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Jeepers, glad you were able to get your ears cleaned out with no waiting. That is an ordeal though. 

The frozen veggies I can is usually in the soups and things I make to can. Have no issues with doing it that way. I do know with peas you need lots of water in the jars. Basically, having the peas floating in the water. Not packed. Same with butterbeans and potatoes, Speaking of butterbeans. The grocery stores have not had any frozen ones in a long while now. Wonder what is going on. Frozen foods have not been filled very well at the 2 main stores I go to. 


Didn't get to see the baby today. She is making us all wait until Saturday. I did talk to her on the phone today though. She is really tired as baby does not sleep through the night yet. And seems she is getting very spoiled. She and DH stay upholding her while she sleeps and now, she won't sleep unless she is held. She is going to regret that. 

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I forgot!
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Our stores have had major issues in the frozen food department since covid hit. It never seemed to recover. Especially the potato products and 'steam in' veggie bags.


I saw a couple of women canning frozen (thawed) peas and they did pack them loosely. Just put them in the jar without packing them down and then added liquid. They did the same with corn. Some added water and one added broth. 


I had a friend who rocked her baby to sleep at night and for naps. She regretted that decision too. Especially when her son woke up in the middle of the night and wouldn't go back to sleep until mom got up out of bed and had to rock him to get him quiet. 

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I forgot about the corn. But yes, that needs to be packed loosely also. 

Having trouble sleeping tonight. Don't know what is going on with me as I don't usually have this issue. Must just be a lot on my mind these days. 

I have a lot of things I want to get done and here I am still awake. I did fall asleep on couch around 11 or so watching TV. Then when I woke up to go to bed, I just laid there. Couldn't get back to sleep. Maybe will read a bit to see if that will help. At least as long as it's not a book I can't put down. 

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On 10/10/2023 at 1:47 PM, snapshotmiki said:

Went to bank and paid off house. Yay!

Wow....I missed that too.  That's HUGE!  :amen:    A most EXCELLENT prep!!!  :hapydancsmil:


I can relate to the sleep thing, Little Sister.  Here I am at 1:30am....still catching up with MrsS.  I didn't realize I'm behind again.  Where are the days going?


So I'm saying a quick :hi:   and :offtobed:   ....almost.  Still have to catch up with Ambergris in Ecuador...


MtRider   ...soon tho     :busted:  

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Today, I will walk first. Never walked yesterday as it rained all day.
Will pick up my friend and take her to her bank and loan payment place.
Go to Aldi, Walmart and back home.
Walk dogs.
Haircut at 1pm.
Bible study at 6. It's a friend's Birthday. I made a Butter Pecan Cheesecake, yesterday while the dog food was pressure canning.

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Jeepers I've noticed the same thing about the frozen foods so many still seem scantily stocked. 

Littlesister so sorry you are having trouble sleeping. Lots going on and sometimes hard to turn the brain off can do that.

Mt Rider I am with you I was up late last night catching up with Mrs S. Sorry this morning though I'm dragging

Ooh that cheesecake sounds amazing Miki!


I am only working half of the day today, comp time for working more earlier this week so I will try to do something fun this afternoon. I've been reading a lot and have 2 more books on hold at the library so will probably pop over there to pick those up. Tomorrow we have 4H so need to pick up some snacks for that. Need to schedule my flu shot. Other than that not much going on and I'm going to try to relax and just enjoy that.

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Glad you are getting some down time Becca_Anne. 


I had a busy morning running errands. I really got the fridge/freezer filled up here.  Food looks so good in the store but tastes  :yuk: when I eat it. Taste buds are still wonky. I really need a winter coat so I stopped by Burlington Coat Factory. They have gone out of business at that location. Not sure where else to go. I already tried Salvation Army and Good Will. Sears? Penney's? Marshalls? TJ Max? I saw some online but I really need to try one on. Some of the reviews were all over the place. Some loved the jackets and some hated them. I'll figure it out. I went to The Dollar Tree for some more Boost drinks. They were all out. I figured it was too good to be true. So, I ended up at Wal-Mart anyway. I only got the Boost there. FYI Boost tastes a little bit better than Ensure. Then over to Giant Eagle for some grocery's. Both WM and GE food aisles were pretty well stocked but very expensive.  About the time I got home Giant Eagle texted that I have a prescription ready. Sigh. 


