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I made a big batch of collard greens  (2 big bundles) back on the 1st.  I did the standard onion, garlic, bacon, ACV, chicken broth.  We ate about 2/3s of it but I had some leftover.  I may have a new favorite soup.  This is some seriously good soup.  


Collard Soup

Leftover cooked collard greens

1 can chicken

fresh stuffed pasta (ravioli, tortalini,)  can be frozen or dried.  

Dump leftover collard greens (maybe about 4-6c?) into a large stock pot.   Add  (I added about a gallon). Add 3T chicken bullion and can of chicken.   Bring to a boil then add stuffed pasta.  (I used a container or mushroom ravioli that I'd frozen.)   Cook 2-5m or until pasta is done.  Serve hot.  




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I had a box of the Aldi lemon pound cake.   We don't eat a lot of cake and I wanted to use it up.  The back had directions for a coffee cake.  I followed them and OMG.  I made it on Thursday evening and it is now gone by Saturday afternoon with just the 3 of us here.


1 Box Aldi Lemon Pound Cake Mix

1 c milk

4 T butter

1 egg

Mix all and pour in greased brownie pan.  


8oz cream cheese

2 Tb Milk

Lemon Glaze packet from cake Mix

Mix all and drop dollops into cake mix.   Swirl with knife.

Bake 350F 30m.  

  Total cost under $2.  

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We made cuban sliders and mexican tomato soup.  


Cuban Sliders

Cut a pack of hawaiian rolls in half lengthwise to make tops and bottoms.  Make a sauce by melting 2 sticks of butter then stirring in 3 T dijon or spicy mustard, 1T worcestershire sauce, 3 T poppy seeds.   You will need to wisk a lot while butter simmers over medium to get the mustard to incorporate.  Spread 1/3 sauce on bottom rolls and 1/3 sauce on inside of tops.    Grease a casserole dish and layer bottoms, cooked pulled or diced pork (this time I used diced leftover from a spicy Asian port butt I made), 1 or 2 thin slices of ham lunchmeat folded into quarters  on each slider area (12 sliders) (can use large slices of homemade ham just laid across top if preferred.)  Keep layering a slice of pickle on each slider, enough provolone to cover every slider 2 layers deep, tops, 1/3 (remainder) sauce.  Use a cookie sheet, cast iron pan, or something to flatten them.  Make sure you get a good squish so they are not higher than the top of the casserole.  Cover in foil and bake 350F 30m.  They are very messy and need a fork to eat.  If you leave off the butter sauce on top they can be hand food, but will not taste as good.  


Same method for any combination.    cooked chicken, marinara, mozzarella   = chick parm sliders.    ham, pineapple, provolone = hawaiian sliders, etc.   


Mexican Tomato Soup Variation

Mix in pot, puree with stick blender, heat through.

2 cans tomato soup, 1 1/2 can whole milk, 1/2 can heavy cream, large spoon candied jalapenos (maybe 1/3 c total?), salsa to taste (*1/2 c chunky mild -- I just scraped it out of the jar with a spoon), handful dehydrated onion, sprinkle garlic/salt/pepper to taste.  


This was a hot, rich, indulgent soup.  I licked my bowl and everyone else said please make again.  It was not very spicey but had a small kick.   Next time I may add fajita seasoning or cayenne.  


I had bought a jar of candied jalapenos at DD13s school craft fair.  They are SO good.  I need to either find that woman again or try to make some myself.  I think she called herself Nanny's Kitchen.    It is my new favorite ingredient for everything.   




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Its cold today and everyone is home due to snow.  A big pot of soup is calling my name.


Soup du Jour

Sauté 1 lb mild pork sausage.  Add in 1 diced onion, heaping spoon minced garlic, and remainder of container mushrooms (slice them first) on the verge of bad.  When cooked through, add 1/3 c chicken bullion, italian seasoning to taste, 1 can potatoes (whole white potatoes, cube them), 1 can spinach, 8c water, 1 c whole milk powder (just the powder, non-instant, 1qt measure of it--4c makes a gallon).  Simmer for an hour.  

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I didn't want to clutter the Mexican food thread so i'm posting this here.   My mom is in MS and they still had fresh herbs growing outside and in the sunroom over christmas.   I was put in charge of 'making the food look good' and this is what I came up with.  Herbs are tasty and pretty too.  





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The Hawaiian Rolls I made in September and the collard soup from New years:  One bun is missing because it got taste tested before I could snap a pic.  




