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Wow! Miki, that is a huge transformation with Peanut. I am so glad she is doing much better.  Yes, I remember Oreo being the mean one at the vet. Yep, he is a bad boy. 


Well, when it rains it pours. Took GS to doctor and no issues with car. No warning lights or nothing. Then later went to pharm. to pick up his RX. No warning light no nothing. Went to run up to store for something and car is DEAD. Never had a warning light. And I went to pull out the jumper cables to jump the battery just to find out that someone switched my new jumper cables and replaced them with some very old, rusted ones. So could not jump the battery. Waiting for neighbor to come home to help me out. He works on cars on the side, and I want to get an idea of what's wrong before I have it towed to a shop. I really didn't need this now. 


Jeepers, only 2 months before the house is finished is great. Providing there are no more delays. And now an infection that you didn't need. Hope all goes well with the antibiotic. 

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Neighbor came over and checked the car.  He tried to start it first and lights came on, then it went dead again. No lights on dash. He found two lose connections and fixed them. Car starts up good now. Connections were on each side of battery. So, I figure over time the connections worked loose. But now I will know if it happens again, I can just check that first. The things women need to learn. I am just grateful I have a few good neighbors that will help me out if I need them. I think we all need those. 

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LOL. I knew that sweet little one couldn't be the culprit. Although, Oreo looks pretty innocent too. I think they are pinching him when he goes in. I'd bite em too. :grinning-smiley-044:  Oreo and I are sticking with that story! But boys will be boys.  :D  He is such a cutie too!!! Love the names. Thanks for sharing their pictures. I love getting a peak into each others lives. 

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Miki so glad Peanut Butter is doing better.

Jeepers 2 months seems like a long time but in the construction world these days that's fast! I hope you can get a good price for it and get to your new home soon. I am sure you are more than ready to put all this behind you. The RSV is just newly available for babies and older people. I wish I could get one I got extremely sick with RSV pneumonia in 2017. Almost had to be admitted my 02 level didn't want to stay up. I do not want to get it ever again. Have had the other pneumonia shots and have been healthy since then. In my life my lungs have always been my weak spot.

Littlesister hope your GS gets well soon. 


All 3 chickens were alive and healthy when I went out this am and no sign of anything disturbed. :hapydancsmil:

 I had a training I could work and listen to at the same time today so organized some of my craft and office supplies while I worked, so it felt like a productive day

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Glad you got the car situation figured out. That is a big fear of mine. I have no one too call. Even if I got a tow truck I wouldn't have a ride home. I really need to figure out how to order an uber ride. I've had to use them twice before because of hospital visits but they always called for me.


I was thinking about selling the house. It probably won't be market ready until the end of Nov. Not a good time to sell. I'll probably have to wait until around May. Sigh. I don't want to but I have to get as much for it as I can and I just don't think it will do well selling in the winter. Plus all of my furniture is gone except for a twin bed. We'll see though. I will rely on a realtors advice too. Son and D-ex are afraid I'll like the new looks of the house so much I won't want to move. Not going to happen. I want the ease of the Indy house with no steps and smaller size to maintain. Then there is that g-son issue. LOL. But let em live in fear a little while longer.  Bwaaa-ha-ha.  :grinning-smiley-044:


So, yesterday my Dr. said I was due for the second shingle shot on the 5th. Today I got a text from the pharmacy saying it's time. Well alrighty then. I went in to pick up the Keflex and debated long and hard about getting the shot now because I want to see how I react to the Keflex first. I want to see if it or the shot might be an issue. I decided to go ahead and get the darn thing while I was at that end of town. I could lay up the rest of the week and weekend if I had to. Dr. office and pharmacy both said it was time. I went in and they told me it was too soon! BY ONE DAY. And they wouldn't give it to me. They sent the text today saying come on in. :angry:  So now I am going to wait a week to see how I do on the new med. Also I might be going to In. in two weeks to help son's move and I don't want a sore arm then. So, the pharmacy can go pound salt as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I'll get it... and maybe I won't. :pout:  Good thing I didn't make a special trip over there for the shot. I hate medical. I hold no hope it will be better in Indiana. I hear the same things all over the country. 