DIL called and wondered if I could babysit this Tuesday night. Short notice but she just found out there is a huge George Jones tribute over there and she'd like to surprise son and take him. Strange they are having it through the week. He loved George almost as much as I love the Stones. Almost. And DIL mother was a huge fan too. They played Jones' gospel music all through her viewing at the funeral home. So George has a place in both of their heart. It's PG but will last until 10:00 and G-son has school the next day so...Grandma! I'm glad to do it and I'll get to see their new house. It will give me a chance to get some of my canning supplies and bring them back over here. BTW...son has a CC permit and 'packs' just about everywhere so they should be a little safer. I think I can get most of the rest of my books in the Jeep and take them over too. Will need to go through my canning books and bring them back over here.  I need to make a to-do list. Long story short  :rolleyes:...I'll be gone next week with no internet. 


My ears are still pretty sore but I've been putting baby oil in them twice a day. What a mess that is. I try to not let it get on the bedding here. I end up with my head on a washrag to prevent that oil from getting on anything. Then use cotton in my ears. One shirt is already ruined so I wear it when I get all slicked up. That oil is a mess. One ear still bleeds a little. I can't hear a thing. She was brutal I tell ya.  :grinning-smiley-044:


Tomorrow I'll go to the house to have a look around and load up the Jeep and pick up the other prescription and gas up the Jeep to head out Monday. 

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Jeepers, my DH had his ears cleaned the same way you described and had absolutely no problems.  No pain, no bleeding, nothing.  You might need to check with them to see if they believe that is normal.  I don’t believe it is.  :hug3:

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Slow day today. GS came over to get fed and left after dinner. I need to work on his coming here on a daily basis as this is his mother's doing. He won't be here this weekend though. I am putting my foot down. He can only come over to eat if he works around the house. No work, no food. He cleaned out the flower beds yesterday and finished that up today. I did send food home with him though. Next week will be helping to clean out the garage. And that is going to be a huge job. Maybe he can earn a pizza next week if he's lucky. 


Becca Anne, glad you were able to have some down time. I know that was much needed. 


Jeepers, have a safe trip to Indy next week. And enjoy that G-Child. 

I will be at GD's house most of tomorrow. Going to spend time with the new great grand baby. DD will be here also, but only for the day. 

Got my real estate tax bill today and yep, just as I thought it went up almost $200. I am not happy about that. 


I am thinking about not doing a garden next year but going to the farms instead. But that could change. My pantry is full, and I need to get that down. Will see how this winter goes. If pantry gets to low then I will do a garden, if not then no garden. Will just hit the farms for the things I am low on and that will be it. 


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Mother, I had that same procedure done when I was in my 30's with no problem at all. They used a metal plunger type of thing. Probably so it could be autoclaved. At home I use something that looks like a plastic syringe minus the needle. It sprays out water in different directions when you plunge it down. I got it OTC.  It actually feels pretty good. At the clinic she used a big pump spray bottle similar to a bottle of Windex only heavier material. More like you would see at a garden center. It had a long flexible tube on it that went in the ear and she pumped that sprayer for all she was worth while I held a cup like thing to my ear for drainage. I did notice a picture and the word 'elephant' on the bottle. Sheesh. I thought that was funny...until it wasn't. She said she was trying to dislodge the plug and to break it up. I think some of the pain came from the water blasting against my ear drum. Also it was going down into my eustation (sp) tube area and I think that was causing the most pain in my ear, neck and even my jaw. Then she took a plastic stick thing and dug around. Probably pushing it against my ear drum. I'm not kidding when I said I nearly passed out from pain. I had to ask for tissues because my eyes and nose were running like a sieve. She finally handed me the whole box. Both ears took a total of about 45 minutes and both ears hurt. A couple of times she asked me if I was okay. I was holding my head in my hand and rocking back and forth saying. "Oh My God that hurts". She would stop so I could stand another round of the water pressure. I don't know if she thought I was being a baby or not. I wasn't because I wanted it done. And I didn't want to leave with a job half done and have to go back again. For me it was a one and done. She had one shot at it. At the end, she did say she was sorry but I don't think she knew how much it hurt. At least she used warm water. If I ever have to have it done again I will stop the procedure and go to an ENT and they can use the little suction machine like I've seen online. They have a camera on it and they can see what they are doing and they don't blast anything out. This was medieval. Maybe it was the nurse doing it or maybe it was my ears, but I won't go through that pain again. Not without sedation. I'm not hearing any better so wax wasn't an issue. I think it is even worse because I might have some water stuck back down in there and it's probably still swollen. One ear still hurts a little but Advil helps. They said it was clear but I only saw a very small amount come out. Certainly not a plugs worth. You know with me there's always an ordeal.  :rolleyes:


