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What are you canning today? Part 8

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Well...I can hardly remember what, but my Emma counted our "jars" for the week...We did 339 jars of stuff...Peaches, pizza sauce, white grape jelly, peach jelly, peach jam, black raspberry jam, peach salsa, red raspberry jam....I sent 12 cases back to Texas, with our dear 85 year old adopted grandmother and am taking 3 cases of jam out to my dear Mennonite friends, with 9 children. I have a case of jam for my dear sister and one for another dear friend....No one else is getting any and the rest went into the basement, for my dear chicks...Now the kitchen is cleaned up and time to can some more.....

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Yesterday I canned 11 quarts of spaghetti sauce with buffalo meat, 4 quarts dill pickle spears, 2 quarts dill pickle chunks, and 3 pints hamburger chip dill pickles,& 1 pint baby Kosher dills. Also 9 quarts of Bread & Butter pickles, 1 pint green beans and 1 pint green beans with corn.


Today I am canning chicken meat and a rich, seasoned Chicken broth for the food pantry.


Am in the process of inventoring the pantry to see what I need to buy at the store.

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Beets !!!



( if i can Ever get the silly things *cooked* !!!) DH cleared a fraction of the garden... and we have beets !!! big uns ! Takes a while to get them cooked..... B)

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Today 20 twelve oz. and 4 eight oz. jars red raspberry jam, 20 quarts Nana's Corn Chowder, and 17 quarts fruit cocktail...Hopefully the peach pie filling...I hate doing the pie fillings, don't know why...

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Well now, you see this was the plan........................................

Picked tomatoes last night so we could make ketchup this morning when we got back from running around all morning. AND it has been a very busy and hot week.


Was trying to get the Ketchup done and unpack the groceries, and call back people who left messages, and go potty, and feed the animals, and get some letters ready to go out in the mail and, and, and

anyway trying to make ketchup from memory instead of look on the cupboard when the recipe is taped and instead of 'pepper' I added 'Peppers' (*&%^$#&*%) WHAT WAS I THINKING!


So in comes Lori just as I dump them in and says - what's that?




NOT with PEPPERS in it, it ain't! LOL




I am making a batch of spaghetti sauce! Seeing that (thank goodness) so far all I had was the 'strains' Tomatoes, Onions and The PEPPERS! cooking down.

Luck me I didn't put in the vinegar or sugar yet.



LEASONS LEARNED - even IF you have made it MANY times before.......................

Follow the directions Michael!





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64 quarts, 6 pints peach pie filling. I hated every second of it. We had three water bathers going inside, two on kerosene cookers, one on the stove, and the wood canner going. We had two stockpots full of the peach stuff going, side by side, and two of us stirring.....Whewwww! One didn't seal, so it is in a cake tonight. I juiced some of the peach guts and will do syrup and jelly tomorrow.

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12 half-pints of "Our Own" Blackberry jam !


Got to eat up the tiny bit left in the cooking pan.....Oh My !!! Y U M M Y !!! :whistling:

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