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Hi everyone, I too have found my way back here. Been a rough road with a divorce, moving, and health issues including a stroke. But on the plus side I have two amazing grandsons now and a college degree! I've never stopped prepping though. Good to see so many old and new faces!


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:wave: welcome back, Kimba.  You have had a rough road.  :hug3:  I’m glad it led you back to Mrs. S.  I’ll be looking forward to your posts.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

Wow....this was an interesting thread!  I can't believe we've heard from UKGuy!  :wave:  But don't be scarce!  And I think I recall Wynchwood.  :wave:    Sorry, can't remember SusanAnn but welcome!  :hi:  


Pioneer Woman....  :scratchhead: can't say I remember you either but I traced this thread back because you're still on with us now.  :welcome:  Hope you keep posting.  I have all the original Mother Earth News magazines from the beginning to ...sometime in the 90's I think.  Stored away somewhere.  I liked the beginning ones better.  :reading:  Lotta good info that remains vital!


And MomM!!!!!!  :darlenedance:So glad you're still around.  How is MrMomM?  Remember at Darlene's?  Was so fun to meet in person....twice, wasn't it?  You all picked me up at the Atlanta airport!  Hope you're still posting some updates. 


Kimba....you've checked in a time or two.  Sorry to hear of your struggles and a stroke.  :pray:  But plugging away at a college degree and keep on prepping is fantastic!  Hope you'll be posting some of what you've learned/realized and accomplished thru all that. 



And to all of you new-ish folks..... I've been out of the picture since about....March?  Definitely since May.  My dad passed and with the trip to IA for his burial and then moved in with my mom to pack up and move her from their 3-story house here in Colorado.  Then I went to Virginia to help get Mom settled for a week.  THEN I finally saw my own house and live with my DH and dog [ducks/geese] again.  :0327:    


MtRider  ....I'm baaaack and wanting to hear from all of you returnees....!!!



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