When I was at Costco, when she looked in my ears, I could see what she saw on a TV screen and she printed out a picture for me. That was nice. I have a similar thing where you can look in a cavity and see it live on your computer. I have that...someplace. When I find it I want to be sure to stay on top of my ears. 

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DH had the audiologist clean his ears for years and they used a camera thing like you describe.  This last time they did it in the ENT’s office and used the water like you describe and neither caused him problems.  I really believe the lady had no idea what she was doing.  I would call and complain to that office.  DH was told to get special ear drops OTC and use them regularly to keep the wax softened and he did for a while but when he ran out he didn’t want more.  They did help but with his cognitive issues I believe he was just not able to remember to use them. They might work for you though.  

Stay alert and safe on your trip and enjoy you DGS.  :hug3:

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7 hours ago, Jeepers said:

My ears are still pretty sore but I've been putting baby oil in them twice a day.

Try, 1/2 alcohol mixed with 1/2 AC vinegar…. 2 days & you won’t think you need it.  A Dr.  Recommended it to us when we had reoccurring ‘divers’ ears….we use it on the dogs also…. I still use it regularly, when I wash my hair daily. :whistling:

Alcohol dries & ACV killed bacteria etc…warming the solution to barely above body temperature, cleans wax residue.


Don’t do what I did once,  we were diving, I left the bottle in the truck, came back from a dive, but, didn’t realize how hot it was….  Scorched my ear….  But oddly enough, that ear has been clear and rarely gives me any trouble…. 

Lesson learned…I guess.  Now, I put the dropper bottle in a glass of warm water…. :rolleyes:

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Thank You Becca_Anne.  :hug3:  I have the ACV but no alcohol. It's midnight now so nothing is open but I have to go get a script filled tomorrow and will definitely pick up a bottle. I have plenty someplace at the house and some in Indiana but everything is so scattered everywhere that I can't find anything. It did cross my mind that I needed something to dry them up. Will start using it tomorrow. 


I'm over the baby oil. If it hasn't helped yet then it isn't going to. 


Mother, I use that softening stuff all the time too. Until I saw those pictures, I thought I was on top of the ears. DIL said their pediatrician recommended it too. I think it is called Debrox or something like that. Basically olive oil. I've also used peroxide. But the last time I used the peroxide it started hurting. Maybe I have ear issues deep inside? 


Just thinking about it, I think my doctors office has casually looked in my ears in the past couple of years as I happened to go in for med refills and they didn't say anything. You'd think they would have noticed. :rolleyes:

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Very easy day, today!
Will walk first.
Pick up trash in Church parking lot. There was a parade last week and people throw stuff down wherever they are.
Went to the dented can store yesterday, so will put that away today.
Nothing else on my list!


10 hours ago, Jeepers said:

If I ever have to have it done again I will stop the procedure and go to an ENT and they can use the little suction machine

I'm sorry you had to go through that, Jeepers!  DH just had that done with the suction machine and no pain at all.  I hope you don't do it like that, again!

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Thanks Miki. I have decided that something was definitely wrong. It was either impacted or attached to something in there. She should have used a softener before she started and they can also use lidocaine to numb the ear. Thank you Dr. Google for that info. If I need another cleaning again I am going to where they use a "vacuum cleaner" My one ear is still sore. Not bad but a dull ache that goes into my jaw and it hurts more when I yawn. I'm glad I was able to withstand the pain just to get it over with but I sure won't do that again! 




This is the exact setup she used. $53.00 on Amazon. I knew I saw an elephant on that bottle.   :rolleyes:



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Jeepers the person cleaning your ears should have stopped when you had pain and had the medical provider look in your ears. It's only supposed to be done for 10 min and you're supposed to stop if it's too painful. Debrox is used to soften the ear wax before the procedure and we have patients put it in their ears daily for 4 days before they come in to have their ears lavaged. If there is a perforation in the ear drum it can cause issues I think you should go back in to see your Dr and have them check for infection or perforation I'm worried there is something wrong you shouldn't still be having any discomfort. I'm so sorry that happened to you!