I think that old woman (my age so I can say that) was right yesterday when she said, "You have 2 minutes and then I'm out of here!" :008Laughing:

And by golly she walked. Of course she was a day too early for her appointment. But no matter that. She probably had one of those texts too. 


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Hooray for Becca-Anne's chickens!!!! :cele:  Hopefully all of your hard work is paying off. I know you talked about keeping them warm this winter. Maybe a lamp or some extra bedding will help. 


Good to know about the RSV shot too. I wasn't sure about it. But I can't afford to be that sick anymore. I'm sorry you were, so thanks for sharing that info. I plan to get it. I don't like vaccines but sometimes they are beneficial. Especially for older folks who don't bounce back so easily anymore. 

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So glad the chickens did well, and nothing tried to get into the coop. That is great news. 


Jeepers, if you are going through a realtor, once you put the house up for sale, you should then be able to move to Indy. I think you would only have to drive back to sign papers for the sale when it happens. I know of people here that did it that way. But something you could check into.  I wonder if you put the house up near end of this year, if there would be a chance of it sailing or if it would be better to wait until spring. Something you would need to find out. It does seem like most people sale and buy in the early spring. But there is always that chance of a winter buyer. That shingles shot I didn't get as my BC/BS won't pay for it. Need to try to go through my Medicare which doctor did not do. Said it cost $600. I said no thanks. I will go through the pharmacy first if I do get it. 


GS and I have been talking about the Coast Guard. He is now ready for it. Reason he backed out of the Army was not the Army itself, but he said he just wasn't ready for boot camp. He was 17 or 18 at the time. I think now he is ready but decided on Coast Guard instead of Army. He has been talking with his sister #2's husband about it as he is now in Coast Guard and has already been through boot camp just a few months ago. So he is helping GS with it. 

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On 9/12/2023 at 7:58 PM, Jeepers said:

My brain will not do numbers. But it never has.


Right there with ya!  Discalculia.  That's what it's called.  I make sure the docs/etc know that it's MY NORMAL to mess up numbers and I'm not interested in working on that, thank you very much.  Waste of time.  I have my ways to work around it.  My cognitive rehab guy now has me to the "backwards by 7's from 100" with paper and pencil.  He's adaptable. 


Shoot...it's 11pm already.  I have to hurry cuz I'm reallly TRYING to get in bed by 11:30pm.  Seems like I go to sleep fairly well at that hour.  But not I'm I'm racing to the finish line.


I'm nearly completely over the 'cold...heading toward bronchitis'.  GLAD I went to get the meds at the ER.  My follow up with doc is...next week.  :lol:  


We've been rainy.  No chance of wildfire.  :cheer: 


MtRider  :offtobed:  ...oh, I posted this before I read this page....  :rolleyes:   

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Yep, it's dyscalculia. <-- spell check did that. I discovered that word a couple of years ago. I used to say I had dyslexia only with numbers. I guess it's kinda true. I've tried and tried with simple numbers. Simple math. I can not do it. I also learned that some of my cousins have it too. I don't think it is heredity necessarily but it can run in families. If I had to count backwards from 100 by 7's I'd need a dys-calculator. 


I do plan to move sort of back and forth between Oh and IN when the house is done. Most people don't want to buy in the winter for a number of reasons. One is they don't want to be slipping and sliding on snow and ice while trying to move furniture and boxes into their new house. Another is because they don't want to uproot school children in the middle of the year. Also, they want to be able to walk around the property and inspect it without a couple of feet of snow on the ground. We get nasty weather here in north east Ohio in the winter. I'm definitely getting a realtor. No way would I want strangers coming in my house looking around with just me here. Or thinking they can just drop by. If I did move, I could do the entire sale by signing electronically. But I'd rather not.  A lot of out of state people do that. I did all of the paperwork on the Indy house that way except for closing day. That was the first time I saw the house in person. Figured I better take a look before I signed the final deed. :grinning-smiley-044:


And to be totally honest, after what happened last winter, I'm sort of afraid to leave the house alone too much in the winter. Last Christmas Eve the furnace went out and the pipes froze and burst...all through the house. And I was over in Indiana when it happened. I do have a new furnace now but I would always have that in the back of my mind. PTSD I suppose. The Indy house I can turn off the well pump at the circuit breaker and not worry so much. Plus son is right there. 


