls, and then when I punched it down after the first rise I stretched it out into a rectangle had softened butter that I smoothed on and rolled it up like cinnamon bread, put it in the pans and let it rise the second time and then baked. There were spots where the bread was a little "soggy" and I think it the butter may have been too thick there? I want to keep that in there though because you coat the rolls in melted butter when you put them on the baking sheet, that's part of what gives them that distinct flavor. I think next time I'll melt the butter completely and brush it on more evenly and give that a try.

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I fixed roasted chicken thighs with the usual herbs, half being dusted with turmeric as I have a pound of it in my kitchen herbs and have heard its about a cure all and immune factor enhancer medicinally and I need every boost I can get, as well as it is antiinflammatory which helps control my inflammation factor.I heated it with button mushrooms and an onion quartered for some good vegetables and added it to the below dish.

I then cut up some kind of squash that is green, lightly ridged and squat and round, bigger in circumference than acorn squash, so one squash is about four servings. I put it and peeled cut up parsnips and a yam into the baking dish, covered it with foil and added water a bit later to steam it.

I did not add any sauces or gravies and simply enjoyed the several flavors as I ate.

It wasnt bad at all for how plain it really was. Each flavor and together, it was rather nice.

What other than some sugary buttery sauce for the squash might any of you fix with this? It was an orange squash inside but think the store here mislabled it so I do not know its name. I would buy it again although I was disappointed in the parsnips that were bitter compared to last years crop. Hoping next spring I will be able to grow my own parsnips as I know they are usually sweeter than these were tonight. I will not buy them again at this rate.

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