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I'm glad you are ok and that you are using your instant pot @Mt_Rider.  I like cooking venison in mine.  It comes out so tender.


Already walked this morning.
Came back and saw that someone bashed our mailbox again. Third time. We will probably reinforce it this time.
Have laundry going.
Will set up DH's pills for the month.
Not sure about anything else.


We got a small loan for the termite invasion we had earlier this year  $1200 no interest deal.. I pay $200 a month (or more) before the due date. Paid as usual in Sept. and bank shows it was sent Sept 1st and received at company on Sept. 11th. I just received a credit/ refund from the company for full amount back to bank account. Sept. statement from company shows I didn't pay anything. I have all the info in bank statement and will probably just pay them off this month. Will be calling (I'm sure I will be on hold for awhile) this morning. I hate unscrupulous companies!

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Mt. Rider, glad to see you are doing ok.  Praying for Mr. Mt. Rider's back to heal and for your cough to get better and just go away. I know how the cough can be. Had one for 4 months. 


Went to endocrinologist this morning. All went well. when I told him about the Trulicity and how it affected me he said with both hypothyroidism, pituitary tumor, and autoimmune disease I should not have been on any of that type of medication. He put me on older drugs for the diabetes. Told him that family doctor would not take me off of it when I told him how it affected me and that I just stopped taking it about 3 months ago, He did an A1C, and it had dropped from 7.2 to 6.7. Made me happy to know my diet was on the right track. He took 6 vials of blood today also. So will find out about that in a couple of weeks. I think I will be sticking with this doctor as he seems to know what he is talking about and knows the side effects of the meds. 

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Yes, it was so good to see Mt. Rider posting!


Glad you like your new doctor too, Littlesister. 


I went to the paint store and tried to pick out some brown paint for the baseboards. Who knew there were so many brown colors. I'm trying to match paint color to some other baseboards that were stained and varnished. At this point I don't even care. Just go...brown. Sigh. 


I stopped by to get my last Shingles Shot. I almost didn't stay because the 6 chair waiting room was full of people waiting to get the Covid booster shot. I only know that because I saw the paperwork the pharmacist had all laid out. Each one had a big sticky note on it saying COVID-19.  I figured if I didn't go ahead and get my shot now I never would. Hope I don't get any reaction to it. Last time I got nothing but I heard the second one isn't as easy. I'll see I guess. I'm glad I got this because I was starting to fear the shingles. He said I'd never need another one. At my age he is probably right. It was $5.00 but they took it off and put it back on my Giant Eagle grocery card. I have no idea why. They didn't do that the last time. Out of one pocket and into the other. Actually it was covered by Medicare so I don't know what the $5.00 was all about. This shot hurt just a little more than the last time. Different technician? Still wasn't bad. 


I see the darndest things when I venture out. 


                                                      Truck for sale. I wonder who owns it. No price. Just a for sale sign in the window.

image.jpeg    image.jpeg


At a stoplight a really tricked out Hummer the police got for free. The sides had writing on them but I didn't think it was prudent to drive and take a photo at that time. Of a police car. :grinning-smiley-044:   But it was a nice vehicle! 



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Well, as my last appt to Cognitive Therapy.... I did fine on my final test.  Not hard but I didn't score near as well when I first came in last spring.  We'll take a break and see if I need/want to come back again in a few months.  It's been very helpful to get my focus back.  Still forget things left and right but...I'm a lot more functional again.  Making supper at least and faster pick up mentally.  But L says remember: use it or lose it.


We've had FROST the past two nights.  No garden so no running around with blankets and plastic sheets.  Everything is dying and going to seed.  Ah-choo!  Yeah, that too.  Deer are everywhere.  Hope the little fawns we've had here are growing fast.  LOTS of growth this summer to to frequent rain/showers.  The high peaks of CO have already had significant snow.  Enough to see from distances. 


MtRider  .....winter cometh but I'm enjoying FALL weather right now! 

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Mt. Rider, I think fall has hit here as well. I am enjoying the cooler weather also. Just don't want to see old man winter come in with a harsh freezing cold and snow. We don't get snow here like some of you do but when we do get a few inches it stops everything. People here don't know how to drive in it either. 

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Walked first, this morning.
Walked dogs.
Ran up to local grocery.
Came home and called dispatch for an officer to report about the mailbox. He came over shortly.
Finally made the Crockpot bread. It's still in there,
You all have a good day!


