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Hope everybody feels better soon!  Sounds like there is a lot of stuff going around!


I'm feeling great today. No pain at all! 

Dh's phone crashed and even a hard reset wouldn't bring it back so we ordered him a new one. $189 for a new LG V20 which is close to a G6 but less expensive.

I got some good news today and I will try to explain it quickly. The lab tech couldn't draw my blood for thyroid test (after sticking me 7 times in less than 24 hours), so I was sent to hospital next door (where they send everyone) for blood work. Tech got it first time, not sure what the problem was at the docs. So, yesterday, I got a bill from the hospital for $583 for lab work. I have a $500 deductible at the hospital per year. Hospital said since I checked in (I had to), that I was responsible for the whole bill. Doctor's office tells me that they are not affiliated with the hospital at all and can't help. Why did they send me somewhere they weren't affiliated with? They knew what insurance I had. Today, I called insurance company and they say I only have to pay $78, although the hospital still says I owe the entire amount to them. I feel like hospital is basically double billing. I'm not paying anything yet. Just going to wait and see what happens next. Yikes, though! Good thing I don't have real high blood pressure!

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I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

Test results are in.  No COVID!

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

Posted Images

Dang Miki, why can't people just do their job correctly the first time. I'm glad you are feeling good today though!


Thanks for the heads up We2. I hadn't heard anything but I've been the car all day. I'm going to do some stocking up tomorrow. I don't get why more people don't stock up. It's not like it will go to waste if there is no trouble. You're still going to use the stuff eventually. I know I'm preaching to the choir here.


Are you ready for round three of my Indiana drivers license saga? Monday I went to my local branch here in Ohio to get the necessary paperwork that Indiana requested. Paid $8.50 for my official driving record. I got up early today and decided to go on over to Indiana and get that #$%^ license. I gave them the paper with the paid receipt attached from the Ohio License Bureau. They said they have never seen anything like that and a driving record should be 5-6 pages long. I told them I got what they asked for and that is what Ohio gives! I can't do any better. Only other alternative was to take the driving test. And parallel park. I had no choice in the matter. I took the #$%^ driving test and PASSED. She had me parallel park behind a car at the end of the street. I could have just pulled in but I had to make it look like I was parallel parking. Aced it. So now I have to wait for them to mail my license. I got a temporary paper one. They had better not mess this one up.


I'm not sure if I explained it or not but I had to get my license by the end of the year because I needed to apply for a Homestead Act. That will save me thousands in property tax. Indy license bureau kept messing me up and wasting time and with winter driving here I was starting to get in a panic. Plus all of the days they are closed.


Anyway, I took the license paper to the auditor's office and 5 minutes later I was signed up and on my way back home. I did a round trip. It didn't really bother me that much. I think I was just so relieved to have gotten it done and over with.


Son is a little put out that I didn't stop by but all I wanted to do is get my business done and get home. I was just there a week ago. He'll survive.

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Welllll, that's not right, Miki!  Incompetence means you have to pay more...A LOT MORE?  Nah uh!  :grinning-smiley-044:


Good for you, Jeepers.  :cheer:  Now THAT'S done! 


Well, I've pretty much chased away whatever 'germ warfare' that was knocking on my door.  I feel all but normal today.  Still taking stuff....don't want to give that up too soon and have the 'bug' try again.  Other than feeling a bit off, it never got any worse.  That's about normal for DH and I.  :amen:  VERY grateful!


Went out to walk Koa tonite while DH did the rest of PM chores.  Makes everything happen really quickly.  Wore a dust mask tho....we're too dry!  Nice FULL moon rising over the mountain.  Pretty!  And hey....tomorrow the sunshine will last a couple minutes longer than today....it's solstice!  :D


MtRider  B)

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While packing the car, I bumped the front water faucet and broke it. Geez, got a replacement and fixed it, delaying our departure by an half hour. 


Made it safe, thank God!


1/2 hour on the road, traffic came to a stop & go and we noticed no traffic west bound. 


The accident was horrible. 



One place said 4 people died. 


All I could do was thank God for keeping us safe. 

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:bighug2: Every one be careful out there.  Annarchy, you were in the right place at the right time today...despite the delays and then having to wait.  Glad you're there and safe.


MtRider  :amen:  

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9 hours ago, Annarchy said:

The article you posted was from 2017.


Mom and Dad have stopped have stopped to help at one of the big accidents on the way to or from Phoenix before the emergency responders got there.  I think it messed with Mom than she wants to acknowledge.  


Try this one: http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/2018/12/21/i-closed-both-directions-near-pichaco-peak/



DPS said troopers started looking for a vehicle on I-10 eastbound around noon. A few minutes later, the vehicle crossed the median and hit an SUV.

An 18-wheeler then hit both vehicles, which caused a chain-reaction that involved an RV, a van and a car.