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Very artistic!   :thumbs:


On my deviled eggs at Christmas time, sometimes I sprinkle on paprika and then I slice a green olive in half (circular) and put it in the middle of each egg. Would work with a black olive for Halloween I suppose. Orange and black. Somehow no one ever puts me in charge of decorating anything. :D

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Chicken Fried Steak


2c buttermilk from powder

2 eggs from powder

1 t each salt and pepper

1 T hot sauce

enough water to make up buttermilk/eggs

Seasoned flour:

1 1/2 c flour

1/4 c cornstarch

1 T cajun seasoning

Marinade cube steaks overnight in this.  Dredge in seasoned flour and fry in 1" of oil 3-4m per side.   Do not crowd pan.  



Pour off oil, add 1/3c back to skillet and add 1/3c flour from dredging.   Make a roux and add 2c milk.   Salt and pepper to taste.


Make mashed potatoes with flakes and milk (from powdered) according to directions.   leave out fat & season.   When warm, add half a stick of butter, 1/4 container cream cheese, salt and pepper.   Heat through.  Serve with gravy.





The brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes are baby approved.  That is a sprout she is putting in her mouth.



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I am lazy.   DH and I have an agreement that the grill is outside so it is his domain.   I prep and he grills.   Last night we had steak marinated in Italian dressing overnight (my go-to lazy marinade.)  I did not want to mess with vegetables, so I dumped a bag of frozen veggies into a cast iron skillet, drizzled with oil, salt and pepper.   Over to the grill with that.   No longer my problem.  Cast iron is the best.

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cast iron is indeed "da bomb"  Inside, outside, over a fire....with a side of good thick pot holders of course, LOL.  

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Wow,  euphrasyne, can you keep that baby a baby forever?  She is growing so fast, and she is so cute.  I miss when my DD and my grandkids were little. Now the youngest grandchild is 20 years old and still no great grandchildren to enjoy. 

And all that food looks so good. I see recipes I need to copy and try out above. 

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It seems like you blink and they are grown.  Our oldest turns 25 this month.   Every time one ages out I have another heh.  4 DDs:  25, 18, 13, 1.  This one is the last though.  After her we will have to rely on grandkids.  

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Euphrasyne,  I have 5 grandkids. My DD is 50.  My oldest grandchild which is really my step GD is now 36, then 29, 26, 20 and a step GS who is 29 also. So I am still waiting for great grandchildren. Gee, they are so slow to have any.  All the girls are now married but the two boys are not. Maybe one day. But they are not getting any younger either. 

All I can say is don't blink or that little one will be 21 tomorrow. 


Since I won't have any contractors here this week. I am going to cook a cabbage tomorrow. Need to get it done while they are out of my way. 

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Creamy Tortellini soup

2 cans cream of chicken soup

1 can cream of mushroom soup

6 cups milk

2 cups water

2t chicken bullion

1/2 c frozen chopped carrots

1/3c frozen chopped celery

1 can chicken

Garlic powder and Italian seasoning to taste

8-10 oz chicken tortellini

Mix all but pasta and heat through.  Add pasta and cook until done.  Serve hot.  


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Random Casserole to use up leftovers after a long day:

Boil water and add remainder bag of chicken tortellini (*10oz).  drain.

Grease small casserole dish and put tortellini in it.  top with remainder jar of marinara in fridge.  About 1/3 jar. Open a jar of meat sauce marinara and add enough to just cover pasta.

Layer with remainder of ricotta dip mix from earlier in week (ricotta, cream cheese, honey feta mixed together)

Pour over remainder jar of new sauce.

Top with remainder bag of shred cheese (mac & cheese blend cheddar flavor about 4oz left)

Top with provolone cheese enough to cover casserole (4 slices, 1 torn in half)

Bake 350F 30m


Everyone loved it.  We called it a lasagna type dish.  DD13 said '5 stars on yelp' lol.  

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There has been some interest in making homemade dairy from shelf stable ingredients.


Shelf stable ingredients:  nonfat and full fat powdered milk.  Almond, rice, coconut milk.   Coconut cream.   Vegetable oil, crisco, olive oil, coconut oil.  


Drinkable milk:

If you do not like the flavor of your shelf stable milk, here are some tips:

Use less water and more powder when making up your milk.

Add vanilla or almond extract to whatever milk you are drinking.

Add a bit of any type of sweetener to the milk

Most milk tastes better when very cold.  


Butter from powdered milk: 

3/4 c non instant powdered milk

1/3 c water

1/4 c oil

Blend or shake till butter forms


This is a basic recipe.  You are going to find that different brands of milk need different amounts of oil.  The oil adds the fat that makes it butter.  You can achieve similar things using oil added to any type of milk.  Almond, rice, coconut, etc.   How much oil you need will vary by brand and fat content.    Normal butter is made by processing heavy cream --which is milk with all its original fat.



1 1/2 c oil (preferably coconut) 

1/4 c any liquid milk (cow, goat, powdered made up, rice, almond, coconut, whatever)

Blend until you get a pale paste.   Chill for at least half an hour.  Whip like frosting for about 2m or so. 