13 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

I'm enjoying FALL weather right now! 

Still Summer here.

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Agreed. They need to catch the person that is doing that.  Miki, I think I would build a brick wall type fixture around the new mailbox. That should do some damage to whoever is hitting it and make them slow down. I have seen where they build a square brick box like fixture with the mailbox fixed into the brick. Might be something to think about. You might could google mailboxes on internet to see what they have. 

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Got the living room and dining room almost emptied now. Need to clean the floors and then I have some furniture I need to move around from another room to put in there.  We had rain again today so haven't been able to get back into garage yet. I need to pull a lot of stuff out onto the driveway in order to move a shelving unit to other side of garage. Then move the freezer after I get it emptied and defrosted again. Plus, I will need to move the toolbox. Then I can get things set up on shelving unit like I want and have everything better organized and easy to get to. Going to go ahead and replace the hot water tank as well. So, will be getting the new one out of shed and moving it to garage to have it installed. Will have him check pilot light on the furnace as well. I want to watch what he does when lighting the furnace as if I learn then I can do it myself next time. Bought new fire alarms and Carbon monoxide detectors also to put up. One in garage and one in den as well. My old ones have quit on me. They last about 10 years, and it is past that time.  

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Walked first.
Walked dogs.
Washed sheets.
Packaged up shoes for a return tomorrow.
Picked up prescriptions at drug store.
Got bills ready to pay on Friday.
Pulled venison out of the freezer to make Mongolian Beef (with venison) on Friday.


We are easy pickings with our mailbox as we have no neighbors around.  I will let DH decide what we will do.  He will wait until next time and it is knocked off the post.  It's just how he is.

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Called the plumbers. They will be here on Monday to replace hot water tank. Got the new hot water tank out of the shed and moved to garage. Went to bank to draw out money for lawn guy. He really does not want to get paid by check. He caught me off guard Monday. As I was at doctor, and he had been here to cut grass and was gone. So will pay him next time. Speaking of bills, I have some to put in mailbox tomorrow and I think one is lost in mail. Need to check on that as it has not gone through the bank yet. 


Miki, hope you get your mailbox fixed and it doesn't get hit again. I have been down that road before and now issues with neighbor beating it down with her lawnmower and it is very wobbly now. She doesn't want it near her yard. Well, that mailbox was there before her house was even built and is next to a light pole. It is across the street and unless the postal service says I can move it there is nothing I can do to move it. But I can fix it so she can't keep hitting it. I think she broke the pole inside the plastic cover that goes over the post. 

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Checked on that check I thought was lost in mail. I called the person it was going to, and she has it but has never cashed it as they were out of town. So, she is putting it in bank tomorrow. So now my check book is straight, and all bills are paid. At least till next month. 

GS is still here. He goes home at night and comes back around noon. Can't get him in the military fast enough. But at least he has that appointment with the recruiter on Friday. Hoping things move along fast after that. That boy needs a life and to grow up. 

So, bills are paid, been to bank to get out cash for lawn guy, and hot water tank is in garage and ready for the plumber. And yes, I lit the furnace myself. I remembered I had been the one lighting the old one several years ago. And this one isn't that much different. So turned on the gas and struck a match to the burner. So now that is ready to go when needed. Just flip the emergency switch and it will come on. No issues there. 

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I need to learn how to light my furnace too. I went to the house today to deliver a light. Not sure when I'm supposed to meet up to pay for the glass blocks. I thought it was today. Whenever. I noticed they have hung a couple of unfinished closet doors. So far the subfloors are in and the drywall is up. Plus about half of the doors. Next week the baseboards should be in and painted. Maybe the down stairs walls will be painted too. 


Just having the floors, drywall and some doors in there has made a huge difference. Two of the bathrooms had wallpaper on the walls that I was going to remove but they removed the entire walls so I'm relieved I don't have to do that. It was pretty ugly. They removed a fake brick wall area over the sink and stove. It was dark brown plywood sort of thing. Just removing that has made a big difference too. Just brightening the kitchen up. White kitchen cabinets will help too. Hopefully. 


Still haven't found a lawn mower person yet. Sigh.

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Jeepers, it sounds like the house is coming along nicely. Once the kitchen cabinets come in and the bathrooms are put back together, they will be very close to being done. Hopefully that will happen soon. 


GS went home around 8pm tonight so now I am free until about noon tomorrow. 

