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Fried green maters

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Mmmmmm, sounds so good.


My tomato plants are struggling in our heat. One small tomato was attacked by a bird and now there are two. The plants only get 4 hours of full sun, but the heat is still wiping them out. I planted the seeds in January, but I guess that is too late. Maybe I'll try in the fall and see if that gives the plants time enough to produce.

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Hi Lee


Tooooo cold/cloudy during our "growing season" for anything but cherry tomatoes.  Those have to be up on the porch so I can cover them when frost threatens [sometimes that's Aug].  And then....the stupid ground squirrels and tree squirrels get them.  :fryingpan:


MtRider   I haven't eaten a fresh tomato in years.  Grocery stores have hard rubber balls. 

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On 6/22/2017 at 5:38 PM, Lee Anderson said:

Sighhhhh.....no maters for me--Florida----too hot! 

We're not nearly as hot up here in Tallahassee as most of the state.  I'm getting up to three itty bitty "wild" tomatoes per day.  Yesterday I also got a Jaune Flamme, which honestly was no tastier than the wild ones, for all its hype.  Last week there was a ... whatever this dwarf from Boar farms is called; it was okay.  But I love the carefree abandon of noshing on an orange fingertip-sized tomato-berry a couple of times a day.

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