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WELCOME home!! :hug3:


Yup, best thing to do is to jump in. Pretty much like your neighbor did, inviting you to "help can". :happy0203: (You KNOW she got you hooked on purpose, right? ;) Canners love to show others how very, very good it is to know exactly what is in your food. And how easy it can be.)


If you've lurked for long, you know we don't bite. Well, very hard. Or very often. Except a couple of us, maybe... :hidingsmile:


If you have any questions about anything, just ask. If you don't want to do it on the forums, feel free to PM (private message) anyone. Just hover your icon over their name on a post, a box pops up and you'll see "send message". Click on that.


I get in here early mornings and evenings, more on weekends. If you're looking for something, or are confused, *ANYTHING* - ask! Chances are somebody else has the exact same question, so you're helping them, too.


I've been around here since 1999, and - OH MY GOODNESS!!! I now lead the number of posts??? :scratchhead: Didn't see THAT one... (WOO-HOO! What do I win? Loudmouth award??? :o ) :0327:


(DON'T TELL MY HUSBAND!!!!) Although, somehow I don't think he'd be surprised... :whistling:




Anyway - I was gonna say that I can usually find what people are looking for. So I'd be glad to help, as does everyone else here.


HAVE FUN!!! :wub:

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Guest arbysAlternative

hey everyone new, hi,, this is arby in actuallity......... could not recall password. so started new acct. Have internet at home again. using laptop, yeah! but kindle won't connect to my wifi??? I still have to find out why not. It connects at public wifi just fine and I know I typed in the pw right. weird, but at least I am back online now.

Doing ok here, though today was a doozy for heat and humidity and the dratted neighbors are burning wood and the smoke wont rise so my asthma is being watched in the evenings as I need my windows open for fans.

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Guest arbysAlternative

today and yesterday were hot and muggy, sweaty, we use the fans and hang in there. It stormed this evening and much cooler , outside at least. It will settle in the apartment as the hours go by tonight. Hopefully nicer tomorrow.

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Now I have to figure out why my home laptop virus software doesn't like this site.



whereareu.gif Annarchy? yodelsmiley.gif Hello? wootsmiley.gif


Annarchy might have some ideas... snoozyf.gif

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LOL, Cat. You brought a smile to my heart.


Yesterday was very busy doing research and development....


I get right on it and see what I can do.



I got it working today. Had to file a report as a false positive then update it. Working fine now.

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  • 11 months later...

Hi everybody! I'm back after a hiatus of unknown reasons..oh wait, call it Life!...just 'cause I kept looking stuff up the other day and Mrs. Survival kept popping up in Search. So I figured it was just wiser to swing on by. Oh geez...


This is the conversation going on behind me:

Manling #2: That milk expired on the 23rd.

Hubs: Well get it drunk before it goes bad.

Manling #2: Hmmm, might already be...

Me: Well if it IS, I'll use it and make a batch of brownies.

Hubs: She's making brownies??

Manling #2: Yeah, I think that's what she said.




Anyway, I killed a couple of useful hours last evening perusing the boards, and I think I'm going to make a concerted effort to hang out. I forgot just what a treasure trove of knowledge everybody is around here. So hello again to everyone, AND I have a quick question for anyone out there who loves snap peas.


The only Manling in my house who eats peas is not home for the rest of the summer to clean them off the vines. I refuse to toss them, and I have NO freezer space left. (Not to mention we all hated frozen peas.) I haven't tried to dehydrate them before, and if someone else has, I'd like to know how they turn out best. I figure he can munch them as "veggie chips" this fall if I save a bunch for him. Do I REALLY need to blanch them before they go on? Or can I just toss and dry, since he's just going to eat them dry anyway? Ideas? (I was gonna toss them in dip mix before he eats them.)

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  • 1 year later...

Just wanted to say hi. I took a break from Mrs S for quite awhile. It shows my prep minded self has gone by the wayside. I need to get back with it. I have two little boys now that need me to be on top of things. There is too much violence out there for me to not get prepared. Both DH and I are in Law Enforcement and times are getting pretty scary.


I have worked on my personal self and losing weight finally after more than six years of weighing the same/being pregnant. I have lost close to thirty pounds. Hoping to keep up with my Weight Watchers meetings. I consider that one of my greatest preps. I will have a forty four mile walk home if an emp were to strike. Can't do that if your not in good shape.

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:hug3: Welcome back!


These are difficult times, and I believe that any kind of "preparation" is not wasted time and effort.


Whether it's buying "prep" foods, learning to garden and/or preserve foods, getting our bodies healthier, or preparing our hearts and souls for what may come, it's all good.


So glad you said :hi: again. Let me know if you're looking for anything specific. I'll try to help. :hug3:

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