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We are having a lazy, rainy day.  I have the heat/air off and a few windows open since it just a light rain and not coming in the house.  I prefer the humidity and though it is not dry here, it is less humid than I prefer/ am used to.  


I was watching The Love Between Fairy and Devil in Mandrin with subtitles, but River came in begging to watch Masha and the Bear, so I have it up on monitor 2 now while I read on monitor 1.  Husband is alternating napping on the couch and watching Star Wars spin-offs on his computer.  The teen is actually being productive--she did dishes and is now sewing up River's 'MUST HAVE' blanket and organizing fabric by project.  


I haven't decided on my Halloween costume this year, but I'm thinking through what I already have.  DH ordered a giant blow up stegosaurs costume for himself and a ghost cape with hood for the toddler.  She really wants to be a ghost and keeps throwing her blanket over her like a hood and screaming OOOOOOOOOOOOOO all through the house.  The teen wants to be a matching ghost.  We unpacked some of the fall stuff today (we are really behind this year) and she is also toting around a skeleton rat and a skeleton bird.   The rat is missing its tail and I can see that a trip to the dollar store is in order.  

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Becca_Anne, I'll keep a close eye on it. I'm leaving for Indy on Monday morning so won't get a chance to see my doctor. If it still gives me problems or gets worse, my insurance says I can go any place so I can do a walk-in clinic over there. On a scale of 1-10 it only hurts about a 2 now. I went to three different drug stores looking for an eye/medicine dropper. No one has them. CVS said they stopped carrying them a couple of years ago. I put some on my Amazon wish list for future use. I know I have some...again, somewhere. I'll be so glad to get everything under one roof. I went to my grocery store pharmacy to pick up my prescription and some alcohol and I asked if they knew where the eyedroppers were. They didn't have any either but the very nice pharmacist gave me two small syringes to use. I told him it was for a peroxide ear wash. I didn't mention ACV and alcohol. Which reminds me that as soon as I eat I'm going to dose up my ears.  


I stopped by the house to load up the Jeep. I got 6 wooden crates of books and my spinning wheel in there. I still have 3 more crates but ran out of room. One crate has my canning books in it so it is staying for the time being. Glad I didn't already take them over. Those crates were so heavy. Especially hauling them downstairs and trying to not touch a new wall. I got a big surprise when I went in. Most of the kitchen cabinets were setting in the kitchen, one upstairs vanity was in place, all of the baseboards and door trim was painted, most of the closet doors were painted, kitchen was painted and 3 toilets were sitting in the garage! That kitchen used to look so big but now not so much. I'm thinking that I will only have one more month here, if that. :cele:


But then again I'll be going back to a house with no furniture.  :rolleyes:


Euphrasyne, I love foreign movies too. Especially Chinese ones. I think my favorite is Raise The Red Lantern. It's turned cold and it's rainy here today too. Good snuggle weather. 

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Jeepers....I'm siding with Mother and Becca Anne.  My ears are sensitive and I'd have thrown that device across the room!  DH has the metal cup and syringe thing.  Warm water!  But I don't usually have much build up.  I still cringe when he does it.  Don't like things in my ears and now I have hearing aids in both.  :rolleyes:   Took one out today cuz it felt a bit sore by afternoon.


But that much pain...something is not right.  So sorry you went thru that.  Once you get to Indy, you've gotta find some GOOD medical people!  Kind and friendly AND COMPETENT.  They are a gold mine if you can keep them. 


Have a safe trip and we'll see ya later.


Annarchy...oye!  The whole house both days?  :0327:     Better give yourself a break now.....before you're so tired you break something.  :bev:   Nice that it's done tho, huh?


