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yay! i must qualify! I go the the bent can room at the local cannery so many times the clerk and I are on a first name basis...and swap recipes!


How about: your spouse doesn't even ask anymore what you used in the recipe being taste tested...?


...you actually have collected recipes for rodents, bugs and such...?




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...you actually have collected recipes for rodents, bugs and such...

Ask Westbrook... She's the *QUEEN* of critter and bug recipes!!!


(Just DON'T get her started on toads and frogs!!!) DarleneSwoon


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hey now...! frog legs are mighty tasty! Only thing I have not been able to bring myself to try was the home made caviar from the salmon eggs. The russian lady who made it marinated it in vodka....sounded good, but I could not get past the texture...only thing I could not bring myself to try, so far.

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If you have attended a historical museum, site or reenactment and coveted any of their items.


I.E. :Cooking pots, sewing gear, wagons, tools etc. etc.


If you've ever taken a picture at such sites of the thing you've coveted for future reference.


If you've marked such sites mentally for TEOTWAWKI *gleaning*.

knit :kettle:

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Originally Posted By: Greywolf UK
If you begrudge paying $40 for a meal at a restaurant, but will happily spend $400 to restock your stores.

If you can't enjoy a meal because you spend the entire dining experience thinking how many bags of rice/flour etc. you could have got for that $40 grin
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Hi Cookie!

It's my first time back in a while-again.Your survivalist jokes just tickle me. I have a couple of weeks so I will be seein' ya! Hey, I even learned how to post photos on my schnauzerlover site, so maybe I can do it here and now!

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Originally Posted By: snapshotmiki
Hi Cookie!
It's my first time back in a while-again.Your survivalist jokes just tickle me. I have a couple of weeks so I will be seein' ya! Hey, I even learned how to post photos on my schnauzerlover site, so maybe I can do it here and now!

Miki! Good to see you! Yes you can post your website in your qoutes section at the bottom of your profile
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You have looked at Google maps to see where the bodies of water are near your house, driven by to see what access looks like, and prioritized which ones are easiest/safest to get water out of and/or fish in.


You have food in your pantry for people you rarely speak to.. including things you know they like to eat but you do not.


You like estate sales because the elderly tend to have canning jars/kerosene lanterns/hand tools/wool blankets/sturdy utensils etc.


You don't homeschool, but you have a tote full of school supplies and curriculum anyway.


You make an effort to befriend anyone you happen to meet who lives near your BO route.


You know how to gather water from a couple of branches and a walmart bag. laugh

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If you know how to sharpen a knife on an old coffee cup.


If you have ever tried to keep cheese via the vinegar/salt method.


If you know that dehydrated cottage cheese is even possible.


If Mountain House means something besides a chalet to you.


If you can think of more than 10 expedient uses for styrofoam meat trays.


If you thoughtfully decide to not store styrofoam meat trays because if TEOTWAWKI happens, they'll be easy enough to come by.


If you could survive being stranded in an office sky-rise for a week without more equipment than you normally have on your person... double points if you'd be fairly comfortable and make lifelong friends in the process.


If you habitually notice things like cattails, daylilies and ease of harvesting while driving, just in case you are ever hungry enough.


If you freeze your bags of beans, rice, flour and grains as soon as you get them.


If you weigh the merits of salt and pepper packets versus shakers or s/p in baggies for BOB.


If you know of more than three ways to use pool bleach, one of which goes bang.


If you hate camping but have gear anyway.


If you think it's funny that some survivalists call themselves "preppers" because they don't want to be associated with the kind that is anti-govt... double points if you've thought of another term for yourself that is even more innocuous. (cheapskate stocker-upper, oldfashioned farmgirl, hermit, etc..).


If you don't actually have a large family, but offer to babysit your nieces and nephews when making a huge grocery run to give that impression.


If you have ever fantasized about security shutters.



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Your a girl after my own heart!


I just drove by a canal on the way home and google map traced it to see if it went to a watershed! grin


You are soooooo a Mrs. S girl curtsey


BTW I did a picture layout of collecting water from shrubs with a zippy bag.


*ahem* I'm a Hurricane Preparedness person

Yeah yeah that's the ticket


I heard a woman with 6 bags of rice, and three buckets say,"I'm a den Mother"


10 points if you know what a Den Mother is

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How about...


if your son is in Boy Scouts, as he works on merit badges, you have your daughters complete the requirements too.


Because Girl Scouts aren't the same...


So far the oldest girl (8) would qualify as a 1st class Scout, the middle two (5 and 4) would be tenderfeet, and the youngest (2) can say the scout motto and slogan.



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I have to giggle about the girls qualifying as 1st class Boy Scouts. I too, as a girl could easily do many of the Boy Scout badges and my dad even wrote a couple articles, one of which made it to Life magazine when I was in my early teens. My own son was Order of the Arrow and would have gotten Eagle Scout with his troop in northern California but he wanted to finish highschool with his Dad in GA at the time. But he has always continued to be very motivated and went from enlisted to the naval academy and became a Marine officer. He now is on terminal leave ( even if his cell phone finally died), and is going to become a teacher of history and probably English, as well as work further down the line to become a Ph.D. professor at college level in history and also a coach at collegiate level later on. ( Right now I just hope he gets his masters ok for teaching period! ) But no matter what, he's not afraid of long term hard work.... and he might be a redneck, cause he likes the South!

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If you can spot another one by their freecycle posts.


Like the guy who posted: Wanted old tube style CB/Ham gear.

or the gal who posted: Wanted hand crank grain grinder.


Or the guy on craigslist who wants to barter his homebrew biodiesel for junk silver coins, firewood, wood stove pipe, laying hens or solar equipment. He might as well have just put out a sign. LOL! Come to think of it, he probably was... most "prepper" types aren't quite so transparent without cause.


LOL, cookiejar. Hurricane preps are a pretty smart thing to have.

I know what a den mother is. I am one. I have bags of rice and buckets too......


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bump For the newbies and my lurkers who can see themselves in these!




If you can't take a simple walk without spotting three medicinal and/or edible plants.


add 2 points if you *marked the spot* for emergency foraging Just in case


add 2 more if if was in your neighborhood, neighbor's yard, school yard etc.

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