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Old Man Winter Cometh

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WE are fine.......  :0327:    The electric stayed on.  :amen:     Satellite dish ....I could brush snow off with a long-handled thing out the living room window.  The other part that points at the dish had ICE......and that shut down our Internet.  Including news and weather and my DOPPLER.  :sassing:   Was thinking of a ladder and my hair dryer.....  


The storm did NOT miss us.....  :yar:   Thankfully, we had only our usual IMPRESSIVE WINDS...but they came from BOTH the North and the East....which messes up the horses shelter.  :runcirclsmiley2:   We NEVER get wind from the east cuz that's our high ridge! 

AND....we got double the snow that was predicted for us... :unsure:   We're veterans of blizzards from the Midwest:  Iowa, Minn...and Colorado plains.  We've dealt with 2+ FEET of snow on many occasions.  This was a "mere" eighteen-wind-blown-inches.  BUT WE WERE YOUNG THEN!  :imoksmiley:  


AND...dear W did TRY TO PLOW OUR DRIVEWAY.....  Tried to run UP the drive and plow down.  On the 3rd unsuccessful try,  he got stuck backing down.  Ground is no longer frozen.  He never got UP.  So we have one vehicle down near road ...where he did successfully plow.  Remember why I said we do that?  This IS NOT OUR FIRST RODEO.  :grinning-smiley-044:   The car is up here, stranded on the other side of very deep snow for......300 feet?  DH and Koa walking down and up for feeding.  Drag sled with duck water.  {good grief, the hose for horse water is under all those DRIFTS...HIGHER THAN 18".}


We'll wait till spring.....which we were having, actually when WINTER did an encore.  :tapfoot: 


Remind me to tell you of the CHAOS with the horses....  "All's well that ends well"  ....Caroline Ingalls   ....but speaking of "rodeo"  :buttercup:  


Thankful we were not out on the CO flatlands out east.  They've got a MESS.  Trying to sort out abandoned cars.  Found 2 folks ...one died/other recovering from severe hypothermia.  The blizzard we survived with LOTS of horses down there decades ago....quite a number of people died.  Tons of livestock died. 


I haven't heard any other deaths so far, in THIS storm.


MtRider  ....tooooooo tired for more.  We're still buried EVERYwhere...  :offtobed: 

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Sorry that Colorado has been hit so hard.  Even though most know how to deal with it, it's still very difficult.  Our day was very pleasant...except for the high winds!  Lots of the state is experiencing flooding though. 

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Strong wind all day yesterday, here.  I suppose it’s because they say, the temp will be in the 80’s next week. 50’s to 80’s in 3 days...Seems every time the temp changes rapidly, the winds blow. 

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Glad to hear you are okay Mt. Rider!


It was snowing in Indiana today and it continued into Ohio as I was driving home. It won't last long because it has been warm and will be in the 40+ this week but sheesh. Ever since I hydroplaned and did a 180 in the middle of a street, I've been kind of skittish about driving on newly wet pavement.

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Well finally yesterday, DH was able to drive his car down the driveway.....go to town to get cell messages/a few groceries.  Also made it back up....the second attempt.  I'd used the time he was gone to clear snow from where he parks - lot of deep snow all around his car.  :0327:  Then scraped a path on the steepest part of the driveway....so if he didn't make it back to the very top, we'd have a safe path to carry stuff.  NEEDED THAT!  Only made the hill until the steepest part.  Can't believe how many directions the car faced as he "swam" up the gushy snow/ice.  Later he backed car down and shoveled a second drive-path for the wheels and improved on mine.  Let sun work on it and then he could make it back up to parking space. 


Today he went down and up in morning.  Late afternoon --- lot of sunshine :D  -- he tried to position car to go down the driveway again.  It's a tighter-than-right angle right turn to go down driveway... with a drop-edge.  So you have to pull forward/back/turn/back/go....   But that wasn't gonna happen....just kept sliding in circles.  Well YEAH!  He tried it when the 6" of snow is all greasy with melt under it.  Morning and nite....after it gets cold again... are the only times he'll be able to maneuver up here.  I'm not bringing truck up till this top is fully melting.  ....again. 


Today.....I was flattened! :faint3:   It all caught up and this was indeed a Day of Rest!   :amen:    HE has a pretty good idea with that, dontcha think?

MtRider  :pc_coffee:  

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DH was able to shovel the sunny side of the parking area up top.  ....Course there is spotty snowshowers in this week's forecast.  But getting down to dirt again is good!  A lot has melted from hillsides.  I took this day off too.  By tonite I'm feeling much more normal.  It's been quite a lot of physical labor for days and :faint3:  I was all done in!  Glad we had sunny days ...give a chance to catch up. 


MtRider  :frozen:  B)  

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Looks like we are going to get our first bout of really cold weather.  They are saying we could get some snow but ground to warm for it to stick. Glad of that.  Got the outside faucets covered so they won't freeze this winter and since we had to disconnet the well pump for the new driveway to be put in as it is just outside of the garage door. I am not going to hook it back up till early spring. 

