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What’s For Dinner 2019

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Lazy meals last night and tonight.  Weary from the work...climbing all those steps then coming home to catch up here.  Used my electric "hot pot" like crazy.  Last night it was Chili-Mac and tonight it was Mac-n-Cheese with the leftover turkey burger from last night, and green beans on the side.

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Breaded beef tenderloin (we shared one) with rice and a tuscun veggie mix.  Dessert was the leftover rice with raisins, cinnamon and honey and a dash of milk.  Shared an apple a bit ago and we both had a cup of tea.  Him peppermint (yes! He's finally gotten to drinking hot tea!) and me Chamomile.  

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Last night we grabbed my birthday coupon (before it expired) and went to one of our favorite steak burger places and bought one steak burger and fry and got the other free...plus two delicious strawberry shakes.  For some reason their burgers etc. don't throw us a curve like some of the "faster" burger places do.  

Tonight I retrieved the left over fajita and rice mix, heated it up and wrapped it in tortilla's and added some refried beans.  EZ on the cook night...again! :thumbs:

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I made a big batch of veggie stir fry today.  Has yellow squash, purple onion, shredded carrots, water chestnuts, mushrooms, bag of broccoli cuts and bag of stir fry veggies.  Low salt soy sauce, oriental 5- spice and a little teriyaki sauce (will make my own of that- low salt- when I get back from FL.  very good!  Will have it later with a piece of salmon.  Right now having a small side salad with light ranch, then some grapes.

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Herb fried chicken breast, buttered potatoes with onions and sour cream, veggie medley and dessert was a small cup of peaches.  I like to buy the little packages of 4 cups at Aldi's because of portion control. 

Then popped some popcorn a bit ago for a snack.

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“Bolito” :lol:  Nice. 


We like to wrap hotdogs in tortillas with some salsa. Used to always take a frozen pack of hotdogs with us, while backpacking, as a easy treat, after a long day of hiking.

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Enjoyed making our "Lasagna" in the electric pressure cooker. Step one cook the egg noodles & drain. Step 2 add the seasoned sausage crumbles. Step 3 add the pasta sauce. Step 4 mix cottage cheese & egg and pour over top of noodles etc. Step 5 add a nice layer of shredded cheese...we like the taco or mexican blend. Step 6 steam for 5 minutes. Step 7...EAT!

101_0995 Cook the Noodles.jpg

101_0996 Cook noodles & add meat & sauce.jpg

101_0997 mix cottage cheese and eggs.jpg

101_0998 Add cottage cheese mix.jpg

101_0999 Sprinkle on nice layer of Taco shredded cheese.jpg

101_1000 After being steamed for 5 minutes.jpg

101_1001 Dinner is served-Lasagna!.jpg

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