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Can't seem to catch up with y'all. 


Ow...Miki!  Your trip over O2 tubing.  At one point both my folks had full time O2 in a 3 story house.  The concentraters were on the middle level.  It was a case of "dueling snakes"!   :pray:  You'll be ok with the shoulder - they are so nasty painful and linger!  Too many nerves go thru there! 

:pray:   And for your procedure to get rid of stone!  Sheeesh, lady.  What next?  :hug3:  


LittleSister....It is so wonderful to hear good reports about GS!!!!  :amen:   :pray:  that evil does not trip him up.  And if that happens, that he comes to his senses again quickly.  Like he just did.  :thumbs:  


BeccaAnne... :(   I hate it when some predator gets our birds.  We lost a goose a week ago.  :motz_6:  The other goose is lonely but hangs out with the ducks now.  They were all swimming in a very straight line with goose in the middle; 2 ducks fore and aft.   Good idea to completely secure them at nite till you can figure this out.  If you can figure out the predator, that might help figuring out the defense needed.  :(  Motion-activated lights might scare off the critter?  But, have to know where the light is going to shine.....neighbor's bedroom?  


Jeepers...  Had something written for the sun shield topic but...you've got it.   Continuing about windshields:  We've been running with significant cracks for months.  Cuz just as you get a new one installed out here in the ROCKIES, someone's tire will catch a rock and SMACK!  Scares ya half-to-death....and when you get the bill....you really are in shock!  So most of us just wait for a warning ticket ...go get yet ANOTHER windshield replaced.  :buttercup:


Ok...I did go in the ER on Monday cuz I needed to begin the Z-pack.  What started as head congestion for DH will turn into bronchitis for me rather quickly.  And I had temperature of 100.8* on Sunday.  AND I'd forgotten Monday was a holiday.  Shoot!  I neeeeed the meds! 


ER was empty.  It was still early so the drunks weren't out crashing their vehicles together or breaking ankles by falling on their faces.  Glad to interrupt their boredom!  Was fast.  Asked if I had or wanted a C vaxxx.  :grinning-smiley-044:  By this time I was talking baritone.  (Could have sung Old Man River ...but I don't sing)  And my coughing made them wince in sympathy.  Forgot to grab one of our good N95s...cuz I don't need to be spreading this to anyone either.  So I coughed into a many times folded bandana.  Besides, the cough wasn't so LOUD that way. 


Began the Azithromycin in the pharmacy parking lot!!!  I've just got 2 more to go but I'm better.  Less coughing but it still sounds terrible.  I found when my body starts exhaling violently in a cough, I can't get an inhale.  COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH cough cough cough {I'm outta air to exhale} squeak-cough....  OK...this is not fun!  My diaphragm is not working properly.  But I accidentally found that if I lean over, I can immediately inhale.  :scratchhead:   Don't ask me how it works.  But spastic diaphragm muscles are no joke.  Hurts. 


So...I think I'll live. ;)  Coughing less.  Sleeping real fine with Nyquil.  DH was improving so he went back to work.  Now he's degrading again.  Had a hard time getting to sleep tonite but he's snoring now.  Good!  Working extra to pay for hearing aids does not get you far if your health collapses. (sheesh, I love spell check at this hour! )   He does have tomorrow off and I don't have to be anywhere either.  REST!   Too bad he had to drive me into ER on day off Monday.  :(   But we both knew I needed the meds started. 


Follow up with my primary.... in two wks.  LOL  Their protocol says after being seen in ER, see doc within about 3 days.  :008Laughing:   Like that will happen.  Schedule person was getting frustrated and I told her:  this isn't my problem.  This is the corporations policy.  But my doc is BUSY!  You figure it out and call me or just forget it. I've got my meds!   So she notified my doc's reception desk people.  One of them called me to reschedule my grief counselor appt {would have been Tues} and a while later, the other one called with "inside info" on spaces open for these type of cases.  It's still 2 wks out...  :shrug:    I've got my meds.  Not my first rodeo with this.  If it gets worse.  If it isn't completely done with what I have....I'll message my doc and someone will respond to refill 'script or doc will squeeze me in. 


 I AM much better but just had to stop typing to COUGH!!  And I do need to get myself in BED!  DH's snoring ...yeah, gotta join him in that!


MtRider  :pray: for Miki's stone removal or pulverizing or whatever works!  :bighug2: 

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Mt. Rider, glad you got the antibiotics started. I know all too well about the coughing spells. Been there done that. No fun at all.