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PTL DH is back home after a 10 day hospital stay.  He should have been discharged 2-3 days sooner but the Dr. screwed up on the paperwork etc.  I was anxious to get him out.  I cannot believe the things going on at Hospitals these days.  You have to watch and advocate every minute.  I am still so angry at all the abuse and possibly dangerous mistakes being made. They did manage to get rid of his infection but he still can't walk so I am the new nurse.  I do at least answer when he calls!!! He is getting food, drink and the basics of life at home.


We have no Christmas plans except to be thankful we still have each other!


I hope all of you ladies have a wonderful Christmas.



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Thank you The CG. :sorry:I was using my cell phone ‘cause MIL’s WiFi wasn’t letting us open anything at all. I pulled the plug on it, this morning and reset it. It worked. 

One of the vehicles was a small mangled ball, it took me a moment to realize it was a vehicle. The medics were standing next to it with a gurney, just staring at it, while a couple other medics were hurrying towards it with their emergency kits/boxes. 




Terrible Christmas for those people. 


I thought it ironic, when I went to go to the hardware store and get the replacement faucet, the radio announcer said “....God doesn’t break things, He uses broken things...”. I believe, the 1/2 hour it took to repair the faucet, kept us from being there on the highway around the time it happened. God, indeed “...used broken things...”.


Momo, keeping you both in my prayers. :pray:

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Awww, Momo.  Glad he's home now.  Seems like all of our systems are a mess these days.  :(   Try to get rest when you can....probably haven't had any in the past 10 days or more.  :grouphug:  


.....broken things....  Whew!


I went to bed late with upset GI and woke way too early with one of my blasting headaches.  I think the last stage of *pressure* is finally receding.  Finally.  :0327:  So light-sensitive this morning that cloudy-snowy-daylight leaking from the edge of thick curtains felt like a spear into my eye.  For a while, I hid in the bathroom where it was warm and dark. 


MtRider  :pray: for all who travel and all who are hospital and all who mourn this week. 

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Glad your hubby is home Momo. That's the best kind of Christmas!


I almost caused an accident on Friday about 15 minutes after I got my Indy license. I was going up a very small hill and all at once my Jeep did a 180 right in the middle of the street. A car was behind me and a car was coming toward me. It was a regular 2 way street. I don't know what happened. It had been raining so I suppose I hydroplaned. I was going up the street and the next thing I knew I was spinning out of control and facing the opposite direction heading down the hill. Fortunately, both cars were paying attention and stopped in time. I can't remember the last time I was that scared! When I say small hill it was really not much more than an incline. 


All the way back home to Ohio it was rainy/snowy and I was paranoid that it was going to happen again. Especially on a busy interstate with two and sometimes three lanes of heavy Christmas traffic going in both directions. Didn't help that it gets dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. I was shook.  

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On 12/21/2018 at 9:26 PM, Jeepers said:

Anyway, I took the license paper to the auditor's office and 5 minutes later I was signed up and on my way back home. I did a round trip. It didn't really bother me that much. I think I was just so relieved to have gotten it done and over with.


Operating on an adrenilin (sp?) rush? :hapydancsmil:

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23 hours ago, Annarchy said:

All I could do was thank God for keeping us safe. 


I've said many times that a "delay" in our schedule may often mean we were shielded from something really bad.  Thankfully...you were delayed!

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Took a day trip to see my dad and his wife/her children etc.  Had a lovely visit.  Then traveled a bit further, towards home, to the Mennonite store where we buy our canning jars.  He had half pints back in, so picked up 6 cases.  THEN...he had some quart jars that he got in that were a dark amber color, same price as regular quarts.  I don't buy many quarts except for soups, but I picked up 2 cases of them.  I think they'll look lovely on my counter top...to put flax seeds, chia seeds as well as my coffee after I grind it.  Then a bit further, roaming our way back home, we stopped at one of our favorite state parks and let Abby-girl take a good run while we took a good walk.  Then home...and an Aldi's pizza picked up the tab for our supper! Took several pics of the family.  Dad's very frail and I never know when I'll get to see him again.  He's 91.  It took both of us to hold him up so we could have someone take a picture of us with him.  Did get a pic of us with our Abby-girl too!  


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Today we loafed until noon...then Abby and I took a ride with hubby to re-fill 15 five gallon gas cans since the price is currently very low, and with the WM gift card we get an extra 5c off per gallon.  Then Abby and I spent the afternoon bumming around here while I cleaned up my mess from fixing the dessert for last night's dinner.  Then hubby went to homestead and added stabilizer to the cans and dated them, and refilled several propane tanks.  Empty tanks or cans don't do us a bit of good.  Then we watched a short movie on the birth of Christ and had some popcorn and hot chocolate.  

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Good morning and Merry Christmas! 

Today, I will be grilling chicken for lunch for DH, making jalapeno poppers and making a shrimp appetizer with a cooked and chilled shrimp, guacamole on a cucumber round. Making saute'd shrimp with green beans, mushrooms and onions for me. The ham has been put in the freezer for later and not much to do today, except maybe the eBay photos that we keep forgetting to do.

All Christmas comes down tomorrow!

