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7 minutes ago, Annarchy said:

The ingredients in the recipe you posted, says raw cauliflower purée.  :shrug:


I’ve seen a few Tasty.com videos where they purée the raw cauliflower. Interesting recipes. 


Dur.  Works better if I actually read.


Hmmm...I wonder if either my blender or food processor is powerful enough to puree it raw.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have had a couple of cheat days where we have had french fries or a little bit of corn mashed potatoes chips or such then I get right back on and not loose sight or feel guilty 

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On 5/13/2019 at 7:42 PM, zzelle said:

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful advice. My husband and I are trying to cut out potatoes and corn in any form. His mom lost 45lbs in 4 months from not eating those items. Then i am slowly going to try to give up pop and try to walk every day and add mors things in to hopefully lose weight and keep it off 


I gave up pop also I did it by drinking ICE which is flavored water. Then I moved to Propel water. I like the powder packs of Propel better than the premixed bottles. I use one pack per 25oz of water instead of the 16.9 suggested. I can't drink the ICE drinks anymore they are two sweet. Now it is just lemon water and propel water.  Hubby and I are following diabetic style diet. I can't do Keto because I am in stage 3 kidney failure and it is to harsh on my kidneys. I use a lot of recipes from Skinnytaste.com and Diabetic Living. I have lost 70 pounds but put 40 back on when just before surgery. The six months prior to my surgery it was all I could do to get up and make it to work exercise was walking to the restroom and back to my desk. But now I am counting calories I know every says boo but I do better that way. I don't go crazy with "the allowed" foods. I am happy I found a low carb bread so I can have a sandwich every once in a while. Five small meals are better for you than 3 large meals. My doctor says we need to get away from the Western mind set of 3 large meals a day. We use cauliflower for mashed potatoes and rice and it is really good. More fish less red meat and more green veggies. I am learning to cook with Splenda and Stevia. Even though stevia says 1 for 1 nope have to use less. Made no bake cookies last night using stevia and almond milk, hubby said they are RICH! So it back the drawing board. However, the brown sugar Splenda is awesome, in my peanut butter cookies (1 cup peanut butter, 1 egg and 1/2 cup of Splenda brown sugar. Yummm. Best of luck, just remember you didn't gain the weight overnight so you are not going to loose it over night.


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26 minutes ago, The WE2's said:


Have you considered Switzel?  We enjoy it during the summer.  Sometimes called Haymaker's Punch by the Mennonite.

Too much sugar, I am a borderline diabetic so I watch my sugar intake. I may try and make it with sugar substitute. 

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I think the occasional cheat day is mentally good for you.  Occasional meaning not more than once a week, preferably less than once a week.  You're trying to keep a Big Picture focus here.


I started back on the Whole 30 this month.

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When I'm on the thirty days, I eat a whole lot of fruit and vegetable leather, chewing it very slowly, and a whole lot of dried meat, with water/black coffee/unsweet tea.   I have to stay away from the vending machines, and out of restaurants, and out of feeding lines--because those are just ways to suck down carbs.

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12 hours ago, TheCG said:

It seems I can't mentally handle sticking to ANY plan right now. 




I've got to figure out how to get healthy food (in my world, low carb mostly real food) done while working full time.



Work and diets don't mesh sometimes, The only way I succeed is after dinner before cleaning the kitchen I prepare my food for the next, this includes snacks and lunch. I plan out my breakfast also. I write it down and don't stray from my food journal. I do have protein snacks in my desk drawer just in case I have a hunger attack and feel the vending machine calling. I also make sure I do not have change for said slot machine aka vending machine.  

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Planning ahead is the only way I have success, too.  When I go anywhere, I make hard boiled eggs and package up some grapes at the very least.  The opportunity to stop for fast food is my downfall so I avoid it.  

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Not working and being at home, makes it difficult for me to stay away from the pantry & frig.  :whistling:  I am trying not to buy the snacks I like, instead, I focus on scratch food preps.  I stay away from most sugar, period.  It makes me sleepy almost immediately. Meats and pastas are my down fall.  I’ve been trying to do portion control and have cut out snacks, by only eating at meal time. When I feel the munchie urge, I drink water or a small glass of unsweetened juice.  I’m not loosing weight as quickly as I’d like, but I’ve quit gaining it.


DH is trying to do the same, but, he’s a sweet-a-holic.  

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Guest Amber Actually

48.1 down

Eating bread or pasta makes me hungry almost immediately after I eat, even if I was not hungry before I ate.  Like a slice of bread is an appetizer.

Fruit makes me ravenously hungry.  Especially bananas maduras.  I had a couple the other day and just about made myself sick.

Sugar makes me sneaky/hungry (I ate a little slice of custard-filled birthday cake and went around sneaking more--sneaking!--as if anyone but me cared--and justifying it to myself).  

Eating sugary/carb-heavy treats once in a while is a good thing.  Reminds me why they are not a regular part of my diet.  For one thing, not eating sugar for a couple of weeks cuts my overall pain level by at least half.

Cooked and pickled vegetables are a lot easier to digest than raw vegetables.  Eating a vegetable-heavy diet like this, I get frequent reminders.  You'd think I wouldn't need them.  But somehow, I keep overlooking the simplest facts.  


By the way,  I was in love with the Epic elk-venison bars for a while.  They have so much black pepper in them that I can only take mouse-nibbles at a time, and they are routinely on sale for just over $2 a bar, which is 12 grams of protein.



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