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the Corona got me

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My covid experience.
June 20th I was tied having watched my one year old grandson while his mother, my son and my daughter got his birthday party set up. As soon as my daughter in law family showed up I passed him over to them.
The next day I lost my appetite.

Monday i really didn't feel good when I went to work and I still couldn't eat anything. Tuesday after work I developed a fever of 103.4. I called my doctor and she sent me to get tested.
They tested me and gave me something for nausea.
I waited for the results to come back fighting fevers between 100 - 103 for days.
]My daughter kept telling me to go to the hospital. I was really too sick to make a good decision about my health by that time. 
I called my doctor because I couldn't eat. Nothing was staying down and everything tasted off.
She sent me to the ER for dehydration.  
They put me in isolation right away.  My oxygen levels were low so I got put on oxygen. They ran another covid test as the one from the urgent care hadn't come back yet. Xray and several other test showed that I had covid related pneumonia.  I  got sent up to the covid unit.
I had an inhaler, vitamin C ,zinc,  a steroid, Potassium and a few other medicines to take. I had breathing exercises to do several times a day.
In the hospital I was off oxygen within 24 hours.
1000 more test showed that I was OK to go home.
At home my husband and daughter were put on leave by their employers.
Both were tested and found to be negative. 
I struggled to get up moving and just wanted to sleep most of the time but I knew about blood clotts and started exercises to prevent them.
Last Saturday I started to get a fever again. 
My leg was swelling and red. I had chest pain so back to the ER.
I was again admitted to the covid unit with blood clotts in my leg and lung.
I got out of the hospital Tuesday.
I will be on " blood thinner " medicine for the next 6 months. I have an inhaler for what is left of the pneumonia in my lung. 
I will be on FMLA for a few more weeks until I can recover my strength.
Blood clotts are more common in people with covid.
I am lucky to have gotten through the complications as easily as I have. 
I had great medical care and a strong support system of family and friends.

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Oh wow, Gofish!  That sounds truly MISERABLE!  :(    Glad you're slowly getting better.  Thank you for giving us this account.  It probably cost you energy to type it.....but we value the data ....things to watch for.  I don't know the details of anyone who's had COVID. 


MtRider  :pray:    

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Oh my Gofish, I'm so sorry you are going through this. Sending up prayers for a complete recovery!  :pray:


You are the the first person that I "know" who has had it. Your information is so valuable here. Thank you for sharing.  :hug3:


Praying for you, your family's safety and your friends. Stay well! 

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I agree about the fatigue.  I am hypothyroid and get like that. Doesn't take a virus to get that way for me. Sometimes it last 3 or 4 days and I have to force myself to do things around here. 

Glad to hear everyone that has had this virus is now doing better and on the mend. I keep hoping and praying this corona virus will just die down and go away, but not looking like that is going to happen anytime soon.

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