Miki, :pray: all goes well, and you will be home soon.


Becca Anne, so sorry to hear about losing yet another chicken. My DD had that issue and her DH put up one of those field cameras that hunters use. You might could try that and hopefully catch the type of animal it was. It works well for DD. For a coup I have heard many people say you have to bury the chicken wire done in ground at least 6 to 8 inches to stop critters from digging under the fence. It could be an opossum, fox, skunk, Ferrel cat, raccoon, rat snake, coyote, or even bobcat. I know any one of these will kill a chicken. You can also use bird netting over the fencing. I hope you find out what it is soon so you can fix the issue. 


Slow morning getting started on things. Just can't seem to wake up this morning though I slept last night and was up this morning at 6 am. Might just be over doing it with my knee. That alone is wearing me down a bit. Can't believe my doctor just ignored the issue. But that's fine my referrals are coming in now as doctors are calling for appointments now. Heart doctor is near end of Oct. and now waiting on the endo doctor. And soon setting up for the new primary doctor. Then with primary doctor I will get a referral for orthopedic doctor. And between all of this I will soon be due for dentist and eye doctor. Hoping to spread some of that out a bit. Going to start organizing my canning supplies in a little while. Jars are already done and, in the place, where I can get to them easily. Cleaned the barstool cushions so they are drying. GS does like to prop his dirty feet on the furniture. So at least that job is done. Need to take blinds down in front bedroom and get those washed as well as clean the windows. Need to start winterizing them also. Need to make a trip to store for curtain rods as well. The painters took the hooks down for the old ones and apparently threw them away. Can't find new hooks that will work on those rods. So new ones in order. Will pick some up for both bathrooms as well. 

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Rest up Miki, 


Mt. Rider, hope you and your DH are feeling better soon. 


Washed down walls in front bedroom. Resting knee and then going to clean floor. From there I will start moving furniture either this evening or tomorrow morning, depending on how my knee is feeling. Hopefully the new Primary care doctor will do something. Got another load for the Goodwill. Part of it is in car now. Will go through things in living room to see what else goes in this load. 

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Giving gentle hugs to Miki   :hug3: 

Glad that part of the process is over with!


Went to the house today and paid the lawn guy. Project manager was there too. He said that while the electric passed, one of the ceiling vents in the downstairs half bath didn't. Nothing to do with electricity but with HVAC. The inspector must have done a pretty thorough job to have found that. P.M. was fixing it and said the inspector should be there again in a few days. It shouldn't hold anything up. Famous last words, huh! They have done quite a bit of cosmetic work on the outside too. That is on my dime though and has nothing to do with the insurance.


I'm hankering to go to PA but I have to wait until after the 12th. Doctor appointment. Also my car mount and harness won't arrive from Amazon until the 12th.  I'm going to try to use a vest thingy for walking around. Should be interesting. Will probably have a story with that contraption too. :rolleyes:


(I just reread the above sentence. I was talking about a windshield/dashboard mount for a camera and a harness that sort of looks like backpack straps where you can attach a camera. Car mount + harness= camera accessories.) Crimony Jeepers. 


I was going to go to a rather remote area over here to do a little filming to try to get the hang of the camera. Then I just happened to see something pretty disturbing in the news. Someone in that area has been targeting the Amish the past couple of weeks. Someone is damaging their houses by throwing things at the house and through their windows. Seems a favorite thing to throw is railroad spikes. Odd. Pretty awful and dangerous for the people inside. Usually when that happens it is teenage boys. So. I'm going to skip that trip for now. I would probably be looked at with suspicion (rightly so) if I was driving through the community slowly or taking pictures. I would certainly be avoided and hid from. Sherriff is considering it as a hate crime. Maybe a trip back down to the big Amish place by Lehman' next week. If it doesn't rain. 


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Wow! Jeepers, might be a good idea not to go there till they catch whoever is throwing things at the Amish houses. There are safer places to try out the camera. Go back later when you find out all is clear. I love the Leaman's store. Wish I could get down that way to go there. order from them online though. I also have their catalog. Glad things are starting to move along now. 


Waiting for bedroom floor to dry. I tried that Rejuvenate on it. First the cleaner and then the protector. I used the mat finish, and it did a good job on covering the scratches. Kids made a mess on that floor, and it is a hardwood floor. But then a surface scratch here and there does give it character. Or so they say. But it is now clean and looks good. Just waiting for it to dry. So I can move the shelving unit back in place. Then the dresser will go in. I need to empty it first though. Got to lighten the load to move it. Once dresser is in the room, I will put things back and move the desk in there. That one is going to be the worst. Desk is long and deep. Have to put it on end to turn from hall into doorway. From there I am on my way to having a living room again. Will still be boxes of canning supplies I am still figuring out, but I can deal with that. 