I love living in Ohio but I'll be glad to see her in my rear view mirror one last time. 


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Littlesister, I forgot to say, that yes those shots are expensive! I think they quoted me $600.00 too. I think that was just for the first one of two. I'm not positive about that. But Medicare covers it. It's so odd, because my doctor said that he can call in the prescription and I can get the shot for free at the pharmacy. But if he gives the same shot at his office, I'd have to pay for it. Guess where I went?!


My G-sons grandpa had the shingles two times already. He is already in very poor health and the last time about killed him. My D-ex had a lighter case of them and said even then, it was pretty painful. Ya pick your poison I guess. I really don't want shingles. I always have in the back of my mind (a dark place sometimes) that I'll end up with some terminal illness and on top of that, have to fight off shingles or something like that. I figured I get what medical care I can while I'm still healthy to tolerate it. Within reason. :tinfoilhatsmile:


I still can't believe I have E Coli in my bladder. I mean I believe it but dang. My blood work came back pretty good except for my kidney function. It got just a couple of points worse. Double Dang.

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7 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I still can't believe I have E Coli in my bladder. I mean I believe it but dang. My blood work came back pretty good except for my kidney function. It got just a couple of points worse. Double Dang.

My urogynecologist says this is a very common occurance. She said to just make sure you shower/wash your genitals daily as those buggers have a "tendency to migrate" to where they are not wanted.  :blush: BTDT

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Midnightmom, thank you for not judging. :hug3:


I am very careful in that area. And I do landscaping. :sEm_blush: I shower every night but I suppose it only takes one incident. I mentioned in another forum, about a week or two ago, about the TP here nearly dissolving when it gets damp. Now I'm wondering about that. I have to go to the store today and I'm going to buy my own TP.


Reading online, I saw where it can come from dirty food. I remember a week or so ago I bought some celery that was pretty dirty. I thought I scrubbed it well. And I also bought some horribly dirty green onions. They were so bad that I almost didn't buy them. They looked like they were straight out of the ground. Fresh I figured. They were caked with dirt and the overhead sprayer made them muddy. They still had the whiskers on them. I bought them anyway thinking I would give them a good cleaning and remove the outer layer. Maybe I didn't do as good a job as I thought I did. And I'm eating a ton of garden fresh tomatoes. Not from my garden. And a lot of lettuce in salads. Trying to eat healthier. Sigh. 


Dr. Google said antibiotics were not recommended. Something about further kidney damage? It said it was best to let it run its course. But I've had it long enough that it should have already run its course. It didn't. DIL said to take apple cider vinegar. So I'm off to the store today to pick up a bottle of Braggs. I have some...in Indiana. 


At any rate I was mortified to find out I have E Coli. That wasn't even on my radar. In all my 71 years. Kinda funny that this is my 3rd. UTI since I've been in this hotel and I used to get one every 3-4 years or more...when I was married...ya know.  :sigh:


Now my doctors office will probably think I'm dirty. There goes my permanent record again. :D


Which reminds me. I looked at my medical chart online and it said I had major depression. :motz_6:  I said I was "p*ssed off." Not depressed. I want that removed. Note to self...keep my mouth shut from now on.

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Mt. Rider, glad your cold is getting much better. 


Jeepers, I understand about putting house up for sale in winter. You do get a lot of snow there. Though you can keep it. 


I hope you get rid of the e-coli, as you didn't need that on top of everything else going on in your life. 


