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Midwest U.S. Bird Flu

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There is currently an article up on DrudgeReport about the National Guard being called up in Minnesota to assist with combating the bird flu outbreak which is spreading there. Am I just paranoid, or does that set off alarm bells for anyone else?


Also, I read a news article the other day saying that while the main strain circulating in the Midwest is H5N2 -- which has, thus far, not proven able to spread to humans from affected poultry -- there is also a strain of H5N1 that has been discovered. That is the same Avian Influenza as we've seen in Asia...the one which HAS proven able to spread to humans.


How many hog farms are in that area? What are the chances that a swine flu variant -- one which is easily transmissible to humans -- might cross with one of these avian flus and enable its efficient human-to-human spread?


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I've just been advised that Georgia has closed its borders to live chickens. Shows and exhibitions on the north, east, and west of the state have been suspended and a decision will be made this week regarding the south/Florida end.


Louisiana has four quarantined flocks,all due to birds from Rock River Poultry in Iowa. Someone needs to pray for them, because I suspect their business just went belly-up. They have shipped eggs or birds to 37 states within the past two weeks. If any of the four quarantined Louisiana flocks turns up a single sick bird, Louisiana is closing its borders--no poultry in, none out.


Louisiana has confirmed a case of H5 low path avian influenza in wild waterfowl in an area rive with feral hogs. Anyone in Louisiana who sees unusual deaths or large scale illness of poultry or fowl is asked to call 225-925-3980.


A truck driver has brought the swine flu to Perry, Georgia, on his boots. It was H1N1, contained at a single litter.





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When we went to buy eggs today at Aldi's they were nearly sold out...and the price was nearly $3 a dozen for what was there. We check our favorite plain people stores, and they were even higher. So...we didn't buy any. Got a feeling we're going to see a huge rush on Honeyville powdered eggs :-(

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Heard eggs were going to be getting scarce. If the wild birds don't pass anything to our ducks, we have a good, steady supply and some to share with our snowplowing friends. He plows for us and they get eggs year 'round.


MtRider ...so much happening to disrupt food.... :behindsofa:

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Been exploring the art of scrambling and freezing eggs. Hate to pay big bucks for eggs but whatcha gonna do if you don't have your own hens. Even if we knew people who did have hens, they'd be hiking up their prices too :-( Saw that happen when ammo went sky high didn't we?

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WABE reports:

Three chicken flocks were killed in central Georgia Tuesday because of suspicion of avian flu.

Three farmers in Georgia ordered chicken eggs on eBay from a mail-order service in Iowa.

State veterinarian Robert Cobb says the U.S. Department of Agriculture notified 37 states, including Georgia, that these chickens from Iowa might have avian flu.

When Cobb found out, he says he wasn’t going to take any chances. After all, poultry is Georgia’s biggest agricultural product.

“We worked with USDA and with the owners and developed a price and the owners have all signed off on an agreement. As of [Tuesday], our teams are out on the premises depopulating the poultry on site,” Cobb says.

His team went to the three small farms in Greenville and Fitzgerald, Georgia to slaughter the birds and eggs.

“This particular strain, H5N2, is not zoonotic. Meaning there’s very, very low to no risk of people being infected by the virus,” Cobb says.

Cobb says there are no reported cases of Avian flu in Georgia.

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How did it get started....... ?


If I say anything it will be too much.


Missouri is first or second in poultry production in the nation.

This could wipe out a lot of farms, bank accounts, generally hurt world markets.

Course i do understand that China has a poultry business........................................................................

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I had the TV on a lot today catching up on some stuff I had DVR-ed. I noticed a lot of Tyson Perdue chicken commercials saying all of their chicken is born and raised in America, or something to that effect. Of course it didn't mention they might be processed in China! Not that all of that matters since bird flu is rampant here too. I just noticed all of the Tyson Perdue ads.



Edited: NOT TYSON....PERDUE. I just saw it again.

Edited by Jeepers
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You'll get a big shockeroo if you go to try to buy powdered eggs...there aren't any :-( We stopped at five plain people stores and managed to find ONE that had six bags...which we bought. I'm betting the Honeyville/Provident Pantry/etc. will go sky high...IF they can get any.

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Unfortunately there is greed out there ...always has been always will be......

The price for poultry dropped because China once again has denied our poultry.

As if they were clean of all faults ............

So far this is just limited to a couple of states in huge numbers.....unless some one

spreads it further.........KWIM ?

We the people, must stand strong, and not listen to the fear tactics they use to demoralize.


Our hearts must be strong ... for out of the heart cometh fear etc. No fear........united, one nation

under God, individual with liberty and justice for all.

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Three different strains of bird flu here in America have come in with the Spring Migration of wild birds, this is what originally spread it this year, here in America. Plenty of wild bird carcasses are showing up too and been tested , positive often enough to know thats the basic infiltration method. This time. Only some of them so far transmit to humans. Some are more deadly than other strains. I know I have read articles on this but don't have any links unless I already posted it above some place. Too busy movin' although yesterday and today are a physical and mental rest since I have had activity and stress over the top for over two weeks. I can do the last part of move and clean up at the old place in the next two days, lol. I will be glad to be done.

I have bought eggs but no chickens. There was a huge stack of new eggs when I bought them. I think they just wanted people to buy ahead before the shortage shipments hit us here. Probably too late now and I do well on egg protein so I like to have them around. Hoping can still get them.

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I guess I should have been in here several weeks ago.


Yes, there seems to be a lot of Bird Flu around, we had an officer stop in and let us know about it. They have to go around and let people know if there is Bird Flu within 6 miles of them. They did say about how many chickens had been killed because of this, but, I can't remember the number. I think this would have been a good time to have our own chickens.


There aren't many hog farms in MN, or at least not in this area.


haveanicedaydogandflowers.gif HUGS10-1.jpg



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