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Miki so glad you are done with the lithotripsy! Rest and hopefully that resolves the issue for you!

Mt Rider glad you got treatment for your cough hope you feel better soon!

Jeepers hopefully the vent passes the re-inspection, probably a minor fix and hope that's the last hiccup for your reno

Littlesister sounds like you're making progress :hapydancsmil:


Today was a better day, Chickens are in my basement, DH is figuring out how to build a different run inside the carriage house (It is on concrete so I know they can't get under). Will be anchoring it to the inside wall of the carriage house. So no external walls for any critters to find an entrance into the run. Going to put two key locks on the door at the top and bottom to make sure no critters can pull or push the door open, put hardware cloth across the top of the run, and then beef up the nesting box locks (hasp lock with a key) on the coop inside the new run. If that doesn't do the trick nothing will. But poor birds are in a large dog crate until it's done. I rigged a small water dish in the door  using a bento box style lunch container that I could mount on the door frame that isn't able to be knocked over. (this morning came down to an ungodly mess of water and feed and poop). Hoping less of a mess in the am this time. When he gets it done these chickens are all getting baths before I put them outside. I feel really awful about this. Eventually they will be able to go on the grass part of the day but for now they are inside birds. 

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Tonite...I feel better.  Still have cough but it's lighter and less.  A lot less.  :amen:   Thanks for all the prayers!!!  :bighug2:


In fact, I grabbed dog and cell phone and we went down to the pasture.  My friend who will receive the yarrow I harvested and dried [once I get it broken down to leaves and florets] .  Anyway she reminded me in email that she must have pic to positively I.D. the plant the tincture came from.  I'd totally forgotten and was afraid the florets might have darkened from white to brown already. 


But no, I had left quite a bit down there when I harvested.  I took pics of yarrow and a lot of other plants we have that I've never I.D.ed.  Been meaning to do that too and here we are .....wrapping up summer quickly!  I just sauntered around with the retractable leash handle attached to my belt.  Dog gets to run all over and sniff and dig.  If the leash tightens, she gets closer and resumes her activity.   I'm only paying attention to what I'm doing.  She did wrap the leash around the plant I was trying to photograph.  :rolleyes:  But since I'm not paying attention....it's a real good idea to have someone with good ears and better nose. 


I'd gotten the ducks and goose into the pen with feed before DH came down to finish with water, etc.  Then we got a ride to the top.  It was just a good cardio and stimulation for recovery.  I feel better today anyway but that was a benefit.  :woohoo:  I am still doing that deep cough and I'm at the end of meds tomorrow.  We'll see.


Pray for DH.  He's trying so hard to work more hours to pay for things.  But he returned to work too fast and felt miserable again.  I hope he's asleep now...cuz he was up again before.  If he feels trashed in the morning, he'll call in sick again.  Then he has Sat/Sun with a new client that lives pretty close to here. 


I sent an email to the ranch to let them know why I've been MIA. 


And I....am running to beat the clock for bed tonite.


Miki, glad to hear your procedure is over...are you still waiting for results to come?  :pray:  This has been a long ordeal for you. 


Becca Anne...sounds like a good chicken protection plan!  :darthduck:


How are the Annarchy s doing?  :pray: 


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Good Morning, everyone.  

I just caught up reading here.  Nice to see things are beginning to get better for everyone.

The sky is just beginning to lighten.  It cooled off last week, I actually had to wear my flannel shirt, the other day, I was chilled, but the thermometer said it was only 68°. Lol.  DH said it’s supposed to be back over 100° today.


The hummingbirds are back, I’m trying to count how many are fighting over the feeders…. 8 or 9, maybe more…


This is a fun, informative video about the hummingbirds… MIL really liked it also….



 I have been busy, as usual.  First of the month paperwork and bookkeeping.  Shopping and putting things away.  In my house that’s a challenge, because DH keeps ordering prep foods.  :0327:

Got my eyes tested, new lenses should be here today, God willing.  DH went with me, and wandered around the store.  By the time I was done and found him, the shopping cart was half full, but nothing from my list.  :whistling:  I will pick up a few supplies that need to be replaced, when I get my lenses.


 I’ve been mending clothes, by hand, replacing elastic in his shorts, because he has lost so much weight.  Can’t wait for the tests to find out what the problem is.  He’s unable to eat much, without his stomach hurting, causing his heart to stress.  