I took a load of stuff to Goodwill this morning and then came back and started going through things again. I have more papers to go through than I thought. So will put it all together in a box to go through later when I have more time to sit down and work on it. Getting house back together comes first. GS went back home this morning so now I can get much more done without all the interruptions. For an almost 22-year-old, he is a handful. 

Went over and paid what bills I had and got that out of the way. Real estate taxes are coming up in November. Yep, born taxed and taxed to death. At the rate it is going they will dig up our graves and tax us for the plots we are buried in. 

I have almost got the living room cleaned out. That is a good feeling considering it has been months on end trying to get that done. As long as GS keeps coming here, I might just wait on getting a living room suit. I don't need his dirty feet on everything. I just cleaned the bar stool seats from his dirty feet before he got sick again and here, he came putting his dirty feet on them again. Does no good to tell him to get his feet off my furniture. He is sometimes at death ears. 

I am dog sitting through Sunday again. Neighbor went with friends to Pennsylvania. I think they are doing the dirt bike races there. 

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9 hours ago, Jeepers said:

Reading online, I saw where it can come from dirty food. I remember a week or so ago I bought some celery that was pretty dirty. I thought I scrubbed it well. And I also bought some horribly dirty green onions. They were so bad that I almost didn't buy them. They looked like they were straight out of the ground. Fresh I figured. They were caked with dirt and the overhead sprayer made them muddy. They still had the whiskers on them. I bought them anyway thinking I would give them a good cleaning and remove the outer layer. Maybe I didn't do as good a job as I thought I did. And I'm eating a ton of garden fresh tomatoes. Not from my garden. And a lot of lettuce in salads. Trying to eat healthier. Sigh. 



Unfortunately, just washing or scrubbing the dirt off of the veggies isn't "good enough." You need to "kill" any surface germs to be safe. I am not sure if using a commercial veggie cleaner is necessary or if just putting baking SODA in the water would be good enough. May be something you could research a bit further.

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Where my big garden plot is located, I am hoping I can put raised garden beds there. I think I can get 4 or 5 in that area. That will cure my rabbit issue as well as dogs running around at times. They will run through the garden also but not as bad as those rabbits. 

Went over to let Bella out for a while and will be putting her back in house in a couple of hours and then run to store for a restock of things. Then back to house to finish up on putting things away and getting house back together. It is so nice outside this morning. Windy early this morning but looks to be dying down a bit now. I need to get the containers with my winter clothes out of the living room also. I have a dresser set up in sewing room for switching out summer and winter clothes from bedroom. Though it will soon be time to switch them out in a couple of months. Need to get those numbers off the 2 windows that need replacing as well and then call Anderson windows to order the replacements. They are lifetime warranty, so windows are free. Don't think I want windows again with that Aragon gas in them. It does make them much more insulated but over time that stuff leaks out and causes grey spots all over the windows. I have replaced a couple of windows for that reason before. Need to get windows cleaned as well. I am going to clean the front storm door late this afternoon as the sun is a direct hit on it right now. So, I am going to get the patio door cleaned before I go let Bella back in house. 

Then off to store and back home to work on this mess of a house again. 

I told GS last night that in payment for helping him with bills, he has to come over on weekends to help me with yard work and garage. Maybe the sheds as well. He agreed and I think that is a fair trade for helping him get his bills paid. 

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Early August, DH found a “deal” on the forum he’s part of.  Home Depot had a sale on tillers.  Just under $200. for an $800. tiller.  He, and a lot of others bought them…. Around the end of August, he received a confirmation it was going to be delivered.  Bank account was charged…but no delivery.  The first of September, he called inquiring about it.  They said they could cancel the order, he said “NO!”  We wanted the tiller.  2 days later, he got an email saying they canceled the order.  He was quite angry, and called them again.  I love my DH…. He was so sweet and nice, explaining the circumstances, and found out, the order was not supposed to be cancelled, for at least, a full month after our first inquiry.  The agent, was so apologetic and decided to make every thing better….. they were both on line, she’d tell him where to look, and they agreed on a different tiller.  Mainly because, they had received over 10,000 orders for the one that was on sale, and were struggling to fill the orders.  

