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going to the "pain clinic" and not happy about it....


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Well my MRI results came in, and i have several very narrow spots in my spine where apparently I am pinching nerves, resulting in my hip and leg pain.

OK, so fix it, right? Nope, sending me to the 'pain clinic'.


Ladies, I am not thrilled. the only things I have ever heard about the pain clinic were NOT encouraging....they are in love with injecting things into your joints, for example, that rarely work (steroids, gold, you name it). Only folks that can't be cured are sent there. The worst horror story is the one about the person that did the pain clinic thing like a good little guinea pig, and when nothing worked and surgery was re-considered was told 'its too late, things have gone too far for it to work any more'. Man......I'd be going after somebody for mal-practice!!!!


They are very up front about NOT eliminating your pain, just helping you 'manage' it. Pain is not MY friend, no matter what the gung-ho folks may think.

I don't want my pain talked to death. I don't want to meditate and hope it goes away. I do not want to be looked upon as a potential drug addict due to constant medication. I want it GONE. And another thing.....why the pain clinic? Is the damage so bad they are afraid of making things worse? Needless to say I will be having a critical discussion with them about these issues.


Today I got my pre-exam paperwork and they asked me what I wanted to accomplish - my list started at 'sit down for 30 min at a time without writhing in pain' and by the time I got done, it was 2 pages long. Oh well (sigh) I guess I'll just have to wait for my appointment.....the earliest one they had was two weeks from my MRI result consultation.


Do they possibly think the wait will make me any less cranky? I can hardly wait to see if some "counselor" will reprimand me for my "bad attitude" because pain makes me cranky as all get out. I'm old, not stupid. And I will NOT lay down and go quietly!

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I'm sorry. I am sure this is exceedingly frustrating. It would be for me. Do they feel that surgery is not a good option? My sister-in-law had spinal stenosis and the doctor told her if the pain became unbearable, he would consider surgery.


I don't have much faith in doctors any more. I wish we had access to some alternatives. All the naturopaths or alternative medicine doctors or master herbalists seem to live in CA or NY.

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I went to a pain clinic for injections in my back a number of years ago. When he put the needle in the first time I flinched & he said I had to remain still. I said I couldn't because it hurt. He tried again & again I flinched. He told me again I had to remain still but in an less than nice tone. I told him that it hurt & there was no way I could. He repeated again that I had to & at that point I told him that if he could numb the area I could. "He" conversed with a nurse & came up with a drug to put on my back, not in it. I asked if it was cold since cold sends my back into spasms & was told it was.


The entire staff was getting flustered which did not help my attitude at all. It was then I said if you can't numb me up then we are done. I got up off of the table & started getting dressed & they seemed like they had never had someone do that before.


It's my body & when I tell someone I hurt, I hurt. My regular doctor has suggested pain management & I keep declining to go since I have put up with back pain for 43 years. I really don't think anything can be done at this point. My back surgeon told me a year after surgery when my conditioned worsened that there was nothing he could do. I have been going to water therapy for 3 weeks but I see no improvement. I'll give it another 2 weeks & if I'm not getting any relief, I'll stop.


I hope you have better results than I have had.






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Kappy, I am sorry you are dealing with so much pain! Please do your research. I had serious back pain and spasms for over 30 years, and a understand what you are going through. Have you tried a chiropractor?


Good for you, John! This totally obeying the doctor even if it kills you or makes you worse....

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Attaboy, John! Sometimes these folks do NOT understand, it is YOUR body, not theirs to do with as they wish. I would have loved to see the shock on their faces!


I talked to my 'case manager' nurse and she was able to answer some of my questions....not that I liked all the answers, just that I understand a little better. I guess the pain clinic was decided upon because with the pinching of the nerve surgery correction was not likely to help, and could likely make things worse. As far as the injections go, I was told that most times repeated injections were required. Quite frankly I am afraid they wont be able to slip a needle in there, since they could not get a needle in for a surgical spinal anesthetic when I had surgery....


But my real complaint is that I can no longer pull my weight with the chores, and that is a real (no pun intended) sore spot with me. I loathe asking for help so often.

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I like you'alls style, Kappy and Wormie! :thumbs::thumbs:



I'd also keep chiropractors and massage therapists in mind. BUT MAKE SURE TO CHECK THEM OUT TOO! There are, of course, great chiros and mediocre ones....and brutal ones. Just as in any field. Some are exceptional with certain types of problems. It would be great to find such as that! :cele: I'd definitely check those out before pain clinic!!!


I hate to mention it but....they might be under a directive to ....ahem, "weed out" older patients cuz of monetary concerns. The younger are more "cost effective" for some types of insurance.....despite "Affordable Health Care". :yar:


MtRider ...hope you get some relief cuz it's not fun to be in pain and cranky and immobilized! :hug3:

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Hugs (GENTLE hugs!) for all of you. We've learned more than we like about pain and management after DH's hip replacement surgery last September. :hug3:


Just so ya know, I merged & cleaned up the duplicate threads into this one thread.