Tuesday, I had to trim back the front bush.  IDK what it is, but the bush/hedge has been growing since the 1950’s. One time, it was as tall as our house.  I’d trim the sidewalk sides, but not the height.  Then, I whacked it back, to about 2’. It’s now about 4’ and I try to keep it that way…. “Try” being the key word.


Wednesday, DH and I decided to move the old freezer into the shed.  I had spent days, cleaning the shed to making room for it.  The door needed to be removed… that done, we pushed and pulled….  Nope…. Crow bar, removed the door frame…. Push, pull, ….. Nope!  The bricks aren’t plum!  The bottom would have slid right in, but the top was 1” too thin…. The freezer is now pushed up against the outside wall, the frame is back in place, and the door is re-attached….  I’m wondering if I can store dry goods in it, or if it would still be too hot.  I need to put my thermometer in and check that.

Yesterday, I decided to mow the front lawn.  It really needed it.  Uncovered the electric mower, un-raveled the 100’ electric cord, and went to attach the bag.  (My yard man gave it to me, one of his customers was throwing it away, so it’s used and older.). Anyway, the plastic parts, of the bag, are heat stroked, crumbling and cracked.  I’ve duct taped them, then, used Gorilla tape, however, even the tape was stroked and pealing off.  I spent an hour applying more tape.  I wanted the clippings for the mulch bin.  

I tipped the mower over, cleaned off the dried, stuck on old grass, from the last time I used it.  Tested the blade to see if it would spin.  WD40 time.  Last time I used it, the blade was frozen.  It took quite a while before it would spin, so, I knew it might give me trouble again.  Sprayed it, turned, sprayed it again, turn…. sprayed it again, for good measure.  Took it out to the front, plugged it in and, nothing.  Hum of the motor only.  Went back to get the WD40.  Sprayed, turn the blade, several times, yes, I did unplug it first….  Lol. 

It worked!  I was happy.  Mowed 2 short rows and the bag needed to be emptied.  Dumped it in my mulch bin.  Reattached the bag, turned it on…and nothing.  Back to the back yard for the spray.  Repeat…. This time I left the can in front.  2 more passes, empty the bag….and nothing…. Spray…turned the blade, until it moved better by hand, plugged and go….  Empty the bag… that time, I saw geckos, digging up to the top of the pile, as I dumped the bag.  They like the bugs….  Ended up having to tip the mower, spray the blade, turning it, 5 times, before I finally finished.  I kept my hand on the handle, to keep the mower running, while stopping to pick up pine cones, tossing them at the house, to get them out of the way.  I don’t like to step on them and the mower doesn’t like them either.  I think my neighbors were laughing at me.  :rolleyes:  Then, changed to the weed eater, then, the blower.


With that done, I was beat….  

DH was a sweetheart and made ramen soup for dinner…


Mine… mild…




His extra spicy hot….



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Annarchy that ramen looks delicious! Mowers can be such a pain glad you were able to get it to work for you. I'm hopeless with machines like that. I already know if DH can't do it I'll have to hire it out. 

Mt Rider glad you're starting to feel like you are improving. :hug3:

I have to bake a treat to take to my Quilting guild meeting for tomorrow but other than that my day involves paperwork for my new business and work for my actual job. DH is going to go buy the supplies to build the new run. Don't think much else is going to get accomplished today

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Mt. Rider, glad you are feeling better. Hope that cough goes away soon. 


Jeepers, I think you might be on your way to getting that house finished. Hope the vent passes inspection. 


Becca Anne, I hope the work on the chicken run works. That's sad to know something got those chickens. The last 3 should be fine till the run is finished. 


Been going through things this morning. I have too much canning supplies but that is a good thing. But once I get everything organized and in place it will all work out. 

We have a Cat 5 hurricane in the Atlantic. The projection is that it will turn north. and we will just get the wind and rain. But they are not sure yet what it really will do. Still too early to tell.  Also, there is another one right behind that one, but I don't think it is a named storm yet. Hoping that one doesn't turn into a hurricane. The cat 5 is one to be watching close. 


Annarchy, that Raman noodles look good. My GS would love the spicy one. He is into that type of food and uses chop sticks a lot. 

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Raman noodles
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I felt pretty good this morning, so I walked first.
Going to help friend at cafe in a few minutes.
When I get home, bread and refreeze the thawed okra.
Easy-ish day.


I'm glad that you are feeling better Mt Rider!