Long story short, he got a Troy-Bilt $1,300. tiller, for $300.  :0327:

It was delivered Tuesday.  Yesterday afternoon, he began to put it together.


For quite some time this year, a little ring necked lizard has been eating sugar ants and harvester ants that wander on the porch.  DH started smacking flies and feeding it about a few weeks ago.  

It isn’t very big yet.  Last year I saw a larger one several times.  About 6” long.


Anyway, here came “Spot”, straight up to DH, where he was sitting, assembling the tiller, with the fly swatter and other tools.  I started laughing and told him Spot was climbing up the chair leg, leaning out, looking up at him.  He swatted a fly, tossed it to Spot, while I got my camera.  

Spot hung out under his chair, eating any ant that wandered too near, and the flies DH was smacking.  

He swatted another fly, but we couldn’t find it….. Spot did…..lol…



The tiller is HUGE!  It will take 4 rows to completely till my tiny garden.  :blink:


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That's a great deal on that tiller, Annarchy!  I'm sure it will be a big help!  And I love Spot!


Nice party last night! The Bloomin' Olive Bread was a hit!

Walked first this morning.
Walked dogs.
Have vegetable broth simmering to pressure can in a few minutes.
That's it for today.



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Spot... :24:     :wub:    

Fantastic buy on the tiller! It pays to at least ask questions. If he wouldn't have inquired about it, the cancellation probably would have stuck. Awesome job Mr. Annarchy!


I went to Wally World today. Probably should have stayed home. I spent way too much but in my defense I did stock up on food for the rest of the month excluding bread and milk etc, Also on some OTC meds that were expensive!


Not much going on this weekend. Will probably swing by the house and get the mail then back here to go through about a thousand vacation pictures. Seriously. That was back in the day before we had digital cameras and you had to take a couple of pictures just to be sure you got one good one. You couldn't just erase them from your camera back then. I think my first camera had a little bird inside it carving out a picture. Remember the Flintstones.  :hi:


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Annarchy such a great deal on the tiller! Mine is a joke but it gets the grass off so I can use my broadfork. I really liked how well it worked for me this year. Glad you'll have the tools you need for the garden.


Jeepers e Coli is much more likely to come from the meat you eat than the vegetables unless they were grown in contaminated soil. We also all have a bit of it in our gut bacteria, in general if we are healthy the intestinal flora stays in balance but sometimes antibiotics can upset that balance. You can ask your pharmacist what probiotics they recommend to use after your antibiotics are done to replenish what it will wipe out. We've always used Jarro-dophilis brand and had good results with it. Your Dr's office won't judge you for getting a UTI some people are just more prone to them no matter how good of hygiene they have. In general it's nothing you've done wrong. I would though make sure you are wearing cotton crotch undies as the other kind can cause issues. I hope that this is the last one you have to deal with anytime soon. I hope you can set up the realtor and then you even sign remotely. We didn't have to be here for the closing and when we sold our house in OR we did it remotely with a notary and faxed the papers.


Littlesister I hope the raised garden beds help with your bunny issues. I was surprised nothing ate my garden. We have a lot of feral cats around here so I am sure they helped keep the vermin down. Eventually I want to add some raised beds too so I can grow on the area that has the gravel underneath it.


I really jacked up my back it's the third day that it's hurt and I still have no idea what I did to make it hurt. It's not out of place just feels sprained. Have been putting heat on it and trying to use my legs to stand up instead of my back muscles. Squatting to get anything near the floor which helps but really need to be back to normal. Puppy does not understand why I'm "broken" and wants to play but I'm not able to do much so she's pouting. :lol: I'll make it up to her when I feel better. Chickens seem very happy to be back in their space. Still going well. I decided to wait until spring to get more chicks and see how it goes. I may pick up a radiant heat plate to keep in their coop to help keep them warm. No heat lamps as I'm really afraid of fire. 




