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It's not stopping

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Last Saturday I couldn't breath and went to the ER. They told me I had bronchitis that triggered my asthma. I didn't have bronchitis symptoms. :scratchhead:

The doctor put me on prednisone, albuterol and Z-Pack.

it's been a week. :groooansmileyf: I'm not wheezing but it's still tight and burning in my lungs. Anything with any sort of scent is killing me. :(:sigh:

I went back to the doctor and he added Advair for a week.

This is getting old. I want to breath.

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A couple of times a day, lie face down on your bed and then creep your upper body over the edge, as if you're looking for the monster under your bed. Breathe in and out as deeply as you can several times in this position. Then get up, preferably without falling.


A couple of times a day, have your husband cup his hand and "clop" you on the back, above the waist. To protect your kidneys, you might want to roll a towel up and wrap it around your short ribs, and tell him to clop only above the towel. If he's doing it right, you should hear a hollow sound. Have him beat on you a good ten minutes if he'll keep it up that long, but even a couple of clops a day can (possibly) make you cough up great gobs of stuff.


Drink lots and lots of water.


If you are not taking guaifenesin, and you do not have glaucoma, ask your doctor if you should be taking guai.

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I agree on the guaifenesin syrup. bcz it helps expel phlem. Here's another idea: Twenty five years ago, I was very ill with double pneumonia. My dh was working nights and I had a year old baby that I wasn't able to care for or for myself being so ill so my dh took me to my mother's overnight. She made me a honey and garlic sandwich---similar to pb and jam. Within half an hour I was hacking up phlem. The next a.m my father took me to the ER where the dr. told me that the honey and garlic sandwich saved my life. I would suggest this for you now. I would also suggest lots of chicken soup with lots of onions and garlic in it.

I have a Homemedic massager which I also recommend bcz it does help also in breaking up the phlem. Any massager will do but they do work.

You may have an allergy to something. I often get asthma after a cold virus but it lingers on. I've been told by a dr. that it could be an allergy. As fast as I get this illness, it leaves. Almost the same time each year--end of Dec into the entire month of Jan.

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Ambergris, you forgot to mention the towel/pan/bucket/bowl, to cough up the crud into when you lay over the bed looking for dust monsters. LOL! The first time I had pneumonia, it was the only way I could clear my lungs enough to breathe. (They say I now have a neverending case of viral pneumonia. Go figure. I do inversion and DH clops my chest, to clear up my lungs when it gets bad.)


Anyway, regarding Z-Paks, there were several articles on the news recently. 1. Z-Pacs do not always take care of the problem, 2. Dr.'s prescribe them for everything, 3. they are now known to cause heart issues. http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/z-pak-users-be-on-the-alert-for-heart-rhythm-problems-201205244770


When my Dr wants to give me it, I bulk with a vengeance. All the times I have taken the Z-Pak, it has never ever healed me.

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I imagine you are feeling like you are breathing through a straw. My youngest daughter has had numerous asthma attacks and we almost lost her once. We got to the Dr.'s office and she went blue and passed out. So don't mess around, it can get bad very, very quickly. Do you have a nebulizer or just an inhaler. If you have a nebulizer have you done multiple treatments 2 or 3 times in a row?

Here are some other home remedies that I have:

Have someone cup their hand (like a beauty queen waving) and very firmly pat your back.. You need to break up the mucus (NO milk products until you feel better).

Try a steam bath. Hot water in a bowl, put your head down and cover with a towel. Try putting some

Eucalyptus or vicks vapor rub in with it. (I know you said you can’t stand smells right now., but it can help)

Of course check with your Dr. before doing any of this.






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X- rays are clear. I have very little congestion or a cough unless I'm at work which is a very dusty enviorment and a lot of my co-workers over use perfume. :blink: I know a few people who have pneumonia it seems to be going around.



Oxygen levels even when I was in the ER wheezing are between 97-100 % so that's good.

The Advair is starting to work.

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