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 I lost weight fairly quickly- 9 months to lose 80 pounds back in 2018- and maintained until March of this year. Maintaining was a nightmare, though!

Since March, I have been on CAD. Stands for Carbohydrate Addict's Diet. Not so much a diet as way of eating. Small low or no carb breakfast and lunch(eaten within 15 minutes), then whatever I want for dinner (eaten within an hour). It is about blood sugar spikes. No snacking at all, but it's a good trade off for me. I have been able to do this since March with little trouble or cravings. I have lost another another 23 pounds so far easily. (Slowly, but easily).11 pounds to go and I think maintaining this way of eating will be easy!


I can't give advice. More like an AA member- just share what works for me.

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You are doing great Miki.  I need to get myself back on eating like I should. I am a type 2 diabetic and for the past year and a half I really haven't been eating like I should. Was so busy taken care of Dh and just fixing things that he was able to eat and I would just grab a bite of whatever when I could. Now that he has passed, I am having a hard time figuring out what works for me and cooking for one is not an easy task.  I still tend to cook more than I need and then have to figure out what to make with leftovers. Not all of the food is the best for a diabetic. Just have to sit down and figure out a meal plan and stick to it.

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21 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Not all of the food is the best for a diabetic. Just have to sit down and figure out a meal plan and stick to it.


I had a wise, old retired nurse tell me about the advantages of the different diets. We were living in SE Asia at the time and spent our evenings together. She said that the diabetic diet is the best one overall for the average person. I've always remembered that, especially since DH is diabetic. :happy0203:  His doctor gave him a printout the last time he went for a physical. He brought it home and gave it to me. It's called the DASH diet (low salt, I think). I took one look at it and told him that I couldn't make it work. I told him that all of his terrible snacking habits would ruin all the hours of work I would have to put into cooking what was in the DASH diet. :whistling:  I gave him the printout back and said I would follow his lead on what he would eat in the future. He just tossed the printout to the side and never looked at it again. After 48 years with that man, I know when to invest time and when to stop beating my head against the kitchen wall.   :0327:

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LOL.  I follow a modified diabetic diet (keeping my carbs WAAAAAY low, below by critical carb level which is 30 g per day.)  Thats why I look it a a low carb diet as well.  The diabetic exchanges are useful in menu planning, I just leave out the higher carb choices.  Ironically when medical folks ask me what diet I use I say ":the diabetic exchange diet" then their next question is " how long have you been diabetic"  or "You didnt tell me you are diabetic"...sigh.  Then I have to explain reactive hypoglycemia to them and reiterate that I use that diet because it is very user friendly and easy to adapt to my needs.    


Well, slap me silly for not being...."average"...  deal with it.  ;)  

My doc also says it is the healthiest diet out there.  

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I have an entirely different perspective and attitude about the "American Diabetes Association" diet. It is very high carb and keeps you on a blood glucose roller coaster! If you don't eat the carbs, you don't need the insulin to "control" the carbs - that is - if you don't create a high blood sugar in your body you won't need to "bring it down" by taking insulin! Then you won't need to have your doc DX insulin or other diabetic drugs and that does not make them (or big pharma) happy at all!


By the way - the method insulin uses to reduce your blood glucose is to turn all that excess sugar into FAT and store it around your middle! And yes, even so called "healthy" carbs (beans, fruit, "complex grains," etc) first have to be turned into glucose before it can be used to fuel your cells. BUT, if you consistently keep your carb intake low enough your body will turn to the fat it has stored "for a rainy day" and use that for fuel. Your body will also switch over to burning dietary fat for fuel. This is the basis/science behind the ketogenic diet.   


I would be happy to point anyone interested to a few FB pages, or some YT channels that go into more depth. :bouquet:

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