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If you've ever tried to figure out a way to put a gun rack on something other than a truck. I.E.-A motorcycle, Bicycle, ATV, Wheel Barrow, etc.,etc.


Ya mean like this one?


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You go pick up a new fridge when it's on sale not because yours is going out but because you need one in the garage for all of your fruits and veggies to say fresh while you are canning and freezing.


Your dehydrator sits next to your china hutch (that has china in it) in the dining room.


Going to pick up the fridge this afternoon when DH gets back from fishing with his dad and brothers (youngest brother is home on leave). Dehydrator was purchased last weeked as our 5 year anniversary present (so maybe we should be re-writing the traditional anniversary gifts!). I finally told him we might need to look at a slightly bigger house (and yard) with a basement for all of the preps.

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re-reading this again, and it is sooooo true and funny! i thought i was the only one who told their DH that if he bought diamonds for me i would kick his butt---so he bought me a snowblower! and the next year a tiller! and so forth!


--if you can fix anything in the house that breaks with duct tape and hairpins!

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Quote:just remember.... in the end.. I will have the fabric to make jeans, shirts, dresses, underware, bras, panties, slips, and aprons.




And I guess the rest of us will become nudists... 10.gif











Hmmm...must keep mice and bugs out of fabrics or we'll be "holy" people!

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You'll know you're a survivalist if...you're in a discount grocery chain and the couple in front of you have two carts jammed full of what looks like prepper stuff and you say "I'll bet they're preppers...but keep your mouth shut!".


and...you read about converting the water heater to a safe and go running to the bathroom where you're hubby is and "yell...did you know!" and he asked "how?"

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On 9/25/2012 at 2:27 PM, The WE2's said:

Still no tips? Hubby also wants to run an extra water heater tank to always have extra water stored.

wierd that nobody has it on the net....

1.  buy (or save) an old water heater tank.  Keep the old piping, too that you disconnected when it was taken out.

2.  Cut a square hole for a door in one side that will be facing the wall.  Preferably where there is a lable so it can disguise the fact it is a door.  It ill take a while as it is a double wall with insulation between the walls.  Put some magnetic latches on it to hold closed (if it is hidden, you can just put on a padlock & hasp.

3.  Remove all the crap inside (hard water leavings, dirt, stuff like that.  

4.  Save a spot next to the new tank, to set the repurposed one.  Put it there, and make sure it is reinforced at the base just as it would be if it were holding lots of water.  Turn that door so it is somewhat discreetly positioned - to one side is better than pointing straight out into the room.  Reposition the old unused pipes against the working pipes, so it looks like it was designed to hold extra water....

5.  Load it up.  



while you are at it, why not cut trap doors over the closets to stuff things in the rafters?  or maybe an unused "extra" sewage pipe bit enough to stow firearms inside?  Set it next to working stack, held in by a discreet bracket.  Nobody in their right mind opens one of those stacks up to see what is inside, LOL.



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O.M.G. Son is a plumber and has access to other peoples used water heaters that he replaces.


Some hillbilly Hoosiers have old junk cars and old appliances sitting in their front yard and on their front porches. My old hot water heaters up on cement blocks would fit right in! Convert them into rain barrels and line then up against the back of the garage. Of course knowing me (OCD) they would have to be the same make and model but it could happen. It could happen.

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Just seeing this.  This would be a good idea if the tank wasn't leaking at the bottom. I have actually thought about that if mine broke down. But it didn't break down it rusted through on the bottom. Right now, I have a bucket under it to catch the water and I use that for watering. Lost out on that idea. 

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