You can add a pinch of salt for flavor and a pinch of turmeric for that classic yellow color.  



2 quarts any milk liquid

1 c yogurt

sweeteners or flavoring

Put milk in crockpot on low for 2 hours.  Turn it off.   Stir a bit of milk into yogurt then add it to pot (like you would cornstarch).   Wrap crockpot in a towel and let it sit 12 hours (turned off.)  Strain mixture through cheesecloth.  Chill.   Whisk in sweetener and flavoring as desired.  Save some for the next batch.   

*notes   the fatter the milk the creamier the yogurt.   You can add extra fat to the milk by blending it in before you start.  


Sour cream:

Make yogurt as above.  At the straining point, sit cheesecloth in a colander in sink or suspend over bowl with spoon by hanging and allow to strain for a few hours till sour cream consistency.  Chill.


Cream Cheese:

Make yogurt and at straining point, suspend cheesecloth over bowl in refrigerator overnight.  


Farmer's Cheese

4c milk (any)  3c regular milk to 1c heavy cream makes a creamier texture

1/2 salt

4 Tab vinegar or lemon juice

flavoring of choice

Mix milk and salt in pan.  Cook on med low until bubbles start at pot edge.  Remove from heat.  Add lemon juice with 4-5 gentle stirs.  Allow to sit 10m.  Strain in cheesecloth 2-3 hours.  Flavor as desired.  


This woman describes paneer way better than I can:

How to make paneer - Swasthi's Recipes (indianhealthyrecipes.com)

I absolutely love paneer.  

Shahi paneer is my favorite dish.  


While I'm at it, this fits as best here as anywhere:

Vegan Pie or shelf stable cheesecake pie

1 baked or no bake pie crust of any sort

16oz tofu or 16 oz homemade farmer's cheese

1c chocolate chips or 1c flavoring like pumpkin (melted if solid)

Blend Tofu/cheese with melted chocolate/pumpkin.  Add sweetener as desired.  Place in pie shell.   Chill till firm.   Can be made gluten free.  Can be served as pudding.   Can be made from coconut milk farmer's cheese for soy free.   This is my go to 'I have a ton of allergies/dietary restrictions but would like to feel a part of something' recipe.   It is much requested and always goes over well with the food issue crowd in gatherings.  It can be modified to fit any situation.

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These are great, euphrasyne!  I'm printing them off.


Especially the sour cream and cream cheese.  I seldom have either on hand so when a recipe calls for it, I'm in a dither.  With these I can make it anytime I please and NOT have to make a 40-mile round trip to a grocery store.  How cool is that!!!  Thanks again! :hug3:

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I love bread.   I'm sad that I can't eat it like I used too.   I still take a nibble here and there.  It is a running joke that my husband married me for my brown bread rolls.  I was looking at some old pictures and thought I'd share a few bread ideas:

1. homemade christmas gifts.   Cordial, lavender bath salts, peanut butter fudge made with sugar (no scm here), White chocolate cookies, apple tarts, cranberry braids, spiced pecans, caramel frosting in jars, brown bread wrapped behind caramel.  Orange clove balls mixed in. 


2. close up of cranberry braids.  Its just a sweet dough with cranberry jam braided into the shaping and baked.


3.  Turkey Lurkey bread.   Its just white bread dough shaped into a turkey, painted with food coloring and a brush.  Egg wash and bake.  


4.  My most used bread machine recipes


5.  Braided cornucopia for Thanksgiving.   Shape a cone of crumpled aluminum foil.   Wrap bread dough around it to form horn.   Braid a section and wrap around front.   Bake.   Cool.  Pull out foil.   Fill with veggies and serve with hummus.     







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While I'm at it....I found a few other delicious things I made.  I don't cook as much as I used to; I need to treat the husband more.   


1.  Pineapple upside down cake made in a cast iron skillet with pecans instead of cherries.


2. Seitan loaf.   This was part of a vegan thanksgiving.   Its basically wheat gluten washed till the starch is gone then mixed with flavoring and baked.  I served it with a mushroom gravy.   


3.  My 2 most used cookie recipes.  I make lots of variants of these 2.   


4.  Polenta shapes.  Halloween cookie cutter to polenta.  Super easy to make.   Cornmeal and water baked on top of stove till thick.  Pour into greased dish and bake a bit, allow to cool and press out shapes.  I usually add cheese during original stovetop bake.  


5.  Pool Cake.  Make a cake.  Hollow out center and fill with half set jello.  Add peach rings and those bear cookies kids love.  


6.  Polenta just scooped out of pot and hotdogs cut into octopus with a dot of polenta for eyes.  Kid favorite.  Cut the hotdog before you boil it --also works with sausages.  







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