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I was new once..........didn't stay long...........didn't participate much........wasn't here long. I had a full time job then, and very little time. A lot of things have changed since then, and now I find I have LOTS of time. So, I am here to learn, and to fellowship with you all. This is a great site, btw.:rolleyes:

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Awww, Believer+... :hug3:



At least you knew where to come *back* to! :)


Welcome, everybody. And help us find what you're looking for... just ask!





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Hello to All, I found your site last September and bookmarked it so that I could return. Well, I finally am getting back and am in hopes of finding and sharing information with you.


About me: I am quite elderly (58) ha- and I was prepping when it was not called prepping... I believe I first started prepping in the early to mid 80's when the scare was anthrax and plague (black death)... I canned with my mom in my younger years but in raising my family and running a business I got away from it. In '93 I moved to the Ozark Mtns to get out of the city (Phoenix to be exact). It was hard to leave family and friends behind, but I was always a country girl at heart and it was time to make the move from 2 1/2 acres to 600 acres. We ran cattle til health made us stop. I have loved horses all my life, and brought 8 with me when I moved out here. I still have 7 horses, but only two are left now from the original 8. I love gardening, photography, critters, my grandkids, and Jesus. That's my story and I'm sticking to it... well, most it anyway... lol...


I am concerned with the way things are headed in this country, and am making preparations to take care of family and help those I am able to help when things get really bad. I guess I am most concerned with the economy. I know there are many things (emp's, bad weather, natural disasters like quakes, etc...) that can happen, but I see inflation or hyperinflation as causing us problems real soon. I live on a fixed income and hate to go the grocery store as I know that prices will have increased in the last week. It is outrageous. If I did not garden, can, and stock up what I am able, it woud be grim in my household.


I am trying to learn more about dehydrating, canning, preserving dry foods for long shelf life,etc.... I look for any ideas on saving and prepping...I am trying to prepare to live in a time when things are simple again. Where it is not necessary to rely on the store for products, and someday I hope to have some kind of solar system in place. I look forward to sharing with and learning from all y'all. Starr

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Horsehollow --- trust me--you have come to the right place ! I learned all I could from these good people ! They are very responsible for guiding me in the right direction. I lurked on MS for years and just recently joined. You and I are the same age, and share the same feelings about this country. I will not rest until I am self-sufficient and depend on myself to rise to any occasion. Welcome aboard !

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Not sure this is the right place to do it, but seems like a good enough place to say "hello"! I'm very new here and very new to "prepping." I live in the suburbs and I'm a bit concerned about being so close to a major city if the SHTF.


I'd like to learn more about box gardening, dehydrating food--especially fruit--and general self-defense. Another concern I have is that I am physically disabled. If there are others here who have physical challenges, I'd love to hear from you. :))

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Hi Dark :wave: and WELCOME!


We have many folks here in various degrees of limited capacity. All of us when you really think about it. If you have any questions just jump right in. Someone usually has an answer of some sort or can point you in the right direction.

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Hi :) I am so happy that I found the site, it was exactly what I needed :)


I am very interested in learning how to be prepared - it's overwhelming, but I am determined to start taking small steps. Storage is a huge obstacle - we rent and have very, very limited room, so that's going to take some creativity. Ideally we would be able to move to a lovely little place with land and a lot of storage, but short of a miracle, I think I just need to focus on making due with what I have now.


Lots of info here to read and apply :)



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Guess I'll join the ranks of a newbie (smile). I found much pleasure in a women's place. My first hubby passed onto Jesus about 5 years ago. I re-married and have been married 3 years. Both of us are 60+ and enjoying life retired. At first, I was a bit concerned that my 2nd hubby had all this "stuff" holed up in a house that we've decided to sell. Anyway, one evening during prayer, I felt impressed with many scriptures but especially the one about the foolish virgins. My heart skipped a beat, and I went straight to my hubby and shared what I felt God has spoke to me. Now, we're both on the same page. We got stunted a little when we both suddenly became unemployed (even though retired, we worked jobs) and we're sure glad we had a good start at preparing for unexpected events in life. That's another thing I enjoy about this "ladies community". He reads the men's stuff and I read the women's stuff (smile). Although firearms isn't much of an interest to us, we do know that hunting skills will be an integral part of living off the land etc. I loved the post about being a "gentle" prepper! I also like the thoughts of being a "quiet prepper". Congrats for designing both a knowledgeable web site but also a user friendly one!

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