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Old Man Winter Cometh

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So, it is above zero. That’s the good news. But snow in the forecast. More snow??? NO!!! 


I am so, so, so ready for spring.



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We hit 60* today.....  :woohoo: 


Then we clouded up and lost that heat.  :yar:  Around 40* tho cuz it was "blowing Chinook" today.  Chinook is warm wind but we had so much moisture that it felt damp and clammy to us who are used to our arid West.   I did a LOT of mini canal digging/trenching to work the melt water down hill and away from walkways and gates.  One area....I just had to throw a bunch of fluffy snow to draw and absorb the water.  Really no where to trench that wasn't frozen.  Built 'islands' to walk on in some areas.  Will all be frozen by tonite again. 


MtRider  ....I sure do a lot of moving dirt from point A to point B....and sometimes back again.   :faint3: 

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What is happening now in our mountains is a bit odd.  This should happen in late April/May.  Freeze is coming out of the ground - thankfully, or all this meltwater would have us flooding.  We're melting like crazy...tho one of our hoses is still stuck.....the last foot and I've elevated the rest of it. 


Have y'all heard of our extreme avalanche conditions in the state?  Back country skier died.  Several cars on highway buried - one flipped over but everyone was dug out and no injuries.  Bet THAT was a wild experience tho.  :o 


With so much of our usual winter left to go.....ya gotta wonder WHAT will happen next?  :scratchhead: 


MtRider  :shrug:  

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1 minute ago, Mt_Rider said:

extreme avalanche conditions in the state


Have forum friend on RVillage that lives in the CO mountains.  He posted last night to stay away ... that I-70 and other highways were closed.  So yes, we did hear about the avalanche warnings.

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NOW.....we're looking at a RECORD BREAKING LOW PRESSURE CELL  ......like....  in all of history.  This MEGA-LOW is going to go thru Lamar, Colorado and at that point will be tossing rain to the east. Because the LOW pressure system is circling counter-clockwise, it will continue in the circle, drawing down cold/snow from the north .....over the Rocky mountain region.  [That's us...I think...cuz it's such a big thing, I'm not sure it could miss.  ???  Actually, because this thing is a MONSTER....it's affect will cover several states. 

Weather guy explains:

" 972mb over Lamar, at Noon Wednesday would likely be the lowest barometric pressure on record ..... The wind that follows Wednesday afternoon and evening, will be INTENSE! "



Lamar, CO is on the border of Kansas.....no where near our mountains.  But they're explaining that 972 mili bars {I think that's what mb stands for}  --- is equal to a CATEGORY TWO HURRICANE in pressure.   :scratchhead: 


My mom caught an estimate of 8-14" of snow.....which would be tragic for us in our condition right now --- but it wouldn't be record-breaking, certainly.   In our YOUNGER years, we've hand shoveled the whole danged driveway of 24" of snow.  Could not do that now.....  :faint3: 


MtRider  ....aiiiii yi yi!  :pray: 

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Wow Mt. Rider. I remember when we had one of those things move through here a few years back. It was terrible. Siding came off of homes and a lot of trees uprooted and broken off. And I'm sure it wasn't as strong as what Colorado is in for.  :pray: 


If I'm thinking correctly :rolleyes: it was called something like a dreccho (sp.) Or something like that. 

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We did a HUGE amount of prepping for this storm.  I think we'll miss most of the effect....that low is near the Kansas border out in the plains.  But... we're still in the zone for some snow/WIND.  The biggest worry is losing electric due to some branch or tree falling on electric lines somewhere....


So we got heaviest winter sleeping bags from my truck..then moved truck down near road.  Out of way for snowplowing. Washed up duck eggs cuz we're out and didn't have time/energy to go to store.  Also will run out of milk and such.  So we're adapting.  Pulled up some cans of evaporated milk...also have condensed and dry milk.  We'll live.  Had to find the bucket that held some of DH's things....I found it right off - where I put it when I ORGANIZED last summer.  I LOVE ORGANIZATION!  DH baked bread yesterday so we're good.  I need to bake the bacon tomorrow morning....elect. stove too.


Poured water for animals in basement - 3 five gallon jugs, a spare bucket and the Reliance jugs.  Upstairs I poured in two buckets in bathroom for washing/flushing.  In kitchen....lots in juice bottles which is one of the reasons I save ALL of them.  Also my bedside 7-up bottles for drinking water too.  And for pet water.  Also have katadyn filter inside. 


Moved the coleman stove and the Buddy heater upstairs.  The fuels are kept a bit away from house so got some Coleman and propane and lamp oil   I'm thinking for general lighting, I'd rather use non-flammable lights but ....oil lamps produce heat.  Pellet stove and furnace are electric.  Big Dietz Jupiter oil lamp is at-the-ready.


  .....OH... we do have a kerosene heater for basement too.  IF we'd be in danger of freezing pipes.  But we've been very warm and tho this ODD storm will drop temps a great deal, it won't be here long.  :shrug:  Glad I just thot of that option.  Busted pipes would about drive me over the TENSION edge.  Not about this storm but .....life has just been ONE THING AFTER THE OTHER in the past 3 years.  We're so tired and some things are escalating with folks.  They're struggling with health and such.  :sigh:  They might get more snow/WIND than we do. 


Hopefully this is all just another dress rehearsal.  We're only on the edge of a Winter Warning zone.  :unsure: 


For animals we spent a great deal of energy dumping sand/grit in the horse shelter.  The hillside has deposited melted water into that shed and it's ICE.  So we covered it with dirt/grit.  Thot DH was going to collapse.  I brought energy bars and we took a break for him more than me.  But got that done.  Got trash pick up started today....and had to figure out WHERE to put the big thing.  Didn't fit into the horse trailer so we put it into the old truck.  So close to road and no outta sight.  Might just chain it to the gate posts.  ???  Something to think of another day....  I think we're set for power outage.  And now computer is acting up so I'm going to bed.... MtRider signing off.





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Thank goodness you are able to prepare! Hopefully all you will get is a gust of wind blow through. :pray:


I know you guys have had more than your share of trials with weather and illness for a few years now. Things have got to turn around soon. Lots of folks here are pulling for you!  :hug3: 

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18 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Big Dietz


We invested in three of these several years ago.  Haven't had to use them, but it's nice to know they're available.  You can also place a pie tin on top and heat food, did ya know?

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9 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I know you guys have had more than your share of trials with weather and illness for a few years now. Things have got to turn around soon. Lots of folks here are pulling for you! 



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