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DH’s friend in KY said it was 18* last night.  Montana got a couple feet of snow, a couple days ago and Maine is expecting a big storm...., just got a text, it has hit ME 7” and coming down hard.


Sunny skies and strong winds here, in the mid 60’s this morning, forecast is predicting a storm coming through this weekend, dropping the high temps into the 50’s.

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We got about an inch yesterday. Snow plow guy had to raise his rates. He gave the option of paying by the month or by the season. I mailed the check out for the season today. He does a great job but he always comes too often. So now he can come as often as he wants. And that bill is paid for through 2019-2020

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We also got about an inch.  A lot of it is melting off.  Good thing I had swept the steps and sidewalk off (leaves) at the homestead, so hubby just dusted them with ice melt.  Don't need the mail main slipping and sliding!  Didn't even get out the first day. It couldn't make up it's mind if it wanted to rain, sleet or snow...so it did a little of all of it.  Lots of traffic.  People getting out because they also were hunkered down and it's also Thanksgiving time.  Hubby's home church (at the Roost) is having a free Thanksgiving dinner so we're thinking about driving there and then having our own Turkey and trimmings for Christmas. 

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Started off about 50 this morning.  By the time we left the homestead to come back here for lunch, the temp had dropped like a rock!  Was 21 by supper time.  Windy, cold and lots of humidity (even a bit of misty stuff coming down).  We've been very diligent to take our Echinacea, Moringa, Elderberry syrup and doing the breathing exercises with the Oregano Essential Oil...just the fumes!  It's a "hot" oil so don't let it touch your skin in a concentrated form.  When I make my "Robbers" oil, I use it in that, but hubby can't use the Robbers Oil...makes him break out because of the Oregano and Cinnamon Oils...both of which are "hot" oils.

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Wow. We had 70 degrees today and will be that again tomorrow but with rain. Then tomorrow night the freezing temps come. Not looking forward to that. Stay safe and no falling on ice. Those are the times I stay home and don't go out unless I have to for some reason.  I am not fond of snow and ice these days. Though it is pretty, it can be so dangerous. 

Well off to bed as DH is heading that way as well. So need to help him get his socks off so he can get ready for bed. 


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today was warmer than yesterday.  But now it is drizzle rain and going to turn bitter cold tonight. Hard to believe that it will be bitter cold later tonight when the last two days has been in 70's.  That is a disapointment. I like the weather being in the low 70's. It can stay that way all year and I would be happy.

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We just aren't getting warm enough to get rid of the packed snow and the ice.  So I've been slinging sand that I can find to dig up.  It's helped the driveway here at the top a lot.  So much ice at the bottom....from the days it was melting and then re-froze.  That's what we do all winter.  :0327: 


Tonite I pitched more dirt/grit onto the top of driveway.  I add a little at a time - as I have the energy [and wrist is ok].  UPS guy came up with chains and :)  his chains crunched up some of the ice!  :sSig_thankyou:    I also carved a trail for the trash guy to access the trash bin.  Little late - he came today.  But I was able to pick...chop....loose enough road dirt to sprinkle on the slick spots.  


SLICK SPOTS  ....... :runcirclsmiley2:  THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!    :runcirclsmiley2:


I also spent time this week marking things with long sticks for the new snowplowing guy.  AND so I can see the two fence posts I aim for when backing the truck for parking up here.  Tonite I tied streamers of orange plastic ribbon to those long stick markers.  :balloons:   Now I can see them!


MtRider  ......I'm already tired of Old Man Winter  :frozen:  :imoksmiley:  



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Mt. Rider, you take care of that wrist and don't over use it.  And above all don't slip on that ice. That is the last thing you need to have happen. Our cold weather hits tonight. But right now it is in high 60's.  Feels good out there now, But just wait till about 3 am. ouch! Going down into 30's I think. 

WE2,  I think you might be right. Our winter is getting ready to take hold.  We have had some cold days and then warm but I have a feeling this time it will get cold and stay that way through March. 

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We had rain come through, started Saturday evening into Monday, off and on.  Everything is wet, heavy dew in the morning.  Low 40-50 at night, mid 60’s - 70’s during the day.

Today, it is slightly overcast, 49* and brilliant fluorescent red skies!  Not much activity on radar, a little down in the Baja.  


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We are supposed to warm up into the 40's Friday. It's just plain cold today. I need to get those driveway stakes in the ground before it freezes too. If I don't the snow plow guy turfs my lawn. They have reflectors on the end so he can see them...most of the time. :rolleyes: 


I used all of my firewood up last year. I'm going to get a few bundles to have on hand just in case. It's expensive that way but $20-$25 would get me through an emergency situation if the power goes off. I have gas heat but no electric would mean no blower on the furnace. I


Our bad winter weather is the end of December through February. March and April can get pretty nasty too. But at least the ground warms up some so it doesn't last long. Frost can get us into May though. Lots of people lose Mother's Day plants to frost in May. 

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