And that you are getting your chickens coop reinforced Becca Anne!


I did pass some gravel and that will have to do for now.

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Miki, glad you are doing much better today. Hopefully you will pass all of that stone with no issues. 


Been working on boxes of things and moving stuff into the front bedroom. I will have to stop for a while. My knee is killing me. Makes me so mad my doctor did nothing. No X-Ray, no orthopedic, just nothing. Just walked out of room when his 6 minutes were up.

Trying to get earlier appointment with the new primary doctor. Hope I can get in sooner.  Can't get a lot done with a bum knee. Going to prop it up for a while and watch TV. Just hope I don't fall asleep. 

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Took some Aleve and pulled out the heating pad. Knee feels better. So going to start getting things moved to the front bedroom from living room. Going to move the desk out first. Then take it from there. GS will be here tomorrow to help me out with the rest. 

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Got desk to the front bedroom but can't get it back on all for legs. It's turned-on end to get around corner to go through door. So will wait till GS gets here tomorrow. Don't want to break a leg off trying to get it back on all 4's. That was the worst one to move, so glad it's in the bedroom now. And yes, I stirred up my knee again so back on heating pad. Hoping to get something done next week about it.

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Glad the Annarchys are hanging in there.  Mower doing that would frustrate me tho.  :motz_6: Loved watching the hummingbird vid.  Didn't know all that about their tiny anatomy.  God is surely inventive!  :amen: 


And Miki might be relieved of stone issues?  Glad you're better.  :pray: 


Everyone is busy.  Lil Sister, my mom, bro and niece are in northern VA.  Mom said it stormed and stormed today.  And yeah, I saw the (hopeful) flight path of the next Cat 5 Hurricane.  :pray: that does stay out at sea....but not barrel over  Bermuda either. 


I'm definitely getting better.  The cough is less taxing and frequent.  But it still sounds like a donkey.  {remember Maggie Mae?}  :buttercup:  So I get some things done again.  Walked slowly about half mile tonite and rode up driveway in the car.  Walk down but ride up!  No, I can walk up too but mebbe not just yet.  


MtRider  :offtobed:  

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You will get there Mt. Rider. You just need to get your strength back. But you seem to be doing much better. Glad the cough is getting better. 


Annarchy, that mower would irritate me to no end. Hope you can get it figured out. i liked the video of the hummingbirds.


Getting ready in a bit to head out to GD's house. Will help her set up baby's room. Then come home. By then GS will be here or he will meet me at GD's house. Not sure yet what he will do. He's still in bed. I think working 2 jobs is really tiring him out. And he is still getting his apartment set up like he wants. 

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Didn't go to GD's house today. Change of plans. Her DH was still painting and putting crib and things together. So, she and I are going to get together next weekend to get everything else done. Lots of baby clothes to wash and such. Plus, a lot of other things to get done. So worked on my house today. 

GS came over and he looked like death warmed over. He said he can't handle the two jobs. So, he told them he was quitting. He tried to get them to let him work 4 days a week and they wouldn't budge. Said they don't have a dishwasher and he was the only one. So next week they won't have one at all. His full-time job is a very hard and straining physically. He has barely eaten anything all week. He is losing weight again and had no weight to lose. I worked hard getting some weight on that boy. Got him up to 120lbs and he's back down to 112. That's not good. Said he has been trying to get hold of the social services to renew his food stamps and they haven't returned his calls. So, I took him to the store. Had him pick out things as he is a bit picky. But I made sure he bought healthy food also. I loaded him up on food, and a few nonfood items he needed. Most of it is quick to fix till he gets his strength back again. He has meat in freezer, but he has been too tired to cook. So, he should have enough food now to hold him till he can get the food stamps straight. He did find out where they hid the laundry room. So now he can wash his clothes at apartment building. 

I got a lot done on house today. Got all the furniture except the 2 bookcases into the front bedroom and all set up now. Just going though sewing things, office stuff and craft stuff and getting each in its rightful place. Today would have been a good day to get out in that shed to get to the material out there. But I got busy and then when I thought about it, we had a storm. So will see what tomorrow afternoon brings. 


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Lil Sister, my mom way north of you said they had a hellatious storm today.  Lasted a long time.  She's in the ground floor apartment so she's protected somewhat. 