I'm pretty sure I only took out the references to that. :rolleyes:

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Well, I was pretty sure I responded here. I don't remember what I said. But hugs to John and Kappy and all of us who suffer with pain.


Sometimes I have to hit the post button twice any more. I probably hit it once and thought I was finished and then left the thread.

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Gentle hugs indeed.


DH had his MRI yesterday. The tech told him "it is very busy in there". Now we wait to hear what is going on with his back.


I've had several series of shots. Some worked, some hurt worse and some did nothing at all. I am inoperatable. Pain management is all I can do and because it is 'chronic' pain, the doctors will not give me anything but ibuprofen. Lucky me.


When I crushed my back and wore a body cast for a year, my doc told me to exercise, to strengthen the muscles and keep them strong.


Through the years, it has been hard to impossible at times. But, I refused/refuse to be an invalid, even with the "risk" of paralyzingly myself because I pushed myself too hard. Yes, there are days it is a struggle to move or walk. I cry and push through the pain. I wish I did not have to deal with it, but even modern medicine at its best, can't fix the spinal column.


I can only hope I can keep on keeping on. I wouldn't wish back trouble on my worst enemy.


Hope you feel better soon.



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I've had back pain for more years than I care to think about. My biggest issue now is my neck. Two major whiplashes and now arthritis. As long as I can handle the pain with heat, Advil and rest I'm staying far away from doctors. They might be able to help it some but they could also make it much worse.


If it ever got to that stage I would consider a new treatment the Cleveland Clinic does. They use lasers and your down time is only a day or two with a two inch incision. Other places might do it too. I just saw the ad on TV the other day. That would be last resort though.


I qualify for pain meds but that will be last resort too. I don't have anything against pain meds I just don't want to start taking them now because if I get worse then I'll already have a tolerance built up to them.


Therapy involving needles makes me shudder. I don't wanna.


Even when I'm at my worst, I really am grateful I'm able to take the edge off with OTC stuff.

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Whew.....MtRider is glad SHE didn't attempt the 2-post-meld. These buttons are sneaky, tricky things! :animal0017: One never knows WHAT the result might be. :behindsofa:




:hug3: Glad you could reformulate your post, Jeep. I'm not kidding when I say I DON'T do many buttons cuz who EVER knows what computers will do. Annarchy and Cat are braver than me......AND they know more about how to fix something that might go haywire. I'd only be left with one option.....




MtRider ....S'ok, Cat. MrsS is an understanding membership! :grouphug::gathering:

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Weird, Jeepers. :scratchhead: I did NOT delete your post that was kind of like what you wrote today. But it's still gone. I'm so sorry. :sigh:



Oh my Cat, not to worry. I know you didn't delete it! I really think it was 'user' error. I'm still getting used to having to hit the post button twice most of the time. I'll bet anything I hit post one time and it didn't post when I thought it did and I wasn't paying attention.


I'm sure I'll do it again, sigh. No problems. We're good girlfriend. :hug3:

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Well, at last I have some light at the end of the tunnel. Checked my insurance and found that I am 100% covered for chiropractic care, so I researched a chiropractor in my area. Found one with a sports medicine outlook, and with excellent reviews. Went to him with a copy of my MRI disc, so he could take a good look at what was going on in my back, and my list of questions. He turned out to be very good at explaining options, and said he thought he could help, so I got 'cracked' and had pain trigger points massaged (OWWWW). He and I also worked out some helpful stretches, and a plan for regaining mobility and strength.


What do you know. In 24 hrs I felt better, stood straighter, and could move better than before I went to him. Friday I had visit two, and he was also happy with my progress. More manipulation, some more pain, but improvement is continuing. At last!!! Someone willing to work with me (as I assured him, I would be happy to actively work for my improvements) instead of just pushing pills! :cheer:

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It sounds like you found a good and talented Chiro, Kappy! :cheer: I'm happy for you. Chiros have a lot to offer....especially if they are talented and dedicated to learn the many options available in their profession. [some just "push down high spots" and they aren't looked at as very good within the profession.] At least you are doing something proactive...including doing exercises at home. Be very careful to do them correctly. A slight variation might shift the movement/stretch away from the desired muscle. Sometimes strengthening certain muscles will let the corresponding muscles finally relax and retract to their original and intended positions. :)


MtRider :thumbs:

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I wouldn't be here if I didn't have such an excellent chiro. I had chauffeured DX to a number of bad ones and to one good one, so I knew what to look for, but I really was in no shape after the wreck to do such sorting. I just lucked into him.

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Part of what I liked about him is that we also had an excellent discussion about exercises, good form, what to stay away from, and the like. He also was not immediately condemnatory (is that a word, I wonder) of the shots, just said they tended to be temporary help only, not a real solving of the root problem...

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Part of what I liked about him is that we also had an excellent discussion about exercises, good form, what to stay away from, and the like. He also was not immediately condemnatory (is that a word, I wonder) of the shots, just said they tended to be temporary help only, not a real solving of the root problem...

Sounds like a good one.

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