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Heading out soon for my folks' house.  I woke late...awk.  But all is ready.  My mom cooked a ham and I've got potato salad in the fridge.  We're going super low key this year ...for obvious reasons.  I had super low energy yesterday.  Affects of that headache day....2nd day after Affect, as we call it.  But we'll do fine. 


MtRider  ...have a blessed day, everyone.  :hi:  

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Merry Christmas everyone!


I had a low key today too. Just the way I like it. Son sent pictures of their Christmas. Looks like a toy factory exploded in there. :blush: 


I told him to hide some of the things and bring them out as new through the year or take some out to my house. He's been putting toys together all day LOL.  Welcome to daddy-hood. Thank God he loves it. 


I ran errands yesterday and took 5 bags to the Salvation Army. Got some stock up groceries and got a Subway sandwich for today. I get really unsettled when I know store are going to be closed for a day. I never need anything. It's just the thought I guess. 


I'm getting a headache. Ugh. I think I just need some caffeine. A cup of something hot sounds good. I should have gone to McD's yesterday and got a couple of sweet teas. I took my Mr. Coffee ice tea maker to Indy already. Don't know what I was thinking.


McD's have a good drink that I can't pronounce. Something like mock-e-otto. It's good hot or cold but I hate to order it because I can never remember how to say it. Then they ask me to repeat it.  pffft. 

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3 hours ago, Jeepers said:

McD's have a good drink that I can't pronounce. Something like mock-e-otto. It's good hot or cold but I hate to order it because I can never remember how to say it. Then they ask me to repeat it.  pffft. 

Yes, the correct pronunciation of macchiato is mock-ee-otto.

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Like many of you...we had a very relaxing...low key day.  Fixed our breakfast; an egg with a slice of cheese over it and lightly peppered, 3 half slices of turkey bacon, a potato patty, carrot mango juice, blueberry yogurt w/granola and one of my now infamous "Smashed Donuts" with home made cranberry-strawberry-green chili jam.  Loved hubby's gift of "Christmas Socks"...soooo warm and toasty!  Then off to two different COE parks for long walks and to let Abby-girl have good runs.  Then home for beef stew from my electric pressure cooker.  Just seared cubed London Broil steak and started dumping cans from the pantry. Yummy on our tummy's!  Wanna see?  (sorry about Abby's slobber on my coat sleeve)







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Added pics of our Abby-girl
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A nice quiet day after running mom around to Christmas dinners. DH stayed home with a respiratory problem (probably inhaled too much dust and insulation he ripped out of the ceilings). He claims he wore his mask 'most' of the time. Missing the potlucks kept his weight down.  :hapydancsmil:


Getting ready to pack bag and head back to mom's in the morning for our regular appts. These holidays require two trips to the big city during the week. I like months without holidays.  :whistling:  She did mention last night that she's decided to move to the retirement community. She's tired of falling and crawling around the condo looking for phone numbers to call and someone to get her off the floor. She hates 911 and thinks they will turn her in to social services because she spends so much time on the floors.   B)  The family thinks its a great idea. Guess who will have all the pressure of getting the right apt, decisions on what goes, and how it will get there in the middle of a miserable Wisconsin winter?    :0327:

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MIL & I were chatting about getting off the floor. She says sometimes she sits there and laughs at herself, until she figures out how to get back up.  She wants to stay in her home and would rather have a live-in care giver. (Wish I could find one that didn’t charge so much.). Hoping all goes well with your mom Homesteader, and that your DH feels better soon. 


Sounds like everyone had a great Christmas. 


Christmas Eve, I had the distinct pleasure (not) of going through every single piece of trash in MIL’s garbage cans. She couldn’t find a ring and figured it got wrapped up in a tissue and got thrown out. After crawling around the whole house with a flashlight,  hoping to find it, I went through the recycle can first. Nope.... I found it in the bottom of the last gross garbage bag. Merry Christmas Mom.  :icon19:


Christmas morning, I pulled weeds in her back yard and washed the set of flannel sheets we got her for a present.  After cleaning myself up, prepared to cook. Mom had gotten a 10lb. rib roast, asparagus, mushrooms and baked potatoes. My only party foul, was lighting the wrong burner on the stove. She has covers over the burners, so the asparagus didn’t cook until everything else was done. :sigh:  


They weatched The Zoo marathon on the Animal channel all day. It’s an interesting show, the parts I got to see. Lol. 


Finished the day by changing her sheets and giving the boys a rib bone. 


Today, I need to change the furnace filter, box up the Christmas decorations & tree, and crank out some loads of laundry. 


The pups are currently banned from the main part of her house. It’s raining off & on and Mom has light cream carpeting in the living room. They are both sleeping on the towels I used to wipe them down with. 



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23 hours ago, Homesteader said:

Guess who will have all the pressure


Weathered that storm with my mom's last days.  Fortunately we didn't have to find a place.  We were able to keep her there at the homestead (lower part) and my son moved into the upstairs (we hastily updated the small apt up there) and he took on a lot of the running her around for doc appts.  Will always be thankful to him for that.

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