LittleSister...enjoy that baby!!!  :wub: 


Euphrasyne...I'm imagining a cute teeny-tiny ghost!  :lol: 


Miki....good thing there are folks like you that do grab that after-party trash before it blows all over everywhere.  :thumbs: 


I got to go out to have lunch with a friend yesterday.  A long [beautiful warm sunny ] day cuz I rode into town early with DH who meets his client at Sr. Bingo.  He helps her with her cards.  Belatedly realized that DH and I definitely qualify for SENIOR Bingo....so I played ONE card.  Less stress!!    :o 


Then DH dropped me at our meeting-friend location and he went off to client's house.  Client gets a Sr ride to Bingo and back.  My friend lives quite far from here but we got to know each other before we moved here.  We had a great girl talk day.  Then she dropped me off where the seniors get rides and she went one way home and I went the other.  Glad for those senior rides....not just for medical appt tho that is priority. 


Then I was on the horse today.  20*  this morning at my house.  By our 11am ride, it was warmed up a bit but my toes froze in the boots.  Was pretty chilled when I got back in car to go home.  Wrapped my toes in my down vest.  But we'll have nicer days before the snow gets deep.  


MtRider   :pc_coffee:    ...hot cocoa! 

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Congrats on a new baby to love Littleister!   I can see a lot of cuddling in the future!


It has finally cooled down here too.  I have so much that needs to be done around here but it is just about impossible to find anyone willing to work. The lady that cuts my grass doesn't like to do anything else outside so I can't use her.  At least she keeps my grass under control.


I am already seeing big promotions for Christmas. It seems to start earlier every year.


Have a great weekend ya'll.

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Spend the day with family. Held the baby a lot. She is so cute. She has the features of both mom and dad. And a head full of hair. Poor thing was trying so hard to fall asleep and got the hiccups. Yep, GD got through having the baby at home and no drugs of any kind. She did really good. Her DH was out on the boat with Coast Guard when she went into labor. She tried several times to reach him, but he was below deck asleep. So, she called his commanding officer, and they sent a boat out to get him. He made it home in time which was great. DD is coming down again in 2 weeks to see the baby again. I'm the lucky one. I can go see her anytime. I'm the closest to her. Though when they close the Bridge on Friday, Sat. and Sun to change the cables, I will be taking the long way around having to go through the Monitor Merrimac tunnel. Hopefully they will have the bridge job done in about 3 weeks. They are 8 years past changing the cables on the draw. 


Jeepers, have a safe trip to Indy and enjoy that GS.  It sounds like it won't be much longer before the house is finished. They are really coming along on it now. Hopefully you will be out of the hotel and back in the house in no more than a month. 

And sorry to read about your ear issues. I just hope she didn't puncture the ear drum. It doesn't have to be much of a punch to cause the pain and soreness you are having. Hope it heals up soon and you not have any more issues from it. 


Annarchy, you have been busy. Pressure washing the house and then painting. That was a lot of work. I need to finish pressure washing my patio and then the front porch as well. But at least I won't need to paint. 


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Good evening ladies!  A pleasant Sunday here tho a little cold for those not raised in colder climes.  Went to church then made brunch while Mary tended the critters.  The hens must be liking the cooler weather as egg laying is back up to speed.  Our girls still like to sit on Marys lap every day and "talk" to her.  Then the goats need loving and treats, of course.  After breakfast  we worked on Christmas light set up.  Mary loves the solar lights she found so they will go up this year.  Maybe that will help the electric bill spike we get in December.  


Before bed I sliced up some of the huge vining zucchinis piled in a box in the kitchen.  No seeds, easy to peel and the slices are a nice 2 inch round size, perfect for layered casseroles.  Blanch 4 minutes then dehydrated at 125 degrees (the "usual" veggie temp of 135 darkens them).  I sliced some into 1/2 inch slabs the size of zucchini noodles.  I found an interesting recipe to use them as lasagna noodle substitutes.  Sounds nice for when I'm eating lower carb and craving pasta.   I certainly have plenty to work with, those vines are still putting out lots of huge squash. 

Mary only likes them in zucchini bread so the rounds can be rehydrated and blender-chopped as needed.  I sure aint letting them go to waste with uncertainties nowdays.  


This weeks projects are to finish the squash and make a fall/winter compost heap.  I finally decided where it will go.  And I need to order the stuff to waterglass eggs....it only works with fresh laid ones, unwashed, and when the big flock starts laying, we will have those in spades.  I plan to be ready in advance in case of egg shortages again.  We eat 3 apiece just for brunch, altho we can cut back some if they get expensive, they are one of our major protein sources, and the one we can most readily produce at home.  

No such thing as too many!


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