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Hello everyone!

I'm Fancy from Oregon. We garden, canning what we grow, dehydrate a lot too. Being prepared is also very important to us, just something about growing up in the "duck and cover" era I suppose.

So.... Hello all!

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Welcome home, Fancy1 and Carly! :bighug2:


If you have any questions or have something specific you're looking for, just ask. We've got a wealth of good information here and it can be daunting to search through it all.


There are NO dumb questions. And we love to help! So jump right in...



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Well, I'm what you would call a returning member.....I have had some trials and tribulations over the past couple of years that have changed my life significantly....I'm not sure if it is for the better or not...at this point all I can say is that it's all in God's hands....in the past two years I have divorced out of a 16 year long abusive relationship, have been hospitalized twice, coming close to dying both times...first time was with blood clots, lymphedema, and cellulitis....this last time was with double pneumonia, sepsis and lymphedema...I was in a drug induced coma for about a month, and have since had to learn to walk and breath again....I am now back at work for about a month now...still doing physical rehab, and trying to get "back on my feet" and back to basics with my preps....I do not at this point know what God has in store for me....I wish I knew..because it would make these changes and transitions so much easier for me.....




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Oh, foxfire... :kissy: I'm so sorry you've been through so much. I worried that something happened... a computer crash would be bad enough, but... sheesh. :(



May the worst be behind you, and your blessings be great, and multiply.



And *you*, edensong... where have you been? Everything OK? :hug3:

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Hi, I finally got a chance to get on here after my approval.

I found you guys when I did a search for forums that discussed Nourishing Traditions. I've recently purchased the book and have been reading it. It makes a WHOLE LOT of sense to me.

It's not going to be easy for me in incorporate a lot of what I'm learning because I live in NJ. dry.gif They don't allow the sale of raw milk. Also, there is a time issue and a money issue. I know a farmer where I used to get my meat from, but money is still tight from a job loss about 4 years ago. That job loss pretty much wiped out my stores. I have a new job now, but with a major pay cut from what I was making.:(

On the upside, I have my own chickens. The only problem is that I'm not allowed to have them in my backyard (I hate living in town dry.gif ) so I have them on a friend's farm. She will not kill anything for food, but I and another friend went someplace to learn how to process chickens. I did my first a couple weeks ago . . . I cried, but I did it.


Hope to get to know you all!



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I have been 'prepping' for years, did not know what it was called, but did it anyway. I was just delighted to find like minded folks.

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I love this site! I found it while looking for dehydrator recipes for my dh and ds to take on a backpacking trip this weekend. :campfire:


I've been seeing lots of signs telling me I need to prepare for when the shtf, so this forum is perfect. Since they are out on their trek and dd is still sleeping, I've been here most of the morning reading as much as I can and can't wait to read more.

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