All my new prescriptions are now ready so need to pick them up tomorrow. This doctor has totally changed everything from what the family doctor had me on. hoping this helps me a lot. The Endocrinologist seems to know his stuff. So, here's hoping for some big changes in my health. I see the heart doctor near the end of next month. And will be making appointment with new family doctor soon. Just don't want all the doctor's appointments bunched up together. 

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I'm so glad you like your new doctor. Hope the new meds help you. I like when all of my meds come due on the same day. Mine are still spaced out. A pain in the rump when I have so far to go pick them up right now. Dr. tried to get them all together but there was an issue with Medicare paying for them. They are so picky as is the pharmacy. They act like I might get a couple pills ahead or sell that blood pressure pill on the black market.  :rolleyes:   I hear you about bunching up doctor appointments. I'm to scattered and distracted right now to do that too. 

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4 hours ago, Littlesister said:

The Endocrinologist seems to know his stuff. So, here's hoping for some big changes in my health.


Perhaps something to ask your new Endocrinologist about??


I just watched this vid on "Butter Bob" Brigg's YT channel. No, he's not a doctor, but I found this video to be very enlightening: "The Root of Modern Illness - High Insulin." 
His contention is that chronically high insulin is the cause/root of many illnesses, and that the keto diet is the "treatment" for reducing the amount of insulin circulating in the blood (and causing damage). 
His reasoning is this: EVERY time you eat (or drink a sweet beverage) your body releases insulin. So, if you are eating frequently you are constantly releasing insulin into your bloodstream. 
IF, however, you are eating low carb or keto, the diet keeps you satieted and you eat less frequently so you reduce the overall amount of insulin being released and in circulation. This is a very trunkated version - you should really watch the vid for yourself.




If the major illnesses of today were pictured as a tree, then insulin resistance and it's partner in crime, chronically high insulin levels could be pictured as the root of that tree. Understanding how these modern diseases are all connected like a tree, with a common root that we can "dry up" with a simple LCHF diet and intermittent fasting will completely change the way you live your life and give you a tool to greatly improve your health. This understanding will also change the way you think when you walk into a hospital, pharmacy or doctors office, never again will you be able to go into a place like that without thinking to yourself, that most the people in those places, are there because they've been on this tree for years and years.




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I have seen that video. There were a lot of pros and cons to it though. But I am working on getting my A1C down to at least 4.8 and hopefully get it stabilized to that point. Not sure though how low a normal A1C can be. If I can go lower, I will. I have already tried the fasting for 5 days drinking mostly water and it did not change things a lot. I would eat just a bit of protein for breakfast and then nothing the rest of day. No change. Diabetes runs in my family. They say sugar and carbs are not the culprit but something sure is. So, it's hard to say unless I do some serious research on it. Just don't have the time right now. The Endo doctor said bacon and eggs every morning but that also on a daily basis can raise the bad cholesterol. So, it is a catch 22. 

Getting ready to clean the floors in dining room and living room then going to move a couple pieces of furniture in there. GS showed up this morning unannounced. So now I am going to put his butt to work. If he wants to come here during the day and then go home at night, he will be working around here. I am over this. 

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Went to drug store to pick up RX's.  I did a bit of stocking on the buy one get one free items. I had used up the cough syrup when I had the bad cough for 4 months. I bought Dayquil severe cold and flu cough syrup. When I went to check out, I had to show ID for the Dayquil. Never had to do that before. It's not a narcotic that I am aware of, and it was on shelf with the other cough syrups. I can't find anything in the ingredients that would cause me to have to show ID. But I bought it anyway. Might buy another bottle in another store to see if I have to show ID or not. I think now I have almost all of my low areas restocked. 

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When I was replenishing some of my meds I had to show ID at Wal-Mart. I don't remember which one it was. Probably the cough syrup. I went through the self check out and I had a couple of things like that but once she checked my ID for the one thing, she said I was good for all the rest of the items and she didn't have to check anything else. I know I bought cough syrup for me and some for G-son and a twin pack of Dayquil/Nyquil. Some other stuff I can't remember. She only checked my ID one time.


There used to be a couple of OTC things you could only pick up at the pharmacy and show ID and pay for it back there. It might have been Sudafed. It seems one of the ingredients in the product was used to make meth. I think the manufacturers changed the formula. Or something like that. It was a few years ago.

