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What are you canning today? Part 8

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This weekend...104 quarts of applesauce. I juiced the guts and will make jelly tomorrow. The apples are peeled and sliced and in the fridge, to be canned into pie filling tomorrow....30 quarts of the things. I am so sick of apples. Next will be fruit cocktail and hopefully that will be out of the way, before my grapes come...15 boxes full. Grapes sound wonderful now...So easy compared to this stinkin apple mess...

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39 quarts of fruit cocktail..What a sticky, icky mess....All done though. I bought the fruit for 100 jars, but three out of four boxes, of the peaches molded. They were still firm. I don't know if they had some kind of blight. SO now I have a bushel and half of pears, tons of green grapes, and a gallon of maraschino cherries, that won't be going into fruit cocktail. 15 boxes of grapes are on the way, so time to move on.

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<br />Welcome CSM!!!!! <img src="style_emoticons/default/bouquet.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":bouquet:" border="0" alt="bouquet.gif" /> There are plenty of folks here to answer your questions! Everyone is friendly!<br />
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Thanks! ... guess I should go over and properly introduce myself ... in the proper place .. been reading for a few days now, forgot I hadn't posted yet *grin*



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Almost 70 jars of jelly, some pear, some grape....This week anyway. Today 24 eight oz. bruschetta. I have about 5 more quarts of pear juice to can into jelly tomorrow. I'm giving about half of the jelly to my dear Mennonite friend, with 9 children, the other half for my dear children.

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I have been pretty busy canning and dealing with the gardens and DH finally going back to work and canning. Good thing I keep a list going in the computer every year! I'm on page 3 for 2010, usually just 1 full or nearly full page since 2005. It's kinda fun to look back and see what I've canned over the years. My lists only go to 05 because my old computer got Alzheimers in 04 and ate all my lists that I had not printed out (dumb move there). I print and keep them in a notebook now.


So here's what I have canned in the last 3 weeks!


18 pints pears, 24 pints beef chili/taco meat,16 pints boneless chicken breasts, 12 pints boneless chicken thighs, 27 pints peaches, 9 pints mixed fruit, 24 more pints pears, 7 quarts peach pie filling, 4 pints peach pie filling, 25 more pints pears, 7 1/2pints sliced mushrooms, 17 4oz jars sliced 'shrooms, 18 pints diced Roma tomatoes, 9 pints Roma chunks, 10 1/2pints diced Romas, 10 pints tomato sauce with Italian seasonings, 10 1/2pints tomato sauce, 9 pints German sweet n sour red cabbage, 21 pints green beans, 14 more pints pears, 14 1/2pints pulled pork with Super Q BBQ sauce, 7 pints pulled pork in broth, 15 pints nectarines, 9 quarts nectarines, 18 pints pasta sauce with meat and 'shrooms, 30 1/2pints Bread and Butter Belly Bombs, 6 1/2pints jalapenos and onions, 24 pints chicken 'pot pie-soup-stew' mix.


So far this year 1,056 jars of food. Thats a lot of jars and I have run out of places to put them! Some of it has been 'special order' like the nectarines for a Gson, Fig jam for my DD, and a re-pack of a #10 can of jalapenos for my neighbor but thats still a lot of canning. And I still have just over 3 months left in this year! As long as the Propane man keeps the yard bomb filled, I'm happy!! .......pigz

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