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Back to the supplies. If you live somewhere that they have a Fred's Discount Store, they carry reasonably priced supplies. I got my large waterbath canner from them. They also have lids in the spring (some of the stores around here sell out quick) for $1.00 per box (either size).

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This thread is old, but wanted to post...went Mennonite shopping today and found the half gallon tall Ball canning jars (I don't pressure can in them...only vacuum seal!) for less than 10$ for six.  T

Crafters use all sizes of Mason jars. It's kind of my style.    The only thing I've ever heard of being canned in them is homemade grape juice, water bathed. Basically some grapes in the jar

Yanno, Jeepers.  That's the most unique use for a canning jar I've ever heard.....   MtRider   ....I LIKE it!!!   

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I just remembered something I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT - my silicone oven mit/ glove for stirring hot stuff. (Some also use an ov-glove.)


I got this bad boy on sale somewhere and it fits right or left hand. I slip it over when I need to reach into something hot, use it to pull out an oven rack, and also will wear it while 'fishing' for jars....it really protects well!


My favorite use though, it for jam - I wear it while stirring because that jam bubbles and splatters, and now I don't get burned!

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Originally Posted By: Tracie
Is the All American 910 too small to be practical? I don't see myself pressure canning *that* much at a time. Or will things change once I use a pressure canner and get used to it?

I think you'll regret only geting the 910. I have the 910 myself, and it only holds 4 quarts at a time. I use it to can small amounts of leftovers which is perfect or when I create recipes and do test batches, but then I have 3 other canners (921, 941) with which to do my regular canning in.

If you're going to get a canner, get one that will do at least 7 quarts at a time.
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thank you. Oh man, that's a tough one. DH is vehemently opposed to walmart, he generally doesn't care how much money we save. But I really think it's gonna SHTF soon, and I need to prep

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Just made a quick trip to WM for DGD, passed the canning isle. I have never seen so many jars, lids, etc. any place before. They must have 5 or 6 times the amount they usually carry. Almost a whole isle of canning supplies.

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Our Walmart's here had a good supply of lids and narrow mouth jars two months ago. Now, there are a few stray boxes of pectin, still lids, but only random narrow mouth jars.

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Tracie, that canner would work fine. I don't know if you've already gotten it or not (I've been really sick), but if you haven't, it's best to get a canner, than to wait to get a more expensive one.

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Originally Posted By: Violet
Winco has pints half price here !

I got some (more!) last night. The half-pints and pints were less than $5 per box of 12. The wide mouth pints were about $5.75 and the quarts were around $6.50 IIRC.
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I'm new to canning. Well, ok, I haven't even gotten my canner yet, but soon... I've been scared to death to can, so I've just blanched and frozen all the stuff out of my garden. I'm a little concerned about the freezer going out or being without power for an extended period of time and losing all my food, so I'm gonna do it... I'm going to learn to can (with your help *blink blink*).


Toward the beginning of this thread, someone said it's ok to use your pressure canner as a water bath canner. Generally speaking, is this a good idea? Or is it best to get a water bath canner AND a pressure canner?



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Originally Posted By: Legacy
Toward the beginning of this thread, someone said it's ok to use your pressure canner as a water bath canner. Generally speaking, is this a good idea? Or is it best to get a water bath canner AND a pressure canner?

It's fine to use your PC as a WB, however I have found that my PC is so big, that unless I have all 7 quarts or 10 pints, it isn't worth it, as I'm using extra water since the canner isn't filled with jars, and the extra heat to boil the extra water. I have a regular stock pot that will fit 5 pints on a rack of screw lids that I use if I don't have enough to fill the PC. smile
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It's possible, but as already stated, it really isn't worth the hassle to do it properly. Most that try it don't do it correctly and thus potentially doesn't pasteurize the food for storage.


A Boiling Water Canner is not that expensive and I like them because they have a special lid that prevents water spillage during boiling. I do not use their wire rack however, which you will learn why on your own rather quickly. Instead I use the flat platform from the pressure canner.


If you haven't already, get a current copy of the Ball Blue Book of Preserving. It has some good information in it on the equipment and utensils needed.


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Canned Nerd,

The problem with the wire rack in the water bath canner you referred to... did it rust?

Mine did. I couldn't figure out what I did wrong since I was careful to dry it after I used it each time.

It would be good to know that it wasn't my fault, but just cheap metal. Why do they do that? I would have still bought the set even if they had to charge a few dollars more for a decent rack.

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They rust. Can't avoid it. The other 'problem' is if you want to use other than quart jars. You can buy a stainless steel rack and racks for handling pints, half-pints and 4 oz, but it is just much cheaper and easier to use the aluminum platform and the jar lifter.


Most of the Boiling Water Canner kits sold are supposedly 'beginner' sets and designed on purpose to be as cheap as possible so people will buy them.


The Ball Blue Book shows you how to make a cheap platform just by tying canning rings together.

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