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I remember about the Sudafed. I would sign for it and show ID. Now you can't get that one as they changed the formula and it's not as good as it used to be. I read not too long ago that they are going to cut back on all the flu and cold medicine making it harder to buy. Why they are doing this, I really don't remember. But it is not looking good. Went to the drug store (Walgreens) and the shelves were fairly well stocked. So maybe that article I read was not true. But I think something is in the wind. So best to be prepared than to need it and can't get it. Didn't get as much done in living and dining rooms as I hoped but then tomorrow is another day. When I got home from store, I pulled the RX's out of bag and my Synthroid wasn't there. So called the drug store and it was not called in. So called the doctor's office and they called it in. So now have to go back tomorrow to pick that up. I hate making two trips for an RX but at least it is only 5 minutes away. 

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We are all on the mend I had the mildest symptoms just a low grade fever and that's gone now. DH had a bad cough so I got him on the Paxlovid and he is improving with that. Everyone else just has cold symptoms that are almost gone. I did end up re-homing my two remaining chickens today after I went out to the coop and one more was dead today.  Super sad. But just not worth the stress for me right now to work on this. When we get a fence up I'll revisit it again with a different set up but not this year.

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10 hours ago, Littlesister said:

It's not a narcotic that I am aware of, and it was on shelf with the other cough syrups. I can't find anything in the ingredients that would cause me to have to show ID.


After DH and I had our round of COUGHING Cold recently, I asked my primary doc WHY they'd taken the "good stuff" out of the Nyquil products.    ...as in "Nyquil used to work waaay better but I did research and found they'd taken out "________"  ingredient.  (don't remember the name, of course)  She said:  People were probably using it to cook meth."   :blink:  My mouth dropped open.  You're kidding!  I'm so far out of that world....it wouldn't have occurred to me. 

On the other hand.....IS that the reason?  Or do they want the OTC formulas to be quite a bit less effective ......  ?   :behindsofa:    We're already dependent enough!



So anyway, I've always had an interest in herbal, go pick-your-own type approach to food and health issues.  I've looked into both at various times in my life.  Taking kids out and showing them edible and NOT EDIBLE or TOUCHABLE plants when I worked at camps.  But lately, I've caught the 'bug' again from my MO friend.  She's an RN and really diving into foraging for medicinals.   Making tinctures.   DH knows the herbs and nutritional supplements but wouldn't recognize any in their living form.  He gets them in bottles...pills, capsules, teas. 


So I've harvested a lot of yarrow cuz MO friend can't find any.  Almost ready to ship dry leaves and blossom ends.  We're pretty remote so not near highway contamination.  I've always known mullein is good for respiratory. (...bronchial  :hi:  ) And I recently located a whole bunch of it.  So I stopped yesterday....it's in a ditch so fair game.   Chopped off about 8 -9 stalks.  Left them to dry on our porch.  Snapped the blossom stick off the main stalk.   .....and forgot to bring all that inside last nite.  :gaah:   They were stolen!  :motz_6:


All the snapped off blossom sticks were GONE!  The leaves of the main plant were chewed off!  :groooansmileyf:   :tapfoot:    I've got an warrant out for a couple of Stellar Jays  {CO version of blue jays} that were hanging around suspiciously yesterday.  But with the blossom sticks completely gone, :darthduck:  .... I think they had accomplices!  :pout:  


Glad there's plenty more just down the road!  Hmph!  :buttercup: 


Can't believe your mailbox is such a target, Miki!  Who gets their jollies with that?  It would be so much fun to have something that spews out red paint when it's whacked!  :whistling:   They need some comeuppance! 


So sorry about your whole family sick AND no success protecting your chickens, Becca Anne.  :(   Raccoons are just one of the horrible potential critters if they get started.  So it probably is a good idea to set that project aside while you have to handle other things.  Start again in the spring.  You know you'll want them again.  A neat little capsule of protein delivered daily is greatly valued if you can keep the birds safe. 


You go! Little Sister.  Yeah, you're tackling all this stuff.  And your own health.  Glad you changed docs and offices.  You've got the experience to know what SHOULD go on in those offices!  And....good that you're keeping your foot on GS's backside when he wears out his welcome.  Military might just make an adult outta him.  He does seem to be ....better.  And he does try to work.  Some don't even try.  Keep on him and get some use outta his strong young body for chores! 


OK..gotta go to bed.  I've had events on Mon....Wed....tomorrow....and a RIDE on Saturday (thankfully afternoon this time).  :0327:    


MtRider  :offtobed:  

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