Well, today I think I'm a little better again.  Sure starts up the coughing in the evening tho.  I timed getting the birds in and walking dog so that we're waiting in the barnyard when DH comes home from work.  I was picking more currants and dog was on retractable leash doing her sniffing etc.  So our taxi ride up the driveway.  :lol: 


Had supper plans ....and a back up.  I'm still emptying the freezer and had what I was afraid was freezer burned.  But DH can smell it....and yeah,  no good.  But at least now it won't take up space!  Had another plan for meat and it was fine.  Thawing tomorrows plan and I know it's good.  Don't know what I'm doing with it....??  A hunk of beef.  Flank steak, I think it said.


Hmm....I think I'm Clutter Clearing the freezer!  :lol:   Good cuz nothing else is getting done.  :0327:


And I've exactly ONE hour before I' m shutting off the light - in bed.  11:30pm seems to be a good time for me to fall asleep unaided. 


MtRider   :hi: 

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Glad you are feeling better Mt. Rider!


Annarchy's ramen looked delicious!  :feedme:.  Sorry you had mower issues. I would have pitched it across the yard. I don't know a thing about machines. Put the gas in and turn it on is about my limit.  And...OMG! I loved the hummingbird video and that guys commentary.  LOL


I have a backache today. Also that sciatic nerve is acting up. So I'm taking Advil and spending quality time with my BFF...the heating pad. I'm not positive if they help or not but it relaxes me so I suppose that is a help. My left leg feels like it's being pulled out of the socket. Fortunately, it only lasts a couple of days and then leaves for a few months. Usually.


While at the house the other day I came across some business cards. Well over 300 of them. I used to collect them as vacation mementos. They are free and easy to store. Easy to store unless you collect them. But still free. I have 3 flip-top business card boxes and I'm sorting them into Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Totally worthless crap that no one would want except for me. But I'm glad to get them sorted and they are bringing back some memories. I even kept the card of the garage I had to go to in Pennsylvania to get my car fixed when I got stuck in a snow storm and tore up the radiator trying to rock it out. It took hours to steam the ice from the undercarriage to get to the radiator.  Good times. :grinning-smiley-044:


I also found four square totes FULL of vacation pictures that need going through. Now that I'm able to get into one of the closets at the house, I'm finding all kinds of 'treasures'. I'm afraid not much is going to get thrown away though. I have pitched so much stuff that I am not going to feel guilty for keeping some of the silly little stuff that I like to have around me. I've been planning and making these memories for years. Business cards, sound CD's, pictures and now, hopefully, movies. There will probably come a time when I can no longer drive so I'm planning to shelter in place happily surrounded with my stuff. :pout:    Hopefully I'll have a house to do it in.  :rolleyes:

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Yesterday. I walked first and then walked dogs.
Replaced hose clamp added JB weld on DH's radiator.
Visited with brother in law.
Came home and breaded 2 gallons of thawed okra from the freezer. Now it's on cookie sheets and back in freezer.
Called it a day.


Today. I will go to Church.

Walk dogs.

Break up, bag and re-freeze breaded okra.

Cook some green beans that I found in freezer to go with an ear of corn and pork steak for dinner.

I've started writing to a friend in the military- She is in Kuwait or somewhere like that.  55 years old and still being deployed as an RN.  She wants to hear about our life when we were full time RV'ing.  I need to find the letters I wrote about them and add them to my monthly letters.  Not sure if I will find them today or not.

You all have a wonderful Sunday!



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Jeepers, sounds like you are having a good time going through memories and such. I will be doing that hopefully soon. I can now get to the closet they are all in. But right now, I need to finish cleaning out the living room and getting rest of house back together. It is coming along slowly with my knee but it's getting there.


Went to church this morning and then after we had a lunching, celebrating 63 years since the opening of the church. We had a lot of fun. Bought a plate back for GS for lunch. He is here now asleep on couch. Go figure. I am moving books from bookcases I put in living room and moving it all to the office. Right now, I am giving my knee a bit of a rest then will start back at it again. This was stuff I moved to living room for construction. So now getting it all together again. 


Jeepers that day your mom got that storm, we only had some thunder and lightning that only lasted about 10 minutes. Then yesterday we got a storm that didn't last long. My daughter in Eur NC, got a bad storm. They have tree limbs down everywhere. SIL is out there cleaning up the yard. We have one neighbor that just had a bunch of trees cut down that were all over her yard. Smart move on her part with hurricane season. They still aren't sure of hurricane Lee yet. It was a cat 5 then cat 4 then back up to a 5 back down to a 4 then 3. And I don't know what it is now or where it is going to go as far as East Coast is concerned. I know there will be heavy surf rather it hits us or not. Another one is behind that but don't know what's what with that one yet. 

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