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Thanks Becca_Anne! That does make me feel better. Meat could be an issue too. I don't cook any here. I only have a microwave right now. But I occasionally have Wendy's burgers and their chili. And sometimes a Slim Jim or 3.  :sigh:


All I wear are white cotton Granny Panties. I usually add a splash of bleach in the wash water. One time I answered the door without my jeans on. My Tee shirts are long and cover up any 'vital information.' I knew it was G-son but didn't have time to grab my jeans. I think I traumatized the kid. A year later he still talks about my "pantie-wears". As in don't open your door in your pantie-wears again Grandma! Lesson learned. Over and over again. :grinning-smiley-044:


Will also check out the probiotics. I do occasionally eat the kind (can't think of the name Activia) that Jamie Lee Curtis advertises. It sort of tastes like yogurt. I do like it. 


Hope your aching back is better soon!



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Thought of the name. Activia.
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Annarchy, that was a great deal on the tiller. Troy Bilt is what we had. It lasted over 40 years. My SIL has it now and he still has it going. But I think it is on its last leg. I have an electric one that I can handle. It's a small one but works great. I couldn't handle the big one anymore. 

So, you now have a new pet. Spot. That is so cute. Or I should say Mr. Annarchy has a new pet. 


Becca Anne, I hope your back gets better soon. I am still struggling with my knee. Sore and painful tonight. Just took some Aleve a bit ago so hoping it will ease up soon. It is swollen tonight. 


GS came home from work early and plopped down on my couch. His boss said he shouldn't have tried to come in. He has Mono of all things. That does explain why he stayed so tired all the time. I think he has had it for a good 2 or 3 weeks before we found out. Still waiting for the blood culture, the doctor took. Don't know what that was for yet. Is Vit. D and calcium are both low. So, he has to start taking both of those. I started him on milk thistle as his liver counts were way up as well. But he will live. Just not so sure about me. Seems every time he gets sick, he wants to cling to his grandma. He was like that when he was little also. But really, he is almost 21 years old now. He doesn't need me every time he catches a cold.


I did get a lot done today. Cleaned the patio door and front door as well as patio and front porch. Unpacked some more boxes and got that stuff put away as well. Then worked in garage getting furnace ready for winter just to find out the pilot lights went out. So now I need to relight them, but I still have some time on that. Started moving things around out there as to what goes where. I have garden stuff I need to take out to garden shed as I won't be using those till next spring. Need to take everything off the other shelving unit and go through it. Want to redo that shelving unit for other things. At least I am starting to feel like there is a light at the end of that tunnel. Been a long-time getting things done but now I am making progress. Even with a bum knee. 

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Mono? Littlesister?  Who did he kiss?  Jeese,!  Yeah, I know you can get it other ways, but still…. At least he has meds.  Make sure you wash all his utensils, plates, glasses in bleach water and his toothbrush too.  Yikes!  

Had my Heart sonogram today….  Still waiting for the iodine test to be scheduled.  I keep telling him, it’s just my messed up back & degenerative discs….  But DH wants to be sure… ouch… our deductible is way to high this year….:sigh:  His digestive Dr called, rescheduled his appointment for Oct. 30th, ‘because the Dr is no longer there’. Sheesh.

DH moved wrong, something popped in his lower back…he can hardly walk…

Tonight, I will attempt to ‘adjust’ him…like I was taught by a chiro I worked for in the early ‘80’s.  Using the knowledge my mother & grandparents taught me…. God willing it will work.  He’s got sciatica bad, barely able to walk and groaning in his sleep.  Breaks my heart to hear that.  I’ve dealt with back pain since I crushed my back in the ‘70’s.  High tolerance for that type of pain.  He’s never had to.  I don’t need him being that way…. He’s gotta take care of me!  Not the other way….  

Time to get dinner going…picked up a rotisserie chicken, made some Uncle Ben’s long grain & wild rice, & re-heat some beet greens…..  


Tomorrow, is house cleaning………

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