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My name is Nermal, my husband and I are new to prepping. I found this site while searching for prepping support sites. I am looking for a place to bounce ideas off of people, I have tons of questions and can't wait to learn all I can from the site and all of you here who have so much more knowledge than me.


I am mainly prepping for a few reasons:


1) I'm not sure my job will be around much longer. My employer is one of the largest in the county and we're bleeding money like a stuck pig. DH is on disability, and while his check is a huge help, if it's all we had it would only pay the mortgage, the truck payment, truck insurance, and a few of the utilities.


2) I'm waiting for the electricity to out and stay out for a long time. We live in a part of the US where Novembers are terrible with heavy wet snow and high winds, it's only a matter of time before something goes over a power line and we are out of power for an extended period of time. Already this year, before November, we've lost power three times. The first was last February, we were w/o power for 36 hours. Thankfully we were having warmer than normal temperatures and our water didn't freeze and the house only got down to 50 degrees. At that time we didn't have anything prepared. We've got a good amount to things ready. We have a back up heat source and cooking source. We still need to get more fuel for both of them but would do okay for a few days (longer if it weren't winter!).


3) We are also waiting for the SHTF and wouldn't be surprised if it comes in the form of an emp. This one we aren't as prepared for, and I'm not sure what we need to do.


Anyway, I'm glad to be here. Glad to learn all I can from everyone here!



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Welcome Nerm! You came to the right place. First thing is get more fuel for heat and cooking needs. What about taping or tacking up plastic over the windows that stay shut during cold weather to help insulate? If you need to you can bring mattresses or bed down to main room and block off hall ways and doors to rest of house to conserve on heat use, but may need to leave open if plumbing is diverse in household so it wont freeze

You have enough winter clothing and bedding don't you? I am in upstate NY so I know how the winters are when they are rugged ones. I have plenty!


the next is water supply, purification needs? storage.


Food supply, storage.... there are so many ways of doing things.


shoes and clothing, bedding

medical and supplements, vitamins, etc

how to skills


amusements for off grid living


Children in the household or special medical needs?

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Hi Nermal :wave: and WELCOME!


Glad you are posting. You're sure in the right place. I have many of the fears that you do. Right now I'm just trying to stock up on everything I use from day to day with a little added long term storage thrown in. I figure nothing is going to go down in price for a long time so if I can get it now I am. I know I'll use it sooner or later.


Anyway, happy reading and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Someone usually has an answer, can point you in the right direction or offer ideas.

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Hello Everyone.I had been on here sometime ago. Due to finances and such had to get rid of the internet and other things. Been a wild ride the last few years.Yet had to really learn to due a lot of things to get through all that was going on and taking care of my wife. She is better now and home. Look forward to reading and talking with all.


Trust me the supplies we had built up came in very handy and still are !

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:welcome4: ehansen!


Dittos to Jeepers' post... I'm guessing most people will find economic troubles are their most pressing threat. I know we went through that several times, luckily due to what turned out to be temporary problems.


If you can't find something, just ask. We love to help!!!




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:) Hi, I am new here as of tonight... Look so forward to getting to know everyone....and to learning things and hopefully sharing some things i have learned along the way.

Thanks for having me here.

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I am a 50 year old also. I am new at the skills part of prepping. I am sort of lazy these days - maybe it is the medical/pain/other responsibilities that contribute, but in the end I am not very productive. I spent the afternoon with duct tape and sizzors. The kitchen was still freezing. The wind picked up and I was able to determine the problem. Chalking is wearing off glass in paine. I hope they don't break out. I have two taped now. The wind was coming in from round the frame also.


This morning I took the recycled Princess table cloth from my friend's 100th birthday party of a few years ago, and tacked it on the window above the tub. I think I can see a difference already. I am a post stroke person (1991). I have use of both hands/arms and can walk real good since about 2002. I am overweight, so that is one of my big prep areas to deal with. I have debt also.


I am still trying to get acquainted with the site. It is hard to get in 30-60 min to just sit and work at it.


My next food prep task is on the spare bed. The spare bed is now in the living room, next to the piano. Yes, the spare room is now a pantry or preppers room. Boxes of dehydrated #10 cans, and 5 and 6 gal buckets mostly. I store the drink items, like Tang and instant coffee under the dressor. I also store the rolls of lard under their too. It seems to work but is visiable. I plan to hang long curtains over most of my supplies in the prep room. I have drapes up over the entry space into it, but no doors. Luckily, I have a sewing machine and can sew a hem. I also make about 20 quilts a year, I complete about 20 that is and start another 10, plus continue to work on another 30 or so. It gets kind of wild. Some of my quilt stacks almost reach the ceiling. I am an artist in my heart, and my quilts show some of that.


Does anyone have any opinions about saving nickels? saving clad half dollars? If so, where would you suggest since they are so heavy.?


BTW, I took the poll. I have been on all the Govt web sites also. It was helpfu in the beginning, but not so much anymore. I also acquired two more good souls to prep for.


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Hi, I am new here, found Mrssurvival a few months ago, and have been reading little bits here and there every day.


I am from Northern Ireland and have three grown children,two are living in Australia, the other lives in England.


My husband is 66 and retired, I am 56 and my job had been cut to 10 hours a week but I think it will be gone by the end of Feb.


So we have my husbands pension and at the moment my few pounds each week.


About 18 months ago my husband started to read few different sites on the internet, and then he discussed with me his fears about how things are going.


So we decided to start and get a few things extra when we did the weekly shop, and then we bought a wind-up-lantern and radio.


Then I came across this site quite a few months ago, started reading and learned alot.


I bless the Lord that I found you all

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So very glad you spoke up! It's fascinating to me to hear about how people in other areas of the world think and feel and well, yes, worry. :huh:


We have our Canadian friends, but they are a lot like us and tend to forgive our lapses into "Americanisms". :D


One of our dear friends here worked in Ireland for a while as a missionary, so I've learned a bit about life there, but never "enough".


Do you live in a city, or do you have a bit of land to grow things? How can we help you find information that might help you? Ask us anything, and we'll try to help.



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I am a newbie from Nebraska. I am wanting to learn a bit more about prepping. I am basically starting from the point of wanting to be prepared for job loss or natural disater. I love the saying, "hope for the best, plan for the worst". I have 4 kids ages 10 and under, plus hubby. I can never have too much food, water, or toiletries in this house!

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